Play First Class Solitaire in Full Screen!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for full screen! You asked for more full screen games and we delivered. First Class Solitaire has now joined our hidden object games, Mahjong Safari, Word Whomp, Hog Heaven Slots, SCRABBLE, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, and Poppit! with a full screen mode just for Club Pogo members.

We also decided to do something special and add some graphical enhancements. Enjoy extra legroom and improved graphics with First Class Solitaire’s new Full Screen Mode.

But wait, there’s more! You can enjoy all your favorite chat features when playing First Class Solitaire in full screen mode. You can even see your Pogo Mini looking bigger than ever.

Full screen mode is one of the many added benefits from the hard work we’ve been doing to convert Pogo games from Java to Flash. Keep your eyes peeled, because we’ll have more full screen mode announcements in the future.

Note: when you first activate full screen mode, be sure to click the “Allow” button that appears in your browser.

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  • this is a great thing for this game not sure i would like it mysejf fujj screen but i may possibly try it sometime the numbers are hard too see the way it is , great ideas pogo thks much lilly

    • I totally agree lillypad312 they are hard to see most times, I enjoy this game but do not play it often just for that reason. Am going to check out the full screen and see how it helps. Hope it does.

    • my wife loves the fullscreen with out it she has to sit real close, now she can play like a normal person

  • world class solitaire, pogo addiction and turbo 21 cuts off after every play. Please help with this problem. I would need to the reload or start games over most every time. Thank you.

  • thank you soooo much pogo will you please do payday freecell also thank you

    • I agree, please fix payday freecell. I can barely play the game as I can’t see the cards good. Plus please fix it to where we can go back to the small screen when we leave the game or we can click and make it small. Thank you.

    • I agree with you, I love payday, but the cards are really hard to see!

    • I agree too for Freecell. It hurts my eyes and I love that game

  • Not sure if I like the idea of having to make an additional set of replies to CONTINUE playing a game.

    Once selected, the game obviously knows you WERE playing in full screen byt requires MULTIPLE replies to return you there.


    • I agree. Very irritating to keep having to start with all the permissions, especially if you want to continue playing for an hour or more. Finally gave up. Please fix soon.

      • I agree – should at the very least keep the settings for the duration of this session of game play at full screen without having to allow each time. Very annoying to have to answer after each and every game.

    • 100% agree. Don’t bother me. When I want to go off full screen I will do so with out being told to.

  • I am unable to play in full screen; nothing has changed to allow me to do so

  • It’s about time, now I do not have to almost kiss the monitor. :)

  • I cannot get this game to load along with others it says Java is not downloaded even though it is

    • I have the same problem. I run the Java check, it says I have the #8 Java installed and there are no older ones showing.

    • Check your safety menu and make sure the ActiveX filtering is NOT checked. Worked for me when I had the same problem.

    • hello tiggz53,

      with java AND flash there are 3 steps:


      you dont say what browser(s) you use to play Pogo games
      but I want to inform you and others that java plug-in
      will NOT auto-enable in IE *Internet Explorer*

      Please also note that java plug-in is NOT to be mistaken for java deployment toolkit.

  • Very nice! Thank you!

  • I agree with wolfwings. When clicking on “new game”, screen reverts back to the tiny screen. Programming need some tweeking.
    Good luck. It is a great idea to have full screen.

  • Can we get full screen for Monopoly the world edition?????

  • Why is there a Pogo (P) sign before some of the games in First Class?

  • Just wanted to add my Thanks for making “full screen” available for this game. It was painfully annoying to the eyes to play multiple hands previously.

  • Looking forward to more Full Screen Games as I requested. Thanks loads

  • please do ALL the card games in full screen–those numbers are soooo small otherwise.

  • How about increasing the resolution when the games are converted to full-screen so that the images look crisp? In full-screen First Class Solitaire looks a bit coarse.

  • This is great for old eyes. Please consider making “Crossword Cove” full screen. I have a hard time look at the small letters. I have to use the computer magnifier and it is constantly moving around.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Its nice but I don’t like the black background. Can’t you pick something more desirable?

  • how about fixing pool and making it full screen also? high stakes pool is still booting people amd sometimes you have to go out,delete browser and temp files and even then still cannot get back in ….. we been complaining forever

  • Pogo needs to fix it all!!!!!! I don’t get points or load some of featured games

    • I’ve had the same problem, you work hard to play and win the game, but you don’t get your tokens.

  • If possible i would like all games to be full eyesight is not what it used to be.As a matter of fact not much is what it used to

  • How about Jungle Gin, please? :D BTW, I was playing Jungle Gin as a guest, because I earned a half hour play of the game. It had different graphics. The players were on a porch, with a river running behind it. It looked really nice! Then, I got my membership back, and it was back to the original graphics. Did you decide to scrap the fresh, new look? :(

  • Having a lot of trouble loading the daily challenge games and others Goes to loading shows
    done and then just sits there. Goes no further please help.

  • ty pogo for another full screen i hope free cell is next ty again


  • I can not get full screen. do you have to reset your computer to get it. It does not show “allow” on my screen.

  • Full screen is a great way to play many of the games, but I wish you would go back and look at some of these games after you get them up into the full screen option. One of the most accurate is Poppit. You can choose full screen; it reverts at the end of the game, and when you play the next game, you are asked if you want to continue full screen–that’s not a problem. But you keep getting this big warning about full screen every time your cursor gets too close to the top row of balloons. It is annoying, esp. since it takes 15-30 seconds to fade. We don’t need these repeated warnings and announcements. Give players SOME credit!

    Pr chris

  • I’ve never played this game..

  • Why does my chat crawl in full screen mode?

  • Please make dominos in full screen it is hard for seniors to see the small tiles thank you

  • yes I need help. my card’s stick in the game of canasta and spades. thank you. Maurie59

    • hello Maurie59,

      canasta and spades are both flash based games now.
      do you allow flash *local storage*?

      when game is loadin up, do you right click on screen > hit settins > click on folder icon >
      slide bar to unlimited > close window?

  • Thank you SO much, Pogo, for making this game in full screen. I like the game, but I’ve had cataracts removed in both eyes, so I was straining my eyes to see the cards. Well, you fixed that, so now I can enjoy the game and will play more. :)

  • Thank you pogo for some games to be large screen, like everyone else I would love all games large screen, particularly Pinochle. I have friends don’t play pogo games because the screens are to small to see, and there is a lot of games completion.

  • HI, I WISH WORLD CLASS solitaire and a couple other one like that would do away with java. and you would help me with undiscovered world. i can’t play the puzzle at the end of game. thank you

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