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Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 is Here

The zombies are coming… back. Plants vs. Zombies™ 2: It’s About Time is here and available exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! Join Crazy Dave on a crazy adventure where you’ll meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful new plants, super charge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing new ways to protect your brain. And that’s just the beginning! The future holds many mysteries… also zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Get it now.


To celebrate the release of Plants vs. Zombies 2, we are sponsoring this week’s Triple Bonus Tokens, from August 15 through August 18. Plus we’re giving away 5,000 bonus tokens* in all PopCap® games on Pogo.com – Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled® 3, Bejeweled Twist and Zuma’s Revenge!™ from August 15 through August 30.

* Bonus tokens are awarded in each game only once per screen name between August 15 – 30, 2013.

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  • Thank you! My token count didn’t change though. Plants vs. Zombies is one of my favorite games, so looking forward to trying part 2 sometime. Will it ever be available on Pogo, instead of just the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch?

    • love plants vs zombies. Do not have ipod or pads. will it be available t everyone?

    • played plants vs zombies and Zumas revenge … no tokens were added … what the heck is going on?

    • Hi Pogo_Bret. Welcome to the Big Chair. I did get all the tokens. Thank-you for the new game.
      I realize Plants vs. Zombies 2 was probably in the works for the iPad, iPhone and iPad long before you took over, however, could you please make it available to those of us that only have a PC. Muchly appreciated if you could swing it.

    • I also tried for 3 days now to get my tokens! I also had problems with games loading at times! Oh well… am used to the glitches that happens occasionally with Pogo! Thanks for the attempt to bonus us folks Pogo!!! I understand things happen at times!!

  • Ha! Before I even sent the message I waited a few minutes just in case the tokens were delayed, but when they didn’t show up I posted the message. Of course, a minute later the tokens were added. Hehe. Thanks, again. Good luck everyone, and have a super zombie free day!

    • i did’nt get my 5,000 on none of them all 3 games

      • Neither did I or a lot of people! I tried more than once on each day and sometimes the dang games did not even load… got the Spike error go to Pogo.com statement! From what I read on this forum, seems like nothing being done either! OH WELL!!! Still love Pogo! (Just get frustrated with it at times!!! Good luck all)

  • Thank You Sooooooo much for ALL those extra tokens! (popcap games)
    I normally dont keep track of my token count but in this instance I did
    to see if there was any problem- None whatsoever.
    each game recorded token credit count.

  • Was so happy to see gme had come out, but I don’t have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch! Hopefully it will be available for PC’s before long. As for buying Pop Cap games, those listed I have owned (from pop cap), since they first came out! So thanks anyway.

  • Grandkids and I have waited all summer for this and are now very disappointed that it is only available on iOS. I hope the powers that be at Pop Cap get a big pat of butter on their face, have to stand on spikeweed and get blocked by a tall nut. Bummer.

  • Thanks so much for the additional reward tokens! Really want to add Plants vs Zombies 2 to my existing downloaded games. Unfortunately, as it seems a trend of late, Dish Network, Cox Comm, and now EA/POGO all all going with Apple products rather than PC/Android based pronominal’s guess we won’t be getting a Pop Cap or EA/POGO download option for awhile.

  • Well it stinks that I can’t get it on my Android but hopefully it will be available for PC in the not too distant future!

  • I feel cheated. This definitely needs to be available to non-Apple users. Way to get my hopes up Pogo.

  • While it is nice to get extra tokens, I resent the advertising on the home page. I pay for NO ADVERTISING as a Club member. This product is aimed at a subset of privileged members who have ipods. In addition, it’s a slap in the face to any Android user who can’t play the Pogo app challenges because Pogo has decided not to fix their systems/programming problems.

    • If I’m not mistaken, I believe we pay for no ads or commercials during actual gameplay. I don’t think Pogo ever said that the entire site, for example the Homepage or Promotions page, would ever be ad free.

      • it is still wrong to advertise for a game we ALL can’t enjoy. And why advertise for a game not for pogo?

        • Are you really that naive?

        • I totally agree with you. Why can’t POGO just give us Plants vs Zombies 2, after all we are paying a yearly fee to play.

          • You’re paying a yearly fee to play games on this site…not play everything that EA Games owns…

  • I really appreciate the extra tokens!!! Come on Guys & Gals—!!!! Let us use tokens to buy games for badges—JUST FOR AN HOUR!!!!!!!! Just let us know in advance!!!!!! Thanks Again!!

  • I got the tokens but the games wouldn’t load for some reason. I normally have no problem with them loading. But thanks for the tokies anyway.

  • I am so upset about this, me and my Mom loved plants vs zombies and we both played the game together many many times back when Pogo first got it we got the download version and beat the game 2x both on each of our computers and completed all the achievements and mini-games and filled out zen gardens. we have spent many hours talking about what plants vs zombies 2 could be like, and always have hoped it would become reality. I saw the banner this morning and was so excited- until I clicked it and saw that it was only for those smart phone iphone things.. neither me or my mom has those devices, she is retired and i am disabled,we cannot afford the cost of those devices, pogo and our internet access is all our budget allows for entertainment. I am very disapointed that this game is not available on PC download like the first game. I hope it will be released in the near future,but in the mean time I am a very unhappy camper :(

  • Miss the days where the PC was the primary place for gaming, not so anymore…

  • I sure hope Plants vs Zombies 2 will be available for PC real soon. I am member of the Pogo Download Games Center and I was all set to download this to accompany the original Plants vs Zombies game I own. I also own Zuma’s Revenge and really enjoy full versions.
    I am echoing corinthiaxis post above regarding availability only with Apple products. If you are listening EA, please offer this download and others for PC/Androids too!!

  • Thank you for the extra Tokens Popcap/Pogo

    one thing I have learned in my first year of being a Pogo Member
    is do Not make the next click to fast in a game
    or you will lose the tokens you just got ☺
    the Slot games like Hog Heaven and Mono Slots are Real slow at adding the tokens
    to your Token count

  • I have a mac and i am so glad i can download something finally. The pc is not the only place for gaming. I cant down load any of the down load games on pogo cause they are not made for mac. You pc guys take heart cause you have ALL the other down loads.

    • Exactly. Finally, I can get something from POGO for my Apple.
      Sorry PC users. Now you know how we feel.

  • When Ps vs Zs first came out my wife brought Plants vs Zombies from Club Pogo Download Center. She is crazy in love with that game and could not wait for Plants vs Zombie 2 to come out. She waited for soooooo long. But now we cannot afford for both of us to pay for two memberships so one week ago she gave up her membership.

    Now she learned that you can only get Plants vs Zombies 2, but only if you have an Apple product.
    How unfair is that!! There are many people who do not own or use or can afford Apples products.
    This is like a slap in the face Pogo.

    She was sad about giving up her membership but now she is glad that she did.

  • Nonsense. Another Pogo blunder. Segragating your customers is certainly not appreciated. I feel like I’m in the old days of discrimination, by giving P and Z 2 to certain customers.

    • Comparing a downloadable game that not all customers can get to “the old days of discrimination”, as you called it, is hardly comparable and is an insult to people who experience real discrimination…back then AND now. I’m sure you’ll find some way to go on in life without the latest version of P’s vs. Z’s. and as a side note – Your cellphone has more computing power than NASA had in 1969. NASA launched man to the moon…and you’re over here crying discrimination……because you can’t play Plants vs. Zombies2 on your phone

      • I realize I was exaggerating….But when you offer something to one group of people, and not the other….? What different term should we use? Favoritism?

    • This is not comparable to any type of discrimination. More than likely the game will be released on various other platforms eventually. I don’t even own any Apple products, and even though I like the game, it’s still not a big deal.

    • RIZZYT, Don’t be so CHEAP. I’m so sick of people playing the RACE card of any kind. Pogo’s yearly charge is VERY low…. That’s why we get the deals

  • Don’t feel bad, everyone. This version is really not what it seems!

    I can get it to run on my pc in my iTunes for Windows program. But unlike the original version, most of the plants are being offered as app upgrades, each selling for $2.99-$3.99, with selected bundles going for $7.99 each! Be patient and wait for the full game to be issued in stores.

    Better to wait than be a part of Popcap and EA’s scheme to nickel and dime you to death!! You will end up paying many times more than waiting and buying the game even at full price.

    • Thank you for this info, I was quite upset that this was not available on PC, since I don’t own an Ipod or Ipad… But you are absolutely correct in your statement, I will keep an eye out for the PC version. I had the original Plants vs Zombies game on my PC before it was available to play on pogo and I truly enjoyed the game. Looking forward to playing version 2 someday.. LOL. Thanks again. : )

  • Thanks so much! Went shopping at the mini mall with all that extra loot.

  • I think this game should be available to those who have ipads, ipods, etc and also to those who dont have those but still love and enjoy the plants vs zombies game. I think its a little unfair releasing it just to certain ones. I agree with Rizzyt that commented about giving it to just certain customers.. the rest of us cannot enjoy it

  • I hope you at Pogo will take a lot of these comments and see that there are others that doesnt have the luxury of the world of ipads and ipods, etc and release this for the rest of us gamers who enjoy this game too.

    • There are people in the world who don’t have the luxury of a computer either, does that mean all the companies that make comps should stop putting them on the market because some people can’t afford them??? … and while we’re at it, let’s also say that since not everyone can afford a Club membership that your account should be done away with along with computers and the Plants vs. Zombies game, I mean that seems fair since not everyone can afford those things, right???? – Do you see how ridiculous that is???? That’s not how the world works in ANY business.

  • Popcaps website says that it will offer Plants vs. Zombies 2 on other platforms later this year.

  • I hope Pogo will close the comments on this soon. Although most of them were on topic for once, I cannot afford the cheese to go with all that whine.

    • I agree. Some comments are understandable, but some of the other complaints are ridiculous. I can only imagine what the staff must have to go through on a daily basis.

      • Re: Drowning and Rescue Boat (wonder if those names are a lucky coincidence?)…People pay for a site (Pogo) and when they see an advertisement for a game that’s already a staple on it, and then find out it’s either not available for their system or they have to pay for an app, well methinks that’s not a “whine” but a true concern.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I understand that part. Clicking on the ad for a new game, only to find out it’s not available on Pogo is disappointing, and even a bit frustrating. (Like sometimes when they advertise a new game, and you click on the ad to find that it brings you to the World Winner site). But to get so upset over it, like other people have, I think is a bit much. I say let’s appreciate the fact that we ALL get 5,000 free tokens for playing each of the PopCap games that Pogo does have.

  • plants vs. zombies will be coming to the new playstation as a multiplayer game. it was promoted at e3. looks really great. can be played as a single player game and a co-op game when its out.

  • I got the full version of Plants v Zombies for free last year directly from PopCap. It was some promotion they had going; can’t remember what it was for. If you get an email newsletter from them, you can get the info ahead of time!

  • There must be something wrong with me. I don’t own any Apple products. Releasing this game for some and not others really isn’t right. It’s like making food for dinner that not everyone can eat.

    • Many games are usually released on select systems first, then eventually are released later for the other systems. So maybe eventually everyone will be able to have access to it.

  • that would be about right pogo you give them to ppl who can afford to buy ipods etc another game to keep australians out good one pogo

  • it is not giving out the bonus tokens

    • Did you see the pop-up? (Maybe you have pop-up blocker on, but even so you’ll still get the tokens, so be sure to note your token count). Also, when I tried, there was a long delay in having the tokens added to my token count. So try refreshing the page to see if they have added.

  • PvZ 2 is NOT here. It’s THERE, as in ‘on i-crap only’ which as usual leaves us android and pc gamers waiting around until they get to us, eventually, if they do.

    I hate feeling the increasing pressure to get i-things in order to play the games I want to play and use the apps I want to use.

    Apple does not own the world.

    • BITTER! Party of ONE yer’ table’s ready!…welcome to the world of apple users where only the PC’ers get the downloadable stuff…do you ever see a buncha’ apple users throwing fits n’ kickin up a fuss like toddlers when Pogo offers games that only PC’ers can use?…No…so knock it off Bobby Brady…nobody cares about Cindy’s secret admirer or her bar of chocolate…LoL… ;-)


  • As an Apple user, I appreciate the fact that Pogo reached out to iphone,ipad users first. Until now, PC players got
    everything first, and often, exclusively. PC players, did you know that you are the only ones that can download games at all? As an Apple user, I had to BUY a PC to play all the Java games. From the official Popcap website: ” If you have an i-device, you know what to do and you’re welcome. If you don’t, don’t worry. We promise we haven’t forgotten you. We’d rather eat our own brains than not have you play the game too.” PC players, patience…

  • You are right toasterwoman it is not right to release things to some and not others. As a mac owner i get that every day cause i cant not download ant of the down loadable games on Pogo. They are all for pc so as i said before, you guys enjoy.

  • Just curious….How much does a subscription
    to Pogo cost for an i-device/Android?

  • Hello C George, We would love to have you. Pogo is like a family! I believe it’s only about 40.00 a year a GREAT deal. Join in… you will love it.

  • Actually, if you’re a club member already it doesn’t cost anything.

  • Really? Pogo owns popcap, et al?? Really??!!! I had NO clue!!! I know I’m computer illiterate, but geez! You’d think I’d have known something like that! Holey Moley!!! And apparently, they also own the world of business & CONTROL EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY!!! Doomed!! I’m tellin’ ya, we’re ALL doomed!!!!
    sheesh! Try turning your brains on before complain….oh…sorry….zombies got ’em already didn’t they?

  • To THE mouse:
    No, Pogo does not own popcap.
    Electronic Arts owns popcap and Pogo.com

    Electronic Arts bought Pogo.com 2001
    Electronic Arts bought popcap 2011
    Thus Electronic Arts gave Pogo.com the popcap games.

  • I’d like to know why this clearly says the tokens will be available in the 4 Pop Cap games through August 30th but the games are no longer awarding tokens. Pogo, can you fix this, please so those who haven’t been able to get the promised tokens yet can get them?

  • Woooo Hooo!…got the tokenz n’ Plants vs. Zombies2 for my iPad!~love Love LOVE the Egypt n’ Pirate levels!…Thankz Pogo!… ;-)

  • I have been a Club Member for many years. Though the tokens are a great way to promote competition and i-device sales, I play for the enjoyment of personal accomplishment. Plants vs Zombies is my favorite game, I purchased it so I can play offline. I agree with the masses, that we would like to play the sequel on Pogo. So, I wait patiently.

  • I did not receive any of the tokens for any of the 4 games listed. I even played a round in each game, but to no avail. It says the tokens are available until the 30th. Is that a typo? I did not see this article until the 20th, which is when I tried to get the tokens. I too would appreciate a fix for this problem–either fix the date typo, or give us the tokens! Any help or clarification from Pogo about this would be greatly appreciated. And, while I love playing games on my iPad, I am not a PvZ fan. But congrats to the new game and its fans! Cheers… :)

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