Phlinx II – You Must Have Questions!

Q. I am at Noble Phlinx and collected all 4 Glyphs but now I’m back at Common Phlinx. Why is that?
A. The answer to this is circled in red below. This is the extra game meter. PAY attention to this. It will save you A LOT of frustration. Why? Because to go beyond Common Phlinx and Royal Phlinx, you MUST have enough points to go on to the next game (or you’ll be sent back to Common and have to collect 4 Glyphs again). This meter will tell you when you’ve met the point requirements. Again, pay attention to this meter. Even if you’re about to clear the screen and meet your objective, you still must get a high enough score to pass through.

Oh! one other tidbit of info for you…If you get kicked back to a lower mode, you will retain Glyph progress. For example, if you are 5/8 in Royal Phlinx, and you did not get the +1 game and are sent back to Common Phlinx, when you get back to Royal Phlinx, you will still be at 5/8 Glyphs.


This is an example of what occurs once you successfully complete the level’s objective AND reach the score. Notice the +1 Game meter is now white. The +1 game meter MUST be lit up to proceed onward to the next game. 


Q. What is Day Mode?
A. Every level has a day and night cycle. To complete the day cycle, you must fill the meter on the left side of the screen. The objective varies depending on the game mode and area, so be sure to pay attention!

Q. What is Night Mode?
A.  After filling the progress meter, night begins. The gods transform all stones in play to Bronze, Silver and Gold, and bury a treasure chest within the stones. Free it to collect the prize inside and complete the level.

Q. What are Glyphs, anyway?
A. Inside each treasure chest, you’ll find powerful hieroglyphs, or “glyphs” as Amelia calls them. Each game mode has unique glyphs you can collect. As you play again and again, you’ll be able to level them up. Circled in red is an example of a Glyph.


Q. I forgot my Challenge/Objective. How can I find it again?
A. When you start a new Phlinx II game, a message will appear on the bottom letting you know what your Challenge for that round will be. You can find that message here circled in red. phlinxchallenge

If you’re like me, and forget what that Challenge is, you can look to the left hand side of your screen to remind you.

Q. What are all the Challenge/Objective options?

Break X yellow ballsUI_ICO_PopYellow

Break X purple ballsUI_ICO_PopViolet

Break X red ballsUI_ICO_PopRed

Break X balls of any colorUI_ICO_PopMulticolor

Break X green ballsUI_ICO_PopGreen

Break X blue ballsUI_ICO_PopBlue

Drop X yellow BallsUI_ICO_DropYellow

Drop X purple ballsUI_ICO_DropViolet

Drop X red ballsUI_ICO_DropRed

Drop X balls of any colorUI_ICO_DropMulticolor

Drop X green ballsUI_ICO_DropGreen

Drop X blue ballsUI_ICO_DropBlue

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