Phlinx II Updates

Hello out there in Pogo land! I have some great news.

Phlinx II was just updated with some changes that should make your gaming a little easier. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:


  •   A progression map showing your journey through Phlinx II has been added to the game’s “How to Play” section.Phlinx_InfoGraphic_02c


  •    To add more clarity, the pyramids, temples and gates have been renamed to include the names of the Egyptian gods. The progression map shows the order they appear, and how to make your way through them.


  •  You will now be able to see what score is required for the +1 Game objective. (Note: Getting an extra game lets you play a location again if you lose, instead of having to having to work your way back.)


  •    If you lose a game, messaging will pop up letting you know where to go next.


  •    When you win a game, messaging will pop up to let you know that you won.
  •    You now have the ability to shoot Power-Ups off-screen without restriction. This feature is useful in situations where you may not need a certain colored ball and do not wish to save it.

Thank you for reading and for playing. Happy Phlinx II-ing!

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