Phlinx II Celestial Mode

Hello Phlinx II playing Pogo peeps! (How’s that for alliteration!)

For you Club Pogo members, Phlinx II has the Celestial Phlinx mode! What exactly is Celestial mode? I want to dive deep into that for you right here, right now. Please read on.

Let’s start here. This is where you find Celestial Phlinx mode on the map.


When you progress through all of Royal Phlinx, you’ll permanently unlock Celestial Phlinx for the month. (At the beginning of the next month you will have do it all over again. Celestial Phlinx is only open for the remainder of the calendar month once you unlock it). Celestial Phlinx changes over to the next one on the actual calendar month, not 30 days from the day you unlock celestial. So every 1st of the month, a new Celestial will be available.

Here’s something cool —> Once you get to Celstial Phlinx mode, you can play as much as you want and not get sent back to Common, Noble, or Royal mode. This is foror the month, because remember, you will have to win your way back to Celestial on the 1st of every month.

Once you’re in Celestial Phlinx, you will start in the Day mode. Once you beat Celestial Day mode, the game turns into an endless Night mode. THIS is where the fun turns up a notch. What’s so cool about that? Well, once you release a Chest, another appears for you to release so you keep getting more and more Glyphs. The Celestial night mode games will end only when the Balls reach the danger zone line at the bottom.

The main thing to remember here is by playing Celestial mode, you have massive potential to earn a large number of Glyphs for the Pharaoh ruler. This is the ONLY way to earn these Glyphs. On top of that, you can earn yourself a Badge if you collect all three pieces. Once you level up those pieces, you will get the Diamond version of the Badge.

This is Celestial Day mode.


And this is Celestial Night mode.
cel3 cel4


Here’s something to take note of….
Every month a new set of Celestial Glyphs will be added. Make your way to the end each month to secure your set! That means that right now, there are THREE MORE DAYS to get to the April Celestial mode and get the Tutankhamun Diamond Badge set. If you do miss out on the April Celestial mode, (or any other past months going forward) you will be able to see it again in Chambers of the Past where you can purchase the past month with Gems. When you purchase a past Celestial month, you will have that set infinitely and all progression you had previously will have been saved and you can start where you had left off.

This is the Tutankhamun Diamond Badge set


What is Chambers of the Past?

You can go back to any past month of Celestial Phlinx to complete the sets you may have missed. This will be purchasable with Gems in Chambers of the Past.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion and helps you out. Please remember you only have THREE MORE DAYS left of April if you would like to get into the April Celestial mode and get the Diamond Badges for this month. Have a great time playing Phlinx II!

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