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Payday FreeCell HD Q&A with Pogo John!

Pogo Llama: Pogo John, I just want to say you have been a busy bee Pogo Producer. You’re back here with yet another game, Payday FreeCell HD!
Pogo John: Hi there! Yes, it’s been quite a busy summer and fall! Rest assured I’ve got more news to share in the coming months as well. I’m really excited to be able to talk about Payday Freecell HD with you today!

Pogo Llama: I want to hear all about the new Payday FreeCell. This was a Pogo Flash game and now it’s been ported to HTML5. Let’s start off by what the Pogo community can expect to stay the same.
Pogo John: Yes, Payday Freecell was originally one of our popular Flash games, and this is our latest HTML5 update to one of our classic titles. We’ve kept this game largely intact to the original, so users can expect the same great Freecell gameplay in this title.

Pogo Llama: What are some of the different features in the new HD version?
Pogo John: The biggest new feature to the game is the updated art style. This game features new backgrounds, animations, and card art that looks great when playing either in full screen or standard mode.Another change we made was to how hands are dealt within the game. Previously the game dealt cards at 100% random, however this was changed a little to ensure that this is more user friendly. For those who like a challenge though, fear not! The game is still very challenging and depending on your hand, you may need to start over.

Pogo Llama: I really like the animation and graphic that appears when I click on bonus. Can you explain the art direction in the game?
Pogo John: Yes, we wanted to utilize the same themes from the original game of the royal court. So, everything art-wise within the game will be related to this theme from the characters and their costumes all the way to the bonus card style and animations.

Pogo Llama: Do you have any player tips for those that may be new to the game, Payday FreeCell HD?
Pogo John: Since Freecell is a very challenging type of solitaire game, I recommend always trying to plan ahead. If you immediately fill up all of your free cells you can wind up in several situations where you’re not able to proceed. Another useful strategy is to move cards between columns at the bottom. This can help you free up cards to be placed in the foundation stacks without having to take up the free cells in the upper left corner of the screen.

Pogo Llama: What is your favorite part about this version of Payday FreeCell HD?
Pogo John: Aside from this genre of game, I really enjoy the challenge that this game offers. I am a big fan of games that make you think about more than just the next step. All of your actions have consequences in this game, and if you’re not careful about the moves you make it could put you into a tricky situation later.

Pogo Llama: Thank you so much for your insider insight on the new Payday FreeCell HD!
Pogo John: You’re welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing the player feedback on the Forums.

Play Payday FreeCell HD now!

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