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Hunt for Ghosts in New Paranormal Destinations

Join ghost hunter Charlie for a spooky world tour in Paranormal Destinations! Travel to foggy forests, catacombs, castles, graveyards, ghost towns and more. Each episode takes you to a different part of the globe in search of hidden objects and haunted history.

Paranormal Destinations is the latest hidden object miniseries on Pogo. Like From France with Love and Royal Wedding: One Year Later, you can play the entire series. Every episode is available to play right now, including a free one.

Play Paranormal Destinations 

Read Paranormal Destinations Q&A with Pogo Terry!

If you’re looking to make things even more fun, keep your eyes peeled for the first Paranormal Destinations Mix-n-Match Challenge, coming soon.

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  • Terry. Really good job. Lots of fun to play. Thanks

  • Yes, very fun HOG,,using early acess,, can find object’s faster and more clear. Thank’s again POGO for a great HOG game.

  • Nice game if you choose to spend gems on episodes. I’m sure the other episodes are as nice as the free one.

  • I like it, new things to look for, different characters and scenery, Thank you for giving us another game to choose from.

    • Hi Crw68105,
      You’re welcome and thank you for the kind words. The developer, Secret Builders, worked hard on putting out this Halloween-themed game.

  • I like this game but I like all the hidden object games

  • thanks terry i really enjoyed playing.

  • I like all hidden object games and wish we could get more levels for them. This one is a lot of fun

  • Thank you for the new hidden object game. Enjoy them very much.

  • Terry,this game of hidden objects was awesome!!Thank you for the hunt!Looking forward to more adventures!! 😁👍🦋

  • Love playing the new hidden objects games as they have always been my favorites. Pogo games takes my problems away. Great work everybody

  • I like the game all your games our nice but bring back pool

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