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New Sweet Tooth Town Updates

Hello Pogonians,

Pogo_John here, back with some news about updates we’ve made to Sweet Tooth Town! We made some changes to how you buy power-ups, added some information to help show when you have upgrades to shops available and made some changes to help make sure you get those valuable shopkeeper assists you’ve earned while playing. Read on for more details!

Please let us know what you think in the forums or on social media! We value your feedback and do take it into consideration as we make updates to games. Stay tuned to the Pogo Insider for more news regarding updates and content for games in the future.

Power-Up Shop

When you play Sweet Tooth Town, you may notice a new ‘basket’ icon in the upper left corner. Clicking this icon will take you a one stop shop where you can buy power ups and boosters to use in-game!

This store is accessible at any point during gameplay. Once you’ve purchased power-ups, you’ll be able to use the immediately. Remember, unlike power-ups, boosters can only be activated at the start of a level.


Construction Mode Notifications

We’ve noticed that it can be difficult to tell when you have upgrades available in construction mode, so starting today you’ll now see an arrow icon on the edge of any shop that’s ready to be upgraded.

When you see this arrow, head on over to Construction Mode to get to work!

Once you’re in Construction Mode, click on shops with the arrow icons to upgrade them. If you don’t have enough Chocolate Coins, you’ll need to earn more by going back and completing additional levels. Try to finish each level with three stars to get the most Chocolate Coins!

If there is a new construction site available, you’ll see this exclamation point. You can build any available shop on the lot.

Shopkeeper Assists Update

Our final update that rolled out today involves the Shopkeeper abilities that you charge up by clearing the board of each shopkeeper’s favorite candy.

If you get to the end of the level and have yet to use your shop keeper ability.

This new feature will help you increase your score at the end of the match if you’re using a shopkeeper whose ability affects the level score.

Look for more Sweet Tooth Town updates in the future! Thanks for playing and sharing all your feedback.


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