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New in Sweet Tooth Town: 60 New Levels in Antoinette’s Bakery!

Hi there Pogoians,

Pogo_John here again with some exciting news about Sweet Tooth Town. I’m happy to announce the first content update arrives today!

Since the release of Sweet Tooth Town in April, we know that a lot of you have been asking for more levels. We’ve been working hard on an all-new tier for Antionette’s Bakery!

This new tier contains 60 delectably sweet levels bringing the grand total to 120! It will be made available to players via Construction Mode once all three previous tiers have been completed. If you need some assistance with accessing Construction Mode please take a look at this handy-dandy guide we put together on the blog.

In addition to this new content we have now made chocolate coins purchasable in the in-game store. You’ll be able to use Pogo Gems to purchase coins if you’d like to advance forward in levels a bit faster or if you run out. To purchase coins just open up the shop page in-game and click on the coins tab. Please note that once purchased Coins cannot be converted back into Pogo Gems.

We do value your feedback, so please let us know on the forums or social media what you think of the new levels! We’re looking forward to seeing how you enjoy Tier 4 in the Bakery. Stay tuned here for more information about future updates to Sweet Tooth Town and other games on Pogo!

Happy candy matching!



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  • I have been playing and am not collecting any chocolate coins, am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi, SaFoshay: be sure to play new levels (as in, levels you have not yet beaten) in order to collect Chocolate Coins. Once you receive all three stars in a level, you have earned all possible Chocolate Coins from it. I hope you enjoy playing!

      • Pogo_Rachael , I have 3 stars on all 10 that i have done , even bought more chocolate coins and still can’t unlock # 11 . What is up with this . I spent my gems for nothing . HELP !!!!!

        • Tinysue, do you mean that you still lack the chocolate coins to upgrade or that you’re not sure what to do next?

          Just to be sure: when you are first loading up Sweet Tooth Town the game, you’ll see that “town map” where your bakery (cupcake) shop is located. While still on that town map screen, look in the top left corner to see a button that looks like a crane. Click it and you’ll be entering what we call Construction Mode, which is where you go to upgrade your shop. You’ll want to click your Bakery shop – the cupcake – and it will give you the option to buy an additional tier, which will give you levels 11 onward. You do this each time you’ve exhausted the levels you can play, so long as you have enough Chocolate Coins to advance.

          When you’ve finished your upgrade, click the icon in the top left again to exit Construction Mode.

    • me either

      • Hi, sm45! You earn Chocolate Coins by playing levels you have not previously beaten and making sure you have three stars in those levels (essentially, you receive coins for each star you earn when you complete a level). I hope his helps!

    • I have been playing forever , can’t get past level 10 with only 800 something coins . Why can’t we buy coins with gems to get us started . I played sweet tooth town for my daughter with no problem . She has coins and ranked much higher . I am still a 10 . Can’t get past it , it won’t get me any coins .

      • I know I responded to you in another comment so I suspect you noticed this but you are able to buy coins with Gems if you’d like!

  • thank you for updating

  • i love Sweet Tooth Town how ever i have been playing months now and cannot advance anywhere because i cant earn any chocolate coins. Has made it impossible to play. Thank you for selling the chocolate coins!!!!

    • Hello gmott129: Please be sure to play new levels (levels you have not yet beaten) in order to collect Chocolate Coins. Once you receive all three stars in a level, you have earned all possible Chocolate Coins from it. I hope you enjoy playing!

  • Yes love Sweet tooth town, however the changes that made it harder to get coins, I am stuck now and have been for sometime and can’t add any other shops cus I don’t have enough coins, so I guess its another game that will just sit there!!

    • Hello KissRIDocGirl: Please be sure to play new levels (levels you have not yet beaten) in order to collect Chocolate Coins. Once you receive all three stars in a level, you have earned all possible Chocolate Coins from it. Please let me know if you have further questions.

      • I dont have a question. I am disappointed that it is almost impossible to earn enough to move on. The change to not gain coins by replaying a game stinks. I liked this game until the change
        and need for me to buy coins. money money

        • I’m sorry that you’re not enjoying the game as much, lightweaving. Unfortunately, the coin issue was one that was not intended; the game is designed so that you should be able to progress with the coins that you earn depending upon how you spend coins in general.

  • hurry so we can play!!!

  • i went into sweet tooth town and i see no new levels, do i have to buy the new levels?

    • Hi, Giggles_Val. Yes, in order to access these new levels, you’ll want to upgrade your shop. You purchase the levels by upgrading with Chocolate Coins, which you can earn by winning levels the first time (and getting all 3 stars), or you can purchase Chocolate Coins as well. If you’ve played all the levels that you have available to you, try adding more shops or upgrading your existing shop by entering Construction Mode through the Town Map screen in the top left corner. You don’t need to try to add the new levels we released today unless you’ve already played through all the levels in your Bakery Shop already, or all the levels through other shops! Good luck!

  • It will not let me level up because I have 3 stars on each game. Until that is fixed, we cannot level up. Makes e want to cry because I love this game.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Cayelee. May I ask if you mean that you’re not able to level up because you need more Chocolate Coins, or because you need to upgrade?

      If you’ve already earned three stars on every level you have available to play, you may have enough Chocolate Coins earned to either purchase another shop or upgrade an existing shop using Construction Mode. To enter Construction Mode from the main “town map” screen, click the button in the top left of your screen that looks like a crane and see if there are any areas lighting up on your town map (indicating a place where you can add a new shop) or any shops that are “moving” and can have tiers added. You can then add shops or upgrade to add more levels to play.

      When you’ve finished using Construction Mode, press the top left button again (it’ll look like a map in construction mode) and you’ll be back to the regular town map to select and play levels. Does this help you somewhat? If you don’t have enough Chocolate Coins to upgrade, you are now able to purchase more in the Sweet Tootn Town shop. Good luck!

  • Well it’s great that we are getting more levels. I can’t play the levels we have now.
    My game is locked in construction mode for the last month.

    • Hi, Maggieonemae. Do you mean that you’re not currently able to advance with any upgrades, or that you’re having difficulty with Construction Mode? To enter/exit construction mode, be sure to click the button in the top left corner (it looks like a crane in the “town map” screen and like a map once you’re in construction mode). If you need to unlock new shops or upgrade existing shops, be sure to go back and 3-star any levels you’ve already played, or win any levels you haven’t yet won, to get more chocolate coins for yourself. You can also purchase more chocolate coins in the store if you need to get enough coins to buy shops/upgrades!

  • hi pogo i am in the construcktion zone for at least 3 wks i cant get out please help

    • Hi! If you need to exit out of construction mode, there is a button in the top left of your screen that looks like a small map, and it’ll have an arrow animating around it while you’re in construction mode to tell you to click it to get out.

      To enter into construction mode again in order to upgrade your shops, load the game and look at the main “town” map which shows all your shops, and press the button in the same place – the top left corner – which looks like a crane. Does this help? I hope it does!

  • I just spent 50000 coins and I have not gotten to the next level. What happened?

    • Hi, OCdreaming. Can you tell me a little more about the way in which you spent the coins and in which shop? If you were upgrading a shop, it should allow you to play the next available level, as you should only be able to purchase an upgrade if you have reached those levels. If you’re able to provide any extra details about what’s happening, we’d love to help!

  • I have played all the levels and have 3 stars on all of them but still not enough coins to advance…i feel stuck at this with no place to go….not much fun left in the game

    • Hi, BugBug. We do now have the option to purchase Chocolate Coins if you need a little help advancing; have you made sure to open every available shop that you’re able to with your coins? Can you tell me a little more about where you are in the game (which shops you have and if you’ve “upgraded” them in construction mode)? I want to make sure that you’ve built/upgraded everything that you need so far!

  • I found this thread today, I hope I can get an answer and solution

    I purchased TIER 4 Cupcake and completed it

    SUGAR SHACK had an arrow to Upgrade to Tier 4 , I Upgraded Sugar Shack for 100,000 coins
    now I can not even click on Sugar Shack to play it at all

    I’ve even went back into construction – removed Sugar Shack so it shows a vacant lot – exited construction – back to my Shops then back again to construction to put Sugar Shack in the LOT—- so, back again to my Shops & Sugar Shack is there and I am unable to even click on it

    So how do I play the new Tier 4 Levels of Sugar Shack ? Thank You

    The first 60 levels were already completed and now since I cannot get into Sugar Shack I cannot even redo those

  • Any chance of adding a replay level option. When going for 3 stars if you only get one or even two you have to go back to the map to redo it. If we had a reply option it would make things easier.
    Thank you

    • That’s an interesting suggestion! I know sometimes I want to be able to immediately replay a level, too. Let me relay it to the team!

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