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New Challenge Quest: Autumn Odyssey Sneak Peek

Hi Pogo Community! I hope you’re all doing super great this week. I always miss you when it’s an “off week” for the blog.

Remember how in the last Pogo Insider I told you all about a new event coming to Pogo at the end of October? (It was in the Construction Zone section if you’d like to take a look). This new event has been named the Challenge Quest and will be unlike anything Pogo has done before. This event will be quite grand, just like Pogo Limes who is joining me today for a Challenge Quest Q&A session.

Pogo Llama: Hello Mr. Limes. Thanks for joining me here in the Pogo Insider Studios. You look quite classy today with your top hat and sports coat.  Let’s talk about the Challenge Quest. What makes this new event different than all the other events we’ve had here in Pogo?

Pogo Limes: Thanks for the intro Llama! We are very excited to unveil the very first Challenge Quest, which we’re calling “Autumn Odyssey.” This is a new event that will require players to plan their gameplay strategically. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players who are looking for a harder challenge, so we set out to work on that. For players who like their current challenge difficulty levels, those will remain the same.

The Autumn Odyssey has two components: one REALLY hard challenge, known as a Master Challenge. Alongside that, players will need to complete four special Wednesday Challenges, one per week. The Master Challenge and Wednesday Challenges will be free. If you miss a week or want to avoid a specific Challenge, there will be a corresponding Autumn Odyssey Mix-n-Match Challenge available.  You can complete either the Autumn Odyssey Wednesday Challenge or Mix-n-Match Challenge for each week.

Players who complete all five Challenges (Master Challenge and one Challenge from each week) will win the Christmas Limited Edition Badge before it even hits Badge Central!

Pogo Llama: A new event and  different than any event Pogo has run before. I like the sound of this! When can players expect the Challenge Quest to begin?

Pogo Limes: It starts next week and lasts for four weeks. You’ll have all that time to work on the Master Challenge. The free Wednesday Challenges must be completed each week.

Pogo Llama:  Pogoians, please keep watching the blog for more detailed information about the Autumn Odyssey Challenge Quest. This will be an event like no other and I can’t wait for you to play!


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