Guide to Updating Multiple Accounts Sharing the Same Email

As a part of Electronic Arts (EA), Pogo is moving to the EA Network for account sign-ins. This means added security for you and the ability to access every EA game, site and service with a single account.

During this quick transition process, your Pogo Account will be turned into an EA Network Account. Don’t be surprised if you get updated before your friends – the process will happen at different times for different players.

If you have multiple Pogo, Origin or EA accounts using a single email address, there will be a few extra steps for any accounts created subsequent to the original account you first created. For increased security, no two accounts can share the same email address. This guide will help get you squared away and back to your favorite games.

If you created your Pogo Account on the Pogo app or using Facebook Connect, you’ll also need to update your email address using this flow.

Step-by-Step Process
1. Your update begins when you see this screen while signing in. Click CONTINUE to start the update process.

2. You’ll then see this screen letting you know that an email message has been sent to your email account.

3. Look for a new email message from Electronic Arts (EA). It will contain a list of all Pogo Screen Names connected to your email address. You should see a section in the email that looks like this:

Tip: Have a favorite Pogo Account you want to use with your current email address? Make sure to supply new email addresses for your additional Pogo Accounts, first. That way, your current email will be freed up for use with your favorite Pogo Account.
4. You’ll need to update each account listed, one at a time. Follow the Update email address links from the email, which will lead to the next screen.

5. Supply a new email address for your additional Pogo Account(s). If you don’t have an email address you can use, visit the provider of your current email address.

For example, visit for detailed instructions on how to create a new, free email address. If you created your account using the Pogo app or Facebook Connect, you may try your current email first to see if it can be used.

6. Create a new password for your EA Network Account.

Tip: If your current password meets the requirements, go ahead and use it again.

7. Create a new security question. This will help you recover your account if you ever lose or forget your password.

8. Your account is set up and ready to play. Sign in to Pogo using your email address and EA Network password. Your Pogo Account is now an EA Network account and works across all EA games, sites and services.

9. Return to the email from Electronic Arts and repeat steps 3-7 for any remaining screen names on the list.

NOTE: The links in this email are time-sensitive and will expire. If you’re not able to update your accounts before then, you can still follow the links. You’ll see a screen letting you request an updated email with new links to use.

For more on the switch to the EA Network, be sure to check out this article.

After your update, if you would like to change your password, email address or security questions, please visit ‘My Account’ on From there, we’ll direct you to EA, where you can make any desired changes.


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