Mahjong Sanctuary Game Tips

We hope you’re enjoying Mahjong Sanctuary so far. There’s lots to explore right now, with even more to come! We wanted to pass along a few game tips to help make your Mahjong Sanctuary experience a “roaring” success.


Switching to the “Accessible” Tile Set

Mahjong Sanctuary currently has two tile sets available; the original tile set and an accessible tile set. To switch between the two, just access the game settings while you’re inside a level.

We know that many of you are interested in having even more options with your tile sets, and we’ll consider adding more in the future for you to enjoy!


Replaying Levels


Mahjong Sanctuary has a great variety of levels that are very unique in appearance. Maybe there are some that you enjoy more than others and would like to re-play given the chance or – better still – maybe there are some “go-to” levels you’d like to earmark in your Level Collection when Challenges roll around.


Well, we have you covered on that front! Every time you complete a level the first time, you earn a Star. Once you’ve earned 25 Stars and spent them in your Sanctuary, you unlock the ability to re-play those previous 25 levels through your Level Collection!


You won’t be able to earn more Stars or Feathers by re-playing levels you’ve won before, but re-playing levels can help you climb ranks or complete Challenges more easily.


Favoriting Levels


When you win a level, you’ll also have an option to click the “heart” icon to say that you liked it. Pressing that heart doesn’t just stroke Sir Barnaby’s ego (though we’re sure he’s pleased to hear any positive feedback), it also marks that level as one of your Favorites.


Later on, you can toggle on the “Favorites” part of the Level Collection to show only the levels that you have hit that heart button on. You can add a heart to a level at any time in the Level Collection screen, too. So next time you feel like you just have to re-play that one level that looks like an angler fish, well, you’re all set to go!


Best of luck playing and building your sanctuary! Need any hints or having difficulty playing? Please leave a comment here or feel free to check out our Forums!

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  • Thanks for the tips!

    • You’re welcome! Have fun playing. :)

    • Awesome Thank you!

    • this game is boring. I do not like the mahjong games. I like card games and word games. mahjong is like chess you have study the board to figure your moves.

      But thank you for trying to come up with something new.


      • I love card games and word games, too, so I totally understand. I’m a big Mahjong fan mostly because I grew up playing Mahjong Solitaire on my computer back in the 80s, but I know that it’s not for everyone. Thanks for your feedback! We do have another word game coming out soon – Bookworm HD – so I hope that it’s a little more your style.

  • I am looking forward to some new tile sets…THANKS for the tips!! I am enjoying learning this game….it’s my new favorite pogo game!!! :)

  • I always love your Tips for a new game, or for one that can be difficult! Thanks for your tips…Always!!

    • That’s wonderful to hear! I hope you’re enjoying the game.

      • I wouldn’t call these tips. These are more the rules of the game. I would appreciate all this information in the How to play the game section so I do not have to spend my time in forums or elsewhere looking for basic game information…Please?

        • Very fair point – I will see if we can add additional tips to the How to Play section in some manner, or find ways to incorporate that information into the game!

  • Love Love Love this new Game! Great Job!

  • Love this new Game! Great Job!

  • have been having problems with hd games is it me or pogo

    • Can you tell us more about your system and browser? We can help troubleshoot with you!

    • The HD games use a lot more memory (RAM). You’ll need to clear your cache a lot. Or you can buy a new more powerful computer. Since I can’t afford a new computer, I clean up my browser after about an hour of playing. Sad … but necessary.

      • depending on your browser u can set it to automatically delete cookies and temp files – i use google chrome and my computer friend set it for 7 days to clear but u can set it lower if u need to – that way u dont have to keep remembering to clear it or set to delete when u log off or on computer sure that edge (ms internet explorer) or firefox would have same options

      • You can also set your browser to delete this information every time you exit to make the process simpler.

    • Me too!

  • I love the sanctuary game

  • I only seem to have a problem with mahjona garden and mahjona safaria

    • Can you tell me a little more about the problems you’re having with the games? Are you having difficulty getting them to load? With Mahjong Garden, turning off the “VFX” in the game can help if it’s running slowly; once you’re inside a game in Mahjong Garden, click the “gear” button in the lower left area, and turn “VFX” to “off.” That will speed with loading time. I might also suggest running a compatibility scan. Good luck!

  • cannot get any farther than level 1 have no money to purchase gems

    • Hi! You do not need to utilize Gems to play this game if you don’t wish to; in Mahjong Sanctuary, you can use your Gems to purchase “Feathers” to help buy power-ups, but you also earn some feathers the first time you complete a level, so that can help you. I hope you can give this game a try!

  • I love the new sanctuary game. Even when I don’t win, I like playing the level over again until I get it right.

  • I love all the Mahjong games I am glad pogo added another.

  • I really enjoy this game Thank you pogo

  • GE I have a few questions about the new game. Is the background supposed to change
    when you match two exact season tiles? For example, 2 winter tiles then it changes
    to a snowy scene? And if you cant make any more matches and dont want to use a
    power up just yet, where is the restart or start over button? So far it looks like
    a fun game, great graphics. Oh, one more: How many levels are there to start with?
    And how often do new levels come out? Hopefully, as the levels get higher they dont
    get as frustrating to complete like a few of the other Mahjonng games.

    • Hi, Kayaker. I can answer this one a little bit. So, Mahjong Garden is the game in which the season tiles make the background “change” as you match them. When I was designing Mahjong Sanctuary, I was keeping that in mind somewhat (Mahjong Garden is one of my all-time favorite Pogo games, next to Wonderland Memories ;) ), so I really wanted to make sure that we still had the ability to have those season tiles.

      However, matching season tiles does not change your background in Mahjong Sanctuary; it gives you a point bonus and is something that we might use in Challenges in the future (say, if we ask you to make 15 “identical” season matches). I think of it as adding an extra level of difficulty to the game if you want a challenge, or it’s still a good way to help yourself out if you don’t have an exact match.

      If you can’t make any more matches at all, I have two hints: first, when you place a tile in the “tile holder” you begin the game with, you may revert it back into its place (when the tile is in the holder, you’ll see a circular arrow to click). That sometimes helps you free up matches. Second, occasionally matches also exist with tiles stacked on top of each other. But if you need to exit a game, you can always click the “back to sanctuary” button to exit.

      There are 450 levels available right now; we’ll update you when we release more levels, and we’ll also be having occasional Events in this game (5 levels to play in a way similar to the event we ran for Sweet Tooth Town). Levels do get somewhat more difficult as you progress and encounter obstacles like frozen tiles, tile rain, and so on but I hope you do not find them too challenging; I think after about 20 levels in it does get more difficult, but should not be too hard. If you use the forums, that’s a good place to post about levels and strategize if you like; I’m happy to stop by and give some gameplay tips there sometimes, too.

      Phew! Sorry for typing such a long response; hope this helps you. Thanks so much for posting and for your feedback. I really hope you continue to enjoy the game.

      • TYVM Pogo Rachael! That does help alot. Wow thats alot of levels. Must be alot of
        upgrades to each individual animal. And more animals will be added Im sure.
        Also Im looking forward to the different tile sets, the one on the opening of
        the game looks the best. I play regular Mahjonng with real tiles so I know what
        the symbols mean. I use the access set for M. Escape because thats the hardest one
        of all. Thanks again, hagd.

  • Not cool that I couldn’t seem to leave the tutorial and it made me use a power up doing so. Should have just exited the game at that point. Like Mahjong Safari now, it has a childish look to it.

    • Hi, diamondy- with regard to the tutorial power-ups, those power-ups used in it don’t count against the free ones you are given at the start of the game; they are ones designed just for use within the tutorial and don’t exist outside of it. I’m sorry to hear that you are not as much of a fan; I do hope you give this game another try, but we appreciate hearing from you.

      • I agree about the childish appearance of the new HD games. They really get the attention of my 6 year old great-great-nephew.

      • ok, but how do you get out of the tutorial page?? ive looked everywhere for a settings button to no avail. i dont need a tutorial segment.

    • I just discovered the tutorial DOES use the power up…at least mine did.

      • Sorry, I hope I’m explaining this well – indeed, it does use a power-up as it’s demonstrating it, but it’s not one of the power-ups intended to be given away for free; as in, it’s accounted for solely for use within the tutorial itself. I hope that makes a little more sense!

  • I just wanted to say that I like this New Game, & just wish the rest of your game’s would go as fast as this one does. I love the new set up where you can make the screen real big & go back to the smaller one to. You don’t have all of my favorite game’s on there so I have to keep going back & forth, but that’s okay I like it both ways.Well done Pogo experts on a anther good game. Happy Playing & hope to keep the two screens, I like it when I can see the game a lot better. So Thanks again, & Happy Playing Pogo Player’s

  • I play Quinn’s with the sea tile set.Then I change over to Mahjong Sanctury to see two non-animal related tile sets?

    It is just not appealing. Sorry. I will leave this to the other players. There are too many decent mahjong games to settle. I’ll stuck to the other mahjong games.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback – we will definitely look into adding additional tilesets to this game in the future, as we know it’s something a lot of players are asking us about. We appreciate hearing from you!

  • Thank you so muck for this wonderful game. I am totally addicted. Also thank you for the ada tile set, the clearity really helps when you have eye issues. Would be nice to add them or something similar to the other games. Again thank you so very much.

  • Trying all day to play this game..will not load!!!!

    • Can you tell us more about your system specs? Knowing which browser you are using and what your computer is helps – you might want to head over to the forums to check with other users about it, and also run a compatibility scan. I hope you can get the game up and running soon so that you can enjoy it!

  • I got my first animal today! I love it. Nope, not gonna mention what it is. Don’t want to ruin the surprize! 😀

    • Ha! Glad to hear you have one animal at home in your Sanctuary! The lions are my favorite (I like cats, so of course that tallies) but they’re all awfully cute. Thanks for commenting!

      • Pogo_Rachael

        I’m a feline fancier tool, and got my lion…If you add more animals,please add more in the feline species please.. What about an ANIMAL tile set to go with the theme


        • I love cats, too- I’ll definitely want to make sure that we include more of them! And yes, an animal set would be great – we will look into it!

  • I’d love to try this new game. Wish I could find the time.

  • I just want to applaud POGO on a job well done on Mahjong Sanctuary!! I sent messages to my closest friends to encourage them to go and enjoy this great addition to our games!! The graphics, artwork and the, dare I say, Disney type workmanship is just wonderful!! Yall deserve a huge pat on the back for this refreshing breath of fresh air!! After the losses we have incurred on our old favorites it is very nice to escape to this sanctuary!! Thank you so very much for all your efforts!! MYMAYEMERALD aka Di

    • Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback – it really means a lot. Thanks for being a part of Pogo!

  • Hope for more additional tile sets.

    • We hear you! If we have any updates on information about additional tilesets, we’ll pass them along :)

  • Getting used to this game! Thank you for the tips!

  • The only 2 Mahjong games you can not beat is Mahjong Garden and Mahjong Safary.
    I play them all the time most enjoyable games ,Not keen on Sanctuary or Escape .

    • I’m sorry to hear that – I do hope you keep giving them both a try a little bit more, though I’m glad you enjoy Garden and Safari. I’m a really big fan of Mahjong Garden, too.

  • Tried it and love it!!! Thank you for the tips, it really helped.

  • Should have tile sets with the animals found in the sanctuary. Don’t like the 2 offered.

    • We’ll definitely be looking into adding additional tilesets in the future, and we’ll consider an animal one – you are definitely not alone in suggesting that. I’m sorry that the current two are a little less appealing to you, but hope you enjoy the game otherwise. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • this game is just another Quins aquarium I don’t like quins or this one

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Nat. I do hope you’ll give this game a chance. Which games do you tend to prefer on Pogo?

      • most all the games you took from us when you got rid of java games

        • I understand. We’re definitely working fast to port a lot of old favorites; the process to port Java or Flash games to HTML5 games is one that takes lots of effort, and we want to bring as many old favorites back as we’re able. I do hope we have more games in the future that interest you!

      • well just to give you a idea out of 41 HTML5 games I play 11 of them

  • keep it up with all the Mahjong games and you will have to change your name to Enough with Mahjong.

    • I’m sorry that you’re not as much of a Mahjong fan – I do hope there are lots of other games on our site for you to enjoy!

  • Looking forward to playing this game :) It’s different!

  • So far, I’m enjoying the game. Great job to all the people involved in making this game. :) I love elephants, and so I chose that animal first. :)

    • The elephants are definitely really, really cute. Have fun setting up your Sanctuary!

  • I like the game but I am stuck on a particular level. I don’t have anymore add-ons and I don’t have enough points to buy more add-ons. What should I do?

    • Which level are you trying to get through? The first time you play a level, you do earn some feathers – you can use feathers to buy power-ups and boosts, or you can purchase more feathers if you’re out. But I might be able to help you with some strategies depending upon the level, too. :)


    • Hi, dolfinz. We are working on a new reward system to replace tokens but I understand that they’re important to you. With our HD versions of games, we’ve often started progress on Ranks and game progress over again. For Garden, it was really important that we not have you lose the progress on your dragon’s age, which is why the ancestral place exists- but I can understand why you wish you could keep adding to their age. I hope that you’ll give the HD version of Mahjong Garden a chance, as Drake – the new dragon – has some fun art as he grows older. But we appreciate your feedback!

      • I’d just like to have the age of my dragon restored. I too worked hard to get to the age I was and have no desire to play enough games to get back to that level.

  • This game loaded as a flash game. I thought all flash games were going away. Am I missing something? Thanks.

    • Flash games are going away later, but right now our chat system is still utilizing flash – I suspect that is the “flash” component which was loading for you, as Mahjong Sanctuary itself is indeed an HTML5 game.

  • another MahJong game yawn

    • I’m sorry that you’re not as much of a fan – which games are a little more your style, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • I would like to thank you so much for the super fun Mahjong game!

  • I’d really like to see the corner letters and numbers added to the traditional tile set, as it is in Mahjong Garden. I have difficulty because of poor eyesight and so many tiles being almost identical.. The letter/ number addition to Mahjong Garden REALLY helped a great deal! Thanks.

    • That’s really great feedback – we want to make sure these tiles are visible for everyone, and many tiles do look a bit similar. I’ll pass this along to our team and see if we can keep this in mind if we add additional tiles!

  • Just had to comment….I LOVE the game. Thank you so much for the thought that clearly went into this game
    Already hooked, I’m currently around level 50+ This will be a daily favorite game to play.

    Its fun, the layout is awesome. Graphics are very crisp and clean. The animals are so cute. I chose the elephant to start and he/she is adorable.

    You outdid yourself on this one, big thumbs up.

    On another note, the first badges for the game are great, very pretty. Have completed a couple already and working on the rest.
    Thanks again for this one..

  • Thank for asking…. I prefer word games… I like Sudoku and some of the card games, but not solitaire. I liked Dice City Roller and Lottso – there was at least a little strategy involved. Phlinx is OK. Matching tiles – not exactly stimulating.

    I guess what I see as a trend here and don’t really care for is re-warmed versions of solitaire and mahjong dominating the development and weekly challenges.

    With that said, these games are apparently popular – right? I don’t mean to belittle the games the majority enjoy, but I’d prefer development maybe focus on something “new” rather than try to figure out yet another way to make MahJong work and call it “new”.

    Thanks for listening to an old man complain Rachael :)

    • I’ll try to answer this as best I can! We do really try to provide a variety of games because it’s true that there isn’t really one “type” of game that defines players here on Pogo, nor one game that we tend to think of as the “best” game for the site; variety is always the spice of life. I agree that Dice City Roller and Lottso are both great games when it comes to strategy (Dice City Roller is an old favorite of mine; I hated it until I had to try a Wednesday Challenge with it, and suddenly I loved it!). But yes, if some types of games are popular we do tend to want to make sure we have lots of offerings in that area. I’ve mentioned this in a few comments I’ve made this morning, but we do have a new word game coming out that I’m really excited about: Bookworm HD. It’s “new” to Pogo, though it’s a game that has existed before; sorta similar to Tumble Bees! I hope that you enjoy it. Did you see the new additions we made to Pogo Daily Sudoku, too?

      We’re working to add more and more games to the site, and when we’re able to start telling players more about the specific titles we’re working on, we’ll be sure to list ’em in the Blog. I can’t say too much more, but I think there will be some additional games up your alley in the future. Thanks again for your feedback; it really does matter to know what everyone thinks about these games- I promise. Have a great day!

  • I have been playing for a few days now…. Totally Addicted lol… what I love the most is you can purchase power ups with your feathers. I ran low on them but persevered & made it to next level & was able to purchase a few power ups. Thanks for great new game pogo

  • Sanctuary will not load in IE so I went in through chrome and the game loaded but the chat doses not load at all. how can I get chat to load in chrome.

    • To get chat to load, you’ll need to enable Flash in your browser; while Sanctuary runs in HTML5, chat itself runs in Flash.

  • Sweet graphics on the sanctuary game. And I find it to be much more winnable then Quinn’s. I look forward to more play – I have two animals already. Thank you Pogo…this new game is a winner in my book.

  • I love this new game, the artwork is brilliant.

  • ty for the new game,, I will find it and play it now

  • can you add more tile sets like in mahjong garden or mahjong safari – would like some animal tiles

  • I just tried this game & I love it so far. With the loss of many of alot of Pogos players favorite games it is refreshing 2 know that at least this 1 new game is pretty easy so far. As with many other Pogo players Ive noticed and tend 2 agree that Quinns Aquarium is the worse game ever 2 be added 2 Pogo. Its absolutely impossible 2 win any level without buying power ups! Then it takes hours just 2 try 2 complete a daily challenge! U cant replay levels & we r not offered any free power ups at all. Then 2 top it off Pogo makes this game a Challenge Quest game with little time 2 complete it. On top of giving it 2 players at the same time as our weekly challenges, along with the other 5-10 badge challenges. We have little time 2 complete all these. I mean u have 2 literally not have a life & just b playing Pogo 24/7. Now once again on top of all the other challenges we have 2 complete we have 2 get 300 Season Tiles. I have been playing this 1 game since it started along with buying numerous gems & only have 30 tiles so far. The least Pogo could do is let us replay levels or offer more power ups than 10 for 30 gems! This is becoming more of a job then fun. I am a paying member of Pogo & its like its starting 2 cost with these new games! Come on Pogo give us dedicated players some easy games that dont cost us & is actually fun 2 play. We have 2 b able 2 get the hard challenges done more quickly so we can get the other 20 done b4 time runs out! Just Frustrated!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re frustrated, disco666. We want to make sure that we offer a wide variety of Challenges on Pogo for players to complete, ranging from easier to difficult, but it’s important to have a good balance. I’ll make sure that others see your feedback, and I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write about this.

  • I love all Mahjong games, and this new one is great! J find Quinn’s as the hardest, have to repeat the same game over and over. And Quinn’s is the only game that when I enlarge it, then I can’t make matches. Keep up the great work!

    • Really happy to hear that you enjoy this game! Thanks for being a part of Pogo.

  • Glad to see Mahjong Sanctuary been playing it and really is fun.

    Would like to see more word games,

    • I love word games, too! I’m not sure if you saw it in the last Blog Post by Pogo_Llama, but we have a word game coming soon: Bookworm HD! It’s an old favorite of mine, so I really hope you enjoy it when it comes out.

  • I have a problem with Mahjong Sanctuary. I have reached level 40. When you match the green and red clippers, the vines are supposed to disappear. When I match the clippers, nothing happens. Therefore, I can not finish the level. I would really like to continue. I do like the game, although it takes literally 5-8 minutes to load.

    • Hi, Keyslite: are you making sure to match the clippers/pruners color to color? Level 40 has a set of green clippers and a set of red ones, and to clear the vines off tiles you’ll need to match color to color. Sometimes the clippers are a bit more buried in the tiles so it takes a bit of time to uncover their matches. I know when I’ve played levels with multiple sets of clippers, I’ll often be able to pair up one set of clippers easily but another set takes a lot longer to get to in the game. The best thing to do is just try to reduce the overall number of layers so you can figure out where that match to the other clipper tile is; in hard levels, I definitely take advantage of the fact that the “season” and “flower” tiles don’t have to be exact matches in order to expose more tiles. I hope this helps.

      I’m sorry that it takes time to load, however!

  • i like this game it is easyer than the fish one to many tiles this has real animals waling around not a children game i am slow and no money to buy gems like the feather to get power ups thanks again

  • I cant get any other animals to open I started with zebras and have finished the enclosure
    I have 25 stars and on level 78
    why wont it let me open any other animals

    • Hi, czdnkin9 – the full Zebra enclosure unlocks at 50 stars, and you’re able to jump to other animals following. Each animal enclosure has 3 total animals (2 parents and a baby), three “tiers” of the water, food, and sleep items, and one special item for play on top of that.