Mahjong Sanctuary Game Tips

We hope you’re enjoying Mahjong Sanctuary so far. There’s lots to explore right now, with even more to come! We wanted to pass along a few game tips to help make your Mahjong Sanctuary experience a “roaring” success.


Switching to the “Accessible” Tile Set

Mahjong Sanctuary currently has two tile sets available; the original tile set and an accessible tile set. To switch between the two, just access the game settings while you’re inside a level.

We know that many of you are interested in having even more options with your tile sets, and we’ll consider adding more in the future for you to enjoy!


Replaying Levels


Mahjong Sanctuary has a great variety of levels that are very unique in appearance. Maybe there are some that you enjoy more than others and would like to re-play given the chance or – better still – maybe there are some “go-to” levels you’d like to earmark in your Level Collection when Challenges roll around.


Well, we have you covered on that front! Every time you complete a level the first time, you earn a Star. Once you’ve earned 25 Stars and spent them in your Sanctuary, you unlock the ability to re-play those previous 25 levels through your Level Collection!


You won’t be able to earn more Stars or Feathers by re-playing levels you’ve won before, but re-playing levels can help you climb ranks or complete Challenges more easily.


Favoriting Levels


When you win a level, you’ll also have an option to click the “heart” icon to say that you liked it. Pressing that heart doesn’t just stroke Sir Barnaby’s ego (though we’re sure he’s pleased to hear any positive feedback), it also marks that level as one of your Favorites.


Later on, you can toggle on the “Favorites” part of the Level Collection to show only the levels that you have hit that heart button on. You can add a heart to a level at any time in the Level Collection screen, too. So next time you feel like you just have to re-play that one level that looks like an angler fish, well, you’re all set to go!


Best of luck playing and building your sanctuary! Need any hints or having difficulty playing? Please leave a comment here or feel free to check out our Forums!

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  • I’m liking this game so far, I have 2 animals all happy in their new homes and I am over 100 levels. The feather count for power ups is a bit high though as I only get 30 feathers a win.

  • Hard for my eyes to focus on original tile sets. Thx for upcoming changes.

  • Jensgame55 – I so agree with you with respect to the Mahjong games. Add to those the Solitaire games and all we have are two types of games to play.

    I only played a couple of this new game and finally got two animals. The fact that you cannot get more feathers or stars when you replay a game is a huge drawback.

    How about some jigsaw puzzles? There used to be two great ones (both of which I ranked out in) and now there are none to be found on this site.

    Maybe modify the Word Search so that you get ranking points when you play the Easy through Hard puzzles?

    I have been a member for over 14 years and I wish POGO would listen to those of us who have been around a while. The new customers have no clue what they missed out on which is very sad.

    • Hi, Jean. First: 14 years is a long time! We really appreciate that you’ve been here with us. But yes, providing players with variety in games is important to us, too. We have a new word game coming out soon and have lots on the horizon that we’re working on that I can’t tell you about yet. Jigsaw puzzles are a really great suggestion, though. I think it could be something really interesting for us to consider at Pogo, especially considering the ones we’ve had before.

      With the Ranking suggestion, you mean tiering the Rank points in Word Search Daily? I remember seeing a few other players suggest that before when the game launched, so I’ll see if we can look into that a bit more.

      Thanks for your feedback, though. It does matter to hear directly from players – whether it’s praise or constructive criticism – because that’s how we can make sure that we are making games for our players first.

      • I’d like to 2nd, some jigsaw puzzles.
        Please and
        Thank You

      • Hi there Rachel and thank you for your response. I think tiering is what I mean. Kind of along the lines of Pogo Sudoku where you earn points for every level that you play – easy, medium, hard and expert!!!

  • TOO MANY MAJONGG GAMES Please get creative something else please

    • I’m sorry that you’re not as much of a fan of Mahjong games – we have lots of other games coming out soon, though, so I hope others catch your eye a bit more!

      • I hope they fix the chat with future games and put it back on the side instead of under the game

        • We’re definitely working on chat solutions in the future! We will keep you updated on this.



    • Hi, firemanstruck: once you’ve finished the first 25 levels and applied the stars that you earned to the Sanctuary (by unlocking animals), you’re able to play the prior levels. This works throughout the game; as you complete 25 levels, you are able to replay what you played before. I hope that this helps!

    • would like to replay level 1 also

  • what happened to the new tiles for the Mahjong HD?

    • Those are still available in Mahjong HD- this game has a slightly different tile set available at the moment, though we are looking into additional tile set options!

  • I know this is another Majong game, but I really love it. I truly love any Majong game but this one is really clever. Such fun. Nice job, lads.

  • Months ago you promised two new Clue and Secret Spies games and they have never appeared. Clue is a favorite of many and why has it stopped–please tell us when we may see new Clue games again. Poppysgirl August 6, 2019 2:18 pm

    • Hi, Poppysgirl – I think there may be some confusion about this, as we are not making any new episodes of Clue at the moment. See the blog post here for a little more information. I’m sorry about that; I’m a big fan of the game, too!

  • I have been a member since the beginning, I think….a lot of years! I wish the hidden object games did not cost so much!! I do thank you though for the free ones now and then. When we have a weekly challenge badge in a hidden object game could we at least get one free one to get us started?? Love POGO!!

    • Hi, Debbie: Thanks for your suggestion! I also wanted to note that you can always re-play old games for any Wednesday Challenges which pop up, so if you want to go back to an older free episode of a Hidden Object Game to complete it, it’s totally fine.

      • I, too, wish the games were not so expensive. Us Seniors who live on very limited income, cannot afford it! This applies to many games, not just the hidden object games. Like all the power-ups, etc. So we are limited in what we can play and that number is becoming more and more limited. It seems every new game you come out with, you have to buy the power-ups, etc.

        • Hi, dogstar823. Thanks for your feedback. We do offer games with power-ups which you can purchase, but players do not necessarily need to buy power-ups in order to play games. In Mahjong Sanctuary, you are also able to earn Feathers through your gameplay, which you can use to purchase power-ups if you like.

  • don’t we win tokens n badges for playing? grace048 pogo

    • Hi, grace048. We no longer give away tokens for winning games in HTML5 games, but we do have a new Reward System which will be coming at a later date!

  • I love the game I keep getting places to clear but no animals but the lion.

  • Unlike the new games. I’ve been a member since 2004. Love Gin ran Lou ut of ranks by 2005. Still no new ranks. Come on quit the new games and add some new ranks. That’s my all-time favorite. You add new ranks in all but this and the bowling game. Please please please new ranks in Jungle Gin. Lots of people play it and more would go back to it.

    • Hi, nannaof3mom1; for games in Flash, we’re not currently adding additional Ranks due to the fact that Flash will be deprecated, but adding Ranks to any of our HTML5 games which have been converted is something we’ll continue to do, and any games we port over will have Ranks added to them at some point as well.

  • So many of us want to know what is happening with tournaments!

    • We’ll update you more on this as we have more to tell you! We know tournaments are really important to our players, though.