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Mahjong Garden HD Q&A with Pogo Clement!

It’s time for Mahjong Garden HD Q&A with Pogo Clement!

Pogo Llama: Thank you for coming here and talking to us all about Mahjong Garden HD! I know you’ve been working so hard on this one. Please tell us a little about the process of taking Mahjong Garden to the HD format.
Pogo Clement:Hi, Llama! Nice to see you again! Yeah, Mahjong Garden HD is the biggest game we have worked on so far! Mahjong Garden has been one of the beloved titles within our community. At the same time, it’s one of our favorites within our team as well, so we were really excited when we found out we’re going to remake it in HD format!

When we looked at the whole game, we knew it’s not just about repainting the graphics. It’s about retaining and even enhancing the essence of the game. We studied all elements of the game and evaluated what’s working, what’s not, and how we can make it work, and how we can make certain things better. We also thought about how to put all these elements – visuals, audio, the setting, presentation, the seasons, the Zodiac Animals, and most important of all, the Dragon – together to deliver a relaxing experience in an authentic Chinese garden while playing with tiles from a traditional Chinese table game. It’s not just about the gameplay, it’s also about the overall experience we want to deliver.

Pogo Llama: Beautifully stated, Pogo Clement. I have been watching the team work on this and I can confirm how much heart went into this project. Okay so everyone wants to know what will happen with their Dragon when we go from Mahjong Garden to Mahjong Garden HD. Can you please explain what exactly will happen with the Dragon?
Pogo Clement: The Dragon in the classic version has been around on Earth for some time already, so he will be ascending to higher heavens to have the good time that he deserves. We made a statue to commemorate him in the HD version. If you have played the classic version before, your dragon’s final age will be noted in the new version.

With the old Dragon in the higher world, the Zodiac Animals will be celebrating the birthday of a new Dragon. This Dragon has a name, and he will have a… ahem, well, I’m not going to say anymore. I’ll leave it to you to find out. 😊

One more thing: In the classic version, you can see your past Dragon Badges only when your Dragon ranks up. In the HD version, we built a palace to house the new Dragon and you can browse previous Dragon Badges there any time you like. The portal will be visible in the game after you complete the first cycle of zodiacs.

Pogo Llama: Thank you for explaining the beloved Dragon. I’m excited to know more about new dragon!  I have a player question for you. This is from Miladylc56, “Will there be tiles with gems on them like in Mahjong Safari?”
Pogo Clement: Yes, there will be a gems tile set available for registered players. In addition, there will be six more tile sets including candies and veggies available for Club Pogo Members.

Pogo Llama: Will there be a timer in the game?
Pogo Clement: The timer is staying in the HD version. In the meantime, we also added an option to turn it on/off in the Settings Menu. If you like the challenge of finishing a puzzle in the shortest time possible, you may want to leave it on. If you just want to relax and chill, feel free to turn it off. The timer bonus still applies whether the timer is on or off.

Pogo Llama: What else would you like to tell us about Mahjong Garden HD?
Pogo Clement: We feel our hard work is paid off by the end result. We really like it, and I really cannot wait for this game to go out! If you’re a big fan of mahjong games, you really have to try this out.

Play Mahjong Garden HD!

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