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Win up to 65 Badges in the First-Ever Magic Marathon!

Club Pogo Members, the first-ever Magic Marathon is here! You have from now until October 19 to work your gaming magic and conquer 60 expert Challenges. If you make it to the finish line, you’ll win 65 new Badges for your collection! Best of all, 30 Challenges can be unlocked for free and will win you two exclusive bonus Badges.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the Magic Marathon page to unlock 60 new expert Challenges. The first 30 turns are free, and all will unlock a random Challenge from the Magic Marathon deck.
  • Activate and complete all 30 free Challenges to win two exclusive bonus Badges!*
  • The last 30 Challenges can be unlocked for 8 Gems per turn. Each turn unlocks a random Challenge from the remaining Magic Marathon deck.
  • You’ll win three additional exclusive bonus Badges for reaching the 40-, 50- and 60-Challenge milestones!
  • Challenges can be completed in any order you like. Start with the easiest, the hardest or mix it up.
  • Finish them all by October 19! Be sure to follow your progress at the link below.

Unlock the Magic

Good luck and happy gaming!

*The event ends on October 19. The Bonus Badges will be awarded at a time after the end of the event. We will keep you posted here in the blog when the Bonus Badges start to be awarded.


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