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Win up to 65 Badges in the New Magic Marathon!

The all-new Magic Marathon is here! You have from now through October 1, 11:59 PM PDT, to race through 60 expert Challenges and win up to 65 Badges.

To make things more fun, we’ve made a few improvements. Not only does the Magic Marathon sport a charming new look, but we made it easier than ever to unlock your first 30 free Challenges.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Visit the Magic Marathon page to Unlock 60 new Challenges. Your first turn instantly unlocks 30 free expert Challenges at once.
  • Each turn after that unlocks one expert Challenge at a time, for 8 Gems each.
  • You’ll win two bonus Badges* when you complete your first 30 Challenges. You’ll win another Bonus Badge* for every 10 Challenges completed after that.
  • Complete all 60 Challenges before the end of October 1, 11:59 PM PDT,  to win 65 new Badges for your collection.
  • Challenges can be completed in any order you like. Start with the easiest, the hardest or mix it up.

To get started and see your progress, just click the link below.

Unlock the Magic 

Good luck! See you at the finish line.

*Bonus Badges will be awarded after the event ends on October 1.

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