Win up to 65 Badges in the Newest Magic Marathon!

We hope you’re ready to play, because the second Magic Marathon has started! You have from now until April 1 to run through 60 expert Challenges, including 30 free ones. If you can complete them all in time, you’ll be able to win 65 new Badges* for your collection.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Visit the Magic Marathon page to unlock 60 new Challenges. The first 30 turns are free, with each one unlocking a random Challenge from the Magic Marathon deck.
  • The last 30 Challenges can be unlocked for 8 Gems per turn. Each turn unlocks a random Challenge from the remaining Magic Marathon deck.
  • After you complete the first 30, you’ll win two bonus Badges. Every ten Challenges you complete after that earns you an additional bonus Badge.
  • Activate and complete all 60 Challenges by April 1 to win a total of 65 Badges.
  • Challenges can be completed in any order, regardless of numbering. Start with the easiest, the hardest, or mix it up.
  • Be sure to follow your progress at the link below.

Unlock the Magic

Good luck and happy gaming!

*Bonus Badges will be awarded after the event ends on April 1.

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