Letters to the Editor – A “Movember” Selfie, A Poem for Turkey Bowl and Much More!

We Call it a “Personal Challenge Marathon”

Just wanted to contact you and let you know how great it is to now have 3 Personal Challenges. I look forward to each group of Weekly Challenges (could you add one more challenge for Pogo members only?), as well as the ability to choose my own!
I also look forward to Thursdays – the 3 game Triple Bonus Tokens special is fun – I get to explore some new games, and sometimes run into an old favorite that I’d forgotten about!
I do enjoy Pogo!
Thanks again

Editor – Seaglasser, we love that you love our Personal Challenge Marathons. Normally you would only be given 2 Personal Challenges per week, but approximately 4 times per year, we open things up a bit and let you do an extra one in a week for free. As always, if you have a few gems sitting around in your account, you can chose to pay for up to 5 extra Personal Challenge slots every week. As far as Weekly Challenges for Club members only currently only Club Members are given Weekly Challenges in the first place. Free members are not offered any challenges. Have a friend who has only played Free Pogo? Why not Pay it forward, and send them a Guest Pass and show them what they’ve been missing (and collect some Free Tokens in the meantime!)


From the Desk of a Vermont League of Maple Syrup Cardholder

Editor Bret, I have one word to say, REALLY? I was browsing the goodies in the mini mall. I was in the food section and there it was – a bottle of Canadian Maple Syrup. Well, I was shocked, almost had to take to my bed. Why have Canadian maple syrup, when you can have the best in the world – Vermont Maple Syrup? The whole world knows that Vermont made is the best made. Of course, you all are from California and may be deprived of the lovely amber liquid. Wait one sec, it just came to me, there was a syrup theft in Quebec, where a whole warehouse of Canadian Syrup was stolen. Was that Pogo who did it, so that they could sell it from the Mini Mall? I truly hope not. But, I hope that Pogo may consider adding the Vermont Maple syrup and take away the Canadian. Or, leave in the Canadian but you will see that the Vermont Maple syrup will sell better and faster. Please Pogo, see the light and buy Vermont, you will taste the difference!
Vermont League of Maple Syrup Cardholder

-Editor – Well I can assure you that we stole no syrup from anyone. We hopefully didn’t buy any stolen goods to redistribute either! But in all seriousness, I can say that I’ve personally never had any Vermont maple (that I know of), but one thing’s for sure, pretty much anything is better than the “sugar-free” syrup my doc says I should be eating! Your suggestion is dully (duly) noted. ;) The parties involved with this Mini item selection will be notified, and then to prove the point they will have their Official Maple Syrup Taster cards confiscated, stomped on, shredded, torn up into itty bitty pieces and then burned. :)

(Post Editor Note: In all seriousness, we do not plan to change this item. That doesn’t mean we wont have a Vermont Syrup in the future though.)


A Poem for Turkey Bowl

Hi Bret,
I took the hint.
Here’s a Thanksgiving Pogo Bowl Poem for all to enjoy.
I have one more thing to say and it’s not a ploy.
May everyone have a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

Editor – Thank you for the lovely poem! I hope it brings a smile to the face of many. I’ve printed out a copy and posted it on my cubicle wall. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Elf Bowling returns soon!


Re: The Movember ‘Stash

The stash is great dude! You handsome devil!
And hi to Red and Green Tiki! Maybe they need a mustache! LOL!
Thanks to you and all Club Pogo for truly enriching my life in a fun way!

Editor – If you’ve been paying attention to Pogo Tech Tips, you will note that I’ve been growing a mustache for Mustache November (or “Movember” if you will,). It celebrates awareness for men’s health issues. Actually, here at EA and Pogo we have a ton of men growing Mustaches for all of November. Not to mention a few women with “falsies”. Personally I think it’s pretty rockin’, but alas come December 1st, it will be nothing but a mo-memory! One person very close to me is not really a fan of the ‘mo… LOL!

How do you like it today in this Movember 20th selfie? Let me know in the comments! (And please keep it civil!)


What did you think of this week’s column? Leave a comment below or visit the Pogo Forums and leave us a note!

Have something to say to the Editor? E-mail editor@pogo.com. Please note – if you are having any customer support or technical support related questions, please contact our Customer Experience Team.



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  • I’m first? That’s never happened before.

    Wow, we have some clever Pogo members, don’t we? I love that Pogo Bowl poem! Awesome!!

    Pogo_Bret – I love your photo also!

  • realy liked the Pogo Bowl poem that was one of the best I have seen

  • The person who is very close to you needs to take another look cause it really does look good.

  • I have to say LOVE the turkey bowl poem~ Amazing job!!!! Now for the (‘stach in the room)I love the reason behind it, but personally not my cup of tea. Good luck with your endeavorn :)

  • ladymademe,your poem was absolutely delightful! (:

  • I love the pogo bowl poem i read it as i was playing pogo bowling!
    and i like your picture Bret
    I love Pogo i am disabled and Pogo has help me thru many times. thanks agin and agin to you I love pogo!

    • I’m disabled as well KRISTA, and just like you, Pogo helps me get thru some rough days! And, I liked the poem, too!

      • I also have a disability. I had a mild stroke in June….I have always enjoyed POGO, but now it is helping me regain some of the motor skills that I lost. Thank you POGO!!

        I like the mustache Bret.

      • Just a quick comment, I am also disabled, limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. Pogo helps me alot too. The poem was great and the mustach looks very good. Just want to say thanks for the extra tokens for the Pay it Forward, and the extra challenges this week, love em!! Now if there was just a way to get more free gems.


  • I just love the Turkey Bowl poem. The author is very creative indeed! And, BTW Bret, I think the stache is very becoming and debonair! Good growing!

  • Just like that ‘one person close to you’, I prefer men w/o facial hair as well lol But you do look very nice with one! I wish we could have seen more selfies of Pogo employees with their mustaches (especially the falsies)! Also, it was good to hear that it’s for a cause. With December coming up, it’s probably wise to shave it anyway; Think of all of you with egg nog on your lip ;) Happy Holidays!

    • Are you kidding? Don’t you know how much warmer facial hair keeps you during the colder months? Take it from…no, no, DON’T take it from me!

  • Don’t take away my Canadian Maple syrup! Besides if you think about it,, Vermont is next door to Canada,, who’s to say Vermont didn’t take a few of our trees and claim them as Vermont trees? LOL,, kidding aside,, both are fine,, but I’m partial to my countries sweet syrupy goodness!

    • They got our canadian maples with the help of mother nature .All them “whirllygigs” flying through the air had to land somewhere!

      • Loved the repartee concerning Canadian versus Vermont maple syrups. LOL. If you look closely, probably one syrup company owns the other. LOL. Isn’t that the way business is done nowadays? Happy Thanksgivng everyone!!

    • Me too!! Quebec maple syrup will give Vermont a run for the money.

  • The poem is great. Thanks Pogo for the 3 personal challenges. As for the syrup goes, my uncle in NY makes great homemade maple syrup.

  • I had to laugh and shake my head when I read the note from the Vermonter. I too am from VT and thought the same thing when I saw the Canadian maple syrup bottle, lol. But I didn’t complain about it, just sent it as a gift to all my “sweet” Canadian friends. But I do agree with them, VT maple syrup IS the best. Check it out if you ever get the chance.

  • You just do whatever your wife tells you to do:)

  • You said you haven’t had Vermont maple syrup. So that must mean you haven’t tried Vermont maple candy either. You’ll have to make a trip to New England, you are in for a treat.

    • At our Mountain State Fair in NC…..I always look forward to the maple cotton candy. I hate cotton candy, but the maple is awesome. It comes from Vermont.

    • I’ve heard of maple candy, but never had the opportunity to try it.

  • The poem was awesome! The mustache is adorable (but can be itchy for you and your mate). The only beef I have is about the maple syrup. DON’T CHANGE THE MINI.IT’S NICE TO SEE CANADA BEING REPRESENTED. THERE ARE MANY MANY CANADIANS THAT PAY TO PLAY. I AM A CLUB MEMBER, JUST LIKE THE AMERICANS AND SHOULD ALSO BE TREATED WITH EQUAL RESPECT. Thankyou

    • I agree.
      There is little Canadian content in the Mini Mall as it is.
      If anything, it would be nice to see more countries represented.

  • Not a fan of the mustache, But I am conflicted. My husband has had a mustache for years, a few years ago he shaved it off and I begged him to grow it back. Thankfully he did. He is almost bald, but after 33 years I still love him. Go figure, we bicker from daylight’until night but we could’nt live without one another.

  • I loved the poem too, I thought it was very creative.

  • OMGosh, Bret! You look like Richard Dreyfus! *ahem* In his younger years, of course!

    • Thank you harmonylynne! I kept looking at the picture and thinking, now who does he resemble? And that’s it – Richard Dreyfus. Personally, I like a clean shaven man, but this stash looks good on you Bret. But you do what your wife says. You gotta make her happy above all else. :)

      Loved the poem. So clever and creative.

      Bret you are doing a fine job as Editor. I always look forward to this column. Keep up the good work.

  • The pogo bowl poem was great! And Bret I love the stash, I say keep it!!! Also, thank you pogo for the extra personal challenge.

  • Editor Bret, Have you ever eaten at a Cracker Barrel restaurant? They have Vermont Maple syrup. Also, check out the stuff in your local food store. There is usually some there. As for your Doc, do you know that Maple syrup if used properly doesn’t raise your blood sugar. So, there is another reason to try it.
    BTW, the mustache is awesome. I like facial hair. It’s manly.
    P.S. Person from Canada, your syrup is tasty too, but it just has a special flavor from little Vermont.

  • Your mustache looks great. Love the poem and oh by the way. Pennsylvania Maple syrup is better Than Vermont or Canada lol. Yes I live in NW Pa and we have the best tasting syrup around lol.

  • poem cute cant play yatzee in aol or google chrome thanks and yes java is up to date

  • I miss Tahd. Nothing feels quite right, but I’m trying my best to love it.

    I do hope everything works out well for you. The flow isn’t working for me. I miss the humor. I’m not a fan of selfies. Maybe I’m just old, but you did ask?

    • Oh dear, what a bundle of joy you are and what an insult to Brett. This column is no better or worse than Tahd’s it is fun and there is humour, perhaps the old saying ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, say nothing at all’ should apply here.

      • I miss Tahd too, but mainly because he did the Nettie columns and those were my favorite lol. Mookermom11 said “but I’m trying my best to love it” which says right there that she’s trying to adjust to it being Brett and not Tahd. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I don’t think she was trying to insult Brett. It’s very easy to misconstrue what was meant, what’s implied and all that from a post on the internet because it’s just words on a screen. In person it’s a lot easier to see the intent of what is said because of inflection in the voice, tone, body language and all that.

      • 2 letters and a poem, hardly a column.

    • I don’t comment but read this column often. IMO, it’s not about Tahd or Bret per se. It’s about the JOB. A lot of jobs come with specific skill sets. I don’t attend mini events but from what I have seen of the results Bret is a FABULOUS judge! Also, a technical wizard! Tahd on the other hand, often professed “ignorance of technical issues”, but fit the role of Editor to a T! He printed letters on a variety of subjects and always dealt with ALL (for and against) with his signature brand of humor. That’s all *I” am saying. No disrespect meant to the Editor whatsoever!

      • Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

        • SusyQ, me thinks you have no sense of humour, I was just kidding with bret, I think the cause is a good one and wish him luck, stay calm

          • @ Oz5Player

            I’m a bit confused regarding your comments.

            I didn’t respond to you prior to this comment.

            It’s possible that one of the comments I had commented on was removed which caused my comment to be moved towards the end of the comments below one of yours?

            Anyway. have a great weekend. :)

          • @SusyQ
            Based on Oz5’s comment I’m sure the “reply” he/she is referring to was one you made in response to a comment that has since been removed.

          • SusyQ, that is very possible, so sorry for the mix up. Have a great week

          • @ Oz5Player

            Thank you for the apology. :) Mix ups do happen. No harm done.

      • All the other judges have mustaches?

      • @Same Old Same Old ** IMHO, you sound like a POOR SPORT! I don’t think you even recognize what you’re saying because if you did you would see how RIDICULOUS and UNFAIR you sound! Are you really accusing the judges of showing favoritism and UNFAIRLY choosing mini’s just because they know the players? WOW…

        “I have tried and tried to win” and I never get picked and it is unfair because everyone deserves a chance to be in the HOF REGARDLESS of how good or bad their mini may be!! You are wanting the judges to stop choosing WINNING mini’s and choose mini’s that haven’t won before or been displayed in the HOF! It doesn’t matter whether or not the player deserves to be in the HOF but whether they have ever won or been featured before?

        That is absolutely absurd! It is a contest and not a right to be featured! Why do you feel entitled to winning even if others have better mini’s or not? You want pogo to keep up with winners so that everyone has a chance?

        IMO, I see it like this…apparently the HOF mini’s are better than mine and I just need to step it up and try harder!

        Use the time that you waste whining and complaining and make a better mini and then you will find yourself there because you EARNED and DESERVED IT!

  • No offense, but no to the mustache. Thankfully November (or Movember, as some of us like to call it) is almost over.

  • That was a good poem WD

  • The poem was awesome!!! I swear the turkeys were hanging on the alley when I was going for the limited edition badge lol….kinda wanted to see if you got out the super glue Brett haha! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • The Turkey Bowl poem was REALLY great! I so admire people who have talent to write, poems or prose. Alas, I did not get that talent in my genes, so love reading from those who do have that gene. Love your mustache Bret, our son has grown 1 too. However, I hope he doesn’t keep his either! From a loving mother. I am a terrible bowler on Pogo, but bought the badge anyway so that IF I ever get better, I have it and 3 others bought in albums to try anytime. Maybe one day that will happen! Hope, Hope, Hope! Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful Pogo employees who continue to make my day each and every day of the year.

  • The Pogo Bowl poem was great! As was her other poem. This lady has talent!
    No to the mustache but a big “Yes” to the cause!

  • you handsome devil you — come to Australia, we like the mo on men!!!

  • I am not Canadian, but I rather took offense at the request to remove the Canadian Maple syrup and replace it with Vermont Maple syrup. I am not favoring Canadian over Vermonter, because I spent my summers in Vermont on my grandparents farm and we always took Vermont syrup home. If anything I should be backing the request to change. However Most of the Pogo members who are not USA members, get little to no recognition, in addition to not being able to play some of the games that are licensed only to the US or to North America. Yes Vermont makes stellar maple syrup and maple sugar products, but I think this time we should give the nod to leaving it as Canadian, and let another countries members be able to have something they can show off on their mini.

    • Kudos to “Maple Syrup Scandal”!! I AM Canadian & you are absolutely right! I have tasted neither of the mentioned syrups, but I agree that all countries should have representation, as paying members. Thank you for recognizing that! Maybe I should taste my own Country’s syrup, lol!! It’s just really expensive here!

    • I AM Canadian, I have had lots of maple syrup from here as well as from many trips to Vermont. Those trees are the same type, the trees do not stop at the border nor do they need a passprt to cross, Maple syrups and candy are wonderful, perhaps pogo could just add a Vermont bottle and solve the bickering. BTW, we Canadians as others have stated dont get many mini mall items, Gawd dont smash our maple syrup, we’ll be stripped down to a T shirt, a Niagara falls background, and a spike doll LOL, have a great day all no matter what kind of syrup you prefer :) :) P.S. I do BUY most of the U.S.A. mini items as I love both countries and the people and Bret, I was teasing about your moustashe looking like snidley whiplash, I think its a wonderful cause. I have been in many mini contests and I KNOW Bret has an awesome sense of humour. Toodles everyone n happy playing

    • Thank you…well said, and appreciated…indeed we are proud of our maple syrup also, as I am sure Vermont is…but it is indeed nice to have something with the maple leaf on it, and I was indeed offended by the letter to the editor..or more so that the editor found it fitting to publish..disappointed..it was indeed a nice stinging slap in the face to the Canadians.
      And again, thank you for your comment. Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbors, from your friends north of the border..may your families and loved ones be blessed throughout the year.

  • The poem was terrific, and so is the stache. You look very handsome, and distinguished. If your wife’s complaint is that it is scratchy or itchy, try putting some creme rinse(the stuff women use on their hair) on it. That should make it soft and silky. I know men who use this. The Canadians deserve to have some mini items, as do other countries. We could use some more variety in the mini mall.

  • If you will get a trench coat to go with the “stache” I’ll go for it lol. You are looking a mite like a Detective in that photo, but you really gotta get the trench coat to have the full effect. :) and great job Pogo for caring about men’s diseases and contributing to the cures.

  • Great poem,I know all too well,about them 7-10 splits,lol.As for the mustache,it looks good on you.I agree that you do resemble a younger Dreyfus.
    I sure do miss that maple sugar candy! I spent about half my first 15 years living in Vermont.I do not miss the 6 month winters,though.
    In my opinion,our current editor is every bit as good at the job,just different.
    Also happy to have the extra personal challenge,as Yatzee is “not my cup of tea”.
    Wishing good luck on challenges and hope everyone has a good week.

  • Question for those who do it: how do you add a photo to your post like that? And remember if you reply that you are speaking to a techno-challenged senior! LOL

    • I think it’s done through facebook.

    • You need to open a Gravatar account. Google Gravatar. It is free. You only need to upload the picture you want to use. There will be a link to help you upload the picture. You can leave your profile blank. They will ask you to make up a screen name when you register. Use the same email address you use for pogo.

      Love the Canadian maple syrup goodie. Wisconsin maple syrup is great too.

      Happy Thanksgiving all.

      • I did what you said about the Gravatar account and it took only 5 minutes to do. So thank you JayArvee! Tyvm

  • @ Pogo_Bret

    No need to

    “The parties involved with this Mini item selection will be notified, and then to prove the point they will have their Official Maple Syrup Taster cards confiscated, stomped on, shredded, torn up into itty bitty pieces and then burned.”

    They got it right the first time. ;)

    I’m Canadian and my grandfather produced Maple Syrup. I can attest it is the VERY BEST! :)

    So sorry Vermont League of Maple Syrup Cardholder. I’m sure Vermont Maple Syrup takes second place. No shame in that. :)

  • Loved the poem, we have some very creative people playing here on Pogo!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

  • I really take issue with the letter from Vermont League of Maple Syrup Cardholder. I am Canadian and bought the bottle of syrup goodie as soon as it came out, years ago. Of course, I believe our maple syrup, maple butter which I love and candy are the best. I would like to point out that like mountain ranges, trees know no border. Most maple trees grow in Quebec and some in Ontario, look at a map sometime and you will see that US maple trees follow the line down through Vermont so I believe the maple syrup is equal. Pretty much the same soil and weather conditions.

    We have so few things in the mini mall now and it’s too bad you begrudge us what is there. Pogo has never given us a challenge with our flag on the badge, I had to stop buying all the limited editions that show your flag because why would I display them?

    So thanks, now I’m depressed because as a diabetic, I can’t have maple syrup from either country! Just kidding, I had to give up chocolate too! LOL

  • Very handsome. Wish I was 20 years younger

  • First off loved the poem, it’s great that we have Member’s who have the ability to write poems. Now Bret time to say I am in awe of your mustache! Don’t let the wife near it, a little rebellion is a good thing (I have a beard/mustache combo that I’ve had since approximately Summer time) as for the syrup, I understand that Vermont syrup is supposed to be pretty good but our neighbor Canada has the maple leaf for a reason on their flag, I am hoping for more Canadian or other foreign country goodies/backgrounds in future releases.

  • I think Bret was being punny. *lol* Dually, as in Canadian & Vermont Maple Syrup.

    • I took it that way too. LOL

    • Certainly no insult is intended here whatsoever, but as a Canadian I would like to add that although Vermont maple syrup might be very tasty indeed, Canada has been very proud of their maple syrup also and it is famous around the world. Next point..why would the editor even print a letter that is so offensive to the Canadians. We get so little in the mini mall of our own to pick from and yet we do have a good number of members. So lets not get carried away with “why would you give the Canadians a lousy token item” and get all upset over it. I just about threw a “whoopee” party when I saw something new that was Canadian. We have been getting rehashed items for several years. So with no offense to the Vermont maple syrup industry I say “thanks” (I think) but maybe we could go all out next Thanksgiving and release the items in time for Canadian thanksgiving (second Monday of October) and maybe even go all the way and give us a gem item…a new one…just one…we dont want to get greedy…and if by chance you do release Vermont maple syrup, I will be glad to purchase it without sending a letter to the editor asking why you gave the Americans a lousy token item.
      Thanks, and I do wish you ALL a very safe and happy Thanksgiving coming up..May blessings come your way throughout the year, from your friends in the other maple syrup country, Canada!!!

      • @ Anne B.

        I thought Vermont League of Maple Syrup Cardholder’s letter had been written tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be offensive.

        Just to clarify, the Maple Syrup goodies was originally released in May 2008. ;)

      • @Anne B.
        That letter could only be construed as “offensive” to Canadians if you choose to view it that way. It was tongue-in-cheek and meant to be a joke. It’s clear that Bret took it that way.

        The only place I’m seeing upset about the mini goodie item is from people professing to be Canadian. Speaking for myself, I grabbed the item up without ever realizing it was “Canadian.” It’s a goodie item for my mini that I may or may not use at some point.

        Beyond that, it’s pixels depicting Maple Syrup, which is downright yummy no matter which side of the border the maples were grown on.

        Continuing, and as has been stated already, Pogo is a Made in USA website. Any efforts to be inclusive of other countries should be viewed as a gift. The US is the targeted audience and I am guessing that the reason for this is that most of the Pogo members are in the US. What company doesn’t aim to satisfy its base?

        In the end, it remains pixels that have no meaning beyond what each viewer ascribes to them. I’ll take my pancakes, waffles and French toast with Maple syrup and not give a whit about which side of the border it came from.

  • I love reading comments. It starts out being nice & thankful but one comment starts a tirade of responses. I am Canadian and have found throughout the western part of the US when travelling, a lot of Canadian Maple Syrup and fudge for sale though in little containers. I have never seen or heard of Vermont’s but am sure it is equally as good. The mini mall has quite a few items from countries like Britain that I have bought so I can wear during one of their events/holidays. Kudos to Pogo for all that they do and for Bret to step in when Tahd gave up the ghost. It’s not easy being editor and trying to come up with the proper answers so as not to offend anyone. I love the stash, you look like professor Clouseau and a trench coat would seal it. LOL
    Have a great week all.

  • oops Detective Clouseau.

  • Why did I not receive my 100 gems for my renewal?

  • Hi Bret,

    Have to say the mustache looks very debonair indeed! Great picture! Movember is not looking bad at all! :)

    When the Maple Syrup Cardholder talked about the Maple Syrup, I about fell out of my chair laughing. I enjoyed that so much! I just have to say I love real Maple Syrup.

    I also would like to say “Thank You” for all the compliments on the poem(s). So glad you pogoanians enjoyed it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • @ ladymademe

      Your poem was fantastic. Thanks for sharing your creative writing skills.

      I thought Maple Syrup Cardholder was pretty funny too. But, you do realize, as a Canadian whose grandfather was a producer of that fine elixir, I must wholeheartedly disagree with their opinion. ;)

  • Don’t know what you’re rambling about.I only saw 1 letter that started out I am Canadian!I think you should get over it & quit bashing people for being proud of their nationality. Oh & fyi I am Canadian and very proud of it!

    • I do believe Anonymous just owned the name Get A Life………

      • @Anonymous I do believe your guilty conscience just spoke as well. I never said a word about hiding, just owning………..

  • did not know how to contact anyone , unable to play dominoes will not allow to click ok this has been going on all week

    • @anon Are you saying Scrabble and Sherlock should be removed because it is not legally available to the UK? That is what I gather from your response but I have to disagree with you. First and foremost this site should be designed for the US players. It wasn’t until the UK’s site was shut down that everyone migrated to the US site.

      IMO to say the US site is discriminating against non US players is a joke! Just remember if it weren’t for the US site there would be no POGO to play on!

      • @ anonymous (have to make the distinction or it would feel like I’m talking to myself) :) I really have no idea how you concluded that Scrabble and Sherlock should be removed. I was citing an example of how Pogo rushes to put out games and then abandons them. Licensing issues should be considered in the Planning stages of a game. That old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” fits! Ditto for the Mobile Games App. The 3 year 155 badge statistic comes from a Pogo fan site very well known to Pogo. Anyone with half a brain can see the OBVIOUS DISCRIMINATION here. One badge ok, a handful ok, 155 and COUNTING? C’mon, give me a break! One app for ALL? IOS is standard, Android has too many different versions operating across a number of mobile devices. The techies at Pogo should KNOW this. End users should not have this bring this to their attention. It’s what we “technologically challenged” people pay for. Also, by throwing in a badge that requires you to be signed on as a member while treating you like a free member by not adding it to the albums, is adding insult to injury. Scrabble and Sherlock are site wide. Mobile games are only played by people with “smart” devices. The mobile app should be treated like premium badges and awarded to those who choose to pursue them. That or SCRAP THE APP for ALL!

        By the way, I’m an American and have access to everything Pogo offers. I have friends from around the world and many of them are affected by some aspect of Pogo or the other. Pogo cannot cater to all, sure. But Pogo could make it less problematic by being “organized” right at the very start.

        Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Ok Ok. Anon and Donation why don’t you two just quit snipping each other. This is not your personal page. You are both ridiculous. You don’t have to like each other but the rest of us would like not hear your feud.

        • @ Justsayingnotothefeud.. She started it..sounds like a 5 year old eh? You do have a point, which I acted on before you posted your comment. My latest comment indicated that I am not in the discussion anymore. I have benched/sidelined myself. It’s all moot anyway, so why continue the battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. Thank you for the reality check though, and I do mean that, it’s not a flippant or smart mouth remark.

  • @ anon

    I thought Bret was growing his mustache to bring awareness to men’s health issues, which I think is a very worthy thing to promote.

    • SusyQ151 I agree with you. Bret’s moustache suits him and looks good, 2 for 1 for Bret!

  • I laughed so hard because I thought it said “dully” noted, then the correction made it even funnier.

  • We say we are Canadian so everyone knows we are not American, even though Canada is the biggest part of North America.

  • LOVIN’ the Movember ‘stash. Keep us updated, you handsome devil. ;)
    And thanks for supporting men’s health.

  • Wow, you missed the entire point. Go back and this time actually READ what’s being said. The moustache is only for this month, to help promote men’s health issues, and he’s not the only one doing it. Many of us have asked to see a picture of how it’s coming along – to keep him honest about whether or not he’s actually growing and keeping it.

    Seriously.. lay off. Maybe you need a cause to do something good for, before you’ll understand. And then again, maybe you just like to complain. Either way, you might want to get your facts straight before opening your mouth – it makes you look rather foolish when you don’t.

    • hey naly
      want to see my xrays from my recent breast cancer screening? bet not!!! enuff said! want to see the report ? really how much is really enough?
      you can bring awareness to health issues without garnering for compliments and bragging.. I donate all year long.. I don’t go around bragging and asking for compliments!!

      • I wish you peace anon.

      • @anon What is so great about your comments anon, is that you are actually bringing more attention to Bret’s cause by being so unpleasant and negative. Bashing Bret for growing a moustache and using this forum to bring awareness to mens health issues is not creating less buzz, but is creating more as the group rallies round Bret. Xrays from your mammogram…really? How silly you are. Oh and BTW, “I donate all year long…I don’t go around bragging and asking for compliments!!” Sorry hun, but you just did.

        • donation diva
          not silly as a man growing hair on his upper lip and then asking for compliment and I use the exray comment as an example.. not my fault you missed the point of my comment.. and no that wasn’t bragging either.. learn to discern what the topic really is here.. ill help you out its about ppl who say they are doing a good deed and bragging about it.. why does anybody need to brag about that? only for attention.. other ppl participate in the same cause and don’t seek attention over it… its really not even a topic for pogo anyway as it creates hostility on here from ppl like you who think we should all be like yourself when really were not… so no matter what those like you are the ones who need to be more tolerant of those like myself..youre the ones who create the hostility on here because you cant let my comment go you just felt the need to comment to tell me what to do and what to say!!! and to cause embarrassment and a fight talk about negativity… im not the one with an issue I just think ppl that say they give to charities and those events shouldn’t be on here bragging about it and asking for compliments for doing so…theres nothing else in my comment now or in the op that implies anything else.. I cant help it if ppl need to find something or mis-interrupt that to suit their own misperceptions of what the topic is for their own entertainment. im pretty direct . theres nothing else to find between the lines but a blank space..

          • @anon WOW you really are hostile. I don’t think Bret asked for compliments, and I quote, “How do you like it today in this Movember 20th selfie? Let me know in the comments! (And please keep it civil!)” He only asked how people liked it. Haven’t counted fors and againsts but just a ballpark its about equal. Since you don’t care for Bret’s/Pogo’s way of bringing awareness to mens health issues, maybe you could suggest a less offensive way to promote awareness of mens health issues. Please point out where Bret is bragging vs providing information about what Pogo/EA/staff are doing. It seems that all of Pogo staff are participating, even the women who are wearing false moustaches. I don’t understand why you have such an issue with people participating in an activity that promotes awareness of health issues. That makes no sense. How else do we become aware if not through someone telling us? The moustache bit is to make it fun and when someone who doesn’t usually sport a stache starts growing one, people ask and that is the opportunity to share whatever issue is being promoted. Most everyone knows what red ribbons, pink ribbons and yellow ribbons mean and that is because supporters of the causes got out and promoted the cause. Somebody has to be the spokesperson and Bret is that person for the mens health issues at Pogo.
            And for the finale…you said,
            “im not the one with an issue I just think ppl that say they give to charities and those events shouldn’t be on here bragging about it and asking for compliments for doing so” Find one other person who said anything about donating or charitable work or events, besides you, who said, ” I donate all year long.. I don’t go around bragging and asking for compliments!!” YOU are the only one who said anything about your good works and that is bragging.

          • Well said! I agree 100%!!!!

          • That comment is for Donation Diva

          • diva gag me you take yourself way too seriously!!! nobody can just make a generalized statement without the zoo and all the village ids showing up to complain about it when someone expresses a different opinion than their own!! glad nobody here is in charge of anything really important.. they wouldn’t know it when they even saw it!!! and im not bragging by making a comparison.. again you missed the entire point of the comment and are still reading between the lines to suit yourself for your own entertainment needs and trying to continue an argument..
            and as far as it all goes who cares what an employee of pogo has decided to do personally and outside of work? really his personal choices have to be on here for comment? he has a facebook page if he wanted attention it should be over there for comment and like s and whatever else he was trying to get.. hmpf as for awareness of it all how can we not be aware when its shoved at as from every direction 24/7.. you would have to live under a rock to escape it all.. again stop saying I have issues with the actual cause ! I don’t but I have to make an exception to asking for compliments on something that is part of the cause.. just accept that im not you and my post was never directly toward you.. you just decided that I wasn’t allowed to comment and decided to take it upon yourself to start an argument .. end of it now..please don’t post back with more how youre cooment is right and someone elses is not..

          • anon said, ” …as for awareness of it all how can we not be aware when its shoved at as from every direction 24/7.. you would have to live under a rock to escape it all.. ”

            my comment: I guess i must live under a rock, ’cause I didn’t hear of Movember and the impetus to grow-a-stache to make people aware of men’s health issues until I read this week’s column. No, I’m not on FaceBook so maybe I missed it there. And I hardly ever watch television, so maybe I missed it there, too. But does not being plopped in front of the TV mean I live under a rock? I read the news regularly, and am out and about in the world quite a bit. I guess my 24/7 reality is different than yours, and therefore points out the silliness of making unverifiable absolutist statements.

            And guess what? Because of this week’s column, I am going to ask my renter if he’s been to the doctor lately. Actually, I know he hasn’t; thus I will really be reminding him to remember to care about himself enough to get a check-up in the near future! And maybe he will, maybe not. But either way, the reminder will be due to the editor posting a pic of himself with a mustache.

            p.s. I agree, there is a hint of Snidely Whiplash in Bret’s countenance! That’s not a bad thing, either :-)

          • Donation Diva November 24, 2013 3:21 PM

            FOR anon I am sure you will be happy to hear this anon, but I am turning over the baton of trying to understand you to Well_my_home_… and Obtusityisnotavirtue. Obtusity took on the task of trying to explain an earlier post by Nobozos regarding CalSailor $$ spent on badges rather than maybe donating to the ASPCA. Somehow anon missed the point, which is what she seems to think I am doing with her posts. And Well_my_home…is courageously taking on the missed understanding of awareness and how Bret as an employee of Pogo/EA is utilizing his position, with his employers blessing I am sure, to bring awareness to men’s health issues. Anon said, “and as far as it all goes who cares what an employee of pogo has decided to do personally and outside of work?” UHHHMMM if he was doing it outside of work, we wouldn’t know about it. We only know because he is doing it at work, incorporating it into his Tech Talk column and LTTE column, again with his employers blessing, and I think I remember him saying many other employees are participating as well.
            I gratefully turn over the torch/baton and will be cheering you on from the sidelines. Go forth warriors and fight the good fight…VICTORY is our

          • sorry for the double post, but the first one ended up too far away.

        • @Donation Diva KUDOS and thank you! Couldn’t have said it better myself!