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New on Early Access: Play Jungle Gin HD

By popular demand, Jungle Gin HD is here! In this new remastering of the classic, we melded updated graphics and improved performance with the same great two-player gameplay from the original.

Build your runs and sets, discard that deadwood and try to knock your opponent out. You can play alone against robots or square off against your fellow Club Pogo members. Along with in-game chat, you’ve got plenty of customization options so you can play your way.

Play Jungle Gin HD 

Read Q&A with Pogo Sean!

Keep an eye out for the first Jungle Gin HD Mix-n-Match Challenge, coming soon to Challenge Central. Even more great games and features coming to Pogo Early Access, so stay tuned!>

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  • Hi,
    I played the bots in Jungle Gin HD and I could not complete the game, a game would take forever. . Why does it take so long for the bots to play when it’s their turn? Is there a way to speed up play?

  • Tried the new Jungle Gin….I would give it a -1 on a 1-10 scale. I usually play against computer as I find people are too slow. The new HD version is slower than any player I have ever played. Not a fan.

  • Can we set up our preference, like ACE high or low. Can we play more than 100 point games?

  • The HD version is awful. Terribly slow–really boring to play. And I liked getting tokens for wins.
    Please don’t take tokens away. I like to set goals for myself. Without token I will find other games

    • I don’t like this new game at all m going to quit pogo don’t like what they are doing my money

  • I love playing Gin, but can’t stand the current slow play of the robot.
    Oklahoma Gin is based on the dead wood knocking amount being determined by first down card not every hand being 10, also if that first down card is a spade the score would be doubled. Some people don’t like Oklahoma style and want to play straight Gin with no knocking. Is there an option for that? What about playing a higher score game like 500?

  • just tried new gin its horrible feels like a kids game no lobbies feel really isolated in room alone no thanks i wont be back

  • So very pleased to see that this is so much like the original game, only very little changes.

    The graphics are sharp, clear, and very good, such a good job done with this game.

    I found my way around easily and was able to set the table up to play as I like to play
    (Not Oklahoma )

    I have read that there were some issues with the speed of the robots, but I just played at 7.30am GMT and didn’t have a problem with them at all, in fact they were super speedy, so it was just a glitch that has been corrected.

    A big well done to the Pogo team with all your hard work on the conversion of this much loved game!

  • I have to say Jungle Gin is a game I play everyday. I’m not happy with the new hd version. I don’t like the way it plays or feels to play. Not happy with this

  • Why can’t you play a friend in Jungle gin any more, have spent the last 2 hrs trying to find out how to do it.


  • Thank you for “oiling” the robot! ;) – a lot faster today. And graphics are very good & sharp!
    I know that the Pogo team worked about 4 months on Jungle Gin HD, which is most appreciated.

    Though, Two questions at moment:

    When in a game, and one decides to “stand-up”, Is it supposed to shove you off the screen and out of the game you’re in?

    And second: I realize there is no tables per se’ in this version to choose from (wiping tears), But my question is “IF” I have several friends playing at once (like a tournament if you will)… Without any sort of Lobby, there is no way to chat OR invite a friend(s) into a game, unless already in a game 1-on-1.
    Is there ANY way the techs can make a lobby so we can converse with friends? (multiple)

    Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful of all the hard work that went into creating Jungle Gin HD. Though I, (and many friends), are asking these same questions.

    Thank you for all you do and your considerations to my questions/concerns.

    • Thank you for your questions, BackInGameland! I will forward them to Pogo Sean and the team and keep you posted. :)

  • Hate the new version. Can’t set my own table pick who I would like to play. This is not fun anymore. Who thaught this would work needs to read the book again,

  • is there some way I can go back to the regular jungle jin? this is so awful. cant see whom I am playing. cant see the score of the person I am playing,

    • Hi Carolyn,
      The Flash version of Jungle Gin is no longer available. However, I can confirm you can see the score of your opponent. It is located on the bottom left of the game screen. Thank you!

  • I cannot get the game to go past 27% when it is loading

    • Hello Pippiharris,

      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot here on the blog. Please reach out to EA Help and they will be able to assist you. Thank you!

  • not a fan of the hd version. you can’t play the regular, only the knock version, which is boring. I want to go all the way not have the computer knock and you lose. Where are the choices? Will not be playing this game in the future!

  • I hate this new gin! I enjoy pogo and playing for the weekly badges but mostly you could find me in jungle gin that was the main reason for subscribing but i will not be renewing unless jungle gin goes back to the game so many of us have enjoyed for many years! I logged into pogo today and yesterday and there was always about 1700 to 1800 people playing. Now there is 300!

  • The HD version is horrible. Very disappointing, I prefer to play Oklahoma gin, and at a higher score that is not even a option now.

  • I liked to review a profile of players. Will this be available?

  • I don’t like the new jungle gin either it would only load up to 27% yesterday and when it finally did finish loading after I don’t know how long I was so disappointed it took the robots so long when it was their turn the game is really boring now and Im not sure if I will renew in april

  • Are we getting tokens back for Jungle Gin?

    • Hello Dgs,
      Thank you so much for your question and interest in the new rewards systems called Pogis! (I’m so excited for it!) I saw that many are curious as to what will happen with tokens in the future so I took some time to talk with the Pogo team. You may see this is a copy/paste message and that is because I wanted to be sure to get back to as many of you as possible with the information provided. Thanks again! I love having you as part of the Pogo community! :)

      As stated in a May 2018 Pogo Insider, tokens will be removed from Pogo games in the future. I’d like to let you all know that the number of tokens you’ve earned during your time at Pogo will still be visible on Early Access; this feature is still in development, but we know how important it is to preserve your token count. The ability to earn more tokens will be ongoing after launching Pogis. We will be slowly limiting the ways to earn more tokens so we can concentrate on the Pogi experience and it’s rewards.

      I’ll have plenty more information on the new reward system, including how to earn Pogis and what can be done with them, in the near future.
      Please keep an eye on the Pogo Insider and Blog page for all of the most up to date information on all things Pogo. Thank you!

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