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Club Pogo has Launched its New Homepage!

See the video on Pogo’s Youtube page here:

In an effort to freshen up the Pogo site for our existing Club Pogo members and to make the site more appealing to potential subscribers, we’ve crafted a new design.

Here is a brief summary of the changes:



Most Recently Played Games Bar. The first thing to note is the bar of most recently played games. Players can quickly add these games to their “My Favorites” list by simply clicking the little ‘heart’ icon in the upper left corner.



Bigger Spotlight and News Section! Pogo News headlines now appear to the left of the expanded Spotlight section, which now allows you to preview all the spotlights by icon:


Member’s “My Stuff”.  On the left side of the screen players will find information that pertains to their account, including:

– Player’s Mini

– Token and Gem balances

– Messages

– Gifts and other information.




Challenge Information! All of your Challenge and Badge information now appears on the right side of the screen. This includes:

– Daily Challenges

– Weekly Challenges

– Personal Challenges and more!



Navigation Tabs! You now have three tabs that give you the choice of how you’d like your Club Pogo homepage to show up. You are able to choose between “Favorites”, “Categories” and “Games A-Z”:


If you rely on your favorites list as your main way to get to your games, then you may decide that Favorites is the tab for you. Click ‘Play’ to be taken directly to the game. One word of warning – due to the images associated with each game, if your list is super long, it may require a lot of scrolling.


If you enjoy looking at the entire menu of games divided by game type, then the Categories tab is for you. Other categories, not seen above, include: Word, Casino, Puzzle, Sports, Arcade, etc…



And finally, there’s the A through Z list that allows you to sort alphabetically, by number of players, by category, whether or not it’s a Favorite, or even Club Pogo exclusivity!


These are the main changes to the new Club Pogo Homepage.

The new page couldn’t have happened without our Club Pogo customers! Learn about how customer feedback helped shape the new Club Pogo homepage in our Find Out about the New Club Pogo Homepage with Rochelle E interview!

Thanks for finding out about the new Club Pogo Homepage! Now, if you are a Club Pogo Member, you may go get your 20,000 tokens!

Thoughts? Concerns? Email The Editor and read the Letters to the Editor column to see them addressed.


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  • TO THE designers* (my bad) lol. And on an additional note: It just looks drab and Pogo is anything but drab.

  • I like the freshness ,change is necessary and I understand the reasoning behind all the changes (social media, which will increase members). Do not care for some games becoming smaller in dimension because of the availability to social media. As I am of a different generation with aging eyesight, I no longer play these games as frequently.

  • I LIKE IT!!!…The complainers will get use to it, POGO you’re the only game in the internet that have the best games, it’s worth being a member of POGO. I can find everything so much faster, THANKS POGO! for giving us lots of more challenging games. Please do not go back to the old pogo home page it was DULL and BORING.