Important Update: Google Chrome No Longer Supports Java

As of 4/14/2015, the Google Chrome browser version 42.xx and above will no longer directly support the Java platform.
A list of the games affected is available here, on the Pogo Forums. We highly recommend using another browser such as Internet Explorer 11 or the latest Firefox to continue enjoying these games.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox

Temporary Chrome Workaround:
A temporary workaround to use Java in the Chrome browser is to enable NPAPI. Note: This workaround will be removed by Chrome in September 2015 or earlier.

To enable NPAPI and Java in the Chrome browser, please do the following:

  1. Open the Chrome Experiments page using the following link: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi (Paste this link into your Chrome browser)
  2. Click “Enable” under NPAPI. If you see the word “Disable,” then it is already enabled.
  3. After enabling NPAPI, you must reboot your computer or click the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the Chrome Experiments page or the changes will not take effect.

Reminder: This workaround will only be available in Chrome until September 2015 or earlier. We highly recommend using an alternative browser.

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