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Help for Mac Users Having Difficulty Loading Games


We are currently looking into an issue where Mac users are not able to play our games. We think that in most cases Java may need to be enabled after the update.

If you are having issues try these steps:
1. Make sure your Java is up to date.
– Applet menu
– Software update
2.  Make sure Java is enabled in Safari
– Safari menu
– Preferences
– Security
– Enable Java check box
3. Make sure the Java plugin is turned on.

– Finder Go menu
– Utilities
– Java Preferences
– Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications.
– If already enabled, disable the plugin then re-enable it.

4. Close all your Firefox or Browser windows and restart your browser and try to play.

We are aware that these steps may not resolve the issues for all Mac users and we are looking into those issues further.

For more information read our Mac Guide for Pogo
For players helping players, visit the following thread in the Pogo Forums.

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