Win a New Themed Set of Badges in the Great Egg Hunt!

The Great Egg Hunt has arrived on Club Pogo!

Throughout April, you’ll have the chance to play through a mountain of Challenges to earn points and unlock rewards, including bonus Badges and power-ups packs.* Each week, you’ll be able to take on a growing lineup of Challenges in easy, medium, hard and master difficulties. The harder the Challenge, the more points it’s worth.

Collect enough points before time runs out and you’ll win the whole set of new egg-themed Badges, including an animated grand prize!

Join the Hunt 

Here’s how it all works:

  • For the next four weeks, you’ll have a selection of free Challenges to take on, each worth a certain amount of points based on difficulty.
  • Complete each Challenge to win points. Follow your progress on the top of the Great Egg Hunt page to see where you stand.
  • Get as many points as you can to unlock bonus Badges and power-up packs.*
  • If you fall behind or want to avoid a certain Challenge, there are eight optional Mix-n-Match Badges to help you catch up or charge ahead. You can purchase them directly from the Great Egg Hunt page to add eight more egg Badges to your set. These optional Badges must be completed before the event ends to count toward your progress.

Good luck and happy hunting!

*Bonus Badges and power-up packs will be awarded shortly after the event ends.

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