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Follow the Clues to Win the Forest Forage Treasure Chase

Team up with the Pogo gang for a woodland scavenger hunt. Follow the clues to discover the six secret Challenges and win new Badges. Each Badge you earn helps complete the picture and brings you closer to unlocking the treasure – a brand-new animated Badge and pack of helpful power-ups!*

Follow the link below to get started, or read on for more details.

Join the  Forest Forage Treasure Chase

Here’s how the Treasure Chase works:

  • Every Wednesday during the event, three new secret Challenges will unlock. The Challenges are freely available to all Club Pogo members.
  • Follow the clues from the Treasure Chase page to figure out the games and Challenges.
  • If you’re on the right track, you’ll see your progress revealed in the game as you finish levels or rounds. It may take a couple tries to find the right game and right goal.
  • Complete the Challenges to win new Badges. Each Badge forms part of a larger picture.
  • To win, you’ll need to finish all six Challenges by 11:59 pm PT on April 7, completing the picture and unlocking the treasure chest.

If you make it to the end on time, you’ll walk away with the six new Badges from the secret Challenges, plus a new animated Badge and power-ups.

Good luck and happy hunting, treasure chasers!

*Bonus prizes will be awarded shortly after the event ends on April 7.

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