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Guide to Resolving Email Problems While Updating Your Pogo Account

As a part of Electronic Arts (EA), Pogo is moving to the EA Network for account sign-ins. This means added security for you and the ability to access every EA game, site and service with a single account.

During this quick transition process, your Pogo Account will be turned into an EA Network Account. Don’t be surprised if you get updated before your friends – the process will happen at different times for different players. For most Players, updating is quick and easy. You’ll just need a new password and security question.

If there are any problems with your email address, your experience will be slightly different. Don’t worry – this guide will help you get squared away and back to your favorite games.
Step-by-Step Process
1. You’ll know you’re being updated when you see this screen while signing in. Click CONTINUE to start the update process.

2. If an issue is detected with your email, you’ll see the below screen. We recommend trying to use your preferred email first. Your preferred email may not be available if it is already being used by another Origin or EA account. If your preferred email is not available, you’ll see an error and be prompted to provide a different email address.

Please provide a valid email address that you have access to. A valid email address is required to sign in to Pogo and necessary for account recovery.

3. Create a new password for your EA Network account (Tip: If your current password meets the requirements, go ahead and use it again.)

4. Create a new security question. This will help you recover your account if you ever lose or forget your password.

5. That’s it! You’re all set and ready to play.

Sign in to Pogo using your email address and EA Network password. Your Pogo Account is now an EA Network account and works across all EA games, sites and services.

Note: You’ll still be identified by your Screen Name in games and chat. Your email address will not be visible to other players.

After your update, if you want to change your password, email address or security questions, visit ‘My Account’ on From there, we’ll redirect you to EA, where you can make any desired changes.

Do you have other Pogo Accounts using the same email address?

You’ll need a different email address for any additional Pogo Accounts you created. When you sign in with extra accounts, you’ll see a slightly different flow. See our tutorial: An Easy Guide to Updating Multiple Accounts Sharing the Same Email.

For more on the switch to the EA Network, be sure to check out this article.

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