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Correction: Spooky Slots Is Not Returning

Due to numerous issues introduced in newer versions of Java, we have decided to permanently retire Spooky Slots. After many good Halloween seasons, the time has come for it to finally rest in peace.

Apologies to you Spooky fanatics out there! We love the game lots, but it was time to bid it a fond goodbye. The amount of mad science it would take to bring it back to life just isn’t viable, and we are dedicated to improving games and features available year-round.

Update: If you have any Badges that were not yet earned in Spooky Slots, do not worry as not having them earned will not prevent you from completing the album. Once you do all of the other Badges in that album, you will receive a completion Badge and the album will be marked complete even though you were not able to do the Badge for Spooky Slots.

Speaking of which, be sure to check out new Halloween themes for Mahjong EscapeSweet Tooth 2 and Poppit! Sprint. We also have some other scary surprises and Halloween treats in the works, so stay tuned!

Thanks for playing Spooky Slots throughout the years!

Spooky Slots
2005 – 2014


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