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Coming Soon – Word Whomp HD!

Hello Pogo Community,

Word Whomp HD will be arriving in Pogo on Thursday, September 13! The release date was previously scheduled for September 11, but due to the timing of the Tournament that will be going on, we will be pushing back the release date to September 13. After that time, Word Whomp will not longer be a part of the current Tournament system.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The Flash version of Word Whomp will be upgraded to the NEW Word Whomp HD version the week on September 13, 2018!
  • The game will have the same URL, but you’ll need to re-save the upgraded game to your Favorites List.
  • All unfinished, activated Badges from the Flash version of Word Whomp will be auto-awarded to your account on a date yet to be determined.
  • All Badges purchased (both activated and not activated) for the Flash Word Whomp will be auto-awarded to your account on another date yet to be determined.
  • Unfinished Rank Badges will not be transferred over. Because this is a new version of the game, it will come with its own new Rank Badges. All finished Rank Badges will be yours to keep in your Badge Collection, too.

I will keep you posted when I have more information.

Thank you, Pogo Community!



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