REMINDER: Aces Up HTML 5 is Flyin’ in on Tuesday

The countdown has begun!
This is a reminder that the new HTML 5 version of Aces Up will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, November 21, 2017. 


Hello Pogo Community,

I have great news! The Pogo Team has been working hard on getting another upgraded game ready for you. On Tuesday, November 21st, Aces Up HTML 5 will be up and available for Club Members to play. I can hear the cheers out there from you all already!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The Java version of Aces Up will be replaced by the upgraded Aces Up HTML 5 game on November 21st at approximately 2AM PST.
  • Same URL, but you’ll need to resave the upgraded game to your Favorite’s List.
  • All unfinished, activated badges from the Java version of Aces Up will be auto-awarded to your account on November 24th.
  • All purchased badges (activated and not activated) prior to November 21 will be auto-awarded to your account on November 24th.
  • Unfinished Rank Badges will not be transferred over. This is a new version of the game and it will come with its own Rank Badges. All finished Rank Badges will be yours to keep in your Badge collection.
  • Enjoy the newly upgraded version of Aces Up. Play, play, play!

Just a reminder: the reason for the updating to HTML 5 is because Java’s creator, Oracle, will no longer be supporting Java in the near future. The Pogo Team and I are very excited for you all to play the latest and greatest version of Aces Up. It’s been a long time coming … and you’ll see that it’s been worth the wait.

Thank you!


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