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Group Photo Time – Join the Pogo 20th Birthday Mini Collage!

If you’d like your Mini to be included in this special Pogo 20th birthday collage, please post it no later than Friday, July 12 at 3PM PT.

Pogo is turning 20 years old on September! We’ve got lots of big celebrations planned, but we’re also marking this momentous milestone with something extra special: a collage of Minis from Pogo members like you!

The community has always been the best part of Pogo, and we want to bring you all together for the perfect celebratory snapshot.

If you’d like to step into the spotlight, here’s how:

Get your Mini ready for the occasion! Since this is for a birthday party, feel free to get dressed up! The Mini Mall is at your disposal.

There are a couple simple rules for participating. First, please keep your Mini relatively simple – no goodies or big add-ons items. Second, we ask that you use a specific background: Lucky Green, available for free on page 3 of the “Games” tab under Backgrounds. Why this background? It makes it easier to transplant your Mini into an entirely new scene – just like green screens in movies.

Once you’ve got your Mini perfected, copy the URL to your profile to your clipboard. You can find the URL by clicking your username at the top of the Pogo page, then copying the address bar from your web browser or from the “SHARE” section, as seen above. The URL should look like this:

Finally, please share the URL to your profile in this forum thread.

Note: Please don’t update your Mini again until after July 17. It will take us some time to gather all the Minis – and we want to make sure we capture your party look!

The completed collage will debut during our 20th Birthday Celebration – an appropriately massive event coming your way in August.

Thanks again for being the best part of Pogo for two decades! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the next decade.

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