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Upcoming Changes to Flash Support in Chrome

Hello Pogo Community,

An upcoming Chrome browser update is bringing big changes to how Flash works. Unfortunately, this means some extra steps to get into your favorite Flash games on Pogo. Not to worry – we’ve got a helpful guide to get you back in action.

Step 1: When you attempt to load a Flash game, you’ll likely see this puzzle piece icon.

 Step 2: Clicking it brings up a dialog box. Select the “Manage” button.

Step 3: You’ll have to enable Flash before you can play games. Toggle the “Block sites from Running Flash” option.


Step 4: Once it’s set to “Ask First,” you’re ready to go back to the game.


Step 5: Back on the game page, click the puzzle icon once more. This time you’ll see another dialog box asking if you want to allow Flash. Choose “Allow.”


Step 6: The game should now load for you. Please note, you will have to “Allow” Flash each time you restart your browser, just like in Step 5.


We know it’s no fun to jump through hoops to play games, and appreciate your understanding. Support for Flash is being phased out across the Internet, and this latest Chrome update is a part of that.

That’s one reason why we’ve been updating so many games on Pogo. We’ve got a lot more new and improved games on the way!


-The Pogo Team



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