Blog Post #96 – January 15, 2019


Hello Pogoians,

Happy 2019 to you and thanks for coming back for another edition of the Pogo Insider.

I want to also thank you for all the comments you leave. I always get a lot of questions about which games are being updated next. Please know that once I get word about any games being converted to HTML5, I share the news in the Construction Zone section of the blog. I’m always eager to share any good gaming news.

Here’s the final costume preview for Poppit! Party new collection. The new costumes are slated to arrive on January 29.


I’m also excited to show you two screenshots from the upcoming Claire Hart Classic. Take a look!

Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.

Construction Zone

Upcoming events:

Ten-Game Badge Marathon – Scheduled to start January 23.

Winter Journey Challenge Quest – Coming in late January, this four-week event is the sequel to the Autumn Odyssey Challenge Quest.

Solitaire Gardens Single Game Marathon – Slated to being February 5.


Game Updates:

Poppit! Party – New costumes will be released January 29!

Jewel Academy and Jet Set Solitaire – A new batch of levels were added to both games today!

Cookie Connect – New levels slated to arrive in February.

As stated in the last blog, we’re planning a big overhaul of Phlinx II. As a result, we’re not launching year 3 content as planned. More information will be provided as the date gets closer.

New Games:

Claire Hart Classic – Coming January 31 . The Flash version of Claire Hart: Soul Searcher will go offline on January 29. The new HTML5 version, called Claire Hart Classic, will go live on January 31, 2019. All the episodes that you purchased in the Flash version of Claire Hart: Soul Searcher will be owned by you in Claire Hart Classic! You can read more about Claire Hart Classic here.

Trizzle – Slated for late February. Learn more about this HTML5 update here.

Sweet Tooth Town – A new game is arriving here in Pogo! You can expect this to release February.

Coming in the first half of 2019 – The HTML 5 update to Trizzle, Word Search Daily HD, Pogo Daily Sudoku (a brand-new game), Mahjong Garden HD and many more.


Website updates:

Wednesday Challenge Badges – We’re beginning the year with a new look for our Wednesday Challenge Badges. Inspired by some of our recent Badge Collections, we’re going with a theme for the whole year. We hope you enjoy them as the creative team has been working hard on them.

Mini Mall – Here are when the next Mini Mall updates will be:

January 3, 2019 – Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2019 – World of Pogo

March 7, 2019 – St. Paddy’s Day

Please note, after March 7, 2019 there will be no new items added to the Pogo Mini Mall as we focus on bringing new content and updates to other parts of the site.


Here’s some information about upcoming updates and changes from recent blog articles:

Tokens – As many of you are aware, the current token system will be replaced with a new awards system. As stated in a May 2018 blog, I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention for some of you. For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status. Tokens in the current Flash and Java games will remain and will not be removed. We thank you for your understanding. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming system.

Safari 12 and Java – Please click here to read more about Safari’s latest update.

Java 11 and Internet Explorer 11 – Please click here to read more about Java’s latest update and what that means for Internet Explorer 11.

Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer have been updated as of August 14, 2018.  These are the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly on your computer. If you are experiencing loading issues, I strongly encourage you to check out the computer specifications listed. Having a compatible computer helps ensure the best possible Pogo experience!

Chat – We know a lot of you guys love chat and consider it a critical feature. And I guarantee that we are aware of the many requests for chat to be updated and to be returned to the side of the game screen. The team here is looking into it. I’ll give you an update as soon as I have one!

Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. I’ve heard (Insert Pogo rumor here). Are the rumors true?
A. No. Unless you see it on, it is not true. The team here at Pogo is working hard to continue Pogo as a great gaming destination and that will not be changing. We have a lot of great things to come and as we are able, they will be shared with you.

Q. What did you remove the sound of the sniffing dog at the beginning of Word Whomp HD?
A. What an ear you have. I asked Pogo Clement about this and he informed me that the sound is actually Nestor digging. And there you have it folks, Word Whomp HD fun facts.

Q. I was just wondering about something in Mahjong Safari. I have wondered this for years. On the bottom left side of the screen, there is a square showing the amount of matches available. What does the arrow mean? Sometimes it points up and sometimes down. I have never been able to figure out what that arrow means.
A. Again, I conferred with Pogo Clement. His reply is, when making a match, the number of available matches will be affected. An up arrow means the number of available matches increased after the last match; a down arrow means the opposite.


It’s been raining while I have been writing this blog. I love the rain and find it very soothing. It’s also the perfect time for me to play my favorite games here on Pogo. I just finished a badge for Crossword Cove HD and will start working on another for Poppit! Bingo. But, in all honesty, Pogo is great to play in all weather!

I hope you all have a fantastic and very fun week here in Pogo.

Remember that you matter and you have what it takes to get that next Badge!

Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I just found the challenges tab in games really like that addition to games can just scroll down and see if I can add another challenge in that game without having to search through books of challenges thank you so much for this tab

  • Loving my Pogo! Thank you all for the hard work that is put into our game site! You have helped alleviate a lot of days/nights that would of been lonely. I am on my 8,250th badge. My goal for this year is 10,000!!

  • Are we going to be getting these generic looking badges every week for the weekly challenges?

    • Hi MissAutumn,
      You must really enjoy the Fall season?

      As stated in this week’s Pogo Insider: “Wednesday Challenge Badges – We’re beginning the year with a new look for our Wednesday Challenge Badges. Inspired by some of our recent Badge Collections, we’re going with a theme for the whole year. We hope you enjoy them as the creative team has been working hard on them.”

  • Thank you so very much i have been waiting for the second set in poppit party i can hardly wait.

  • I’ve played two games of Mahjong Garden am trying to get a badge and won both games in summer season and I didn’t receive credit for it Could you help me out Thanks

  • I know this might be much or you probably don’t wanna see it!
    But can you please bring back these 3 mini items for valentines day please?

    Pump up the Jams Item#: A-ALTBODY-M-0016-BK – guy mini!
    Love at First Sight! Item #: A-FC-M-0012 – guy/girl face
    Flying Hearts Item #: A-BG-0392 – seasonal background!

    Also, since we have state bird bundles? Could pogo possibly do a wildlife bundle? with different wildlife animals?

  • Hmm…I see an artist…and someone who likes cats? LOL will be excited to see the new costumes (still need to level up the old ones)

    On CH will the personals carry over too? There is no mention of those and while I don’t personally enjoy playing the game I don’t want 20 gray spaces in my books

    I have to go try Jewel Academy but any word about level 247? (there is a buzz in the forum and last I tried it’s still unpasaible above 1 star)

    Lastly will the new Trizzle have trophies? I’m so behind I don’t think I can get them all in time but I do like playing the game and am glad to see it converted since it’s a 3rd party game and means some are on board with the upgrade and more games will stick around 8)

    I’m still hoping the slot and lobby games can be worked out too so classics like Gin and Spooky can come over along with Java (Jigsaws Seaball Stellar Sweeper…) I think besides the harsh colors of World Class HD I’ve loved all the H5 games and am looking forward to the next wave and new games (on that ever try Wordoku? like Sudoku but with letters and a hidden word…challenging but fun like Hidatu)

    • Hi doglvr2010,
      Indeed someone does like cats…and dogs! I’d have to say most everyone here on the Pogo team really enjoys pets. :)

      ANswers to your questions: Yes, the personals for CH Classic will carry over. I have no word on Jewel Academy’s level 247. Interesting buzz, though.
      Trizzle will have Tophies.

      I’ve never heard of Wordoku but that sounds really fun. I’m a big fan of Pogo Sudoku (a reminder to play that later), and I think that a word version of it would be a lot of fun.

      Have a great weekend!

  • Looking forward to all the converted and new games to be released in 2019. Go Team Pogo!

    Lately, in order to complete the weekly Personal Challenges, I have been playing some of the (new to me) Pogo Java games — specifically Word Search Daily and Hangman Hijinks.

    Glad to see that Word Search Daily is being converted to HTML5/HD.

  • Hi Pogo Llama, Happy New Year to you and e1. I just wanted to tell you I reached 82 on Jan.8th and Pogo gave me 5 more Quinn badges. What a gift! Lol just kidding, I did them all that day. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to POGO. When we were given 5 premium items in the Mini Mall, I chose 5 bundles. I didn’t think I would get them for free as it was 249 gems worth but Pogo gave them to me. I love them and wanted to say thank you very much !! I’m so happy to see that M.Garden is joining the new format, and if M. Escape, Spades and Jigsaw Puzzle is added, I will be a very happy camper !!! I LOVE jigsaw puzzles and miss doing them. I’m enjoying the new Word Whomp and M. Safari very much. They are so much easier for me to see now and I love we can change the animals on our tiles. The artists did a tremendous job with them, love the blue butterfly.

    • Hi Pawness,
      Well thank you very much and I’ll pass your kind words on to the artists, as well. You have a wonderful weekend and continue to have fun here in Pogo, too.

  • I have been a member of pogo since 2001 and I love it. But I am so sad there will be no more mini items after March. I love making new mini and did win several times when you had the mini contest. I HAVE A Question .Are they going tot take away chat? I sure hope not as I have made many new friends over the years and I could not have done that without chat. Thanks and keep up the good work .

    • Hi Jerrilee4,
      Thank you for your comment. No, Pogo is not taking away chat. Thank you for your concern and for asking.

    • was just thinking about how long I have been with Pogo. I started in 1999, back when Stumpy was on his log dealing blackjack. Congrats to all you long time Pogo players!!!


  • Hi have been a pogo member for years. Since losing my husband and the fact that partly due to depression that I
    decided to postpone for a short time. I know in the past that I was able to accumulate tokens not gems or badges
    but tokens or points for the games I played. I am no longer receiving my tokens earned. Why if this is the problem
    did this practice stop. Thank you. ImmaWeener

    • Hi Imma,

      As many Pogoians may be aware of at this point, the current token system will be replaced with a new award system. As stated in a May 2018 blog, I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention with some players. For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status.

      I am sorry for the loss of your husband and thank you for being a part of Pogo.

  • Hope you update Payday Free Cell and make it a larger full screen. Thanks

    • i love this game, but its hard to play with eyesight as i mentioned earlier. i have limited sight and can maybe play one or two. but it hurts my eyes. i go this month possible more surgery, but already been told the damage was done by the other doctor and the loss in the left eye they may be able to get that one better. but the right eye is legally blind. i know you can’t fix stuff to accommodate me here. but it could be a little larger cards, i using a 36 inch tv screen and the game is still too tiny to barely. Please and Thank you

  • Is the Claire Hart Classic version of the Claire’s Wedding episode going to correct the two errors in the Bridal Suite scene? Apart from the usual location error (a US power socket instead of the UK one you would actually find in Scotland), that scene also has a vampire light switch; the nearby mirror reflects other items just fine, but shows a blank patch of wall where the switch is supposed to be.

    • Hi Korax,
      Thanks for being such a fan of Claire Hart Soul Searcher! I’ve passed the feedback along to the team about the errors you’ve reported. Thank you and have a great weekend!

    • Korax – vampires have no mirror reflection. Click the blank spot !!!!

  • Been meaning to say, the sound effects enhance game playing significantly. Fun. Thanks.

  • Hi, I saw in the November and December blogs that Rainy Day Spider Solitaire was going to the HD version, but I haven’t seen anything on it since. Are you still changing it and when?

    Thank you. :)

    • Hi Zfesityone,
      Good news, Rainy Day Spider is still on the list. I don’t have a solid date yet but I’ll get you all one and let you know when I can.
      Have a great weekend!

      • Thank you :) Also, the new game Sweet Tooth Town, is that replacing Sweet Tooth 2? I love that game and would hate to see it go to HD so soon. Have a great weekend!

  • our bowling alley has a game set up with colored pins..( as the head pin ) if you strike with a colored pin.. you win … what-ever.. with pogo.. it might be gems, might be tokens.. but this type of NEW bowling would sure put a kick into an already great game!!!…

    hope you give my idea a thought or three !!! i think a lot of folks would really like a ( new way ) to hit that pocket !

    susie girl

    • Thanks so much for the suggestion, Susie!

    • There is part of what you are suggesting in the silver and gold pins which award points, but there is no consistent colored pins, like in the #1 position. Good luck on the colored pins.

      Pr Chris

  • Hello this rainy day too. Thank you for your insight to help all of us get informed on whats what in Pogo.
    I had not heard Pogo was thinking of removing our life blood , so to speak,- CHATS.
    Oh I love the news and information I get by reading them. I do not chat much but can if I so desire. I keep in touch with family members this way too. And the people all over the world, The world -yes —- it is so wonderful for us. Have even meet some of these fun people in their countries , and keep them in our lives, by phone and e mails too. Please do not take it away like so many other fun things you have changed. Please. Thanks again .

    • Hiya Toots95220,
      Pogo is not planning on getting rid of Chat. If you’ve heard this, it’s only a rumor and not true.
      Thanks for being a part of Pogo and enjoy your weekend.

  • I’ve been Dice city roller and Lottso is ever going to be redone as HD games ? Thank You

  • I really enjoy the older games and do not care for all of the new arcade type games. Wish you would do something for the older games for a change! It makes me want to quit pogo at times.I quit worrying about getting my weekly badges because you do so many that I don’t enjoy.

    • Hi LLadee53, Which games are you looking to have Pogo transfer over? We’ve had a number of the older Flash and Java games converted to HD already. Have you been able to try them out?

      • I would like to definitely see Hearts first. Then Dice City Roller, Thousand Island Solitaire, Stellar Sweeper, Definitely, Penguin Blocks and Makeover Madness. All these first the all the rest.

  • Was hoping you would be making lotto’s game in HD And also Keno Pop into HD And Pogo Addiction into HD And Fortune Bing in HD…. Please Bring These Games In HD… Please…. Thank You!! I LOVE POGO IT’S MY FRAVORTIVE GAME PLACE!! BEEN A POGO PLAYER FOR YEARS!!

  • I am currently 561 badges away from 10,000 . Took a few years to get there.
    Outta all the new HTML Games the only thing we really miss is chatting with friends.
    Hope we can find a different game to chat in cause friends in pogo is what really keeps us here

  • lots more people would chat it was on the right side.and you would see when friends join

  • The opinion poll on the Pogo Insider left off one option. Did you use chat prior to the changes? I used chat all the time while playing a game, now it is pretty impossible with the changes. I think that was the big selling point to this site. I met a group of people on here and we would all meet up after our work to play Pogo. we would help those that needed to know how to play etc. It was a ton of fun.

    I didn’t know where to suggest this additional option.

    Thank you!

  • I just really like the POGO BINGO. That was an excellent game with lots of fun. There are a few games I just can’t do anything with mainly because I am old and can’t be quick enough to get them.
    I enjoy POGO so much.
    Waterford, PA

  • I have a question/suggestion regarding holiday tile sets. Is there any reason why the various holiday tile sets can only be accessed near/at the actual holiday? I’d love it if you’d leave them up as an option at all times. There are times when I’m in a “Halloween” mode, or a Christmas mode and would love to have the option of playing them. Oh, and is there the chance of a Spring/Easter set? And when there is a long spread of time between tiles, it is sometimes boring to use the same tiles all the time. I only use two of the always available sets, I find them easier to read. And the holiday tile sets tend to be bright and clear to match.

    Just an off the wall suggestion.

  • Hi Pogo Llama! I really like the way some of the new games are going. I like the way Tri Peaks Solitaire looks and functions now. Well, all except on little thing. The shaking effect when a peak is cleared is, unfortunately, setting off my seizure disorder. Is there a way to turn this feature off? I hate to give up a game I really, really enjoy!

    And just wanted to say I think the new game Quinn’s Aquarium is fabulous! I love tropical fish and I love having the game of mahjong mixed with a virtual aquarium. My cat, Fred, loves watching the tropical tank lol.