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Hello Pogoians,

Welcome to December and the 2nd year anniversary of the Pogo Insider! It was two years ago, on December 7, 2016, that the first Pogo Insider started circulating here on Pogo. I really love writing this blog for all of you Pogoians and am looking forward to so many more on the way. Thank you for reading and being a part of Pogo.

More Poppit! Party fun is just around the corner! Here’s another preview of upcoming costumes.

Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.


Upcoming events

Holiday Badge Marathon will start tomorrow!

Jet Set Solitaire Badge Marathon will land later in the month!


Game Updates

Phlinx II – A renovation of Phlinx II will begin in the new year. Due to this, we will not be launching year 3. More information will be provided as the date gets closer.

Jewel Academy – New levels slated for January

Jet Set Solitaire – We’re making several special updates for you in this game! First, a special limited-time Holiday Destination Pack will be available from December 18 – January 18.  We’re also changing the way locations are shown in the game to make it a little easier to navigate. Soon, we’ll be dividing releases into packs (sort of like suitcases!) so you don’t see everything in one long map screen.

Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the upcoming Holiday Destination Pack attractions:

In order to access the special Destination Pack, you will need to have completed the “First Trip” pack, which contains locations San Francisco – Sydney.


New Games

Claire Hart Classic – Slated for December. With Claire Hart Classic, all of the episodes that you have purchased in the Flash version of Claire Hart: Soul Searcher will be owned by you in Claire Hart Classic! Please click here for more information.

Mahjong Safari HD – Slated for December 6th. (Two more days!)

First Class Solitaire HD – Slated for December 20th.

Slated for early 2019 – Word Search Daily HD, Rainy Day Spider Solitaire HD, Mahjong Garden HD, and more!
Known Issues

Lottso! Express – We’ve made some adjustments to the way that keno balls are generated in this game that should make gameplay a bit easier! We also heard your feedback about the music and have restored the original “casino floor” sounds to the game.

CH2 – We heard your feedback about the changes to the interface that we made, and have changed things around just a little more to make sure that the game is still easy to play and that objects aren’t too close to Claire’s Journal! As always, thank you for taking the time to tell us your thoughts about games; it makes a big difference.


Website updates

January game updates – As many of you are aware, Pogo usually releases new content on Tuesdays. Due to New Years falling on a Tuesday, we will be moving the release of previously scheduled content and updates to Thursday, January 3. Here’s a list of what content will be pushed out on January 3:

  • Big City Adventure’s newest episode will be live by 4am PST on January 3
  • Fairyland Badge live start date will begin January 3
  • Game of the Month (Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD) will start on January 3
  • Mix n Match Monthly Pack will start on January 3
  • The Quinn’s Aquarium Badge Marathon will start at 4am PST on January 3

Mini Mall update: We’ll be releasing new Minis for the holidays on Thursday, December 6. After that, the next release will be in January.

Tokens – As many Pogoians may be aware of at this point, the current token system will be replaced with a new award system. As stated in a May 2018 blog, I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention with some players. For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status.

Tokens in the current Flash and Java games will remain and will not be removed. Thank you for your understanding. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming system for Challenges. As I noted in the “Coming Up” section above, we’ll be showing you more information about this starting in December so that you can all get a sneak peek of exactly what the new reward system has in store!

Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer – The specs have been updated as of August 14, 2018.  These are the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly; please click here in order to find out more about these recommendations to help ensure that Pogo games run more smoothly on your computer.

Chat – An Insider question was answered in the last Pogo Insider regarding chat. To read it, please click here and then scroll down to the Insider Question section.


Coming Up in the Insider Blog:

This is a new little section I’m adding to let you know more about some site features and beyond that we’ll be tackling in upcoming editions of the Pogo Insider Blog.

December: Sneak Peek into new Challenge-based Reward System

January: Deeper look into Challenge-based Reward System


Pogo Q&A with Pogo Clement about Mahjong Safari

 Pogo Llama: Hi Pogo Clement, Thanks for joining me to talk about a Pogo favorite, Mahjong Safari HD! I want to know everything about the new HD version of this game as I’m so excited. Let’s start with ranks for the game. How does a player rank up in the new version?

Pogo Clement: Hi Pogo Llama, nice to talk to you again! Ranking up will be the same as the classic title in that you collect 10 special animals in the game to complete a safari, and you complete certain number of safaris to rank up.

Pogo Llama: That will be fun! So I’m looking over the tiles sets and I see green and red. Please do share with us what tile sets will be available when the game arrives. Which one is your favorite to play with?

Pogo Clement: There’ll be 30 green tiles and 30 red tiles to start with. Every time you rank up, you’ll get a new green tile or a new red tile. You can customize your current tiles in the Tile Box, where you can swap individual tiles within the same tile set or swap to a different tile set altogether.

Pogo Llama: Are there any Power-Ups in the game?

Pogo Clement: Yes, there are! We’re keeping the same power-ups as the classic title: Shuffle, Long Line, and Hint. They work exactly the same way as they used to be in the classic title.

Pogo Llama: This is my favorite question to ask because I know you’ve immersed yourself in all-things Mahjong Safari (HD) so I want to know what your favorite part of the new HD version is?

Pogo Clement: Then here’s my favorite answer: play the game with the audio on. It’s really relaxing as if you’re in a forest having fun with these animals. You won’t be disappointed.

Pogo Llama: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our fellow Pogoians about Mahjong Safari HD?

Pogo Clement: The combos are staying. In order to give you a better idea on when you should make another match in order to secure another combo, we added the Combo Bar to visualize it. You have to match another pair before the bar runs out so you’ll get another combo. Hope this will encourage you to really plan your moves! Happy matching!

Pogo Llama: Thanks again for stopping by and enlightening us about Mahjong Safari HD which will be available December 6, 2018.

Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)
Q. When the new Poppit Party costumes are released, will we have to complete the entire first set of costumes before we are able to play the new set?

A. I love the excitement for Poppit! Party’s costume collection part 2! As it stands right now, the Poppit! Party Collection 2 costumes will have their own timers and will be their own separate collection. As such, you will not have to finish the entire first set in order to play the second set.


A reminder the blog comments will continue to be turned off this week as I am away. I very much look forward to your comments in the next blog, December 18. Thank you for another year here in the Pogo Insider!

Have a wonderful and fun week here in Pogo! Remember: You matter!


Pogo Llama






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