Blog Post #89 – October 9 , 2018


Happy October, Pogoians!

Tumble Bees, Tumble Bees, Tumble Bees is here! Click here and go have yourself some fun!

Fall is here and I do miss the fresh fall air of Wisconsin this month. Last week, I went for a fall hike on Mount Hood in the Portland, Oregon area. The trees were just starting to change colors and I thought of those of you, Pogoians, who may be experiencing this beautiful weather. Here’s a picture I took with you all in mind.

Lottso Express will be here and ready to play on Pogo on Tuesday, October 23rd! Here’s a Sneak Peek of what you’ll be able to experience in just a few short weeks. The scratch cards are really well done and if you look, you can see Cap’n Pinchers in there!

Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.


Upcoming events

Autumn Odyssey – A unique new Challenge is coming soon. This will be a seasonal event that will start at the end of October and run for one month. This will be different than the Magic Marathon, however! Keep your eyes on the blog for more informational articles as the end of October approaches.


Game Updates

Jewel Academy – New levels out now! Click here to play.

Jet Set Solitaire – Out today! We love just how excited players are about this game – which is why we’re focused on adding more and more fun locations to the game! But as we’ve done that,  the map has become, well, a bit too crowded! (Don’t worry, they’re working on updating that and a few other things – details coming soon!). So, with the release that went out overnight, players will not be able to access the first map of San Francisco and the last map of Miami by using the dot at the bottom of the screen. Instead, players must use the arrows to access all of the maps. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please see images for reference.


New Games

Tumble Bees HD – Out now! Click here to play.

Lottso Express HD – Slated for later October.

Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD – Slated for late October.

Claire Hart Classic – Slated for December.  (This was originally reported to be November but now pushed back to December). With Claire Hart Classic, all of the episodes that you have purchased in the Flash version of Claire Hart: Soul Searcher will be owned by you in Claire Hart Classic! We’ll be giving you more details as the release date approaches.

Mahjong Safari HD – Slated for December

First Class Solitaire HD – Slated for December

Also, a new Hidden Object Game by the developers of Vanishing Trail and Grub Crawl is slated for November. More details on that game coming soon!


Known Issues

Turbo 21 – In the bonus round, the timer starts before the cards appear. This has been fixed with last night’s update.
H5 games using Safari on mobile/tablets – We’re currently in the process of updating Pogo games so that they’re more fully supported on mobile and tablets, and the functionality of Pogo on mobile/tablets with Safari is part of this; currently, it’s working as intended on Safari as we to adjust games and their mobile functionality.


Website updates

September Game of the Month- Thank you to all who participated in September’s Game of the Month, Crossword Cove, and we sincerely hope you all had a great time with it. If you completed all four of the gift badges before 11:59pm PDT on September 30, 2018, you’ll have qualified for a bonus Game of the Month badge.  The completion badge for that will be sent out this week.

Pogo Expressions – Token pricing has been removed and any Expression which previously had a token price attached to it is now free!

Tokens – As many Pogoians may be aware of at this point, the current token system will be replaced with a new award system. As stated in a May 2018 blog, I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention with some players. For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status.

Tokens in the current Flash and Java games will remain and will not be removed. Thank you for your understanding. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming system for Challenges. As I noted in the “Coming Up” section above, we’ll be showing you more information about this starting in December so that you can all get a sneak peek of exactly what the new reward system has in store!

Safari 12 and Java – Please click here to read more about Safari’s latest update.

Java 11 and Internet Explorer 11 – Please click here to read more about Java’s latest update and what that means for Internet Explorer 11.

Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer – The specs have been updated as of August 14, 2018.  These are the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly; please click here in order to find out more about these recommendations to help ensure that Pogo games run more smoothly on your computer.

New Pogo Sign-In Experience – The new Pogo sign-in experience has started the process of the second part of the two-step process.  Click here for the latest information and videos explaining three different scenarios a player may encounter.

Chat – An Insider question was answered in the last Pogo Insider regarding chat. To read it, please click here and then scroll down to the Insider Question section.


Coming Up in the Insider Blog:

This is a new little section I’m adding to let you know more about some site features and beyond that we’ll be tackling in upcoming editions of the Pogo Insider Blog.

November: Sneak Peek Poppit! Party Costume reveal
December: Sneak Peek into new Challenge-based Reward System
January: Deeper look into Challenge-based Reward System


Pogo Insider Q&A with Pogo Terry about ….Tumble Bees!

Pogo Llama: Welcome back to the Pogo Insider studios, Pogo Terry. I’m excited to talk all-things Tumble Bees HD! (Btw, Pogoians, click here to check out the new Tumble Bees HD as it was just released today!) LINK. My first question is something I just really want to know….How long have you been working on bringing Tumble Bees HD to the Pogo masses?

Pogo Terry: Hello to all in Pogo! The Pogo team has been developing Tumble Bees HD for about five months now and they have been very excited to get this classic gem of a game into our players hands.

Pogo Llama: Well, I have a question from one of those excited players! These questions are from Katnipaz who asked, “Will the music be similar to the originals? Will Boogie Bear’s antics still be there? What features will set Tumble Bee’s HD apart from its predecessor other than improved graphics?”

Pogo Terry: Much like a lot of our HTML5 remakes, we try to keep as much with the original game as we can so no new features have been added. Sometimes we’ll run into a few minor details where we feel something could use some quality of life improvements to improve the player experience, so we’ll make some adjustments. For Tumble Bees HD, all of the same gameplay and music is intact and Boogie Bear’s antics are still there in fun ways. Our animators also gave all the characters more life and the graphics look more vibrant than before.

Pogo Llama: As you just worked on a Pogo classic, Poppit! HD, what was it like to work on another Pogo classic, Tumble Bees?

Pogo Terry: It was a great experience working with the team on this game. What I love about Tumble Bees are the characters, so we wanted to make sure they looked even better and had more character in the updated version.

Pogo Llama: You just read my mind, Pogo Terry, as I wanted to talk about the art for Tumble Bees. I’ve been watching the art development for Tumble Bees these last few months and I know the Pogo art team put their heart and souls into this. Can you discuss the art direction for Tumble Bees? I’ve noticed Boogie Bear had an updated look and I really like it!

Pogo Terry: As we had to update the game to work with HTML5 we needed to update the graphics and some animations. Much like a lot of our recent HD games, we have a higher color palette to work with now, so the game can look overall more vibrant and colorful. Our team also had a fantastic animator who knew how beloved Boogie Bear was and did an amazing job capturing Boogie’s look and personality. Boogie Bear has been updated, but his spirit remains for sure – just as it does with our friend, Kiki the Bee!

Pogo Llama: Thanks for explaining that, Pogo Terry. I realize that with these updates comes a lot of changes and it’s great to see the why and how the process works. Next question, when you’re playing Tumble Bees HD, what do you find to be the most fun?

Pogo Terry: Oh! It’s hands down when filling that honey jar up and watching Boogie Bear’s hungry reaction. It always amuses me! Gameplay wise, I love getting a lot of green and blue jelly to create a crazy chain reaction.

Pogo Llama: I love it. I can’t wait to see what our fellow Pogoians love the most about the HD version of Tumble Bees. Thanks so much for stopping by Pogo Terry. Now, please, go take some time to relax. Two games back to back is no small feat, but we, the Pogo Community, certainly do appreciate all your super hard work.

Pogo Terry: No problem and thanks to you and all our Pogo players for all your support! We truly wouldn’t be doing this without you all. All our teams have been working so hard and we love what we do. We also love all the feedback and ideas. While I’d love to take some time to relax and find a nice vacation spot with a swim-up bar – unfortunately I’m already moving onto the next game. And we’re really super excited to talk about it …when the time is ready. 😊

Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. I’m having a hard time with some of the Challenges. Where can I go to for tips and help?
A. The Pogo forums! Honestly, that’s the best places for tips on games and that includes any Challenges and Events. I just took a look through the forums right this minute and there are forum threads for tips on Jewel Academy level 138 and there’s even a thread entitled “How to win in Quinn’s” that is very helpful.

If you have a question about a challenge, please go to the Pogo forums, read through them to see if your question has already been asked, and if not, make a post.

The Pogo Community is really one of the best and most helpful communities out there. I love it and am proud to be a part of it. Have fun and happy Pogo-ing!


Here’s a call for questions on Tri-Peaks HD and Lottso! Express HD! I’ll be sitting down with a few of the fellows on the Pogo team and would love to have them answer your questions about those two upcoming games. Please submit your questions for Tri-Peaks HD and Lottso! Express HD below and you may see your question answered by the Pogo team.

Reminder: You have until Friday, October 19, 2018, to complete the Magic Marathon! You can click here to read more information about that event. Have fun!

Also, and because I just had breakfast, waffles or pancakes?! I love pancakes with bananas and walnuts BUT I also love waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. So I’m curious, which is it you prefer, or do you enjoy both or neither? Take my very exciting poll on that by clicking here.

Thank you for reading the Pogo Insider. I really appreciate you being here and can’t wait to read your comments.


Take good care and remember that you matter.

Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I have been wondering when we will have the opportunity to change our screen names. I have been looking forward to that since it was first announced.

    • HI stillstuckinutah,
      Once the login process is 100% complete, we will have a better answer for you all on this. I will let you know when I know. Thank you.

  • To start I made it to 10,000 badges since the last blog, 10,028 as of now. Not sure if it’s just me but the new releases today for Jet Set & Quinn”s seem easier, I was able to breeze thru Jet set without replaying any hands to get the first set of badges, and now I’m seven levels into the new tank, winning every hand on the first try. So if they heard the complaints & changed it I’m thrilled, I don’t mind a challenge but I hate being frustrated. I’m also very excited that new costumes are finally on the way in poppit party! Now I just need to find the time to play all these new releases, but that will get me to 11,000 badges lol. Have a great day & thanks as always for all the info, I always look forward to your blog!

    • Hi DrkXtc,
      Congratulations on 10,028 badges! You’ll be at 11,000 badges in no time! :)

  • I am curious about the ramifications due to Not updating to Java 11. If Us players do not update Java 11 will we be putting our computers at risk of being hacked and or attacked because we are not getting the Security measure’s of the Java 11 update.

    Thank You

    • Hello bkp,
      I totally understand the questions you may have about Java 11 and security. For more information on the effects of Java 11, you will have to contact their developer, Oracle. We only know how it will affect Pogo at this point. Thank you.


    • Awww, Catherine0115. That hurts.
      (Please also note that if you are having problems with Challenges, to check out the forums as it holds a great wealth of knowledge, information, and tips.)

      • We love you, Pogo_Llama.

      • I understand this won’t pass, but thank you for permitting this person to air a complaint. Perhaps not as kindly toward you, personally, as it could have been (I do realise you’re not the one at fault), but still – as stated earlier – we need an outlet.

    • Pogo Llama is not customer service! Click on the tab above that says “Help”.


  • Good afternoon Pogo_Llama.

    I was thrilled to see that Tumble Bees HD had been released. I played several games and game play is basically the same as it was in the Java-based game. I was very happy to see the Stats page and that there is a button to clear stats if we wish.

    I do miss Boogie Bears little dance, but I’m happy with this game. Thank you.

  • So the idea is to discourage your older players who like the tokens, not to play or renew membership? Are you aiming for the 20-30age range?

    • Hi cyeeyore,
      Our idea is to continue to embrace all of our players no matter their age. We love and appreciate you all. Thank you for writing in and I hope you enjoy the new games.

  • Pogo You Did It!! We knew you could. Poppit HD is perfect. You did not change the things we love about it, in fact you made it speedier and just..well, just what we hoped for. Changes are not easy, as you know. Now many (I reiterate.. Many) of us hope you will make one change we all do want. Now that we know you can do it, will you please go back and change Word Whomp so we recognize it? It is now more like word whomp whackdown (including the music). Word Whomp has been ruined. Please, please acknowledge your mistake in this one and go back and make it as much like the original as possible. Now we know you can do it! And you did a wonderful job on Poppit! Please hear us. We are so unhappy with the changes to word whomp. Thank you!

  • can you please change the games in the tournaments??

    at Quinns place WHY does she stay on the phone wasting my jellyfish and other objects.
    if she cannot do her job fire her. get someone who does not live on the phone.

    Thank you



  • hahaha i cant even pass austrailia in the first batch let alone do the 2nd and 3rd batch. any tricks. other than that games are pretty good.

    • Hello Light,
      Players, do you have any tips for Australia in Jet Set? (Also, if you want more tips, please go to the Pogo forums, read through them to see if your question has already been asked, and if not, make a post.)

  • Hi Pogo Llama, hope you are having a great day. Thanks for all the news updates. Myself personally I love pancakes but waffles are right up there. I have a question for you. What is going to happen to the animated badges once Flash / Java are gone? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance for taking the time to look into this.

    • Hi caheartlandlady,
      I agree, it’s kind of hard to pick between waffles and pancakes. :)
      And yes, the team at Pogo is working on converting the animated Badges into something that is HTML 5 friendly.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Thank you for answering my question and I look forward to seeing what they come up with. Have a super day.

  • I’m so glad to see more costumes coming for Poppit Party and the new Lottso Express looks great! Thanks Pogo!

  • Can’t get IE and Squelchies won’t work on Google or Firefox so any idea’s how to get to play it? Help

    • Hello Shebag,
      Google Chrome and Firefox do not support Java and Squelchies is a Java game. If you’d like to play Java games, the only browser Pogo supports for that is Internet Explorer 11. Thank you for asking.

  • Personally, I enjoyed the Magic Marathon and hope Pogo will continue with it in the future. Gives me plenty to do! Also, I am so happy to read we will be able to continue playing with all of our episodes of Claire Hart Classic once the game is converted!!

    Thank You for the good news regarding Poppit Party. Looking forward to the new costumes. Thank you also for all the “free” badges and albums. Helps with the budget.

    Have a good week. Loved your fall picture.


    • Thanks for your support, ikeandsan114! You have a fun and fantastic week here in Pogo. :)

  • Why are the games so small? I have to put them on big.. I never use to

    • Hello Grtnan1966,
      Have you been using the full-screen options in our new games? This could really be of help to you. I play full-screen all the time.

  • every since pogo changed when i leave a game AND click on my home screen IT LOCK UP my computer AND i have to sghut it down and restart this has been going on the last 3 weeks i WISH pogo would fix its PROBLEMS!!

    • Hi James,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

  • Thank you for all your hard work in bringing a great experience to all of us Pogo members!!!! Keep up the good work!!! God Bless You All!!! Princess1844

    • Awww, thank you, princess1844. We’re here for you and love our players. Take good care.

  • Love your vacation picture. Nothing is turning yet here in W. Tn on Ark. border. Our youngest daughter got married on Oct 13, 2017, in E. Tn., and the leaves were “barely” turning there then. They “might” be better this year. She’s hoping to send e-mail pics. when they do start turning. Her in-laws” live in Oregan and will be coming for a visit at the end of Oct. til Thanksgiving. She had told us that their leaves in Oregan has somewhat turned now.
    Already started playing Jet Set extended. It is a little harder than the other, but will prevail.
    Also have started playing next levels in Quinn and Jewel. Both are exciting.
    Looking forward in playing Tri-peaks, Safari, and “love” 1st class HD’s
    Keep up all the good work on the games and the blog.

    GBU and yours.

    • Hi jeanie5815,
      Congratulations on your youngest daughter’s marriage almost one year ago. Fall would be such a lovely time to get married, especially if the leaves had started to change.
      Have a great week here in Pogo playing Quinn’s and Jewel Academy. Thanks for reading the blog and being a part of Pogo.

  • You told us that Word Whomp levels would not be changed and that whatever we had accomplished would remain. However, from a Rank 70-something I am now back at rank 1 and everything is gone. Not happy.
    Some of us have worked long and hard at accumulating the points we have earned and I for one do NOT want them to disappear.

    • Hello TNT,
      Hmmm. There seems to have been some confusion. When you get a moment, please read this article about Word Whomp HD regarding how the ranks were not going to be brought over. Rank badges from the Flash version of Word Whomp will still remain in your inventory but you will not be able to progress from where you were in the flash version. Thank you.

  • Hi there Pogo_Llama,

    FIRST, TY TY TY TY, to you, Pogo_Terry and the Pogo team, Tumble Bees HD is absolutely great. A very nice replacement to the original. Breakfast question, I like both actually LOL. ok, now, down to business.

    Tri-Peaks Solitaire. I am assuming with the awesome conversions of Poppit! HD and Tumble Bees HD that Tri-Peaks will follow suit. From the images shared, an UNDO button is not seen. Will there be an UNDO button as there is currently? And an off the wall question, are any parts of the Tri-Peaks Update a carry over or inspiration from the downloadable (I believed titled Tri-Peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring)?

    I am really looking forward to Lottso Express HD, having ranked out the original YEARS ago. Images look downright appealing and cannot wait to see it and other updates. As always, thanks for all you and the team do.

    • Thank you, katnipaz! Have a fun week here in Pogo and let’s begin a countdown for Tri-Peaks and Lottso Express!

  • what happen to chat in several sites? Esp. everyone wins Bingo. That site was fun to read.

    • Hi aligatt44,
      Chat is still available in Pogo. Make sure to enable flash as Pogo’s current chat system is flash-based.

  • I love the photo you showed from OR. I have family in Upstate, NY and it is beautiful there in the Fall with all the different colored leaves. One visit there back in 2012 I went for a walk on a wooded trail and I took a photo of what it looked like ahead of me and behind me and it was so beautiful with the leaves and the sun beams through the trees. (Of course I scrapbooked the photo’s) I was enjoying myself going through that and hearing the birds chirp. Just imagine that yourself. What a memory for me. As for Tumble Bee’s I did try it and I had fun. I laughed when Boogie made a silly face when you get a word wrong. But I do miss him dancing when you finish a game. I did not get to a bonus round yet. Maybe that is when he dances. If so I will be more thrilled. I make pancakes for me and my husband every weekend with fresh bananas. I learned how to make them from my mom. We enjoy each bite. Her sister made homemade waffles for me and my mom and they were so good. What do we do with the tokens we earned while playing Pogo games? Do we just keep them?

    • Hi dolphingirl20064,
      What an image you described! Thank you for that, I really needed it and it’s beautiful.
      Mmmm pancakes with bananas, and on a weekly basis! Your husband is a lucky guy. :)
      I’ll be letting you all know more about the new reward system in December and that’ll include more on tokens, as well. Thank you!

      • Pogo_Llama, my husband loves my cooking. He can cook some things, not a lot, but he does make good chicken wings. He bakes them with different flavors. (some flavors you don’t see in stores etc.) I forgot to mention that Upstate, NY is beautiful in the winter too.

  • I have to keep asking for the Pogo technicians to please address the difficulty in playing Quinn’s. I know difficulty can be addressed as it was in Phllinx II. There are lots of us bemoaning the number of times we have to play to succeed at one level. Please help.

    • Thank you for your feedback on Quinn’s, CareAllB. The team is aware of your requests. Thank you.

  • You have Jet Set Solitaire so tight that I can never win any games. I have to play the same one 20+ time and maybe I will be able to move on.
    Quinn’s Aquarium is the same way. I just get discussed and quit playing.

    • Hi Spartaeconomy,
      Thank you for writing in and letting me know of your concerns with Jet Set and Quinn’s.

  • I love the newest bingo gamebut it’s nearly inpossible to get any badges as bingo’s are so very hard to get.I have spent many days and lots of hours on it but get very few bingo’s. It has always said if you want a different power-up you can change it. That does not work, I follow the directions and can seldom ever get the power up I want. Thank you for taking this comment.

    • Hi cstrear,
      You are talking about Poppit! Bingo, correct?

      Have you tried to play with the maximum number (4) of Bingo cards? Playing the max number of cards will provide more chances of winning.

      Regarding Power Ups, if you do not want the Power Up presented to you, click on the trash can (located to the bottom left of Spike) and you will be able to gain credit to get another one. A new Power Up is not available right away. If you have more questions, I recommend going to the Pogo Forums and asking seasoned Poppit! Bingo players some how-to questions. The Pogo Community is one of the best out there and very helpful.

  • Dear Pogo Llama,

    I really like French toast with any fruit , but marked both in the poll cuz I will eat either. FYI I am in WI and it is very hot and humid here today.. We may have fall weather tomorrow. GO BREWERS!!!!!!

  • Looking forward to the HD Mahjong Safari but hope Mahjong Garden is also in the works. My input is I like how Mahjong Garden is the only game that ages as you progress. I do not mind tokens being stopped and looking to see what the new rewards will be. But I hope the age progression continues even if we have to start all over again.

  • Really working hard in Poppit Bingo to get to the Halloween rank. While we sometimes have snow before Halloween here in SW lower MI, this year seems to be rain. And another suggestion for the Mini costume creators – sports wear. As you know we are in the heart of BIG Ten and now that football has taken over on Saturdays, it would just seem appropriate if we could don our favorite duds on POGO. They probably hate hearing from me! Also, when the Halloween characters take over the games? Looking forward to them as always.

    • Hi ma_eskew,
      The Halloween themed “skins” are on the way. You will definitely see them before Halloween. Thank you for the Mini suggestions. Stay dry!

  • Hi Pogo Llama!

    First off, your picture at the top of Mt. Hood is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I was also wondering when or if there will be updates to Vanishing Trail and Grub Crawl.

    Thank you! And enjoy your fall! It’s my favorite time of year!!!


    • Well thank you very much, KendraRenae58. I’m really happy you liked the photo. I really enjoy sharing it with you all. Vanishing Trails and Grub Crawl will not be getting new scenes as all of the scenes for that game were available at the time of release. Fall is so fantastic. :)

  • Happy October to you Pogo Llama!! What a lovely picture, thank you for thinking of us & sharing! I miss the walks I used to take at Beaver Creek State Park. It was only 5 minutes from where I used to live. The Fall colors & scenery were amazing. And Winter was just as lovely with a blanket of white covering the ground & the snow covered trees & skiff of ice on the creek, so peaceful. Ah, what memories your picture stirred. :)

    WOW!! I don’t know where to begin… having just read that BOTH Jewel Academy AND Tumble Bees await me!! I am soooo excited for BOTH!! Don’t know which one I will go to first…. well, ok, it has to be Tumble Bees! Can’t wait to see the new look & graphics… and how it “plays”. :) But I’m just as anxious to see what awaits in the new levels of Jewel Academy!! And then there is Quinn’s! I’ve just got my first Jellyfish in the tank! He’s so cute!! Can’t wait to add more.

    Love BOTH of the breakfasts you described! Have you ever put sliced fresh strawberries into your pancake batter & had them that way…. or blueberries? :) Well, I’m off to the games!! Thank you & the Team… for everything. :)

    • Hi OneHappyJoy,
      Beaver Creek State Park sure sounds like a great place to take a walk. Thank you for sharing your story with me.
      I hope you’re enjoying the new levels in Jewel Academy and the new Tumble Bees. :)
      My step dad would make pancakes with blueberries in the batter and I recall them being very delicious. Now you have my mouth watering. Yum!

  • “Last week, I went for a fall hike on Mount Hood last week” – Looks like you should proof read before you post (it did give me a chuckle though).

    One thing I have found for the Safari 12 issue. I am a die hard Mac user and in order to play the java based games I have been using a browser called Waterfox. For now it seems to allow me to play my Word Search Daily game (I play every day).

  • Thanke you for the new levels in Jewel Quest. The new Tumble Bees game is just too hard to enjoy. Man, Llama – honestly, I just can’t get into any of the new games without side chat, high scores, announcements about achievements folks have made in the games. And, I’m so sad about this as I’ve loved pogo for so many years.
    I lived in Eugene for 25 years and spent every summer in Madison with my aunt and uncle when I was growing up. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  • Hi Llana

    I have only one Question Please
    When Signing on with Email and Password
    It Says It will be Automaticlly be Saved
    for the next Time You sign In

    My Doesn’t Do that
    I have to Write it all out
    Every time I Log Into Pogo
    Even with Clicking Remember Me
    Can You find out why It’s Not Working Like It Used to before
    The Switch to EA
    Thank You

    • Hi Kym292,
      Which browser are you using when this occurs?

      • Hi Pogo Llama I Use Foxfire
        It just wont sign in like it says it will
        Thank You
        Love the Fall Photo It’s Beautiful

    • Kym, all three of my browsers do the same. However, you should be able to just click (or sometimes double-click) into the field and your information will appear. I have to do that every time, in all three browsers, but it does appear after clicking in the field. If you have more than one Pogo account, I’d suggest you click “show” because it doesn’t remember the correct password.

      • Hi PenguinsPet2

        Thank You Very Much For Your Help
        I Only Have 1 Account
        I will Try Your Suggestion Next Time I Sign In
        Thank You Again
        I Appreciate Your Help


  • I like to play the tumble bee and I am really enjoy thish pogo and you are the best pogo_Llama.

  • This has to do with Poppit! Bingo. Is there any way to make the font smaller and/or the ticket icon? I have no idea how many I have because there’s not enough room for the full number. Thank you.

    • Hi Toaster,
      It may help to adjust the size of your screen by using zoom in/out. Have you tried that?

  • Hello. thank you for keeping us updated on all coming events. I also want to thank you for the added levels in Jewel Academy. However I’m sad to see there are only 40 new levels. Many people get these done in a very short time. Are there more levels in the works? Thanks again.

    • Hi Brewskielady,
      I love that you’re such a fan of Jewel Academy, thank you for that! Yes, new levels are always in the works although it’ll be several months before the next release of them. Thank you.

  • cant wait for the new costumes for poppit party so excited my favorite

  • If the HD games loaded better I would be happy to play them but as they are now, I wont’t play them. The old saying, “if it ain’t broke why fix it”. I thought the games were fine before you changed them to HD! I’ve been a member for over 14 years.

    • Hi Bingoers,
      To better understand why we are updating our games to the new HTML 5 technology, I believe it would be best to read this article I wrote. This will explain what is going on with the technology and why Pogo must embrace it. In order to keep these games alive, they must be transferred to the HD technology. Please click here for information on what specifications are recommended to play HD games smoothly. Thank you.

  • I love the Wisconsin fall picture you have that should be made into a background for our mini’s. We are in Pittsburgh PA and 83 today still having warm weather no changing of colors here yet.

    • Thank you, IadoreyouJesus. Sounds like summer over in Pittsburgh right now! Hope you get some fall colors before the snow arrives. :)

  • What is Pogo’s policy regarding payers who use third-party programs (AKA “bots”) in games such as Boggle Bash to achieve high scores?

    • Hello gopdx,
      They are cheaters and we do not tolerate cheaters. If you see a player cheating, please right click on their name and report abuse. Please know that reporting cheater, abusing and harassing players does work. We have a team of dedicated agents that respond to these reports. If you click here, you can read all the different ways to report abuse in Pogo based upon the location of where the abuse is happening. Thank you for reporting the abuse.

      • Thanks. It would help a lot if you added “Suspected Cheating” as one of the things to report. Right now there’s nothing that really applies.

  • As games continue to be updated to the new HD versions what will happen to team tournaments? Its great that you are keeping up with technology however as you do the games are removed from us playing them on the team tournaments. Could you please tell us what POGO intends to do about teams? Thank you

    • Hello Joy,
      Word Whomp HD, and other Flash-turned-HD games, will not continue to be in the current version of Pogo’s Tournaments. I do not have any further information on Tournaments at this time, but when I do, I’ll let you all know.

      Thank you for your questions and concerns. I hope you have a good week.

      • Thank you for your reply, please pass along our concerns about tournaments to the pogo team.
        My team members keep asking me and I have nothing to pass along to them, so any information would be much appreciated.
        Thanks enjoy your day~

  • It seems in the new HD games you can not view the chats in the chat rooms while playing the games because they are at the bottom of the game and not on the side as in the old games. This is a bummer, will this change?

    • Howdy Mistypinksunset,
      An Insider question was answered in the last Pogo Insider regarding chat. To read it, please click here and then scroll down to the Insider Question section.

  • Is there any chance in Dice city roller coming back? You said Lottso is coming , which I use to couldn’t play because of the change. Thanks for bringing it back. Thank you for all the badges and free items. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Picki,
      Thanks for your message and you’re most welcome for the badges and free items.

      Dice City Roller is a multi-player game so the reasoning behind that was actually answered in a recent Pogo Insider question “Why have none of the multi-player games been converted?”
      The answer to this is: The reason games with lobbies are not currently being converted is due to needing the technology to make it so. These are known as multiplayer games and we’re working on the technology for that. Once this work is complete, we can start on converting those games over.

      • Pogo_Llama

        You wrote:

        “The reason games with lobbies are not currently being converted is due to needing the technology to make it so. These are known as multiplayer games and we’re working on the technology for that. Once this work is complete, we can start on converting those games over”.

        I’ve heard the phrase “we are working on that” numerous times in the business world and it has often been “code” for “we don’t know how to make it work, so don’t expect much”.

        This, to me, is unnerving. I am in a Pogo Bowl League (obviously multi-player) and have been wondering why there has been no word on Pogo Bowl conversion.

        I have no idea the number of Pogo members who are in Bowling leagues, but it isn’t an insignificant number who will not be “happy campers” if this particular game isn’t prioritized.

        Also, as previously stated, the chat screen being BESIDE the gaming area is a necessity for league play.

        Thanks for reading this.

        • Hello Mister Cee,
          Thanks for writing in with your concerns.
          I can, and want, to confirm, that the team is working on bringing multiplayer games to HD. I understand your hesitation, but please know they are working on it.

          Regarding chat, an Insider question was answered in the last Pogo Insider regarding chat. To read it, please click here and then scroll down to the Insider Question section. The team knows the request for having chat not be at the bottom and they are keeping that in mind. Thanks very much and get them strikes in Pogo Bowl!

  • Love the photo. Thanks for sharing.
    Y’all did a great job with Poppit HD!
    It stayed true to the original and we players appreciate it.

  • The photo is just beautiful! Fall is my favorite season because of all the colors! Thanks for sharing it with us. Quinn’s and the new Claire hart are still my 2 faves on the new games.

    • Hi camido,
      Fall is so beautiful, I totally agree. I love the look, the smell, the feel…everything about it.
      Enjoy your week in Pogo especially when playing Quinn’s and Claire Hart.

  • Will There Be A PBA soon it is October? TYVM

  • Great photo! I live in central Wisconsin..the fall colors are amazing as always but it’s been raining, raining & raining. Sure hoping to have the warmer days & coolers nights that Wisconsin offers in the fall. Want to spend time hiking & looking at the beautiful trees before the snow comes.

    • Hi mom3908,
      Wow! I’m from Central Wisconsin! My friends and family back there have been telling me it’s been raining there quite frequently. I hope you all get some fall colors before the snow arrives. I know what it’s like once that snow starts flying.

  • When we first started getting the marathons and other challenges, I was thrilled because it gave me something else to work toward. However, now that we’re getting these almost weekly I’m having trouble keeping up. I think this is too often and once or twice a month would be more than enough. Of course, I know I’ll hear from those who disagree, but everyone has their own opinion.

    • Hi LVLSLGR,
      Yes, you are so right that everyone has their own opinion. Thank you for sharing yours.

  • Question…Will High Stakes Pool ever go HD? I cant play because of JAVA. Thank You.canwine

    • Hi Canwine,
      If I have any updates on High Stakes Pool being converted to HD, I will let you all know in the Construction Zone. Have a good week.

  • I would very much like to thank Elaine at EA for her recent help with the problem I had accessing my original club pogo screen after the change over. I know the technical team work very hard – keep up the good work! Folkrock 100

    • Thank you so much for letting me know you had a helpful experience with Customer Support. I will pass the note along to the team. Have a wonderful week.