Blog Post #85 – August 14, 2018


Hello Pogoians,

Happy Taco Tuesday to you all. A good friend of mine just told me she had a delightful taco-inspired rice in honor of Taco Tuesday!  Yum.

I have so much fun Pogo news for you all that I am just going to dive into it. Here we go!

I believe this week’s Sneak Peek is one of my very favorites I’ve ever sneak peeked to you all.

And here it is!

Here’s a look at what Word Whomp HD will look like once you’re in game! Remember, the new Word Whomp HD will be released on September 11.


We have another Sneak Peek just for you, too! Coming in September’s Jet Set Solitaire release, we have new levels – and two new locations – coming your way! The theme for this next release is “Clear Skies” and will feature Los Angeles, Houston, and Cusco- Extended Stay levels. Here’s a little preview!

Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.

Upcoming events

Pogo’s 19th Anniversary will be here on September 1. Can you believe it’s been 19 years? In celebration, we’re throwing a Pogo party in true Pogo fashion – with loads of fun! That fun will include an Amazing Mini show on August 30th, a few free Mini items, free Badges and sales on Hidden Object Game Episodes, Power-Ups, and Badges.  The celebration will begin on Monday, August 27. The Amazing Mini show will be held on Thursday, August 30th at 2pm PT in Poppit!

We have several other Badge Marathons coming your way, too! Here’s the lineup that we currently have planned, though please understand dates and titles are subject to change so we’re going to use the word “slated” just in case something does change on us!

Quinn’s Aquarium Badge Marathon –August 20

Solitaire Gardens Badge Marathon – September 6

PogoFest Badge Marathon – Slated for September 22


Game Updates

Cookie Connect: New levels coming in September

Jet Set: New levels slated for September that will include new destinations to Los Angeles and Houston and extended stay in Cusco!

A Way With Words: Brand-new Challenges called Legend Challenges are slated for September

Jewel Academy – New levels slated for October


New Games

We’ve already told you all about Double Deuce Poker and Word Whomp, but just in case you missed those dates, here they are! We’re excited to be bringing these games to you soon.

Double Deuce Poker – Coming August 28!

Word Whomp HD – Coming September 11!

Poppit! HD – September 25!

Tumble Bees HD – Slated for October

Lottso Express HD – Slated for October

Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD – Slated for October

Solitaire Gardens (HTML5) – Slated for November

Mahjong Safari HD – Slated for December

First Class Solitaire HD – Slated for December


Known Issues

Minis – The team is aware of the Minis not changing/updating in the forum and are looking into it.

Pegland – Power up effects last throughout final level of game. The team is working on a fix that will go out in an upcoming release.

Flip Out – The team is currently aware of, and working on a fix for, the issue in which the tiles are not flipping. This has been fixed with a release on August 16. 

Multiple Games – Some players have reported seeing odd images for Rank Points. The images include $ and % signs. The team has investigated this issue and have found it to be an issue. A fix for the $ issue was pushed out with the July 31st release. The fix for the $ issue is in the works and should be released in August. Please note: this does not affect gameplay or Rank status.

H5 games using Safari on mobile/tablets – We’re currently in the process of updating Pogo games so that they’re more fully supported on mobile and tablets, and the functionality of Pogo on mobile/tablets with Safari is part of this; currently, it’s working as intended on Safari as we to adjust games and their mobile functionality.


Website updates

Token Updates: As many Pogoians may be aware of at this point, the current token system will be replaced with a new award system. As stated in a May 2018 blog, I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention with some players. For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status.

As such, the Pogo team has started to design a new awarding system that will allow you to engage with Pogo and Challenges in more meaningful ways. We know that it’s truly important for players to see a symbol of their accomplishments here on Pogo as a whole, and the new system is being crafted with this in mind.

As Pogo makes way for the new awarding system, tokens will be removed from the following HD games on September 25:

  • Poppit! Party
  • Story Quest
  • Cookie Connect
  • Poppit! Bingo
  • Aces Up! HD
  • Phlinx II
  • Pogo™ Sudoku

Please understand that I do not yet have a preview for you about what the new system entails but, I will provide more details at a later time when I am able,  as I know the team will be very excited to share that information with you. Tokens in the current Flash and Java games will remain and will not be removed. Thank you for your understanding.
August Mini Mall update: The Mini Mall update will be out on August 28 with a few new special poker-themed items – including a Limited Edition Item – to celebrate the release of Double Deuce Poker!

Mini Mall – All token items are now 100% free. Gem items will remain Gem items. We will continue to release free items.

Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer – The specs have been updated as of today, August 14, 2018.  The updated specs are the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly; please click here in order to find out more about these recommendations to help ensure that Pogo games run more smoothly on your computer.

New Pogo Sign-In Experience – New Pogo sign-in experience will be starting to roll out in September and is slated to end in October. Click here for the sign-in FAQ.


Q&A with Pogo_Clement about the NEW Double Deuce Poker HD

With Double Deuce Poker HD coming your way very soon (August 28, in fact!) I took some time to talk to Pogo Clement, who is one of the Pogo Producers that has been working on bringing to you this updated game. I asked Pogo Clement your questions that were submitted from the last Pogo Insider and also asked a few of my own. Please enjoy my chat with Pogo Clement!

Pogo Llama: Hello Pogo Clement thanks for taking the time to join me in the Pogo Insider studios to talk about the new HD game coming to a Pogo near you, Double Deuce Poker HD! First off, please tell the community what it is you do here in Pogo and what brought you to work on Double Deuce Poker.

Pogo Clement: Hi everyone! I’m Pogo Clement, a Producer here in Pogo, and I’m working on a lineup of remakes of our most popular classics. Double Deuce Poker happens to be one of them. We’re wrapping up and I can’t wait to present the game to you all!

Pogo Llama: Now that sounds like a pretty fun position. What has been your favorite part about working on Double Deuce Poker HD?

Pogo Clement: Well, it’s a remake of the classic version so we did not want to change the game play and at the same time, I saw much space to improve the game experience. We put our efforts in improving the presentation and the feel of the game. It’s nice to be able to be creative while keeping the essence of the game.

Pogo Llama: What challenges did you come across while working on converting the Java version of Double Deuce Poker to Double Deuce HD?

Pogo Clement: Perhaps it’s the difficulty to get the old Java version running on my machine…

Pogo Llama: Haha! I know I, and likely many Pogoians, can attest to the issues with loading Java on our computers. So when the game is released, how many ranks will there be? What other sorts of in-game badges will there be to win?

Pogo Clement: There’ll be 50 Ranks when the game goes out. Every 10 Ranks you’ll get a cool poker-themed badge. We’ll be releasing more Ranks and badges in the future.

Pogo Llama: (Note to community: I’ll be posting here, in the Pogo Insider under Construction Zone when updates for Double Deuce HD become available). As there are no longer tokens being placed in the new HD games, can you please explain what the currency system will be like for the new Double Deuce Poker HD?

Pogo Clement: In the classic version, you used tokens to bet. In the HD version, you’ll use in-game chips. A bet will cost 1-5 chips and you may win 1-10,000 in return. Don’t worry about running low in chips. You’ll get 500 when you have fewer than 5. It’s on the house. =)

Pogo Llama: Double Deuce Poker HD is going to be such a great addition to the HD library. Pogo Clement, thank you so much for being here and providing a preview of the new Double Deuce Poker HD. Do you have anything else you’d like to share with the Pogo Community about Double Deuce Poker HD?

Pogo Clement: Yes! I want to assure you all shuffles and deals are completely random at any time. There’s no rigging at all. Good luck and happy betting!



Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. I don’t have HD/H5/HTML 5 on my computer, so I cannot play the games. How can I play the games?
A. To play HD games, open up your browser (we recommend Chrome, FireFox, or Edge). There’s no program needed for you to download to play HD games. Just make sure you have the most recent version of the browser you’re using. The only problem one may have is if they are playing on an older computer, such as one running Windows XP. However, if you have a fairly new operating system on your computer, you should be good to go. Please click here for the listing of the computer specifications we support. The specification list was just updated today, in fact!

Q. Why can’t I keep my ranks with the new HD games? Why can’t you keep both versions of the game up like you did with Phlinx and Phlinx II?
A. You do get to keep your ranks in that the rank badge you’ve achieved will still be yours and in your collection. Will ranks of converted games continue to progress with the HD version? The answer to that is no and the answer to that is quite simply because Flash and HD do not mix. To stack new ranks on top of a Flash (or Java) game does not technically work. Please also keep in mind that transferring over, and creating new HD games, does require a significant amount of time. With Java and Flash going away by 2020 there is a time limit and the focus must be on providing our players with quality Pogo games in HD.

There are several reasons Pogo does not keep both versions of the games. One of which is efficiency, as if Pogo was to leave up the Flash version, it would take away from working on many of the other aspects of Pogo. Another reason is a bit technical, so to summarize, the transferred games are replacing the games and if the ranks were to come with, the game elements would have to be re-balanced and it would not sync correctly at all. There’s a lot of problems that would arise from this.

Regarding Phlinx and Phlinx II – those are two separate games. While the mechanics of the game are the same, the backend/technical way it works, and the data it provides are two different games completely. It is a little like comparing apples to oranges, though the games are still similar. We know that your Ranks matter to you, which is one reason that we give Rank Badges in addition to showing your number in the game; but we also hope you look forward to having new challenges ahead of you in the HD versions of games.

Q. Why have none of the multi-player games been converted?
A. The reason games with lobbies are not currently being converted is due to needing the technology to make it so. These are known as multiplayer games and we’re working on the technology for that. Once this work is complete, we can start on converting those games over.


As you can see, there is so much going on here in Pogo and my wish is that you are as excited as I am. In the weeks to come, what are you most excited about in Pogo?
Thank you for reading the Pogo Insider.  Have a super fun week here in Pogo and I will return with another Pogo Insider on Tuesday, August 28th.

As always, remember that you matter!

Cheers, Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I have received several offers of a Free Legendary Badge , as a Superstar Member (for zero Gems ) within 7 days to collect. As yet I have not found a way to collect these great offers , can you please
    advise … ty Christine :)

    • Hi Christine,
      There will be a popup in which you must click on the green button that reads “0 Gems” to receive it for free. To find the free Legendary Poppit! Badge you must click to accept the badge please go to My Badges. You’ll find this badge in the most current Mix-n-Match album. You can also find it when you go play Poppit! under the Challenges tab. Thanks!

  • Tank you for always keeping us informed. SO sorry about my last negative comment.

    I do love to play POGO.

  • Happy Taco Tuesday —->>> Right Back at Ya ! (now I know what to make for dinner!)

    1: Thank you for posting that Pogo is aware of the Mini’s not Changing! (I hope it will be fixed for the Amazing Mini Event ((((HAPPY 19th WOW!))))

    2: I am looking forward to the Multi Player (ie:Hearts-Spades-Canasta etc) Games to be converted to H5 & hope the Tech’s get it up & running quickly

    3: re: **As such, the Pogo team has started to design a new awarding system that will allow you to engage with Pogo and Challenges in more meaningful ways. ——>>>>Oooooh! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!

    4: Lastly— I have not been able to get much of anything in the last 4 Mini Mall Releases, because I owned most of it {{SIGH}} …..I hope in the Future HOLIDAY Releases there will be NEW ITEMS !! {{{YIPIE!}}} Please!

    Thank You Pogo_Llama (The Construction Zone is my FAVORITE in the Blog)

    • Hi bjvs,
      Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the updates. Oooh holiday releases….any requests? :)
      I enjoy writing the Construction Zone section for you all. It’s great talking to the team and talking about what’s coming up.
      Enjoy your week and have fun with the marathon!

      • Holiday Request’s! LOL ! PLENTY ! Thank you for asking—->

        Something Spooky for Halloween , new costumes ,how about The Headless Horseman as the actual Mini …..
        A Balloon Costume that Floats for Thanksgiving “your mini can be in the parade”
        Christmas ‘goodie’ of presents opening themselves and Reindeers Prancing across your Mini Snapshot!

        (MUCH MORE, but there isn’t enough room to load up your Blog with LOL)

        • Thanks for the requests, bjvs! I like the float costume idea and reindeer are always fun, at least in my book!

  • Thank you for all the hard work the Pogo team is doing converting games so that we can still play some of the older games when java and flash are gone! I’m just writing to see if you were able to get an answer yet from Jolly Bear about whether we have to start over in Solitaire Gardens when it is converted or if there will be all new gardens. I’m just wondering if I need to try to play as many as I can before November. If we have to start over, I’d rather not make progress that I have to redo later. Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to reading about the new awards system that will replace tokens when it’s ready!

    • Hi Dellet78,
      Thank you for your kind words. The team here at Pogo is happy to work on converting these games for you all and take a lot of pride in what they do so that you can all enjoy these new versions.
      I haven’t heard back from Jollybear but when I do know more, I’ll let you all know. Thanks for your support of Pogo.

  • hi your game cooie connion is not working it loads uo put if u press play nothing happens I press play and I can’t play the game ithas not been working 4 about two weeks now

    • Hi icewater,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

    • Are you trying to move the cookies in the game?

      The cookies do not move, you draw a line from
      cookie to matching cookie. Match 3 to remove them.

      Match up to 7, to get special cookies, arrows and stars.

  • Is Fortune Bingo slated to eventually be converted to HD? Our Cases’ Leagues use Fortune Bingo for tournaments. If so, please don’t change Dottie too much. She is one Pogo Character we all love to hate.


    • Hi MCPhnB1,
      I do not have any updates for you about Fortune Bingo, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Oh Dottie! Everyone’s fav fortune teller! Thank you.

      • I’d love to see Dottie back.
        Was a very fun bingo game that I enjoyed much more than Poppit Bingo.

  • It is really terrific that so many games are going to be HD status. I am so very happy that we are not losing Monopoly Slots–one of my favorite games. Could it be considered to add more levels to Monopoly Slots? Have a good week.

    • Hi harriet7042,
      Everything can be considered for HD! Glad you’re enjoying the HD games. Have a great great week!

  • When I go to play Phlinx II it comes on okay but when I click on the play tab the screen goes black then starts flashing white then black but nothing comes up to play the game. Although I like playing the game I have quit playing because of that problem.

    • Hi Bev,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

    • the flashing is usually a browser problem try internet explorer .it worked for me when I had same problem.i always used firefox for phlinx 2 .then one day only got black screen for game play screen.i hope this helps you.

  • In the March 13th, 2018 blog post, you showed two Super Secret Badges and said they would be available in April.

    It’s now August and they’re still not available. Why?

    • Blysee Blysee Blysse. Thank you for bringing this up. I did some investigating and it was discovered those badges were actually not released in April due to some technical difficulties. Sooooo, guess what? We just released them today. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them once you win them.

  • Hi, The tokens don’t matter to me but the games Pogo keeps does like hangman hijinks, stellar sweeper, mini golf madness, and Jigsaw treasure hunter to name a few.

  • I was wondering if you are going
    to do a HTML update for 1000 island solitaire? It’s one of my favorite java games I can’t play any more. Also QWERTY, Spooky Slots, pogo Addiction solitaire. I miss these games so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for your game suggestions, Ranger914!

      • Hi ranger914, have you tried pale moon? It is not supported by Pogo at the moment but it is a browser that works really well with Java games.

    • Hi Pogo_Llama,
      I second Ranger’s recommendation for 1000 Island Solitaire, Spooky Slots, Pool Addiction Solitaire, Qwerty and Dice City Rollers to please be converted to H5….

      Here’s a suggestion for the Holidays cats in Christmas scenes and cats in Christmas costumes!

      Have a great week!

    • I agree. The game play in 1000 island solitaire is unique among the games. You not only have to balance your ships’ distance totals to get everyone to the end is just enough concentration to help the relaxation efforts after a long week. I really hope this game gets converted.

      I am really trying to prepare for the new games and which ones are converted…my issue is which ones I want to rank out in, and what priority. World Class Solitaire caught me by surprise, but I’m hoping to finish the games that I value before their counterpart comes along. December seems a far distance, but it will get here sooner than we feel like it will. Oh, well, don’t blog…play!

      Pr Chris
      aka “sailor”

    • I can play those Java games using Internet Explorer …. trying to finish up ranks in several and it is a bother to have to change browsers but it does work.

    • I agree with Ranger914. I love Thousand Island Solitaire and QWERTY. I am a word game fanatic, and frankly I find the new word games quite disappointing. None come close to QWERTY and Tumble Bees.

    • I second this! 1000 island is one of my favorites and I can’t play it anymore unless I use an ancient computer that is in the house, which has it’s own problems… :(

  • Hi Pogo Llama! If I remember right from the last blog, you said that you would talk about chat being brought back to the right side of the games, but I don’t see any mention of that here in the Construction Zone.

    Is it something Pogo is considering still or are they going to keep it at the bottom of the games? I hope not because I love playing pogo games, but I also love to chat and you can’t do both if you put the HTML games on full screen. And with us older people it is hard to see the game unless we put it on full screen.

    Thank you.
    Z :)

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,
    I was so happy to see word whomp construction zone..cause one of my coming soon in html
    also seeing double deuce poker moving forward ..happy happy..I actually like this poker game.

    Question: I was wondering is Pogo moving forward Bejewel – Chuzzle – Peggle Slots to html game..fingers crossed.

    Thank You and your team for everything moving forward
    Thumbs Up 👍🏻

    • Hi Donna,
      I do not have any updates for you about Bejeweled, Chuzzle, or Peggle SLots, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Thank you for the thumbs up!

  • YES!! Thank you for making the Mini Mall 100% token free. I hope in the future you can make it also gem free. I enjoy playing on POGO…keep up the good work.

  • I paid for my renewal in June I saw my credit card was charged again in August. please look into it thank you

    • Hi FD,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

  • Why oh why oh why oh why is Pogo avoiding marathon word games? Obviously word whomp is one of your most popular games. I have yet to complete a marathon because I don’t play all the included games. Any hope this will change?

    • Hi Lmjp,
      Thanks for your suggestion for a Word Whomp marathon. Perhaps after Word Whomp is transferred to HD we shall have one? We shall see.
      Take care!

  • I’m so sad to see the token system go away. It was my way of challenging myself on a daily basis. It was exciting to see it roll over to the next million. I’m uncertain if playin on POGO will be the same once this change goes in effect. Time will tell – but for me – I’m very disappointed and will be weighing the possibility of leaving POGO and spending my money on another site. I know this comment wont be approved for print because it’s not what you want to hear. But, at least I’ve stated my opinion. So – So disappointed in you POGO. I know there has to be a way to allow members to keep adding to their token/point scores.

    • Hi censuspam,
      I thank you for your feedback and please know we (the team here at Pogo) appreciate you being a part of this community. As mentioned in this blog, the team is working on a new reward system and I will be giving players a Sneak Peek to it when I am able.
      I hope you have a really good and fun week here in Pogoland.

      • Most of us are competitive and enjoy the challenge of earning as many tokens during our game play, that we can. Sorry to see you take this challenge away as not all of us on Pogo have the urge to chit chat, etc. I too, will wait to see what Pogo comes up with to keep your gamers happy.

        • Hi PepsipK3,
          Thank you for your feedback on tokens. My hope is that you (and all the Pogo Community) will enjoy the new award system once it is in place. Thank you for playing Pogo and for understanding we are here for y’all and to keep you happy. :)

  • I am looking forward to the games being changed to HD. It is another way to start fresh with a game and start working on ranks and badges. I want to say thank you again for all of the free badges we have to work on. I have to say that the Mahjong Garden badge that you need to get 42 games on hard is a big challenge, but it can be done. I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete it, but I have 30 as of today and hope to finish it tonight It would have been done sooner but my first great grandchild, a girl, was born a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to tear myself away from her. Again, a “GREAT JOB’ to all of the Pogo team that bring us all the games and badges that we love. You guys and gals ROCK!!

    • Well you definitely rock, too, BarryandLinda20! You will reach that 42 in no time, you got this!
      And congrats on the new great grandchild, how beautiful.

    • I thought that Badge 3 and Badge 4 in the marathon were a LOT to ask of anyone! I finally finished them, but it gets very boring having to play the same game over and over for a couple of weeks! I love the marathons, but wish they were more attainable without playing for solid days on end, and that they would contain a variety of games, not the same game for every badge.

  • Why am I unable to get into any games?

    • Hi Decsocal,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

  • When I logged in,I got a Pogo pop-up for Pogo club members. It stated that we were entitled to special minis and a free Pop-it badge. I clicked to go to the badge and then couldn’t find it. I also couldn’t return to find out what the minis were. What should I do?

    • Hi Popper,
      There will be a popup in which you must click on the green button that reads “0 Gems” to receive it for free. To find the free Legendary Poppit! Badge you must click to accept the badge please go to My Badges. You’ll find this badge in the most current Mix-n-Match album. You can also find it when you go play Poppit! under the Challenges tab. Minis will be in the Mini Mall. All items that were previously priced with Tokens are now free.

    • although the popup says badge and also mini there is no just click on the zero gems for the badge.

  • Dear Pogo_LLama, It’s really nice that the Pogo Team wants to change games over to HD. I’m not one for change, but all things change, sorry to say. However, when you informed us about losing Scrabble, I went & played my heart out trying to finish. Then we were informed that it was gonna stay. I don’t think at that time we were informed about Word Whomp being changed over. In October there are 3 games that are switching, I will never get all 3 done by then. You should take a Poll & see how many other players would like more time to get the games finished? Sorry to say that I didn’t think that when I did weekly or just played games just so, to activate another weekly. MNM, or Premium challenges. I DO NOW. When I finsh one I activate another. Also, I had asked in the last blog about the new Icons in games. The one game that has the new icons on right side of screen is: Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows. I do know what 2 of them mean: sound & full screen. Thank You for letting me kinda of vent. You have a GREAT DAY. Thank you for your time for hearing some suggestions out.

    • Hi Boopboopfh,
      I’m here to listen and am happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for being a part of Pogo and I really hope you have a fun week.

  • Pogo_Llama

    Thank you for the updates
    as For This info
    The Amazing Mini show will be held on Thursday, August 30th at 2pm PT in Poppit!

    it is showing Pacific Time Right ?? just checvking

    and also Thank you for Finely Letting Pogo Players Know that you all Know
    about the Stuck Minis,
    Remember It is Not Just a issue in the forums it is all around Pogo,
    I Played Canasta with a friend, I use the Pop up box to see the game better
    Was odd to see My Old Deleted Mini on Background Page and Current Mini in the game it’s self

    • Hi Miladylc56,
      Yes, 2pm Pacific Time will be the Amazing Mini show on 8/30.
      Thanks for that bit of info about the Mini, I will let the team know.
      Enjoy your week!

  • I can play HD games but they move in slow motion??

    • Hi Jane,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

    • could be the speed on your b rowser or your internet connection – i have 75 but some cable companies have 100 or more so the games load faster and play faster

  • not getting credit for jungle gingames on frontier badge

    • Hi pocket,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.


    • Hi Jimbo,
      Today’s Daily Challenge for Quinn’s has the Challenge to complete 2 games in Quinn’s. Please understand players are not able to replay a previously passed level. The way in which players progress in Quinn’s Aquarium is designed to keep moving forward after every successful completion of a level. After you have completed all of the current level’s in Quinn’s, then you will be brought to the bonus level and you will be able to play those levels indefinitely.

  • I hope that the tech folks will consider leaving the graphic in our stats that tells how many tokens we have earned in our long time here. It would be fun to have that as a bit of nostalgia for us long-time members. Thanks.

    • That’s a great idea, Duo, and one I have heard being brought up as a possibility. Thank you!

  • All these changes remind me of a book I once read, “Who moved my Cheese”, forgot the authors name. I guess gamer’s will adjust with some time. Hopefully the token replacements in some games will bring better rewards on the Jackpot Spin. The Marathons are great, and a free album and VIP badges every now and then are a plus, so thanks bunches Pogo and I look forward to the 19th Anniversary Party. :)

    • Hi antmagic,
      Thanks for the reminder of “Who Moved my Cheese” (By Spencer Johnson). It is important to remember that change is the only constant and there’s always a way to incorporate change in a positive way. It’s also important to note that changes in Pogo are due to technical necessity and to make things even better.
      So glad you’re enjoying the marathons and all of the badges. Can’t wait to party for Pogo’s 19th! Have a great week and thank you for being a part of Pogo.

  • I have been a member a long time and I agree the tokens are way past their prime. I am concerned about the revamp of Word Whomp. I enjoyed Jigsaw Treasure Hunter and Crossword Cove as a brain start in the morning. Treasure Hunter I have ranked out. Crossword Cove was a very engaging good crossword puzzle. I recommended it to all. Then you changed it. Then you changed it again. Now the clues don’t make sense and it has been dumbed down. I hope you don’t change Word Whomp. If a game is popular and everyone enjoys it don’t change it.

    • Hi RevenBVH,
      Thank you for your feedback.

      • I want to “second” Reven’s comment about Crossword Cove…it does seem like the puzzles are much simpler; they have only about 2/3 the number of words that puzzles had in the older version. Is this because of technical interests? or is there another reason?

        Pr Chris

        • Hi Chris,
          Do you mean the UK style puzzles vs. the US style? For several months before the conversion of Crossword Cove HD, the crosswords were in the UK style format and those were much more challenging.

    • Excellent comment. I agree

  • Just letting you know that I am one of those for whom the accumulation of tokens provides the incentive and sense of accomplishment that I need to keep playing Pogo games. The number of games that I am interested in playing decreases in direct proportion to the removal of tokens as rewards.
    I had set myself a token goal that I had hoped to achieve over the next 18 months, but since that is
    probably now not achievable, I expect that I will find other ways to occupy my time.
    I recognize that the awarding of tokens probably complicates the updating and smooth running of the Pogo site, but please be aware that you will be losing followers such as myself.

    • Hi missusf1,
      Thank you for your feedback on tokens. My hope is that you (and all the Pogo Community) will enjoy the new award system once it is in place. I wish you much fun on your quest to fulfill your token goal.

  • thanks for the summer run badge marathon…great selection of games to play, rather than the same ones over and over…hope you have a great week

  • I’m so sad seeing all the great games changing to HD.. I just can’t get to like those HD games.. Most depressing is seeing poppit and tri-peaks being converted.. Is there no other way?

    • Hi UserS9425,
      To better understand why we are updating our games to the new HTML 5 technology, I believe it would be best to read this article I wrote. This will explain what is going on with the technology and why Pogo must embrace it. In order to keep these games alive, they must be transferred to the HD technology. Please click here for information on what specifications are recommended to play HD games smoothly. Thank you.


    • Hi namaste,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

  • I have played mahjong garden got to the birthdays about 5 times and can only get credit for 2

  • Hi there Pogo_Llama,

    Good Insider this go-round. Before I get to your question, a comment on your poll question “What are your favorite types of Badge Marathons in Pogo?” I personally prefer multiple game marathons but also enjoy the single game marathons, I like marathons period (but that wasn’t an option LOL); variety is the spice of life and keeps things interesting.

    Now to your question that you posed; “What are you most excited about in Pogo?” I am pretty excited about everything that is going on, especially how the new games will be. I sit in anticipation of hearing some of my favorite games being converted and I am thrilled when I see their names on the list. I love the challenges, the marathons, badges, everything. I wish we had site-wide challenges again, I miss those. I look forward to having extra personal challenges (without having to purchase them) from time to time, and I really anticipate every single Pogo Insider release and the info within.

    Thanks, as that’s all I have for now. Have a great week.

    • Hi katnipaz,
      You’re right, I should have included the option for “both” in the poll. I’ll have to do another sometime with that option. Thanks for pointing that out.
      Ah yes, my question to the Pogoians. I love hearing the answers and I’m especially excited to see you are excited for so much here in Pogo. Follow-up question for you: What is your number one most favorite game here in Pogo? The one you wake up everyday and just have to play?

      • Hi There Pogo_Llama,

        Well that is a really loaded follow-up question and before I answer it, please allow me to explain why I play Pogo. I am a former computer programmer and military veteran. I joined Pogo back in 2004 but in 2005 I lost a lot of my vision, becoming legally blind (caused by diabetes that I have had since 1989 while in the military) and through 2009/10 I used Pogo as rehab and therapy, to pass the time and re-learned how to use a computer and play games and be independent without always having to rely on others, and met lots and lots of friends but I drifted away from Pogo, returning sporadically here and there and again for a short time in 2016 (now my mother and aunt both kept my account alive for me in my absence). After suffering (what they say was) a mild stroke in April 2017 I returned full-time to Pogo in July 2017 upon being told I would need a kidney and pancreas transplant and that while I waited, I was to keep my brain active and engaged, hence my continual and daily presence on Pogo as whenever that date will be gets closer each day. Now, on to your follow-up question.

        My favorite/must-play game? I pondered and pondered the answer and with absolute honesty, I would have to say, I cannot pick out an absolute favorite as that can change daily and with my moods, I enjoy them all (actually), some more than others. Now my favorite style of games are word games, so if I were to choose among the word games, Word Whomp would top the list as I like Nestor (which BTW, please consider not making Nestor’s whiskers white, as I believe a dark brown or black would be much better, aesthetically speaking) and it is a fun and quick game of words. QWERTY, Scrabble, Word Craft and Word Search Daily (to name a few) are also way up there on the games I really like list. I mean, it is hard to pick just one. I enjoy games like Sudoku Puzzle Blast, Stellar Sweeper (I also love Meep), Pogo Addiction Solitaire, Jewel Academy, Mahjong Safari, Pogo Sudoku, Penguin Blocks, Canasta, Poppit Bingo, Jigsaw Detective and Treasure Hunter, even games like Poppa Zoppa, which I am really still trying to fully understand (but I do ok in it, Phlinx II, Dice Derby, Dice City Roller, Frub Crawl, CLUE, Lottso, Pogo Bowl even old downloadable games like Word Riot, Mahjong Garden Deluxe and Word Whomp Underground and thus far, I actually like all the HTML5/HD games and as with them all, some more than others… I really could go on and on, so as you can see, it is extremely hard for me to pick just one as there are a variety of games to choose from (each having their ups and downs, perks and draw-backs, positives and negatives, styles and genres), but as I have said before, variety is the spice of life and that variety is what makes life interesting and what makes Pogo…. well…. Pogo.

        Have a very nice weekend, and although not a favorite of mine, am looking forward to DD Poker and playing it. Perhaps I will like this new HD version :)

        • Kat,
          You’re amazing and your zest for life (and Pogo) is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey and history with me.
          I hope you have the best weekend ever and earn loads of badges. :)

  • Could you please have all the games with the full screen option (after all when you are in your 70s cant see that well) like Canasta. Thanks for the all the greats news.

    Dover Drive 28

    • Hi Dover,
      I totally agree that all Pogo games should be in full screen. The rest of the Pogo team agrees, so please know all of the new games we are coming out with do and will to have the option for full screen. I see you’re asking specifically about Canasta and while the current version of Canasta will not be updated to include full screen, if and when that game is converted to HD, it will have the full screen option. Thank you for asking.

  • any help or tips to get the maghong garden badge the one use no hints on hard level,any help would be nice ,ty

  • Since Word Whomp is being added on September 11, which is the day before the last day of the tournament games, how will this affect the tournament?

    • Hi lsssmm,
      You bring up a very good point. The team is talking about possibilities right now and I’ll keep you posted when I learn more. Thank you for asking.

  • where do we find these super badges at?

    • Hi Life,
      There will be a popup in which you must click on the green button that reads “0 Gems” to receive it for free. To find the free Legendary Poppit! Badge you must click to accept the badge please go to My Badges. You’ll find this badge in the most current Mix-n-Match album. You can also find it when you go play Poppit! under the Challenges tab. Minis will be in the Mini Mall. All items that were previously priced with Tokens are now free.

  • I have been a Pogo subscriber for 12 years or so. I’ve probably spent more time than I should playing games, but it has been a lot of fun for a long time. It is starting to look like Pogo is looking to move on to a new generation of players and a new audience. While I totally get the need to update to a new platform, there is a lot more going on than that. Most of the new games that are being released are not fun for me. There was a time that I would give every badge a try, but now I don’t have that drive. Mahjong Escape, Jet Set Solitaire, Cookie Connect, Jewel Academy and Solitaire Gardens just don’t do anything at all for me. While I really like Poppit Bingo, I can’t go a night without it freezing up on me at least once and I lose the power-ups and progress. I love Word Whomp. I maxed out a while back and ended up resetting my badge status so I could continue to monitor progress and play with goals. I finally have made it back up to level 48, and would be on the brink of reaching for those new rank badges, but, alas, it is leaving in a month and there is no way for me to get that far. I know the new game will bring new goals, but seeing the levels for those goals in some of the other updated games (Aces Up), makes it kind of discouraging. You can move my cheese, but you have to expect some displeasure when you change the cheese from brie to extra sharp cheddar.
    We’ll see how it goes. I am going to renew my subscription in a couple of months, but I’m also recognizing that it might be time to think of other ways to spend that time.

    • Hi Grffn41,
      I want to thank you for being a Club Pogo member for the last 12 years and I truly hope you continue to be a Club Pogo member for many, many more. Thank you for your honest and well thought out feedback. I am listening to what you’re saying and appreciate the time you took to write it out in a very honest and constructive manner. Please let me know how you feel about Word Whomp when it comes out and you’ve played it for a bit. All the best and have a great week.

  • I also enjoyed the Summer run badge marathon.. loved it. great change from Solitaire Gardens, and some that are chosen over and over.. THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • Thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed the Summer Badge Marathon and thank you for participating, ams0994.

  • I love Jet Set Solitaire. Can’t wait for the new cities to come out..
    Also love the new Secret in the Shadows with Claire Heart.

  • Please add Lottso to the HD mix! I’m missed playing with so many great people there!!

  • yes i cant buy badges or albums or mini it tell me it problem on your end please i would love to buy albums but it wont let me

  • I just checked out the windows requirements for the HD games, and all that was listed was Windows 10. Does this mean that anyone that does not have Windows 10 will not be able to play the HD games? If that’s the case, you will lost a whole lot of players.

    • Hi Alixia1044,
      The Pogo team recommends using Windows 10 as anything below that may struggle with the H5 technology. Please understand that the H5 technology is not just on Pogo, it’s throughout the Internet as a whole so it something that will affect people whether they play Pogo or are just on the Internet in general, just like Java and Flash. H5 (also known as HD or HTML 5) is the new standard across the Internet.
      Thank you for asking and I hope that helps clarify things for you.

  • Can Pogo please keep the room names from the Flash/Java versions of the games in the new HD versions? I miss the quirky/funny room names! All of the new games use generic (boring) chat room names :( — Also I’m hoping something about making the chat visible while playing instead of hiding below the game is still in the works :)

    • Hi Key,
      Thank you for the request. I’ll ask our team to see what they can do.

  • Hi,

    Just wondering about the blog talking about the tokens update where it was talking about the change in the “awards” system. I checked the blog in your link and it brings up “Blog Post #78 – May 29, 2018”. There doesn’t appear to be a mention of it in that blog, so I am wondering if you referenced the right one? If it is incorrect, could you please provide the correct link? Thanks for the awesome updates. I really appreciate you work in providing them!

    • Hi RedSpud_00,
      Thanks for asking about the May 29 blog post. The part I’m talking about is under the Pogo Insider Question about why Tokens are not being added to Crossword Cove HD. I hope this helps. Thank you for reading and for asking your question. Have a good week here in Pogo.

  • Hi Pogo Llama, would you all please consider creating a 4 player singles in spades game. It is so much fun, now I have to play on another site, but would love Pogo to have it again.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • Hi KathiSc,
      That’s a great suggestion and I’ll let the team know. Thank you!

  • When tokens are removed from Aces Up HD how do members earn badges that require winning x number of tokens?
    For example Mom’s Barn M&M.

    • Hi dryphoenix,
      When the tokens are removed from the current HD games they are in, the Challenges within the Badges that require Tokens will be changed. Thank you.

  • Hi, Love the new Word Whomp. Adorable! Will I still be able to use a keyboard to type in the letters? Thanks.

    • Hi TVisOn2,
      Yup, absolutely you will be able to use your keyboard to type letters for Word Whomp HD. Can’t wait for you to play it!

  • Hi Pogo_Llama. I wish pogo would state what the challenge is, on the same screen as the green popups for the gree badges. This way, one could make an informed opinion as to whether they want to accept the offer. Sometimes the offer is for a game I have great difficulty playing, such as poppit, so I would decline if I felt I would be unable to accomplish the challenge.

    And it would be nice to be able to “refuse” a Gift (at top of screen) for the same reason, and the Mix & Match Album NOT be populated with the gift challenge badge, until AFTER the user “accepts” the gift.

    Oh, and I have a question about the new system that pogo plans to replace the token system: Would we all be reset to Zero?

    Thank you very much.

    • decash54,
      What a great suggestion about having the Challenge name on the Legendary MnMs. I actually walked right over to someone on that team and told them about your suggestion.
      I’ll let you know more about the new award system when I am able. Thank you for asking and for your suggestions.