Blog Post #84 – July 31, 2018


Hello Pogoians,

Happy Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 to each and everyone of you here in Pogo! How has your week been since we last came together for the Pogo Insider?


Questions about Double Deuce Poker HD
Pogoians, what questions do you have for the Pogo team about Double Deuce Poker? I’ll be sitting down with them next week and would love to know what you’re curious about with regard to Double Deuce Poker HD, which will be arriving here in Pogo on August 28, 2018.


 All the buzz around here is about two games coming up. Once of them being Double Deuce Poker and the other being Word Whomp! In this week’s Sneak Peek, I wanted to focus on the character creation of our beloved Word Whomp character, Nestor. The team knows Nestor is an important part of Word Whomp and wanted to keep him true to himself while also giving him a sleeker style to fit the game.

I sat down with the Pogo Art and Design team and this is what they had to say about the development of Nestor.

“When embarking on the HD upgrade of Word Whomp, the team recognized that we had to be particularly thoughtful about the treatment of its star character, Nestor.

Over the years, Nestor has become one of Pogo’s most visible and recognizable characters. While this lovable gopher has become an ambassador to the Pogo brand, the expression of his personality in the original Word Whomp game was fairly limited. The Art team set about updating the character design to support a greater variety of emotional states and animations. We stayed mindful of adhering to the original spirit and intention of the original character, while exploring ways we could communicate a greater sense of personality.

We began by reaching out to our community, the Pogo players, to discover what people valued and loved about this little guy. The response from the community was particularly insightful. Many players related Nestor to the playfulness and curiosity of their own pets. Others appreciated his never stay down spirit- for every knock on the noggin’, this gopher pops right back up to face another challenge. It was clear that our audience appreciates Nestor’s positive and playful spirit! We took this to heart when updating his character design. We gave him a broader smile and larger eyes- allowing him to emote more clearly to the player. He includes more animations than the original version of the game so he can to express his personality more visibly, too. His animations express a playful attitude and a curiosity, modeled after a few of the Art team’s own pets. We hope the players appreciate the new Nestor as much as we appreciated our opportunity to work with such an iconic Pogo character.”

Here is a look at part of the process of character development for Nestor, which began several months ago.

In the next edition of the Pogo Insider, which will be August 14th, I will have another Sneak Peek for Word Whomp HD!


Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.

Upcoming events

Pogo’s 19th Anniversary will be here on September 1. Can you believe it’s been 19 years? In celebration, we’re throwing a Pogo party in true Pogo fashion – with loads of fun! That fun will include an Amazing Mini show on August 30th (more details to come later), a few free Mini items, free Badges and sales on Hidden Object Game Episodes, Power-Ups, and Badges.  This is just a preview, but there will be more complete information available as the time nears.

Pogofest – We’re going to continue the party with PogoFest , which will occur at the end of September and include a Badge Marathon.

We have several other Badge Marathons coming your way, too! Here’s the lineup that we currently have planned, though please understand dates and titles are subject to change so we’re going to use the word “slated” just in case something does change on us!

  • Summer Badge Marathon – Slated for August 6.
  • Quinn’s Aquarium Badge Marathon – Slated for August 20
  • Solitaire Gardens Badge Marathon – Slated for September 6
  • PogoFest Badge Marathon – Slated for September 22


Game Updates

Cookie Connect: New levels coming in September

Jet Set: New levels slated for September

A Way With Word: Brand-new Challenges slated for September


New Games

We’ve already told you all about Double Deuce Poker and Word Whomp, but just in case you missed those dates, here they are! We’re excited to be bringing these games to you soon.

Double Deuce Poker – Coming August 28!

Word Whomp HD – Coming September 11!

Poppit! HD – September 25!

Tumble Bees HD – Slated for October

Lottso Express HD – Slated for October

Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD – Slated for October

Solitaire Gardens (HTML5) – Slated for November

Mahjong Safari HD – Slated for December

First Class Solitaire HD  – Slated for December


Known Issues

Tumble Bees – Some players had reported Rank points were not displaying correctly. This issue has been fixed with the July 31st release.

Jet Set Solitaire – We’re aware of an issue in which the map navigation dot doesn’t currently correspond with the proper level to reach San Francisco. The workaround for this is to hit the left arrow and you will reach San Francisco. The team is aware of this issue and are currently working to fix it. This issue has been fixed with the July 31st release. Additionally, we adjusted a glitch with the cards in the Sydney Extended Stay State Library level. Thank you for all of your feedback about this!

Multiple Games – Some players have reported seeing odd images for Rank Points. The images include $ and % signs. The team has investigated this issue and have found it to be an issue. A fix for the $ issue has been pushed out with the July 31st release. The fix for the $ issue is in the works and should be released in August. Please note: this does not affect gameplay or Rank status

Google Chrome browser – Some players who are using the Google Chrome browser are receiving notifications that Pogo is not a secure site. This is due to Chrome changing their settings. Pogo is currently working with Chrome on updating things on our end to comply with the new standards that Chrome uses. This has been mostly updated with the July 31st release! You will no longer see this message while using Google Chrome for all games except certain Flash games. The Flash games affected by this will have a fix coming out within the next month and I’ll keep you posted here on that. Please understand that Pogo is still secure while using the Google Chrome browser.

H5 games using Safari on mobile/tablets – We’re currently in the process of updating Pogo games so that they’re more fully supported on mobile and tablets, and the functionality of Pogo on mobile/tablets with Safari is part of this; currently, it’s working as intended on Safari as we to adjust games and their mobile functionality.

Website updates

August Mini Mall update: The August Mini Mall update will be out August 2 with some additional summer items. After that, there will be another Mini Mall update on August 28 with special poker-themed items to celebrate the release of Double Deuce Poker!

CLUE will be taking a break from The last new update for now was on July 30, though you’ll be able to go back and re-play any episodes you’d like at any time, or even buy new episodes if you’d like. Click here to read more.

Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer – The team has updated the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly; please click here in order to find out more about these recommendations to help ensure that Pogo games run more smoothly on your computer.

New Pogo Sign-In Experience – New Pogo sign-in experience will be starting to roll out in August and is slated to end in October. Click here for an FAQ.

Chat – (No new update). We’re reviewing new chat solutions. I thank you for your feedback in the blogs on your Pogo chat experience. I’ve collected the feedback and alerted the Pogo team.


Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. I want to update my email, but there isn’t an option for me to change it. If there is, I don’t see it. How do I update my email address?
A. With the new sign-in process rolling out this fall, many are asking how to update their email address. Here are the steps you can take to update your email address.

  1. Click on My Account
    2. Enter your password to continue
    3. Under “Personal Information” you will see the header named Email. To the far right of that, you will see the word “Edit” and if you click on “Edit” you will be taken to a page that will allow you to update your email address.
    4. Enter in the updated email address and click the yellow Save Changes buttonAs a reminder, please understand that with the new sign-in experience rolling out, you will only be able to have one email address attached to each of your Pogo accounts.

Q. When the upgrade takes place, will I have to pay a yearly membership for Pogo and EA separately? Will the cost of membership go up as well?
A. There are no plans of the Club Pogo membership going up at this time. Please also understand that EA owns Pogo, and has since 2001. There will only be one yearly membership.


Alrighty folks! That is the Pogo Insider for this week! I hope you have a very fun and fabulous week here in Pogo. The next Pogo Insider will be Tuesday, August 14th!

Always remember that YOU matter.


Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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    • Hi Gabby,
      You can use them in the slot and casino games if you’d like. Other than that, I cannot offer any other suggestions.

  • My favorite game is Word Jong. I am not able to play it because of a setting on my computer. I am not very tech savvy and not sure how to change it. Is there any plan on making this game in HD so I can play this game again.


    • Hi Susan,
      I do not have any updates for you about Word Jong, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Thank you.

  • just wondering if you plan on updating my favorite game pogo addition

    Thank you Karen

    • Hi Karen,
      I do not have any updates for you about that game, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Thank you.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,

    I was wondering did you pick any tomatoes yet
    I have 7 so far ..whoopie tomatoes

    Thank You for the New Badges and New away with words & Clue in the mini mall.

    Thanks for the head up in construction on Word Whomp ~ Can’t wait for the New Word Whomp.
    I was wondering This last maintenance The Majority of us our Minis are not changing to our new recent one we have on.Minis are stuck and they won’t change.Please Help ..

    Thank You

    • I just had some garden fresh tomatoes on my salad for today’s lunch! Also harvested kale, beans, zucchini, arugula, and chard. Yum yum!
      Is your Mini changed now? Thanks, Donna!

  • help I have been trying for a personal badge in swashbuck for three or four weeks I only have that one in there I tried everywhere to get someone to help me but cant get no one tried the help nothing can you please help I was told the game doesn’t work no more you don’t get credit when you win the game ty gladys

    • Hi Gladys,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot from the blog. Have you tried going here for loading help or contacting Pogo’s customer support? I do encourage that as those options will help you solve the issue.

  • Pogo-Llama could u make it so people can delete badges from albums that we don’t waant?

    • Thank you for your suggestion, beautymetoo.

    • Yes … please set something up so we can delete Badges from old albums. I’ve been working on old ones, and some of them i will never get.


  • Are there going to be new levels on Quinn’s Aquarium anytime soon?

  • Also with the new sign in, my mother doesn’t remember her password for pogo how would she go about the new sign in without making a new pogo account Thanks so much Have A Blessed Day

    • Hi Chipawea9,
      Please have your mother click on the “Forgot your Password” link located at the bottom of the sign in page. This will help her reset her password as long as she has access to the email she used when registering her Pogo account. If she continues to experience issues, please have her reach out to Pogo’s Customer Support team. Thank you very much!

  • Love the HD games..But there is a big problem,, If you continue to make chat on the bottom in HD games ,, your going to loose a lot of paying memmbers,,,,In HD games you cant chat with friends while playing,, and most are older elderly people and they are here to chat with friends,,, so no chat no pogo,, pogo says says chat and meet new people,, your taking that away from people and it isn’t fair…PLEASE PUT CHAT BACK ON THE SIDE OF GAMES……..

    • Hi LittleOnion,
      Thank you also for your thoughts on Chat. The Pogo team is reviewing new chat solutions and are aware players do not enjoy the chat on the bottom of the game screen. Thank you.

    • @LittleOnion778 – I agree 100%!! I was chatting with friends in Word Whomp and this is the one thing that we all don’t like: We can’t chat while we play unless we scroll up and down to do this. This is tedious, inconvenient, and just plain Stinks!! I love the way HD Games look, but one of the top reasons that we all come here is for the CHAT as well as game play. Please please put this at the top of the list before we all be running to new gaming sites.. A very loyal member (2002) kitten :)

  • With all the new updates will pogo be updatting spiter solitare ?

    • Hi Ysteb,
      do not have any updates for you about Rainy Day Spider Solitaire, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Thank you.

  • I like Nestors new look, I like Version 2 of the Whomp. Glad to see the developers working hard to bring back some games that are not currently working on Google Chrome. The HD versions are much clearer and are working well with my Google Chrome Browser. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for next years updates.

    • Thank you, art91657! I’m happy to hear you are enjoying so much of Pogo’s updates!

  • I am wondering if any of the new games will be incorporated into the Pogo Tournament. It would be nice to be able new games in the tournament.

    • Hi justmeb249,
      The Pogo team is looking into what would work best once the games are converted to HTML5. Thank you and have a good weekend.

  • Hi There Pogo_Llama,

    I had to chime in again with a comment after reading the various comments regarding the GotM, Mahjong Garden. I too can honestly say that I was in total dread mode when I read the description for the #4 GotM challenge; 42 games, on hard, no hints. But again, as I have said many times before, challenges are meant to be challenging. So, after reading over the other GotM challenges, I devised a plan of attack. I jumped straight into #4. Now, I am legally blind and yes it is even more difficult when you are unable to see clearly, but I did not let that stop me. I activated full-screen mode and my magnifier and I BEAT #4 in 2 days. Now am working on the other three (3), which compared to #4 is a cakewalk. Again challenges are meant to be challenging because they challenge your stamina, perseverance and determination, not to mention, skill & tenacity. Thanks for keeping things lively and everything you and the team do. Have a great weekend :)

    • Katnipaz,
      This is so inspiring. Thank you for writing in and saying this. Challenges really do include all of those traits you listed. Good for you for getting this badge and now working on the others.
      Thanks again for writing in!

      • I too like the challenge, but when you win a game and do not get the credit for it, 42 seems a hundred years away. UGH!

    • YOU are the kind of person I admire, katnipaz! You Rock!!

  • Hi Pogo Llama. Just stopped in to say thank you so much for answering my question last week about StackEm! I was rank 10 then and now I am rank 23. I was playing on medium and got 2 rank points per game so now I play on hard and get 4 per game. Also I would like to thank e1 for the challenges in Mahjong Garden. When I came in to play Wed. it felt like Christmas to me, with
    the weekly challenges, M.G. and Mahjong Escape new series. I’m glad you’re not changing Nestor too much, but I do not like his eyes in the new format. The black centers need to be larger, in my opinion. Once again, I want to beg Pogo to add Mahjong Garden and Mahjong Escape to the new format as I LOVE both of these games.

    • Ooooh, pawneespirit33! I’m so very happy to hear you’ve moved up in rank in Stack’em HD! Way to go!
      Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have loads of fun playing your Challenges!

  • I see Monopoly didn’t shutdown July 31st, why? I thought Hasbro was taking control away from EA.


    • That’s great news, Catherine! I’m so happy to hear that they are some of your old favorites. :)

  • Please add more levels to bowling I have asked before but nothing yet. Hafd.

  • I agree with Little Onion, on the chat being at the bottom of the HD games. I will not play them because of that. There are a lot of people here to play and chat with friends. Please put the chat back on the side. Are all the games becoming HD??? I am not a fan.

    • Hi Maddy,
      Thanks for your feedback on chat.
      To better understand why we are updating our games to the new HTML 5 technology, I believe it would be best to read this article I wrote and posted back in July of last year. This will explain what is going on with the technology and why Pogo must embrace it.

  • I am inspired by Katnipaz on there challenge in Mahjong Garden games as I Love that game as well I just started the 4th game in Magjong Gardens and I think it is great to try and play a game like this on Hard, but I must say 42 of them really.

  • As far as the game of the month goes I am not sure if I am going to do it. I accepted the badges but didnt realize that it was in Mahjong garden and I am tired of a lot of these badges containing mahjong Garden and Mahjong escape. These 2 games I do not like so much and am getting tired of them being badges all the time. At least that is what it seems like. Very excited about the revamp of Word Whomp tho.

    • Excuse me please I am very tired and did not realize what I was saying. Mahjong Garden I love. I also like Mahjong Safari. I was thinking about Solitaire Gardens instead. I apologize for my mistake. Mahjong Escape is hard for me to do as there are so many tiles to get through especially on the time machine. But I actually love this new Game of the Month. Also is there ever going to be a time when there will be a hidden object game that doesnt require gems. It would be greatly appreciated as at this time I cannot afford to by gems and I love HOG games. The only one that doesnt require gems is that one that is something vision which the objects are so small they are hard to see for some. Also any of the older games that can be revamped would be great like crazy Cakes with new recipes that may include healthier recipes. There are others that I would like also but cannot think right now. I am more of a word game person or HOG person. Solitaire games are a little boring to me and make me sleepy. LOL. Thank you again for the upcoming new Word Whomp. Also trivial pursuit with new levels would be nice I am leveled out in that. Thanks.

      • Thanks again for your update and feedback, unicornheaven10. I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to you playing the new Word Whomp HD. I do believe that you, as a word game person, will enjoy it.
        Oh! And I agree I’d love to see a game with healthy recipes. What sorts of healthy recipes would you like to see?

    • Thank you for your feedback, unicornheaven10! I hope you do play the GOTM for this month. Give it a go, please! :)

  • I f orgot how i pay POGO each year ps let me know. the older i get the harder to remember lol

    • Hi lucyunk,
      Do you have auto-pay setup for Pogo? If so, your payment will be deducted from whatever card you have on file on the date of renewal. Thank you.

  • Is there a time frame for the Mahjong Gardens marathon? I must of missed the announcement lol. I just need to know how much time I have left. Two down and two more to go, worried about the final one which looks a bit hard but Im always up for a challenge ;D

    • Hi Lavell,
      Mahjong Garden is August’s Game of the Month. You have all month to complete the badges for that one. Here’s some more information about Game of the Month.

      Here’s the info on the Summer Badge Marathon. Thank you for asking and I hope you have tons of fun!

      • Huge thank you for the info. I finally figured out the last and final Mahjong Mystery IV badge. I almost gave up and I never let a game beat me before lol. Halfway through and one last badge to go for the summer run marathon. Thanks for all the great challenges and have a fun weekend :)

  • There’s been talk about Pogo Bowl being taken away from Pogo….is this correct?

    • Hi RJ,
      I do not have any updates for you about Pogo Bowl, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Thank you.

  • Hi Pogo Llama, I am so happy with the new changes & formats in our Pogo games. I have been wondering “if and when” will Crossword Cove be changed back over to other/original format? I love playing Crossword Cove but I do not like the new format, it doesn’t fit in with being able to do regular crossword formats like in newspapers and the way it was formatted previously here in Pogo. Thank You so much for giving us players a chance to ask questions and such!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Hi Harrisj585,
      Thanks for your feedback and I really am very happy you’re enjoying the new Pogo games in HD.
      Just so I can be sure, are you saying you’d like the return of the the UK style of crosswords for Crossword Cove? If so, there are not current plans to bring them back but it’s always an option for the future.

  • Hi Pogo, I would really like to see more games that can go to “large view”. Some games are so small that I can’t play them. So my choices are limited. I like to have variety so I don’t get bored playing the same games over and over. Thanks

    • Hi Quint876,
      Thanks for your feedback on wanting larger views in our games. Please know that all of our new games that are in the HTML 5 format do, (and the new ones will) have the full-screen option. Thank you!

  • Spooky Slots HD for Halloween!??


    • Hi Debbie,
      I do not have any updates for you about Backgammon, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Thank you.

      • I’d sure like to be able to play with bots in backgammon. Love the game, but haven’t played for years, as players can be very slow or leave mid game and the most annoying is when they just quit playing but don’t exit. Bots please!!

  • could you please tell me when the new sign-in using your e-mail address will start? I really am dreading this and hope it will be easy.
    thank you.

    • Hi sailing35SHIP,
      Great question. The new sign-in will officially start in September. Please read this article for more information and I will definitely be keeping you posted with the latest information as that time nears. Thank you!

  • Hi there Pogo_Llama. Will pogo be updating backgammon?

    • Hi Coppermaermaid,
      I do not have any updates for you about Backgammon, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. Thank you.

  • I don’t have HD so I can’t play any of the new HD games. Is there anyway to play the old way or am I just out of luck?

    • Hi goodfgirl1960,
      Thanks for your question. To play HD games, all you have to do is open up your browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, or Internet Explorer 11). There’s no program for you to download to play HD games as long as you have the most recent version of the browser you’re using. The only problem one may have is if they are playing on an older computer, such as one running Windows XP. However, if you have a fairly new operating system on your computer, you should be good to go. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

  • Hi! I love that Pogo is changing some of the games to new formats. But there is one game that I just adore Match and Merge. Do you know when new levels will be coming? The music is so relaxing as I played it.

    Thank you and have a great week!

    • Hi Zfesityone,
      I do not have any updates for you about Match and Merge, but I thank you for asking. When and if I do receive updates about this game, I will provide an update in the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog. I’m so glad you enjoy the music and find it relaxing. Finding relaxing music can be a really great thing. Thank you.

  • I see a lot of people have been asking the same question about chat and weather you’re going to move it back to the side of screen. You keep saying the Pogo team are reviewing new chat solutions.

    Surely they have had a enough time to review it by now. So it’s a simple question are they going to move it YES or No.

    One of saying for your site it Make friends and play games, it’s a bit hard to make friends when you can’t talk to people.

    • Hi Bev,
      Thanks for your feedback about chat. Yes indeed, you are correct that I have been saying the Pogo team has been reviewing the chat options However, it is a very lengthy process from idea to creation and finally to release. I’ll have more about the process in next week’s Pogo Insider. Thanks for the question.

  • It’s cool!

  • Really enjoyed the new Mahjong Garden “Dragon Race” and Pogo Sudoku “Sudoku Shuffle” 6 Challenge Personal Marathon Albums. 28 gems for a 6 Challenge album is great!!