Blog Post #80 – June 12, 2018


Hello Pogoians,

It’s Tuesday again and here we are in the Pogo Insider! How has your week been so far? I finished all of the Game of the Month Badges for Jet Set Solitaire over the weekend and I had so much fun. I’m now up to Kilimanjaro!


Please note: New Blog Schedule

Pogoians, I love writing this blog, it is super fun on so many levels. I feel like I’ve said this before and it’s because it’s true. Here’s the thing: I want to leave the comments open longer and to do so, I need the time to read through each one and reply to as many of them as I can. Also, as you know, Pogo releases new content every other Tuesday so I’d like to pair up my blog with the releases as they come so I can really dive into what is coming out on the site and so I can give you the best most up to date info. As such,  I will post the Pogo Insider blog every other Tuesday starting next week. My next post will be June 19th, as there’s a release that day, and then again on July 3, and so on. This means the comments will be left open for a longer period of time and I’ll be able to take my time reading through and responding. Thanks for understanding.

And now….here’s a special treat just for you!

Stack’em HD is headed your way next week and here are some sneak peek images from the new game! Those animals are looking awfully cute, aren’t they? Which Stack ‘Em critter do you like best?



Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.


Game Updates

Cookie Connect – New levels are on the way June 20th.

Jet Set – New levels coming this summer.

Quinn’s Aquarium – New levels out today! (Second Tuesday every month)

Poppit! Party – I do not yet have an update about your request for new costumes, but I’ve definitely checked in with the team to know that this is a highly-sought-after addition to the game! I will keep you posted on any developments.


New Games

Stack’em – New H5 version coming  June 19th. Click here to read more.

Post Cards From Britain – 20th with free (that’s right, free!) Minis on the 19th.

A Way With Words – This will be released on June 21st.


Known Issues

Chess – An issue in which the robot was not responding has been fixed.

Crossword Cove – Time out when actively playing game is currently being worked on.

Sound – Google Chrome has updated their browser to include a feature where it auto-shuts off sound. Chrome has announced that this is a browser issue and has rolled out a fix so if you are experiencing this, please update Google Chrome. If that does not work, please click here for a workaround.


Website updates

Pogo recommendations and specifications for your computer – The team has updated the recommended specifications for playing Pogo games smoothly; please click here in order to find out more about these recommendations to help ensure that Pogo games run more smoothly on your computer.

New Pogo Sign-In Experience – New Pogo sign-in experience will be starting to roll out in July and will end in October. Please click here to read more.

Scrabble and Monopoly: Please click here to read more information about Scrabble and Monopoly being removed from Pogo.

Chat – (No new update). We’re reviewing new chat solutions. I thank you for your feedback in the blogs on your Pogo chat experience. I’ve collected the feedback and alerted the Pogo team.


Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. When will I get the completion Badge when I finish the Father’s Day Badge Marathon?
A. The Father’s Day Badge Marathon began yesterday (For more info, click here). Club Pogo players received one Father’s Day Badge Marathon Album in their gifts. You have until June 17th, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT to complete all of the badges in that album. If you complete the Badges by June 17th, 2018 at 11:59 PM, the completion Badge will be automatically granted to your account! This means no more waiting for the completion Badge to be awarded. This badge will be awarded to in your Special Edition Badges Album. The badge is called the Father’s Day Race Victory Badge and will look like this…..



Thank you for reading the Pogo Insider. Have a great week of fun on Pogo and with the Father’s Day Badge Marathon! Oh! And happy upcoming Father’s Day to all of the fathers on Pogo and in your family.

Before I sign off this week, I want you all to remember this: each and every single one of you are super important in this community and in this world. You matter.



Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • Is it possible that the icons to enlarge the playing area could all be the same? Right now, it is hunt and seek for something that is different and hope that it is the correct one. Old eyes really like the larger playing area. Thanks.

    • Hi Ma,
      Which game are you asking about? Thank you.

      • Pay Day Freecell and Rainy Day Spider are 2 that I can think of that I would love to see being able to be enlarged. Fingers crossed here.

      • Some of the games have the gear, some have a screen, Cookie Connect has 2 parallel bars. The gear would be my vote for the best for all.

  • Good afternoon Pogo_Llama

    I noticed under Construction Zone the following:

    “Post Cards From Britain – 20th with free (that’s right, free!) Minis on the 19th.”

    Does this mean that there will be free minis available on June 19th that are representative of the new game Post Cards from Britain?

    In the recent past, some members have noted that when Pogo gifts us free M&Ms and they did not enter their Gift area, that their free M&Ms were removed without being opened. Will this work with the free Father’s Day Badge Marathon album? I thank Pogo for the free album, but it’s not one I want due to 2 games contained in it. If I don’t access my Gift page and don’t open this gift, will it be removed at some point?

    • Hi SusyQ,
      Yup yup! Free Minis for Post Cards from Britain will be available next week.
      And yes, that will work from the Father’s Day Badge Marathon album as well.
      Thank you for your questions.

  • Thank you POGO for the Fathers Day Marathon Badge Album. I am having so much fun playing that I couldn’t stop until I had almost completed it. I also think it is a great idea to do Insider every other week. You get so many comments and so little time to go through them all. Keep up the great work!!!!

    • Howdy!
      Which badge was your favorite for the Father’s Day Badge Marathon?
      Thank you, Barryandlinda!

      • hi I am very flustered with quinns aquarium game I have played for hours and not getting any where I wont get the fathers day badge if this keeps up mine are all done except for this one. I did buy some shuffle but it doesn’t help and with a small income per month I really cant keep buying help please let me hear from you maybe I am missing something?? thanks so much

        • What level are you working on? Players, do you have some tips n hints for Justbarbo4 on the Quinn’s badge?

          • I wouldn’t use the shuffle power up, I’d use the extra slot power up to bring it more In line with how Mahjong Garden is played and greatly increases the chances of winning. Still lose quite a bit but not nearly as much as normal. Personally I wish it gave us 2 slots default with optional )power-up buy) for a third, but oh well. I used the free shuffles when it was released and found it not overly helpful.

      • I think I would have to say Quinn’s Aquarium…..with Mahjong Garden a close second.

  • Alot of these new games or updates do not show a person’s status. Also, I miss getting tokens, for me it’s a progress measurement.

    • Hello fleeterwing,
      I have very good news for you as finding your stats on H5 games actually does exists.
      Here’s how:
      1. Click on the settings wheel located on the bottom left of your screen
      2. Click on the stats button
      3. Read your stats! It works and it’s right there for you

      Here are some images that may help with my instructions:

      • why cant you keep power ups in this game if not used? jet set solitaire

        • Hi hj,
          You do get to keep any powerups that you purchase in Jet Set, but the ones you earn in game are for that game only. It is as intended as part of the game play. Thank you!

    • I agree

  • I hope you find a way to put clues and spies on hd to like you did the other games. I love that game but cant play it all the time because it freezes up on firefox and google and internet explorer please help

    • Hi Gloria,
      Thank you for the suggestion. CLUE is definitely being looked into. Have you taken the “Choose the Next Pogo Game” survey yet?

  • Hi there Pogo_Lama, Hope things are going well. Just finished reading Insider in full and… ummm… wow. Got some busy times coming soon. Looking forward to all the releases (especially A Way With Words. Here’s to hoping it lives up to my expectations as I LOVE word games. Am a tad disappointed Insider will be every two weeks instead of every week, but can understand and adapt :) (I am an information junkie LOL)

    In any case, I have two things I’d like to address and throw out there.

    1. Crossword Cove HD: Might it be possible to place a settings gear on the main title screen instead of having to select a puzzle and play in order to just click on the gear to view stats? It’s actually quite annoying LOL. (Or am I just not seeing it?)

    2. Quinn’s Aquarium: I have seen MUCH discussion brought up regarding this, and I tend to have to agree. Why do we not have the ability to choose whether we move forward in the story-line or just be able to select a level we want to replay (our choice). I know it is possible to place a flag/marker in the code that once the “star-fish” thingy is earned for completing a level that you could not gain another one for replaying that level or any level that has already been completed, basically allowing those that choose to move forward with the story, can and those that don’t, won’t. (For example like in, Solitaire Gardens, Mahjong Escape).

    Am really anticipating the next Mini Mall release amd everything else. As always, thank you and the team for all you do and especially you, Pogo_Llama, for all the information and interaction you give. Have a great week…

    • Howdy Katnipaz,
      Busy times indeed and it makes me happy to know you’re looking forward to all of it. :)
      1. I will send the request in to the team about your wish for Crossword Cove.
      2. When the developer of Quinn’s Aquarium (Jolly Bear) created the game, this was the progression model they intended to make. The Pogo team has heard the feedback and we are relaying it to the developer.

      Thanks for stopping by and you have a great week as well.

  • Hi Pogo Llama. It’s a toss up on the new Stack’em faces. I love Chomper but Picasso is cute also. Maybe we could have both. Thanks for the updates. Enjoy reading your blog every week.

    • Hi sandy,
      Good news, we WILL have both. Yay! Best of both worlds, right? Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog.

      • I LOVE Chompers. Haven’t played this game in awhile but used to be one of my favorites in the morning with coffee. I’ll definitely give it a try with HD.







    • Hello stickynicky409,
      Well thank you for stopping by and for your comments. First off, congratulations on 10 years with Pogo! What’s been your very favorite Pogo game over the years?
      I so agree with you that the feature you’re talking about in Crossword Cove is super helpful. There are times where I tab over to another screen and when I come back to Crossword Cove, there’s my game all waiting nicely for me and not having to reload. That’s just one of the many awesome features of the HTML 5 technology.
      Thanks for reading and have a fun week in Pogo.

      • Hello Pogo Llama!

        Thanks for responding to my comments.

        Thanks for the 10 year cheer! Lol!

        To answer your question of my favorite Pogo game over the years is…… YAHTZEE PARTY! I play it almost every day for 10 years now. I have ranked out in it! Lol! Please just a suggestion? Can CLUB POGO consider adding more RANKS to YAHTZEE PARTY! Wow! This would be great!

        Thanks so much & Have a wonderful week in POGOLAND, STICK.

        • I bet you definitely want more ranks in Yahtzee Party. Wow! Good for you and congratulations on ranking out in there and for playing it for the last 10 years. You have to be a Yahtzee Party pro!
          Thanks, Stick. Take care.

  • I have to pick the pink pig as my favorite. I never used Sue growing up, but it is a common nickname for Susan. And since I worked grave shift as a casino dealer I know how it feels to gamble the night away :)

    I was wondering if you had an update on the ME M&M Badge, Pachyderm Present? There are quite a few that are waiting to purchase the badge. It’s been almost 5 months now.


    • Hi Suz,
      I just talked with the Pogo team that deals in badges about the Pachyderm Present. What I can say is that there are a number of fun events and badges coming up with this summer and I would not be surprised to see that badge among them. ;)
      You worked the grave shift as a casino dealer?! Wow! Yup, you and Sue would have a lot to talk about.

      • And some of the stories I could tell her would uncurl her tail :)

        Thanks for checking on the ME Badge.


  • I am sorry but, I asked this question a few weeks ago but missed the answer. The POGO Tournaments end every other Thursday. My question is…..What “time” does it end for Pacific Time members. Sometimes I stay up late and would like to know when I can go to sleep.
    Thank you so much for all of your amazing efforts to please so many people. Your entire team is truly awesome!!!

    • Hiya Pattiecake,
      The tournaments end at 11:59 PM Pacific Time every other Thursday. Thank you so much for being such a dedicated Pogo Tournament player. YOU’RE awesome. :)

  • when Stack ’em goes HD will we be able to retained the badges we’ve earned in this game thus far?

    • Howdy hi, KA99LEE,
      The information on the upcoming Stack’em HD can be found by reading this article. I’ve also copy and pasted the badge information you’ve requested. Thank you for asking and have a nice week.

      All unfinished, activated Badges from the Flash version of Stack ’em will be auto-awarded to your account on a date yet to be determined.
      All Badges purchased (both activated and not activated) for the Flash Stack ’em will be auto-awarded to your account on another date yet to be determined.
      Unfinished Rank Badges will not be transferred over. Because this is a new version of the game, it will come with its own Rank Badges. All finished Rank Badges will be yours to keep in your Badge Collection, too.

  • In the new Stack-um, my favorite is Picasso

  • Will the card games ever get updated? They seem pretty popular and we “oldsters” really love to play them. Jungle Gin, Spades, Hearts, Pinochle, Euchre…. please give us more.

    • Hi Patm,
      Thanks for your request for many of the card games. Yes, I do know that many of these card games are quite popular and the team would love to transfer them over to H5. I’ll relay the request to the team and if and when I hear anything, I’ll update you all in the Construction Zone area of the blog. Thank you!

      • Especially 1000 Island Solitaire. This is a unique game, and one I hope doesn’t get lost in translation. There are a number of games from the earlier years of Pogo that became favorites for lots of us, especially when we get tired of the timed/pressure inducing games. For example: I played the Father’s Day marathon…all of it was great…except for the Mahjong Dimensions. I kept it till last, in hopes it would go away, but alas, I didn’t. So, I’m playing it about 5-7 levels at a time; I just don’t like the “how fast can you click” games

        Pr Chris

      • I 100% agree with parm1949.
        About the card games, all but the Canasta, before any more ranks are added to that, won’t you talk to them about more ranks for spades and Pinochle. If I could have cleared my stats in spades, I would have.
        It would be nice if they could add ranks to hearts and Backgammon, but set it up that we can play backgammon against the computer. I hope my wishes can and will be heeded.
        Thank you for “hearing” me out!

        • I’m always here to listen. Thank you for sharing your concerns and thoughts with me, JL.


  • Are there any plans to update QWERTY? This is a great game and would be a wonderful addition because of losing scrabble.

    • Hi Nana,
      Thanks for your request for Qwerty. I’ll relay the request to the team and if and when I hear anything, I’ll update you all in the Construction Zone area of the blog. Thank you!

    • I too would love to have Qwerty back. It will not load in Firefox or IE 11, so I have missed it terribly. It was my daily game until it became unplayable

    • I have problems even getting QWERTY to load anymore. It use to load with no problems, I agree that QWERTY needs to be fixed soon, before we lose Scrabble, because I think many people will play QWERTY when Scrabble is gone.

      • Can you click here to run the compatibility scan? Once you do that, please copy the information provided and respond back to this message by pasting that information. The technical team I will forward it too needs this information in order to help you out as they need to know which browser, operating system, resolution, and Java/Flash versions you’re using when experiencing these issues.

    • Agree with Nana! need more multiplayer conversions as well! (Dice City Rollers, Lottso, Shuffle Bump, Poppazoppa and others would be great!)

    • I agree…. QWERTY is ONE of my favorite games and am trying to rank it out. Would be awesome to have it converted.

  • I like Chomper the best

    • Hi poncho,
      He’s sooo cute, right? I love that his favorite food is everything! Reminds me of my parent’s lab, Lucky, who will also eat everything! Haha.
      Enjoy your day.

    • i like chomper the best also, thank you

  • I meant to mention that while I’m not a fan of Stack’Em, the sneak peek is pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to trying the game when it is released.

  • I can’t wait to play the new Stack’em! I think I’ll choose Picasso because that happens to be one of my favorite shades of GREEN! :) But..they’re ALL adorable.

    • You’re right, that is a really nice shade of green! It’s the one week countdown until the new Stack’em! :)

  • Is there any way to go back to levels previously played in Quinn’s Aquarium?

    • Hi scamp,
      The way in which players progress in Quinn’s Aquarium is designed to keep moving forward after every successful completion of a level. After you have completed all of the current level’s in Quinn’s, then you will be brought to the bonus level and you will be able to play those levels indefinitely.

  • Hi, I’d like to know if a mini item can be released again. Some of my friends like the hairstyle known as Wavy, which was one of the first ever, but has been gone for years now. I like it and use it a lot myself.

    • Hi ZZ,
      I can put the request in for you to the Mini team here at Pogo. It would be nice to have a hairstyles release someday, I think. A lot of fun to be had with that. :) Thanks!

  • hi pogo lama

    can u guys bring out spite and malice, aka skip bo, and thousand island, pogo addiction solitaire on html

    ty for the nice words u said

    • Hi lovemysusieq,
      Thank you for the game requests. I have fond memories of playing SkipBo with my mom and sister as a child and just thinking about them brought a smile to my face, so thank you. :)
      Have a great week here in Pogo.

  • Congratulations Pogo Llama on your success with Jet Set Solitaire. Some of us are not having quite the same success, having had to play some levels 500, 600, even 700 times and no success at getting to 3 stars. But we will keep trying.

    The one thing that concerns me, is how can this be called a solitaire game when you can come up with 5, 6, even 7 of the same card in a level.

    Thanks for all the updates and information you pass to us each week. It is much appreciated.

    • Hiya dolphin8357,
      What level of Jet Set are you on? It’s not an easy game, but definitely fun for me. I actually spent a great amount of time playing it on Sunday afternoon and evening. Once I started playing for the Game of the Month badges, I couldn’t stop myself.

      So to explain about why Jet Set is a solitaire game, Jet Set is golf-style solitaire. The game World Class Solitaire is Klondike-style solitaire. If you do a quick search, you will be able to read up more on what each style is like and see there are several different styles of solitaire out there. The more the merrier, right?! :) Thank you for stopping by and you have a wonderful week.

  • Are there any plans for converting Penguin Blocks to HD/HTML5? I love Bob and so enjoy this game. Love most of the changes being made.

    • Hi caheartlandlady,
      Oooh Penguin Blocks, what a nice request to see. I’ll relay the info to the team and if and when I hear anything, I’ll update you all in the Construction Zone area of the blog. Thank you!

    • I’m with you caheartlandlady – would love to have Penguin Blocks available to play. Would also like a jigsaw puzzle in HD – like the treasure one.

      • Jigsaw puzzles! Especially since for some reason most of the jigsaw games out there are so pathetic. The two we had (Jigsaw Detective and Jigsaw Treasure Hunter) are better than most other game sites.

        Pr Chris

    • I vote for Penguin Blocks being upgraded too!!!

      • I’m with you! Love Bob and friends. Maybe some new things to buy for his eatery? Keep them frozen pizzas coming!

      • I third that!! I love Penguin Blocks.

    • I spent many hours pushing penguins off my ice! If the playing experience isn’t too radically different (I’m looking at you, Turbo 21HD), I would love to do so again.

    • +1 for Penguin Blocks and Perfect Pair Solitaire :)

  • Pogo Llama, love the new look for stack’em. Critters are so cute and now named which is nice. FYI, most of us who are requesting info on Poppit Party don’t just want new outfits but levels. I am totally maxed out on the game (outfits, levels, ranks and coins), so only get the joy of playing since there is nothing to get. You have done great keeping us informed on things, so thank you. Look forward to your next blog.

    • Hi Cuteo,
      Having a name with the face certainly makes it even more fun, right?! Love it.
      I understand what you’re saying about Poppit! Party and the new levels. You know, I think it’s really awesome you love the game so much, I really do. Thank you and I’ll make sure the team knows it’s not only about the outfits, although that’s fun too.

  • I like Sue and her gambling habit is very funny and cute!
    Stack EM is one of my all time favorite games. Love that it will be kept use-able when Flash changes happen. It’s being released the week of my birthday (June 23). A very nice treat for me LOL Thank you for all the work that is done by you and everyone at pogo to keep it wonderful!!!

    • Hi Mary,
      Sue really is quite the character! I think they’d all be fun to hang out with. :)
      Happy (early) birthday to you! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Stack’em. Have a great week.

  • HI Pogo_Llama

    I didnt even get a chance to vote on the CHOOSE THE NEXT GAME SURVEY because the comments were closed so soon. So I am glad that you now have a new Blog schedule that will allow more time for us to post our comments. If the survey bears some weight of which games will be converted to HTML5 this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to us Pogo members!

    The new Stack ‘Em critters look so cute! Kudos to the artists!

    Have a fun day!

    • Hiya Spurt,
      I have delightful news for you. If you click here, you can still take the survey on the next game.
      I’m excited to have more time to read and respond to comments, as well. It’ll be a win for all. Please know that each and every one of you here in the Pogo community is extremely important to us.
      Thanks for stopping by and I’ll let the artists know of your kind comment on the Stack’em characters. :)

      • Terrific, thanks for the info about the Survey! Glad I can get my vote in

  • Hi Pogo Llama, question when will there be new levels coming out for Jewel Academy?

    • Hi elaine,
      Jewel Academy levels will be released at some point but not for awhile. I’ll keep you posted on the Pogo Insider Construction Zone section. Thank you for asking.

  • I am done with father’s day badge marathon in 2 days

    • WOW! You are a Pogo rockstar, Rustyjeanne. Congrats!

    • hi rusty, Quinns Aquarium……. HOW DO YOU WIN THIS in the marathon? I am getting no where fast…….. any suggestions or secrets?? is there something I am missing/ I will never get my fd badge at this speed…

      • Are you talking about the Father’s Day marathon? It asks for you to complete 19 levels. Just keep playing, and it should build progress toward the total. Each puzzle is a level, and whether you are playing a section you haven’t played before, or are playing the “random play” situation, each one should be added to your badge total.

        Pr Chris

      • Hi Justbarbo4,

        A couple of tips I can give you is first: to only match tiles that have either two or four tiles showing on the board. If there is a tile that has 3 showing I do my best not to disturb them until either the 4th tile has been uncovered or there is no other choice. At that point I go for the tiles that are atop the deepest stacks. The second tip is to always leave the “free” tiles for last. By “free” I mean the tiles that are NOT locking in any other tile, the ones that are mostly by themselves, or adjoining one or more tiles, but not locking them in. It’s important to match the tiles that are blocking other tiles first.

        Using these strategies does NOT guarantee a win, but will definitely improve your odds. I am not a fan of Quinn’s because of having only 1 free “undo” per game. I only attempt to play it for badges/challenges. I am currently at 16/19 and I just play until I get stuck and have to quit a game. Then I go do something else to alleviate that stress and come back to it later if I feel up to it, or wait until the next day. Hope this helps, Good Luck to you!

  • yes chomper is such is a cutie,ty pogo for the cute gifts,hope to see more in the future♥♥

    • Thanks, lifes2short714! I’m so glad you’re enjoying so much of Pogo.

  • Did you get rid of the sheep and cow in Stack’em? I like them the best….Mary

    • Nope nope! We just sneak peeked a few of the characters for Stack’em. No worries, you’ll see plenty of sheep and cows soon. :)

  • You matter too. Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared, then you energy.

  • I am still chuckling after seeing the new Stack’Em characters. My favorite is Picasso
    I know the new games are issued on Tuesday, Pogo must be psychic. I had just finished Level 2 in Quinn’s. The new area came online just in time for me to finish the Dad’s challenge. My only surprise was paying the price for the seahorse. My favorite badge is the Two of Us.
    While I miss my tournament friends, the time saved has been used to good purpose.
    First badge July 5, 2008
    Badges Earned: 8,000, June 1, 2018
    Wednesday Challenges: 1705; Mix-n-Match: 2278
    Premium: 1241; Game Award: 2444
    Special Edition: 332; Albums: 215

    On to more challenges.

    • Hi sportsplay,
      Yes! Picasso is super fun! I really don’t know who to pick as my fav but Picasso is definitely on up there at the top of the list.
      I love that you provided your badge stats for me. Thank you so much and congratulations on hitting 8K on June 1 of this year! WOW!!!

  • The new art for Stack’em looks great. We don’t see the farmer in the current game, so now I’m wondering if play of the game will change. Stack’em is near-and-dear to me as a restful “palate cleanser” between timed games. I hope the new version is better but not much different in how it’s played.

    I do appreciate that you’ll be taking time to answer more players’ comments and questions. The new bi-weekly column schedule seems like it will be an improvement.

    • Hi mudclam,
      Thanks for your comment and I’m looking forward to you playing the new Stack’em next week.

  • Well I will vote this way >>CHOMPER<< the wee lad looks like he is full of mischief what's not to like about that Innocent FACE!! lol hm the DUCK is just a QUACKER! ie noise maker BUT my next question is What did do with **GEORGE the SHEEP!!** now he has great character as for the farmer is useless!! With regards to the Father's Day Album I had them all done in 7 hours plus a few others that I have in my M & M collection. Yes I am a badge Junkie I usually do about 20 to 30 badges a week, mind you I include the dailies in that count & I always see what Premium & Mixers I have floating & i sometimes re activate old Prem & Mixers just for the fun of it. Have a great week Oh PS I also do badges for a couple of my friends here in Pogo land!!

    • Hi DFDRUID,
      It sounds like you have a lot of fun here in Pogo! Thank you for being a part of the Pogo community and have a great week. Oh, and “George” the Sheep is still around, he was just shy. :)

  • I have tried to use the Contact Us Now Icon but it never comes up. I just would like to know when the new games are going to start in Jet Set and Jewel Academy

    • Hi Blondebev,
      Please read the Construction Zone section of the Pogo Insider blog for all the latest updates on games, including Jet Set and Jewel Academy. New levels for Jet Set are on the way soon. Thanks!

  • Hello! I love Chomper. He’s cute. I have a question about tokens. Since the mini mall won’t be charging for token items, what will we be able to use our tokens on? Thank you.

    • Yay! Chomper is super cute. I wish he were my own pet!
      Hmmm, tokens on coin casino games perhaps?

  • I wished there were other choices for choosing the next Pogo game. Neither are favorites of mine particularly WW and Clue which is a HOG. WW is my 5th most hated game on the site.

    I did not vote for either of the 3 though I could have chosen sweet tooth.

  • Hello, last week I asked how to get the chat box to work in the H5 games (type in it) and you answered, to enlarge the game then bring it back down, Yes, it does then show the chat box , but you cannot type in it in order to sometimes ask questions or chat with friends , Will there be a way to chat in the H5 games soon? thank you

    • Hi bjvs,
      Can you click here to run the compatibility scan? Once you do that, please copy the information provided and respond back to this message by pasting that information. The technical team I will forward it too needs this information in order to help you out as they need to know which browser, operating system, resolution, and Java/Flash versions you’re using when experiencing these issues with H5 chat.

  • Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the marathon badges being in an album. So much easier. Thanks!

    • Thank you, swedestitch! That’s great information to know and I will let the team know too!

  • Hi Pogo_llama,
    OMG The New Stack ’em
    They are all so cute, I can’t wait for the New Release Of This game.

    Thank You Pogo For The Mother’s & Father’s Day Album.


  • I’d love to have an HD Poppit. There are some mix n match badges i was crazy to buy and know that i will never complete them — like finding something like 4,000 prizes (and quite a few others). I know that i am not alone. Plz pass on a request for HD Poppit plzzz. Thx!!!

  • BTW, on the Stack’ Em rhingy, Chomper is fa bomb LOL I like him and my wife does as well… And, thank you for your answer earlier :)

  • Why was the Mother’s Day marathon 10 badges but the Father’s Day marathon only 5?

    • Hiya Blysse,
      The amount of badges is subject to vary from event to event. Thanks for your question.

  • I think chopper is so adorable. why cant we get tokens from the HD version games, none of them give out. enjoy getting tokens….. Thank you for all the tokens and gifts you give out, yall are a awesome bunch. I LOVE POGO

    • Hi Jewelseygirl,
      Chomper is great, I’m so glad you enjoy him.
      I did answer a question about tokens in a Pogo Insider blog a few weeks back. Pogo Insider. In the article, I stated that, in the future, the current token system will be replaced with a new awarding system. Please do click on the link above and then scroll on down to the Insider Question area to read more. Thanks for asking and for being a part of Pogo.


  • I have noticed several post that say firefox will not play java games. That is sort of true. The Current versions won’t except that you can go to the firefox site and download the ESR version 52.8.1 and it will play all POGO games just fine. Please pass this info along to the team that published the system requirements post. It may help others.

  • I would like to see pogo solitaire addiction and perfect pair solitaire updated so many of us old time pogo players really loved those games.

    • Thank you for the game suggestions, Bebopla.

      • I love Penguin Blocks too! Seems like a very complex game to program in HTML5 It has so many fun details, and I would hate to lose this game. Would also love to see Pogo Addiction Solitaire. So much fun, and it is addicting!

    • I agree! All the games that brought me in and got me to subscribe are now sitting there unplayable. I don’t understand why the games that I CAN play are getting updates, yet these others aren’t. Sigh. I keep hoping it will get done.

      I would love also like to see these other games updated: Shuffle Bump, Lottso, Dice City Roller, etc. There’s so many.

      Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Could it be possible for all gifted badges from Pogo to players be put into a completely separate set of albums instead of in our Personal Mix-n-Match albums. The reason is, many of the gifted badges from Pogo are games many of us don’t like and so don’t complete, which means the album won’t be completed and we miss out on the Special Edition badge awarded for completing an album, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. I guess what I’m saying is, as it stands now, Pogo players won’t attain a Personal Mix-n-Match album completion badge unless they complete the included challenge badges Pogo decides to give them, whether they like or play the game(s) or not, and that doesn’t quite seem fair to me. Suggestion – Personal Mix-n-Match Badge Albums for players and Pogo Gifted Badge Challenge Album. Have a great week!

    • Hi meme,
      Thank you for your feedback and suggestion about MnM badges. I totally understand what you’re saying as I’ve heard this feedback from players before. I’ve let the team know. Thank you and have a great week, too.

      • Hi Llama, Good to know others feel the same. Thought of another suggestion… give players the option to accept or decline gifted challenge badges from Pogo. That’d work too.

  • Were all the free gifts during this last release of new mini items a one time thing, or is it a move away from tokens? Thanks!

    • Hi Dinkerster,
      If you’re able, please take a look at a Pogo Insider blog from two weeks ago as it included information about the Mini Mall. You can find that here. All items in the Mini Mall that were priced with tokens will now be free. Thank you.

  • WOW, 1st time in a very long time, if ever I have seem comments OPEN! I have been on here for years. Have read the Blog last couple yrs. Always closed!! Hope to join new blog schedule! Still Hoping to see new costumes in Bingo party! Where to go find any tips on new Jewel Academy last new additions, on how to win without buying tokens! The screens are not as varying as earlier levels, harder to win and become boring compared to earlier screens of variety! Love Pogo!!! Good customer service.. and hope Pogo does walk us thru new log in changes! TY for your time, energy, updates and caring Llama! !

    • Hi Dntse22,
      I love it when players ask for tips on the games. I’m always opening it up to other players to help with game tips here in the blog comments. Please also check out the Pogo forums, there’s a lot of great tips there. Thank you and so glad you’re loving all-things Pogo! We love having you here as well. (And yes, I am here to walk y’all through the changes).
      I do also want to mention that it IS possible to win each and every level of every game here in Pogo without the purchase of Gems for powerups. Thank you!