Blog Post #78 – May 29, 2018


Hello Pogoians!

There’s a full moon tonight! It’s called the Full Flower Moon as this is the time of year when spring flowers are most in bloom, according to early Native American tribes.

 Do you recall back in March when I asked you all to vote on which themed Mix n Match pack you’d like to see available in Pogo? The winner was the Solitaire Bundle and it’s going to be released in June! Here’s this week’s sneak peek, which is the four badges for the upcoming Player’s Choice June Mix n Match pack. Of the four, which will be your favorite game to play? Which badge design do you like the best? (Comment below!)


Welcome to the Construction Zone! Here is where you will find the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Please understand that unless an announcement comes directly from EA and/or Pogo, we cannot endorse it as true. All games and updates reported here in the Construction Zone have been given the “go ahead” and are on track to come out. Anything else that is reported is speculation right now.

Game Updates

Cookie Connect – New levels on the way June 20th.

Poppit! Party – I have relayed your many awesome requests for more costumes in Poppit! Party to the Pogo team. As of right now, however, I do not have an update for you on this request.


New Games

Stack’em – New H5 version coming the week of June 18th. Click here to read more.

Post Cards From Britain – Coming in June.

A Way With Words – New word game coming this summer.


Known Issues

Sound – Google Chrome has updated their browser to include a feature where it auto-shuts off sound. Chrome has announced this is a browser issue and will be working to fix it in an upcoming release. However, until that is released, please click here for a workaround.

Quinn’s Aquarium – The team is aware of some players experiencing a black screen when trying to load the game. They are actively working with the developer to correct this issue. The developers have made some changes to the code for the WebGL compliance, but we do realize some of you are experiencing issues and the developers are looking into these.

Jewel Academy – We have informed the developers of the issue and are now working on a fix for the current Wednesday Challenge.


Website updates

New Pogo Sign-In Experience – New Pogo sign-in experience will be starting to roll out in July and will end in October. Please click here to read more.

Scrabble and Monopoly: Please click here to read more information about Scrabble and Monopoly being removed from Pogo.

Prizes – The Prize link has been temporarily removed from Guest and Free pages on while the team works on revamping those pages.

HTML 5 recommendations and specifications for your computer – The team has updated the recommended specifications for playing HTML 5 games smoothly; please click here in order to find out more about these recommendations to help ensure that HTML 5 games run more smoothly on your computer.

Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)


Q. Why am I unable to use the enter/tab/space bar keys in Crossword Cove HD?
A. The great news is now you can! Yup! I heard your feedback and relayed it to the team, who then worked with the developer, and now you can use the enter, tab, and space bar keys to navigate your way through Crossword Cove HD. Have a great time, I know I have been!

Q. Why are there no tokens in Crossword Cove HD? Will there be tokens in upcoming HTML 5 games?
A. I, and the rest of the Pogo team, know this is a point of contention with some players. As I stated in the comments last week, For those of you for whom tokens provide a way to project status and achievement over time, we hear you and we understand your aversion to losing this status. So here’s the great news: we have a new system in the works that will allow you to engage with Pogo in new and meaningful ways. The Pogo team is actively working on this new system and is working with your wants and needs in mind. We’ll provide more details at a later time, but we’re truly excited about what we’re working on for you. In the meantime, please enjoy the many other fun ways to enjoy Pogo which include (but are not limited to), playing/finding/experiencing games, making friends, working on Challenges, ranking up, and chatting.


I’ve been playing Crossword Cove HD daily since it game out last Tuesday and now I’m going back in time to finish those puzzles, too! I’m having a really great time testing my mind. I have to admit that although my great grandmother was an avid crossword fan during my youth, I had not tried it out before. Having that memory of my great grandma inspired me to try and now, I’m really enjoying the different way it makes my brain think.  I can definitely see the appeal and I will continue to work on the puzzles in Crossword Cove.

Thank you for reading this edition of the Pogo Insider. I wish you all a great rest of the week and a fun time in Pogo! I will definitely read and reply to your comments as best and fast as I can. Please click here to read more on Pogo Insider blog commenting. Thank you!


Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I miss the old crossword cove that actually took some thought to play. As much as I dislike this new one, it is also to easy, five minutes, I’m done. Seems like we are losing all our challenge type games.

    • Thanks for your feedback! It’s great you enjoyed the UK style so much!

  • Hi:) Checking in, hope you’re well. Happy to play Poppit bingo w/out the music. Enjoying the blogs, as always. Tgc!!

  • I really like the plants vs zombies badge plus it is one of my favorite games.

  • Hi. If you can, Will you please THANK the individual who produced Memorial Day MINIs. It was just wonderful.

  • when will there be more levels for quinns aquarium?

  • I’m not sure what the choices are from the pictures above, but I remember the choices when the votes were taken and I choose Tripeaks Solitaire

  • I love Hearts and wish the game could be HTML, also a little larger. They cards are very small. Thank you.

  • I have gone to the Pogo Help page so many time’s, & I never get any real ly good answers. I just had up dated my Opera Browers & do fine on some of the new game’s, but a lot of them don’t have there music any more or they just don’t do right. And can’t seem to get any good answers to why this is, so can some one please they me what I can do? I don’t like Fire Fox Page so I am limited to what browers I can use, but would love to get my game’s to play right & have there music back.HELP POGO PEOPLE!

    • Hi SD,
      Please click here to read more about the sound issues. This is a known issue with Google Chrome right now. Do you ever play on Chrome?

  • Your doing a great job! The Pogo Insider really makes the members feel like we’re really part of the big picture(Pogo).. I personally appreciate how things are changing to really make Pogo exciting and that we members are important and not just a dollar sign! I wanted to know if and when your going to make the jigsaw puzzles into the H5 version. I use to really enjoy that, but for a very long time now I can’t even get it to load.. Would you please ask and request that they please in the very near future change it over. Thank You Have an Awesome day. May God bless you and your family…

    • Hiya Selina,
      Thanks so much for your compliment. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Pogo Insider. That makes me smile.
      I just asked the team and they do know of the request for jigsaw puzzles and while there’s nothing in the immediate future, they do plan on getting some out there down the line. Thank you so much and YOU have an awesome day!

  • tri-peaks

  • By the way, I like the Venus Fly Trap

  • I like Number 1 also number 4

  • I can’t wait to play the Solitaire Bundle pack when it comes out in June! My favorite game to play out of the four shown is Tri-Peaks Solitaire! That also happens to be my favorite badge design too!
    Thanks so much for all you do to make this blog something I look forward to reading every week! I truly mean it when I say that this blog has been the best (over the many years that I’ve been a Pogo Club member), since you’ve taken it over. Keep up the awesome job!

    • Karen, Thank you so much for your kind words and for being a member of the Pogo Community. We’re happy you’re here and that you’re enjoying so much of what Pogo has to offer. I can’t wait to hear how you like the Solitaire Bundle pack with your fav game, Tri-Peaks!

  • I Like # 2 With The Bugs

  • If we have not won the Monopoly weekly challenges will we not be able to complete the yearly albums? I’ve tried over and over with no luck so where will it stand? Thanks

    • Yes, you will be able to complete the yearly albums as the badges will be auto-awarded to all players once the game goes away.

  • Was playing Phlinx when my mini was suddenly nude! Can’t seem to get through to any of the help sections. Does this happen to others?

    • When a Mini shows up nude, this is due to the computer loading slowly and here’s why: The way in which Mini’s are created involves many layers and (sometimes) when the computer loads slowly, those layers on the Mini may not fully load and thus, leaves a Mini without, well, anything on.
      The good news is that no one else but you will ever see your Mini as nude. Yay! The fix? All you have to do is refresh the page and your fully-clothed Mini should load again.

  • Hi Pogo. Well we waited a long time for Crossword Cove HD and I’m glad its finally here. However, I am a little disappointed that it is extremely simplistic. I had assumed that it would be as large a grid with as many words and as much challenge as the previous one. Is there anything they can do to fix that? Can they make it bigger and provide more and longer words to solve? I’ll keep hoping.

  • Hi, Pogo Llama! Can I just say how much I am loving Quinn’s Aquarium? I find it so relaxing, especially the soothing music and the fact that it’s not timed. I’m using the aquarium tile set, which is adorable. My only problem is that the game is so addictive that I’ve already completed all of the levels and have to wait for the next set! Thanks for yet another awesome game!

    • Haha well this is great and I’m sooooo glad to hear this! I’ll let the team know your kind words. I bet you’re looking forward to the second Tuesday of every month for new levels! :)

  • The badge that I like the most is for the Tri Peaks Solitare with the large plant attacking the player.

  • When is Quinns aquarium opening the new levels?

  • Can Pogo have its own pinball game on the site?

    • Oooohhh now that would be super fun! I love pinball games at the arcade!

  • I like the four cards the best. Thank you. Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

  • I play Jewel Academy but on games 161,163,169,170,175,188,193,197 and 210 I am unable to get three stars, all others I have 3 stars and would like for you to try those to see if it is possible to actually get three stars, hope to hear your reply. Thanks

    • It is possible to get 3 stars on every level in Jewel Academy for sure. And without power ups. Thank you for reporting in and I know you can do it!

  • By the way Free cell is a favorite among the four.

  • I think of the 4…Tri peaks will be my favorite! :) I like the badge as well

  • I prefer Jet Set Solitaire.

  • One of my favorite games is Thousand Island Solitaire & I am working to max it for the 4th time since I first became a member, and was wondering; are J.P., Maya and others based on actual people with Pogo? Thank you, Susan :) P.S. Please, in the future, do not change it to HD or any other way!!!, Thank you, Susan :)

    • Hiya Fancygalsusan,
      I asked Pogo Rachael if she knew the answer to your question and she says it could be true but she is not 100% sure. I’ll have to ask some of the other team members to see if they know and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for your question and congratulations on maxing it out (almost) for the FOURTH time! WOW!

  • I need help in the new Claire.
    Epilogue posts appear and it seems they should bring out another set.
    However, they don’t go anywhere except to a new game.

    Can you tell me how to reach the epilogues? Or are they merely comments added to the episodes. If they have a search element, I would really like to play them.

    I would appreciate any insight. sports

    • Hi sportsplay,
      The epilogue in Claire Hart 2 is the end of the story and does not include not include gameplay. Thanks for asking this and I do apologize for any confusion.

  • Oh yes, I like the putter in the isle!

  • 1st choice the cards 2cd choice is the one on subway with suitcase

  • Quinn’s Aquarium – do you know when we will have new levels in order to earn more stars and continue the levels?

  • I like all 4 of the solitaire games but my 2 favorite right now are payday freecell and First class Solitaire. I still like Tri-peaks and Rainy day but am a little tired of them for now. All the badges look great!

    Hope everyone had a thoughtful and fun Memorial Day weekend!

  • so disappointed that we can no longer get the little mini’s in jungle gin was looking forward to getting the gold and jewelled ones

  • Suggestion for Poppit Party – since you are continually being asked about the next version, and you apparently have no one to do this, how about allowing us to keep our status, but let us start over with the current ones?

  • i really enjoy working with the minis, but I have a DISAPPOINTMENT I HAVE USED UP all my snapshots, yes between myself & my wife I have created 90 snapshots. I urgently request that you look into my account & see how much fun I’ve had. Is it at all possible to have additional snapshots made available? your wonderful staff has created more superb landscapes, wearing apparel, pet choices that I would have great fun with more creations. If you cannot answer my request thru your blog then please at least email me. I have an abundance of tokens & gems and I would really like to have some additional fun in the mini mall

    • Oh wow! I do love how much you are enjoying the Minis and utilizing the snapshots, thank you for that. I’ll put the request in for you. :)

  • Is thee a way to disable the ‘Are you still playing?’ Pop-up. Because of Cerebral Palsy, I don’t type words fast enough. So in the middle of typing in a word, the message pops up, interrupting my game.

    • Hi Tiger,
      I have notified the Pogo Team and they are working to remove that feature for when players are not idle. I’ll keep you posted when it goes live and I do apologize that it is happening.


  • Why have we not had anything new on “Claire Hart: Soul Searcher for the last several weeks?

    • Hi Lou,
      Please check out the new Claire Hart: Secrets in the Shadows. As such, Claire Hart: Soul Searcher is no longer being updated.

  • Thank you for not adding more ranks for Game of the Month I know a lot of people enjoy it. Nothing frustrates me more then to finally rank out in a game only to have more ranks added later.

    I realize this is off topic and no big deal if you don’t post it I’m use to that, lol.

  • I haven’t had any problems with Quinn’s Aquarium and now I’m on Part 2!!! I love this game!!!!

  • Tex Rex Fighting the Venus Fly Trap Plant. I like tri Peaks.

  • Hi pogo llama, this is my favorite day of the pogo week, I love the Wednesday challenges, for something new to play and the badges to get. I and all retirees appreciate all the free challenges, and look forward to the game of the month challenges too!!! I’d be willing to bet over half pogo’s customers are on fixed incomes, and the free badges help, although I do purchase albums when there is a sale. My favorite solitaire game is between Payday and Tripeaks. Have a good day.

  • I like the four cards display for the solitaire bundle.

  • Thank you so much for updating Crossword Cove! I used to complete the puzzles daily before the format was switched and I’m so glad to have the old format back. Word games have always been my favorites so I’m looking forward to having a new word game in the near future. Keep them coming!

  • Good morning Pogo_Llama

    I would like to thank Pogo for the free Crossword Cove HD M&M and for quickly enabling the enter capability on the game. It makes navigation so much better.

  • We need more patterns for Mahjong Safari, please.

  • Favourite solitaire game would be Rainy Day Spider Solitaire. I have to admit, though, I LOVE the badge image that has the carnivorous plant!!!

  • I’d like to see an “Attempt Number” indicator on the levels in Cookie Connect and Jewel Academy, similar to the one in Jet Set Solitaire.

  • Non technical question : How come WordJhong has not had any new badges yet, or will they try to improve it by making a mixed badge on WordJhong and combine with WordWhomp another words – Can this ever hap[pen soon on those two games combining and mor badges to earn for them ? Guess I asked more than one question sorry. Just wondering !

  • Regarding the game of the month. The new format of the new badges to earn appeals to badge hunters but the old version that added new ranks appealed to a lot of us who are into ranking out games. Why couldn’t the game of the month incorporate both ideas. That way all parties would be happy – badge collectors get badges and the old time players get new ranks. The badge hunters can ignore the new ranks and everyone would be happy I think. Just a thought