Blog Post #62 – February 6, 2018


Hi Pogoians!

How are you doing today? I just realized it is February and this is the first Pogo Insider of February for 2018. Wow! We’ve already gone through one month of 2018! Did you enjoy the results of the Groundhog’s Day this year?


Pogo artist Tony is back this week with a look at February’s Premium Badge Album (PBA). This is PBA 128: Love Spell.

Tony says, “Every now and then you hear about a bride and groom doing something untraditional at a wedding. Well, we open up this badge with newlyweds surfing a big wave in their wedding clothes. Once they’re washed up on shore they try to recreate that famous scene from the movie, From Here to Eternity. But there’s a couple of tiny clawed lovers who end up stealing the love scene.”



As you can see under the Construction Zone, World Class Solitaire HD will be here next Tuesday. (I hear cheers from the crowd!) Here’s a bit of a sneak peek of Pogo’s newest HTML 5 game.



As mentioned in last week’s Pogo Insider, the Valentine’s Day Amazing Mini Show will be happening ON Valentine’s Day this year. I also asked you for theme ideas for the show and you sure did come through. I’ve arranged all of the suggestions into a poll. Now it’s time for you to vote and let us all know what the theme will be this year. And remember:

The next Amazing Mini Show will be ON Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2018. Please note the time is at 2pm PT.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 14, 2018
WHAT TIME: 2 PM Pacific (5 PM Eastern, 10 PM GMT, 4PM Central)
WHERE:  Sweet Tooth 2 Caramel Rooms
Rooms: Amazing Mini 1-24


What theme would you like for the 2018 Valentine’s Amazing Mini Show?

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Welcome to the newest section in the Pogo Insider. Here is where you will get the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

Game Updates

Cookie Connect – 40 new levels on February 27, 2018.

Jet Set Solitaire – New levels being planned.

Poppit! Bingo – Sound fix coming February 27, 2018. (This is the sound fix that you have all requested, where you will be able to mute the sound but not the caller’s voice).

New Games

World Class Solitaire – New HTML 5 game arriving February 13, 2018

Turbo 21 – New HTML 5 game arriving February 27, 2018

Crossword Cove – The team has heard your feedback regarding the style of puzzles and know you prefer the US style. However, the US style puzzles format does not work with the current Flash Crossword Cove. As such, the Pogo team has begun the development of Crossword Cove HTML 5. There is no time-frame at this time. This is the very latest information I have on Crossword Cove.

Vanishing Trail – New Hidden Object Game (HOG) arriving February 13, 2018

Grub Crawl – New Hidden Object Game (HOG) arriving February 27, 2018

A Way with Words – New word game coming in March

Claire Hart Sequel – New Hidden Object Game (HOG) coming in late March. Click here for a recent blog article about this.

Quinn’s Aquarium – New story-based Mahjong game coming in April.

Website updates

New Pogo Sign-In Experience – New Pogo sign-in experience will be starting to roll out in March and end in August.

Chat – We’re reviewing new chat solutions. I thank you for your feedback these last few blogs on your Pogo chat experience! I’ve collected the feedback and alerted the Pogo team.


Every week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)


A few Thursdays ago, we posted an informational article about upcoming changes to the sign in experience here on Pogo. You can read this article by clicking here. I will now answer some common questions from that blog posting.

Please understand username and screenname are the same thing in all references for Pogo. Going forward, I will use screenname when answering questions for less confusion.

Q. Will everyone get to change their screenname?  Can we change our screenname now? Will we lose our friends that are on our list?
A. We are unable to provide screenname changes prior to the transition. However, once the transition is completed, you will be able to change your screenname whenever you’d like and we’ll provide the process to guide you through that. You will not lose your friends list or any other items or settings that are currently in your account during the transition.

Q. Will logging in be complicated after the transition?
A. The new sign-in process will make logging in super easy. The transition is designed to make things simple for you! You will not have to login every time you come to Pogo if you select ‘Remember me’ when logging in.

Q. Will I be able to use my current email that I have on my pogo account?
A. Yes, you may use the email already registered to your Pogo account. If you have more than one Pogo screenname, you will have to register a different email address for each screenname.

Q. If I already have an EA account and it’s the same username I use here on Pogo. Will it stay the same?
A. Yes, if you already have an EA account with the same username, this will be the same name you will use here on Pogo.

Q. If you decide to change your screen name after the transition you said you will keep your badges etc. What happens to your friends list under your old name? How will we be able to find our friends if they change names?
A. Your old name will be replaced with the new name and your friends will still see you under their friends list, but under your new name. If you are worried your friends won’t recognize your new name, I recommend you send them a Pogo message. That way they’ll know exactly who you are!

Q. Will Pogo still be the company processing our yearly Club payment?  Also will the amount stay the same or will the price go up?
A. Pogo is still in charge of payments. EA acquired Pogo 13 years ago so we’ve been a part of EA for a long time now. At this time, there will not be an increase in Club Pogo.

Q. My wife and I both play on Pogo with different screen names but the same E-mail address does this mean one of us will have to change our e-mail address?
A. Yes, one of you will have to register their account with a different email address.

Q. I have had my password for Pogo on automatic for so long I do not remember it. In order to change my password I have to know my current one. What will happen when I have to do the new changes? I’m afraid to mess with my password now and losing everything. What should I do?
A. At this time, you can click on “Forgot password or Screen name” when signing in and you will be walked through the process of setting up a new password. You will not lose anything during this process, don’t worry!


Thanks for another magical Tuesday here on Pogo. Enjoy! I’m already looking forward to next week and the Amazing Mini Show in particular.  Off to lunch now! (What are you having for lunch?)


Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • When will they be free member passes any time soon

    • Hello thisfoxylady,
      Club members can give 5-day passes away at any time. As for if Pogo will have them available, there are not any plans on that right now. Thank you.

  • I am elderly and sometimes hard for me to adapt to changes. Thank you for all your help when I need it.
    Great job Pogo_Llama

  • Hi Llama, hope you’re good. I thank you and pogo for the 10 badge marathon. I was so happy to see Poppit Party and my favorite game, Mahjong Garden included, any chance for more badges and levels in Mahjong Garden? Have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

  • Thank you Pogo and Club Pogo for the badge marathon. I love all of these games (except one) and I am having a blast !!

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,
    I Look forward to every Tuesday to read The Blog to see whats going on in Our Pogo Community.
    If it wasn’t for The Blog we wouldn’t know whats going on until the day of, and with The Blog we are aware of upcoming events weeks before,and this is comforting to me and others.
    Thank You Pogo for the upcoming Valentine Marathon, Means more Badge and Free Badges at that, We’ve never been so Bless to receive so many Free Badge until Pogo _Llama came on board.

    Thank You
    Donna ♥

    • Thanks so much, Donna. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Pogo Insider. Have a great day and good luck in the marathon.

  • I love reading the Blog every week…and can’t wait to see the next PBA (crabs stealing the show?…I’ve gotta see that)

    Also looking forward to the event next week (even if your poll missed Love for pets…and llamas lol) and working on the marathon badges….they are always so much fun 8)

    I’m curious about one thing though…what will happen in the Mix and Magic after next Tuesday? I ask because one of the 3 Magic badges is for World Class Sol and we’ll still have a few days after the game gets converted to buy the 21 badge set

    Thanks for all you guys do…especially with keeping our favorite games playable and making all the beautiful badges and mini items we get each week 8)

    • Hi doglvr2010,
      Thank you for you comment. I’m so glad you’re here and enjoying the most out of Pogo.
      I’ll keep you all posted on the Badge Magic situation. The team is currently looking into it and I’ll keep you posted.

  • There are 2 games that I LOVE and would like to see converted to HTML5. They are crazy cakes and beaker creatures.Thank you very much in advance and I just love my club pogo.

  • Thank you for the marathon badges:) I would like to add a request if I may please.
    I thought it maybe a great idea to place all of the “” Marathon Badges “” into a new “”POGO MARATHON BADGE ALBUM “” Next to the blue and purple albums at the bottom of our my collection page instead of being all mixed up into our MIX N MATCH badge books. The would allow them to become a stand alone Pogo Trophy Marathon badge album all on its own as they should be and a Trophy case in a book to stand as our award show case.. then as we work them set them and work them they will fall into place as they do in our purple book which would be next to it, to stand out on its own. This would look much better and would also solve the people that do not want to play the marathons and have there Mix N Match albums held up as they have been complaining about in chat rooms.
    Just saying – something to think about. Thank you again for them I LOVE THEM :)

  • Thank you for the Badge Marathon. This feature is one I have really enjoyed since they started.

  • Another request please – Would you please do a POGO SCRAP BOOK PBA which the first games that pogo offered in the beginning that made pogo what it has became today. With each game with a picture of the main character for each badge with what would like a scrapbook marathon pasted scene of the game around or behind the main badge for each game for that game. This spring or summer?
    Thank you

    • A new series of PBA named Pogo Scarp Book

      You could do Pogo Scrap book 1 A walk down memory lane or name it in the beginning

      Pogo scrap book 2 Time march’s on
      kind of like you did for the journey and freaked out books but that would continue as Pogo grows.

    • Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I am curious, the gift badges are all January, the extras are all Holiday and the letter says I have to finish them by Jan 25 2018. That will be difficult since I received them on Feb 8 2018. can you clarify this? Are these the same badges from the marathon last month?

    • Hi Jc03772899,
      It sounds like you are activating the badges from the last Badge Marathon for the Jet Tour Badge Marathon. The Badges for the current Marathon are called Rose Race. Thank you!

  • I was wondering if we could get a head’s up on which Thursday the scores will change in Mahjong Safari. I was almost into gold, then forgot that the next day was Thursday and when I came back on, the scores were gone, and we had gotten silver for that time period. Also, will there ever be any more levels for that game? I’ve gone as high as you can go on it. Thanks. Love POGO, and I love the blog. Good job.

  • First time reading the blog and pretty neat to read some of the stuff coming up. I do have a few question’s about the Badge Marathon’s. Will they always be little trophies or will they one day switch to being scenes like the rest of the badges? Also, will you guys ever have a poll for the players to choose a set of games for the marathon’s? Thank you.

  • Will we be getting ANY sneak peeks as the new HOGs coming out on the 13th and 27th? Thanks Pogo Llama for everything

  • Is there any chance that Wonderland Memories will be converted any time soon. A lot of your members are older people and this game is great for helping us with our memory. Please get this done for us.

  • Finished the Marathon did 8hours after it started. That includes going to doctor and waiting over an hour past my apt time to get in. Then having to make an extra half a dozen stops after the doctor. I set a goal to get it done the first day and I am so PROUD of my self for doing it. I beat mom this time. So now we are tied again LOL GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

  • Looking forward to changing my screen name!
    Thank you!
    Julienne 1010

  • A wonderful Marathon everyone! Thank you all so much.

  • Pogo_Llama

    Are we going to have to wait till the Next5 Blog Post the Day Before
    the Amazing Mini Contest to find out what the Winning Theme is?
    or do we Keep checking the Main Info Page on the event watching
    to see when the Theme TBD changes to the winning theme
    Creating a HOF Mini at the last Minute is Not Fun for some of us

  • I hope the new games don’t get no harder some of them are just so hard to get

    • Hi Pollym1950,
      Thank you for the suggestion. I do hope you are able to play some games and they are not too hard for you at this time.

  • I always play in the caramel rooms, but I don’t see Amazing Mini’s rooms 1-24; what am I missing?

    • Hello fancygalsusan,
      The Amazing Mini Show is not until next Wednesday at 2pm Pacific time. Thank you.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama.. I can’t seem to find anything in Help section. Can you help with this? I like playing Aces Up but after a few games a screen comes up saying my acct is logged into multiple devices, which I know it is not. This only happens in Aces Up Thank You

    • Hi Glory_dee,
      Are you playing two different games at once, by chance? Are you possibly logged into Pogo on a few different tabs in your browser?