Blog Post #61 – January 30, 2018


Hello Pogoians,

Thank you for reading this edition of the Pogo Insider. As I type those words, I want you to know how grateful I am to have you all here, both here in Pogo and reading this blog. Can you believe that the month of January is already almost behind us? What are you all looking forward to in February?


Sneak Peak

Pogo_Rachael is stopping by with a preview of this Thursday’s Valentine’s Day Mini release! Take it away, Rachael!

“Valentine’s Day is always a really fun release for us because we get to have a little bit of fun while showing off our romantic side. This year we have an animated red forest background that is especially pretty, plus a few sweet goodies. I hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s Day- save some chocolate for me!”


Amazing Mini Show

The next Amazing Mini Show will be ON Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2018. Please note the time is at 2pm PT.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 14, 2018
WHAT TIME: 2 PM Pacific (5 PM Eastern, 10 PM GMT, 4PM Central)
WHERE:  Sweet Tooth 2 Caramel Rooms
Rooms: Amazing Mini 1-24
Theme: TBD

What would you like the theme to be? Please comment below and I’ll select up to 10 of my favorites and you can all vote in the next Pogo Insider. Please make sure they are clean suggestions and related to Valentine’s Day in some way! I’m looking forward to seeing what you folks come up with.


Construction Zone!

Welcome to the newest section in the Pogo Insider. Here is where you will get the latest on game updates. What is currently “under construction” on Pogo? As often as I can, I’ll sit down with the Pogo team and get the latest info on which games are being worked on and what’s coming. I will always post more details when I have them available. Please understand updates are subject to change.

To kick things off, I wanted to give you an update! On January 12th, I announced World Class Solitaire HTML 5 was on its way. And now, I have the official date of when you will be able to play it! World Class Solitaire HTML 5 will be coming to your Pogo screens on Tuesday, February 13th! For all the information on what to expect, please click here. I can’t wait for you all to play it!

Game Updates

Solitaire Gardens – New content released 15th of each month

Mahjong Escape – New content released 1st of each month

Cookie Connect – 40 new levels in February

Jet Set Solitaire – New levels being planned.

Recently Updated

Jewel Academy – 40 new levels released TODAY!

Poppit! Bingo – Sound fix coming in February (this is the sound fix that you have all requested where you will be able to mute the sound but not the caller’s voice).

Monkey Gems – Players had reported they could not load game. This was fixed last week.

Solitaire Gardens – Difficulty on Persian Gardens adjusted last week.

New Games

World Class Solitaire – New HTML 5 game arriving February 13, 2018

Turbo 21 – New HTML 5 game coming soon

Crossword Cove – Development has been kicked off to transfer from Flash to H5. No date or other information is available at this time.

Vanishing Trail – New Hidden Object Game (HOG) coming in February

Grub Crawl – New Hidden Object Game (HOG) coming in February

A Way with Words – New word game coming in March

Claire Hart Sequel – New Hidden Object Game (HOG) coming in March. Click here for a recent blog article about this.

Website updates

New Pogo Sign-In Experience – New Pogo sign-in experience will be starting to roll out in March and end in August.

Chat – We’re reviewing new chat solutions. I thank you for your feedback these last few blogs on your Pogo chat experience! I’ve collected the feedback and alerted the Pogo team.

questions_headerEvery week I answer a non-technical question related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. Please ask your non-technical related question in the comments section of the blog.

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Last Thursday, we posted an informational article about upcoming changes to the sign in experience here on Pogo. You can read this article by clicking here. I will now answer some common questions from that blog posting.

Q. What does “name conflict” mean? Does this mean that if Pogo users have the same screen name as someone who’s on EA network, then Pogo users will need to update their screen name? What’s the selection process for if someone has the same username and who gets to change it?

A. Name conflict means that someone within the EA network is already has that screenname. If this happens, you will have to change your screenname during the upgrade process. Here’s the upside to this: After this transfer is complete, all players will be able to change their screenname anytime. (Just keep in mind that the username has to be available and that no one else has it). You will also keep all of your Pogo items (Badges, Gems, Tokens, Expressions, etc.) through any of the possible screenname changes.

Q. I want to change my screen name. Even if it does not conflict with another name, can I still change it

A. At this time, it is not possible to change your screenname on Pogo. After the transition, you will be able to change your screenname anytime from

Q. If I have to change my screen name, will I lose all of my items?

A. No, you will not lose anything regardless if you change your name or not.

Q. I don’t want my email to be posted for everyone to see!

A. Your email will never ever be posted for any player to see. This change is in an effort to make Pogo more secure. Your email will only be used to log in, instead of using your screenname as you currently do now.

Q. I only have a Pogo account. I do NOTHING with EA, thought I do know that EA owns Pogo. I don’t own a mobile phone, not on ANY social media. I love being able to just click the short cut to Pogo. With all these coming changes, how will that affect MY account?

A. Since your account is not connected to Facebook Connect (as a means to sign into Pogo), you will not be affected by the Facebook Connect transition.

Between June and August, you will be prompted to sign-in on Pogo using the new sign-in process. Whereas right now you sign-in using your screenname and password, you will now be signing in using your email address and password. You will also need to register with a new password and set up a security question. This is a question that will be referenced if you having troubles remembering your password or email address in the future, and it will help keep your account more secure. You will be able to request your password by answering the security question. This is all for tighter security measures and no one will have this information except for you.

If you have more than one Pogo account registered under one email address, you will need to make sure that each account you have has its own unique email address. Please note, this will not result in a loss of any of your Pogo items or ranks.

Q. Why are you connecting my Pogo account to Facebook?

A. Please understand that Pogo is NOT connecting your account to Facebook. It’s quite the opposite, actually. There are Pogo players who use Facebook to sign into their Pogo account. This is called using Facebook Connect. However, starting in March, using Facebook Connect to sign in will not be an option. Again, Pogo is not in any way connecting your Pogo accounts to Facebook. We will provide Facebook Connect users with a way to choose a new password to login when the transition occurs.

 Q. I have 3 screennames that I use for Pogo. They are all registered under 1 email address. Are you saying I will need to have different emails for all 3 of those accounts, for example: Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail?

A. You must provide one unique email address per account/screenname. It does not have to be three of any type of provider. You can have three Yahoo email address as long as each email address is different.

Q. Why must you do this? Why can’t you leave things alone? It’s not broke, don’t fix it!

A. Great question. Many of you have asked why this must be done. This new sign-in process will make all of your accounts safer and easier to navigate once this transition has been completed.  Please understand, we will be walking you through this with instructions every step of the way. If you have questions, we are here to answer them.

Q. I use as my home page. Will this change if I have to always sign-in?

A. This will not be changed. You can still use as your homepage. You will stay remain signed in the same way you are now. You may be prompted to sign back in after 60 days, however.

Q. I’m not computer savvy. I’m afraid I won’t be able to follow the instructions for this new format.

A. I am here to help you through every step of the way. My team and I are here to walk through this with you, too! I also give my word that this will not be hard. We’ll get through it together and once we’re out the other side, everything will be smoother and better and more secure for you!

Whew! Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions. If you have further questions, send them my way and I’ll answer them in another Pogo Insider.


Is anyone else loving the squirrel in Jewel Academy? I’m working on the Cool Customer MnM Badge and the Wednesday Challenge Badge for Jewel Academy and as I’m making my way up to the different levels, I just noticed this squirrel. It’s SO cute!

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day. Thanks again for reading the Pogo Insider.


Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I was really happy to see that there were new levels for Jewel Academy because I absolutely loved the game. But I have been playing the new levels and am very disgusted with the new levels. There are so many bombs in the levels that you can’t complete whatever you need to do to complete the level – all you can do is destroy bombs which don’t advance the game. I’ve played levels 101 to 111 and am relegating this game to only playing it for weekly challenges. Your programmers have ruined this game just like they ruined Poppit Bingo. I am very disappointed with Jewel Academy.

    • Hi worldmom58,
      I will definitely let the team know about the challenges you’re experiencing in the new levels for Jewel Academy. Thanks for reporting this.

  • Thank you for all you do – everyone of you! Things are getting better all the time! I just have one question – kinda off the wall – are there any plans to do anything with Canasta? The game has looked exactly the same for the past 18 years. Could you please consider a facelift of some kind?

    • Hi Alixia1044,
      Thanks for the suggestion on Canasta! I’ll surely pass it along. You have a terrific week. Thanks for your kind words.

  • I have noticed that you never really give an answer as to whether or not Dice City Roller will be up-dated. Is it even being worked on???? Just give a yes or no please. Thank you

    • Please keep reading the Construction Zone section of the blog for all game updates. I’ll be keeping that up to date on all upcoming game happenings in Pogo. As of right now, I do not have any updates on Dice City Roller. Thank you.

  • I saw that issues with Poppit Bingo were being resolved re turning music off and listening only to caller. When is the issue regarding NOT being able to hear the caller going to be resolved?

    • Hi Amy,
      I haven’t read reports on this one. You are not able to hear the caller in Poppit! Bingo?


  • I have a big problem, and that is that I am absolutely addicted to Pogo Sudoku! I just cannot stop playing that dadgum game; I suspect I may need an intervention. As an attorney, I’m sure if I did enough research I could perhaps find some way to make Pogo pay for Sudoku rehab, but I’m much too busy playing to devote any time to it! [Just kidding. Please don’t send EA’s legal team after me.]

    All joking aside, I really do appreciate this and the other games you have come up with recently. I’ve been a member since 2003, and I can pretty much guarantee that I will continue to be here as long as you’ll have me. Love to all, and happy gaming! Now, back to Pogo Sudoku….

    • Well I thank you for taking some time out of Pogo Sudoku to comment and let us know of your love for it. :) Thank you so much and have a great week of Sudoku!

  • Valentine’s mini event theme: Fashion for Passion

  • Hi, Pogo_Llama! I’m excited to hear that you’re converting older games to HTML5, but I was wondering… I’ve always dreamed of finishing all the old yearly albums of Weekly Challenges (I know, I have simple goals in life) — but, since these badges don’t work with the HTML5 version, will they soon all be unavailable? If so, could you give us a chance somehow to do them before they’re gone? I’m frantically working through the old Turbo 21 and World Class solitaire badges now, but without a release date, I don’t know if I’ll make it…

    Could we perhaps have more personal slots for awhile, to finish up the relevant badges? Or, could the old version of the games be kept up as long as they’re still available (Java and Flash still work for now!), and new Weekly Challenges could of course just be for the new versions? Or, at the least, could you let us know that a particular game is being converted far enough in advance that we have a chance to finish all its badges?

    • Hello imnotlost6,
      World Class Solitaire will be arriving on February 13th. I do not yet have a date on Turbo 21 but will let you know once I do. Please read this article on what to expect when World Class Solitaire is transferred over. Thank you!

  • How about Hearts on Fire? On another subject, I live in an area that is very snowy and cold in the winter, and can only find two hats in the mini mall that actually cover my mini’s ears! There’s no way I would go out in the snow with my ears exposed! Could you ask for some more winter hats, in various colors to match coats, for our minis?

    • Oh I hear you about needing hats in winter, waterbonesmama1. I’ll pass this along to the Mini team. Thank you for the theme suggestion and I’ve added it to the list. Stay warm!

  • Pogo_Llama, I was able to complete ALL levels in Sydney on Jet Set Solitaire!!! I am very happy! It was a challenge to get that far, but was fun and I was determined to complete every one of them. I am looking forward to more levels that are coming soon. I am also glad that World Class will be going to HTML 5 and will be able to keep our badges that we accomplished.

  • You mentioned lovin’ the squirrel in jewel academy.. I just wanted to comment on how i really enjoy the ALL the graphics on that game. Kudos to the designers, I think they did a great job. I enjoy the game as well, its challenging yet easy to make progress. For me, the game was a nice add. Thanks Pogo & all you talented people out there! ♥

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, LifeIsGood1538. I will pass this along to the team. Thanks for playing POgo.

  • I believe the majority of the games on Pogo use Flash…I could be wrong but Is the plan to change all or some of them to H5? A lot of popular games like Jungle Gin…Tri Peaks Solitaire…Sweet Tooth ETC ETC .. will all be changed? And what Is your current plan for Monopoly: The World Edition? =) My all time favorite game on here next to Poppit Bingo! Any plans on updating Monopoly TWE? Or could you possibly make It the game of the month In the near future, that would be great.

    • Hi SweetMZness,
      I love that you’re enjoying so many of Pogo’s games. Please keep reading the Construction Zone section of the blog for all game updates. I’ll be keeping that up to date on all upcoming game happenings in Pogo. As of right now, I do not have any updates on the ones you’ve mentioned. Thank you.

  • Is this the place we make Suggestions for Valentine’s Day Mini Contest? If so, my wife suggested: “Love Among The Pogo Characters”, including the special Club Pogo Mini Characters, which range from Dogs & Cats, Pirates, & Poppit!Party Spike “people”, to the vast array of offerings throughout the years, that Club Pogo has given us, including “Rainy Day” Spiders, & Holiday “folk”.

    If I’m in the WRONG spot, please direct me to where I can make this Suggestion. Thank you, Pogo_Llama for your help.

    • Hi Larry,
      This is the place to suggest the theme for the upcoming Valentine’s Day Amazing Mini show. I’ve added your wife’s suggestion to the list. Thank you!


  • I have finished all Wednesday badge albums since 2003, and I think I was playing Pogo for 4 or 5 years before you introduced the ‘club’ to earn badges. I only have 9 Mix n Match albums, but #5 I can’t do 2 Mahjong Escape Time games. With my 80th birthday coming up Sunday Feb. 4, I am just not fast enough to do the timed ones. Then #7 also has a Mahjong Escape time game. I really enjoy Poppit Bingo, but I’ve yet to see a golden balloon, much less get 60 of them lol. And then get 14 Sudoku games with 2 or less mistakes? hahaha impossible for me. I do hope you will choose some other games for the next M&M games you gift us. So much fun to have the extra games. Love Pogo, play it every day. Great friends and chat, and so much fun. Keep the games coming, but please, mix them up a little more for us ‘old-timers’. Glad you are going to walk us through the new sign-in. I have a hard time with change. Have a great week, hattie831

    • Well thank you, hattie831, and way to go on finishing so many Badges. I also want to wish you a very beautiful and happy 80th birthday on February 7th!
      Yes, I’ll be here to help and please do not hesitate to ask questions. You have a fantastic week as well.


    • Hi bluegoose019,
      Every week for the next 12 weeks, you’ll be getting a Zodiac Challenge on Wednesday. Please read here for more information. Thank you for asking.


  • Theme for Valentines Day+ Sweets for my sweet

  • Hello
    I was just wondering that with Adobe® planning to retire and destroy the code for Flash® by 2020 if Pogo is planning to change the programming platform of games like Jungle Gin, which is plagued by problems of players being booted from rooms

    • Hi Jester,
      Please keep reading the Construction Zone section of the blog for all game updates. I’ll be keeping that up to date on all upcoming game happenings in Pogo. As of right now, I do not have any updates on Jungle Gin. Thank you.

  • good morning…I would really appreciate some different dailies to work on…there seems to be the same ones over and over…there are more than 150 game and some great ones never get put on dailies…how about changing the games up? have a great day

    • Do you have any requests? Thanks.

      • Squelchies… It’s been so long since there was a Squelchies challenge! :(

      • here are just a few
        aces up
        gold solitaire
        keno pop
        mahjpmg gardem
        thousand island solitaire
        quick quack….

        too many others to list….thanks for getting back to me…have a great weekend

        • Thank you. We cannot do Challenges with the Java games but I will forward your requests for the Flash and H5 games. Thank you!

  • Can you find a way to let us play against the robot in Backgammon? There are so many other
    games that allow this.

  • For those of us that had ranked out in Poppit Bingo before the new levels were added would POGO consider letting us use cactus cash to buy the gifts? We had already worked our way through those levels.It’s my favorite game.

    • Thank you for the suggestion in Poppit! Bingo. So glad you’re enjoying the game.

  • Awesome news, and THANK YOU!!! I have kept this s/n since 2003…it was a nickname for my husband who I am no longer married to. (a lot can happen in 15 years lol). Obviously when I created it I never dreamed I’d be divorced…and then remarried. My new husband has asked several times why I ‘refuse’ to change my screen name..I am showing him this post to prove once and for all that I wasn’t able to (he also suggested *gasp* that I just create a new account and dump my old one-he is OBVIOUSLY not a pogo-ite! lol). So thrilled to hear about the ability to change my s/n. And happy with all the updates on HTML. I wish I’d been able to max out of more of them, but that’s ok..we are on to bigger and better things! Thank you again :)

    • Yup yup. Please assure your husband that it’s not you. *Gasp* indeed as his suggestion! :) Take care and have a great week.

  • Where is the 6 month update you personally said would be provided for Crossword Cove? Today is 6 months.


    • Hiya PBA,
      Please keep reading the Construction Zone section of the blog for all game updates. I’ll be keeping that up to date on all upcoming game happenings in Pogo, including Crossword Cove. If you look under the Game Updates in this week’s blog post, you will see the following about Crossword Cove:
      Crossword Cove – Development has been kicked off to transfer from Flash to H5. No date or other information is available at this time.
      Thank you!

  • tks so much for info on changes coming to pogo – dont laugh but aol gave me my screen name when i first joined pogo – its part of my aol email address – dont know why they did so all these years i have a stupid screen name so will look forward to changing it to something I LIKE! enough said on that – in may for my 80th birthday in april my middle granddaughter is taking me on the amtrak train trip that goes along the coast and i told her claire hart was set in that area so where exactly is it set – would love to see some of the areas that are shown in the game – know that some are set in san francscio – also she wants to see the town where thomas kincade lived – so i am looking forward to this train trip – bringing my chromebook so i can keep up with pogo – if anyone lives in calif they shd consider this trip – starts in los angeles and goes all the way to seattle – with breath-taking views of the california coastline

    • jster, this is just wonderful. What a fantastic trip you are about to embark on and with your granddaughter! You’re about to make such beautiful memories with her. Enjoy and I bet you’ll see a number of Claire scenes during your journey. :)

  • Hi Pogo_Llama haven’t heard about any new pba albums coming out soon the last one was in December could you tell me if there will be one coming soon! tyvm

    • Hi Connie,
      Good question. We actually released 2 PBA’s in December with the last one released on 12/28. The next one is set to be released in February so it’ll be soon. Thanks for asking.

  • Hello, I hope your having a nice day. My question is about the Zodiac badges. It says to check them out but when you get to the new badges, there not there. Am I doing something wrong. Why can’t we see them. Also it says to collect them all. Do we have to wait for you to put them up for weekly badges to get them, or is there a way for us to get them another way. Thanks for your help, Crystal (aabcar)

    • Hi Aabcar,
      One Zodiac Challenge will arrive weekly on Wednesday for the next 12 eeks with the other two Wednesday Challenges. If you click here, you will be taken to the Badge page. Please look for the Zodiac Ox Badge and click on activate to start that Zodiac Challenge. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions. Thank you.

      • Thank you so much much for the information. I’m looking forward to all of the Zodiac badges. I hope you have a very good day. Again thank you for the info
        I love this site. I love the badges. I’ve been a member for I think 12 years. Thank you for all you do.


  • Thank you for adding more ranks to Space Hunt. I love this game as it reminds me of when computer games like Atari were all the rage. I did notice one issue: the ranks seem to be off; you have to play it to see what I mean. Another game I hope to see ranks added is Boggle Bash – maybe this could be considered for a future upgrade. Thank you for all you do in keeping us entertained and safe. Looking forward to more years of Pogo fun. Kudos to all Pogo Workers!

    • Hi Lala,
      Thanks for reporting that about Space Hunt. I’ll have the team look into that. I loved Atari, by the way. I can see what you mean by that. :)

  • I’m so sorry pogo llama I should have gone to help.everything is fine . you guys are the greatest.i wish I could make you all my famous Stromboli you deserve it and more.

  • Congratulations Pogo on over 81000 users online! Highest number I’ve ever seen. You’re gonna need a bigger bandwidth!!!

  • First of all I would like to say I LOVE POGO” Second when is the next collection of Poppit Party coming. I Have all the costumes. I Have enjoyed meeting new friends and I have lost some friends also. Please Keep Up The Good Work. Pogo Always Puts A Smile On My Face.

    • Hi Dianne00Betty,
      Thanks for enjoying Poppit! Party so much and thank you for the suggestions for it. Please keep reading the Construction Zone section of the blog for all game updates. I’ll be keeping that up to date on all upcoming game happenings in Pogo. As of right now, I do not have any updates on Poppit! Party. Thank you.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,

    Thanks To You and Your Team Pogo_Llama,
    Our games and badges are back to normal,
    woohoo, and a BIG High Five

    Thank You
    Donna ♥

  • I really like the HTML format for games and appreciate the investment in the improvement. However chat capability exists but if u are looking at game u cant see chat and vice versa. This effectively eliminates chat capability. If you make chat impractical in games you will lose me as a pogo subscriber and thousands of others too. Pogo needs to redesign its HTML solution to allow chat while playing game and fast

  • Pogo Llama,
    I love Pogo; and hope this will not be taken as negative but more as constructive. The Wednesday Daily Challenge for Jewel Academy did not have the parameters that were need to complete the challenge until later in the day; in the future could these also be included. I know there were a lot of negative comments in the forum that could have been avoided. Also, because of the difficulty in the challenge; this have been better for a Wednesday Challenge for those of us that play Jewel Academy on a regular basis. For a Pogoian who does not play this game on a regular basis they could complete the challenge quickly. Again, please do not take this as a negative.

    • Thank you for the feedback on this Jewel Academy Challenge. I do appreciate it and will forward this along to the team.

  • on the home page, where it says ” Read the newest Pogo Blog ”

    is it possible to have a ‘ WEEK OF ” date . i never know if its

    the last Blog i read, or if this is a new Blog .

    just some kind of count so we know if its been read.

    tks for listening & for all you do


  • hi i am stuck on level 111 jewei academy i have those 4 sqares in the corner i dont no how get those sqares kennymoelke259

  • Hi, Pogo_Llama,
    Thanks for the glimpses of previews of upcoming Pogo games, badges, etc.
    One thing I REALLY MISS are the previews or just names or themes of upcoming PBAs.

    Could you work with the bts team to give us previews of upcoming PBAs again? :)
    Thank you! Amanda

    • I sure can! I’ve asked Pogo artist Tony for a sneak peak for the next blog. Thanks for your request!

  • Hello, Pogo_Llama,

    Could you please add Thousand Island Solitaire to future HTML5 game list? Much appreciated in advance!

    Also, it’d be awesome if Pogo will add a ‘Search box’ feature in our Mini Mall Closet, over the years, we all have accumulated massive amount of items from the Mini Mall, and it’s become extremely difficult (and frustrated) at times trying to find a certain item, with a ‘Search Box’, it’d definitely be very helpful. Thank you.

  • what happens to the badge album for january

    • Hi Shazmol1,
      Good question. We actually released 2 PBA’s in December with the last one released on 12/28. The next one is set to be released in February so it’ll be soon. Thanks for asking.

  • A huge thank you for the football minis, love them! Excited about all the games coming our way. Can you provide a list of games where you can win mini items? I was so surprised and delighted while playing Canasta the other day and won mini items lol. Just want to thank you Pogo for all the fun you provide, all the nice freebies, extra badges, tons of tokens, huge thanks. I didnt get to respond to the discussion about the chat options, but as a tournament host I like to see the progress on the side chat and its also easier to see if a team member has joined in a game so I can help them. I also like to chat with friends and I meet new ones all the time. When chat is listed at the bottom of the game, I have missed many friends stopping by to say hi or good morning. So please keep the chat on the side of the game with updates of our progress during game play. Huge thanks Pogo LLama. Wait, I didnt see a recipe today lol. I really like when you post them, gives me something new to try, Im a foodies and will try anything once lol. Have a great day on purpose always everyone :)

    • Hmmmmm….I’ll have to see what kind of recipe I can drum up for the blog soon. Any requests?