Blog post #6 – January 10, 2017


Hello there mighty Pogoians,

Thanks for stopping by for the 6th edition of the Pogo Insider. It’s been a bit cold outside so I hope you’re all staying warm. Perhaps that means playing extra Pogo? The holidays kept me busy and now Poppit! Bingo is keeping me busy so I cannot report on my Phlinx progress this week although I do intend to get on that for the blog next week.

Last week with PBA 113, I understand there was some confusion with what I shared. I shared one of the Badges out of the Premium Badge Album 113; this is our 113th story-driven PBA. All of our “best of’s” are offshoots that do not follow this numbering. We have released more than 113 Premium Badge Albums, so you’re definitely correct in saying that we do have more than 113 of those. We hope you enjoy our 114th PBA story coming out next week!

Sneak Peek

Pogo Artist, Marshall wanted to send us over a preview of an upcoming February Badge. This is called the “Handle with Care” Badge and will be for the February 6th Mix and Magic.

This is what Marshall had to say about his conception of the Badge, “The idea for this badge (as with most of my concepts) came from the challenge associated with it. The challenge is to find 8 objects in a row, without mis-clicking, so the idea is that the player will have to work quickly but carefully. Since CLUE is a game about agents and espionage, I thought; “what would a secret agent need to do quickly and carefully?” My answer was an agent working with a dangerous and volatile (possibly explosive or radioactive) chemical. That is the basic genesis of this badge. Plus, “Bonus”, I get to paint that awesome, red glowing effect.”

Here’s the sketch and the finished Badge

Solitaire Gardens – Fairytale Garden Phase 1

Solitaire Gardens has a brand new garden for you to decorate, one with a magical twist. The enchanted Fairy Tale Garden brings 60 new levels, new Badges to win and new decorations to unlock. We can’t wait to see what you come up with in your garden! Here’s a sneak peek at two of the newest Solitaire Gardens backgrounds.

jolly_fantasy_01_color_b  jjolly_fantasy_02_color_b

Please click picture above to enlarge


There have been a number of Poppit! Bingo questions coming through the various channels so we’d like to address some of the most popular ones.

  • Where are my room 8 Badges? – This has already been answered in a previous blog, but still pops up consistently.
    • This particular question was answered in the 3rd edition of the Pogo Insider. You can read that answer here.
  • Are we unable to complete level 50, as I am not earning XP?
    • I’ve reached out to our Poppit! Bingo team and they stated that level 50 is the current max in terms of ranks as of right now. The Badges are won according to rooms and there is not a Badge for that rank/room at this time. However, the team WILL be adding more ranks/rooms in the future.  I apologize that if you’re at the max right now but please be on the lookout for more additions to come.
  • Once I reach level 50 do I still earn Cactus Cash and tickets from playing?
    • Once reaching level 50 in Poppit! Bingo, players are still able to earn Cactus Cash, Tickets and other Badges that may come up (such as a Wednesday Challenge Badge). The only items not available at this time at level 50 are the Room Badges and XP.


Every week, I’d like to answer a few of your Pogo-related questions. Please understand that I am unable to respond to your personal technical questions. To submit those questions, go to our Help Page here. To submit your question, please go here and I’ll select two every week. Here are the questions I selected this week.

 Why won’t the cards deal in Jungle Gin?

We hear you that you’re having this happen to you and we are actively looking into this. Because this issue isn’t happening to everyone, we are having a really hard time trying to figure out what is causing this. We highly recommend you visit Answers HQ and post there so we can gather information regarding your computer, operating system, browser & etc., so we can send this on to our engineers for further investigation. You can visit Answers HQ here. Thank you!

 What’s up with the screenshot of the minis not changing? “Any idea when these will be fixed or will be stuck on our Christmas Mini forever like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day!?”

I really enjoyed the Bill Murray reference. Thank you for that!

The Minis not changing the screenshot is a known issue and we have alerted the team to it. However, due to the holidays, the fix has been a bit delayed. It’s coming though; it’s coming!

Here’s a possible workaround for the time being: Go to “Dress Up Your Mini,” then when you have it dressed the way you want, save your Mini. Then, click the “Take a Snapshot” button. Then go to your snapshots, click put on and save on the newly created snapshot. You may need to go through the flow more than once, but sometimes I’ve had it work.


What topics would you like to see covered in the Pogo Insider? Please leave your thoughts below on this topic in the comments section.

Every Monday, we start a new community poll. Last week the question was “What is your New Year’s Resolution?” Overwhelmingly, the number one answer was “I don’t have a New Year’s resolution.” The second most voted on answer is to enjoy life to the fullest and the third most popular resolution according to the Pogo Poll is to eat healthier. Please stop by our Pogo Community Poll every Monday to cast your vote for the poll of the week.

We want to hear what you think. I’m going to leave the comments open on this post so please take a minute and leave a comment below. Remember, questions submitted here will be the ones used for blog question and answer time.


Thanks all and have a great week!




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  • I really enjoy your blog. Answering questions and sharing upcoming games and badges is great. I also want to thank pogo for all the gifts around the holidays! That was wonderful.

  • I love Poppit Bingo. I’m so hooked on it…LOL…as I am many of the other games. Thank you for creating a new bingo game. You guys are great and keep Pogo challenging and filled with surprises. Best game site on the internet!

  • Have not been able to purchase gems in 5 years. So many needs for them but after reporting the problem over and over, still no ability to purchase gems.
    It is 82 miles to the nearest retail vendor who sells the E game card for me to purchase.
    Wish I could get some help..
    Have been a loyal POGO member for 8 years.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • We are very sorry to hear this. I’ll ask Customer Support to contact you. Thanks!

    • I bought an EA card on line from WAlmart!! Its for 275 gems!! They send the code to your email after payment. This is awesome.. try it GL

    • That happened to me a number of years ago. I re started with a new name and it worked fine. You have more patience than I do.

  • Please return to giving us more Premium Badge challenges, as well as mixing up the Mix and Match badges as well. The same badges keep appearing and with all the games you have, surely you can come up with different challenges and different games. Thanks a lot!

  • Hey There Pogo Team… I just wanted to say a big thank you all for the hard work you guys have been doing to try to please everyone.. What a job.. but you guys have handled it with grace and kindness and it is being noticed…Come what may it is exciting to see what you will be throwing on us and it is always something new as well as refreshing.. I love Pogo and it is the greatest gift I have ever given to myself…Thanks again and stay true to yourself.. Great job everyone.. Purelyn

  • thanks for all the xmas goodies.

  • A BIG Thank You to Pogo_Llama. It’s nice to know what’s coming up here on Pogo instead of new things just showing up. Even if the questions are technical ones Pogo_Llama has so far every week followed up the best he can. Shows he cares about this blog. I like reading this every week…..That Poppit Bingo game has become to addicting lol. Just one more game…Just one more game…

  • Hello. Wondering about the game Mini Golf Madness. I used to play it quite a bit, but realized you stopped updating it. The last update seems to be June of 2014. As I remember it, you used to update it every week or month with new courses. So I suppose what I’m asking is, if you don’t plan on updating it again, why not just remove that game from Pogo? Thanks!

    • Hello and thanks for your comment and question. The game Mini Golf Madness is a Java game and as browsers are no longer supporting Java, we are not going to update Java games any longer. Looking ahead, we have a lot of great games planned that will include the newer technology known as HTML5. Poppit! Bingo is an example of HTML5. Thank you for playing Pogo!

      • Does “not going to update java games any longer” mean that none of them will ever be updated to HTML5 either? Gotta keep my hopes in check if that will never happen.

      • Thanks for the explanation. At least now I know what’s going on. Appreciate it, but sorry to hear no more updates. I tried to replay old ones and they wouldn’t load either. But there are so many other great games on Pogo, I’m still happy. Crossword Cove, the hidden object games and Garden Solitaire are just a few of my favorites. Thanks again.

  • I would be purchasing more albums but there are a number of them which include a game that I am not fast enough to finish. (Arthritic hands are not always friendly) I’d like to suggest an album, perhaps called ‘Shop ‘n Swap’, where I’d have the opportunity to swap one game for another. i.e. If the game was a card game, let me swap it for another card game. If the game was a math or spelling game, let me swap it for another of the same category. So many times I’d like to purchase an album, but I don’t because one of the games offered I know I will not be able to finish, ergo, I don’t spend my gems because I know the album will never be completed. Thanks for listening. Happy Pogo-ing.

    • Hi erinsalice, Thank you for your feedback. We’re definitely listening and will take this all into consideration. Thank you for being a part of Pogo.

  • where do I go to enter the daily contests. I am lost.

  • I’m having trouble buying gems.

    • Please go to and submit a support ticket. The support team will help you with this issue. Thank you!

  • Thanks to Pogo for the $50 Amazon gift card that I received for winning the daily draw on August 2nd. It took a long time to get to me, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally got it a couple of weeks ago. I love playing Pogo every day. My Crossword puzzle, the 2 daily puzzles, and a short time on the Tournament puzzle. Thanks again Pogo!!!

  • Thanks for all the great freebies and discounted items. Really appreciated being able to buy mix and match badges and a couple of challenge books without having to spend too many of my gems, which I tend to hoard, “just in case.” Really glad to have pogo and thanks for the site. I’m quite ill and pogo distracts me quite a bit.

  • I absolutely LOVE POGO… I know it had literally “changed hands” a couple of yearsago, but you guys have done a great job following an act that was hard to follow! I love the variety of games, the great incentives offered, the great art work, and your commitment to details and keeping the members happy.

  • You put solid color backgrounds on the “new items” not long ago. PLEASE could we have a dark blue (patriotic), solid red (Christmas or patriotic), solid silver, solid gold for Christmas and New year, solid green – I’d pay gems for them. Also I’d like to have the option of NOT putting myself in the mini because your backgrounds are so great, the mini covers up most of what’s going on.same with the borders – I love them, but they take up so much space, but on solid backgrounds, would be great. I usually always purchase my items with gems because I love pretty much anything that moves. Borders would look so much better on solid color backgrounds. You had one with Santa feeding animals, I bought it but didn’t use it because my mini would’ve covered up pretty much everything.

  • did pogo discontinue the Thursday and Sunday bonus games ? could not find them this week

  • So… tease me with the new Solitaire Gardens Fairy theme… all excited, and not tell me WHEN I can start working magic in my fantasy garden, eh?

  • When is the new garden coming out? I have been waiting since you first mention the Fairy Tale Garden was isssued.

  • Thank you so much for trying to keep us all informed as to what is happening in Pogo. We do appreciate it.

  • Thank You Pogo_Llama so much for all you do for us…We are blessed to have you and your Blog Post…we are also blessed with Pogo Forums….I do have one question…Is there a chance that we might be able to have weekly Amazing Mini Contests…The Contests are a great place to meet and share with others and they are such a wonderful way to bring a smile to the sad and beauty to Pogoland! Your precious little mini Llama has such a sweet and warm cuteness also! I wish to personally thank all of the workers here at Pogo and especially at Club Pogo for all that you do and for caring about our members so much! Club Pogo is a wonderful place to make friends from everywhere! Thank you so much and give yourselves a much deserved Hi 5 and Biggg Beary Huggs!

    • Awww thank you so much for your lovely words, safirelover. I really appreciate them. We will be having another Amazing Mini Show soon, in February for Valentine’s Day. I’ll keep you posted on any others. Thank you for the suggested and for enjoying my llama! :)

      • Oh You are so very welcome…Your Llama is soooooo darling….as was also the Beary Christmas Bear….I truly enjoy the mini mall….and I truly enjoy being part of Club Pogo too! God’s Blessings to and for you and yours and all of those who make this the number 1 and only #1 in my book Gaming Club where people can enjoy other people and can smile and have Joy in their lives! Am looking forward to your next Blog…I just wish we could get to come to Club Pogo on our Android Devices! Sunny smiles and big beary huggs! :-)(-:

  • thank you for fixing my mini


  • Yay our mini finally changed in the FORUMS. Thank you so much Pogo Llama for nudging the Pogo technician to look into it. I’m enjoying your “BLOG” and looking forward to it every week. <3

  • How about making more games with the ability to enlarge? Some of us oldies are not seeing as well as we used to.

  • Does anyone have any idea when a new badge album is coming out.?? I can’t seem to find any info on it and have asked in several rooms – with no answer from anyone. TIA

  • I greatly appreciated the exercises you suggested! Wonderful idea to include healthy gaming tips! Nice to have communication about things that aren’t working quite right – thanks much for the column. I like your attitude.

    • Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words. I will have some more health tips in the future.

  • I am really (pool sick) and miss terribly High Stakes Pool, I was so hoping and praying that someone would get a “flash” and realize that that game would be cool if it were in flash mode. I do not want Java in my new computer. So paahhllleeaaaasssseeee think about “FLASHING, POOL”
    I thank you, Happy New Year! Club Pogo peeps.