Blog Post #58 – January 9, 2018


Hello Pogians!

Cheers to you all on this second Tuesday of 2018.


Sneak Peek

I asked our talented Pogo artist, Pogo Marshall, what he had in store for us in 2018 for Mix n Match Badges. He gave me a few to share and so this week, I am revealing this beauty! This badge is for the game CLUE: Secrets & Spies and is called the Going Deep Badge and will be available for you very soon.



Let’s chat about chat

With a new year comes new thoughts and ideas and I want to know yours on the current chat system in Pogo. I’ve heard a lot of chatter about chat in Pogo, such as a request for the chat to be on the side of the game, not below the game as it is in the new HTML 5 games. I’ve also heard that y’all really like using the badge icon in chat rather than a Mini. Those are GREAT suggestions!

I’d like to know more about your chat thoughts. Do you use it? Do you like it? What features do you absolutely love? Which features would you like to see improvements on? SO many questions, right? Well, comment below and I’ll forward them onward to the Pogo team. Thank you thank you thank you!



questions_headerEvery week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)
A. Is there a chance that (Insert game here) will get more game ranks and badges and/or be brought over to HTML 5?

Q. The answer is… I love player feedback and requests! I gather them up and send it onward to the Pogo team so they can gain even more insight into player desires. I love sharing your wishes with the Pogo team. Please know that even if I don’t respond to your comment, I’m still taking note. So please, feel free to tell me what you’d like to see in the comments below.


Again, please remember to put your comments about chat in below. I’d love to know your thoughts on what’s great about it and what you’d like to see improved.

Stay warm out there! If you’re in a region that’s been hit by freezing cold temperatures and loads of snow, be safe. Remember, another layer of clothing is always a good idea when venturing outside. I still remember starting the car super early so the frost could melt on the windshield and sometimes even having to plug in my car so it would start in the morning. Ooooh, winter memories of the Midwest. It sure can be beautiful in the winter, though! Okay. Be safe, Pogoians.



Pogo Llama


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  • I like the old slot games. Ali Baba slots is a favorite. Any chance of that being converted over?

  • When a game is going to be converted to HTML could a notice be put out at least 6 months saying that so we can have a chance to complete unfinished badges and/or rank out?

    • Hi Sirron,
      This is a great request and something that would be fantastic to do for you all. I will continue to try to provide as much notice as possible, although six months isn’t likely due to technical reasons. Thank you.

      • So, what are we supposed to do when we are trying to complete, say, the 2014 annual album? There is at least one badge for “Aces Up”? This is actually the next album that I am trying to complete. Would love to know if the badges will be transferred over to the HTML5 version or not.
        I like the extended notice, but understand how difficult it would be to provide as much as 6 months notice. But we can only do 2 (sometimes 3) personal challenges per week (unless we pay for the ability to do extras). The more lead time we get, the better chance we have to finish the badges….or do not remove the original game until we have had time to complete the past weekly challenge badges.

        • Hi again Tigger,
          Thanks for your question. I believe you will be able to find your answers in this article I wrote up detailing the transition between Aces Up Java and Aces Up HD. Aces Up Java Badges were not transferred over to H5 as it technically was not able to happen. The team did auto-award a number of the Aces Up Java badges based on certain criteria.
          Thank you.

  • Could a venue be created for badge icons? I used to change them according to season, holiday, my birthday, etc., but with pages and pages of badges earned, it’s too hard to find the ones I want. If there could be a place, maybe with the Mini’s?, where up to 15-20 special badge icons could be stored, and then switched around, it would be wonderful.

    And I agree that the Java games are more fun than some of the new ones. And, one last note, I really don’t like the Mahjong badges that ‘end in winter,’ for example. I feel that I’ve ‘lost’ if I don’t match all the flowers and seasons, winter to winter, summer to summer, orchid to orchid, etc. Thanks for listening/reading…..

    • I do the same thing and have always thought that :) like an extra badge album you could move your favorites to.

      • What I currently do to make them easier to find is keep a list of the date I earned them, and then post it in my own guestbook

  • Hi,
    A long time ago the entire chat log would disappear if you clicked on it and then clicked on it again. For those of us who almost never use chat, I would like to see this feature reinstated.
    I also agree on the placement being better on the side rather than below the gaming area.

    • On the older games (with chat beside the game) you just have to click on the “gear” icon and then click on “Show Chat” to toggle between showing chat and not showing chat. In the HTML5 games, you just click on the “arrow up” icon in the upper right hand corner of the “chat box”. This causes the chat box to close so that you don’t see it at all.


    • Thanks, BOWLINMAMA! Enjoy those new Solitaire Gardens levels in the 15th….just 5 more days!

  • As a tour host it is very important to be able to read chat and watch the game at the same time. If chat is below the game this requires having a second window open to see chat and a 3rd window open to post winners through the myleague website. Also, we used to be able to stop chat from moving which make it easier to write down scores or to take a screen shot. It would be efficient to bring that option back too.
    Thank you!

  • Oh and I forgot to address the Badge Icon vs. the Mini in chat… My vote is definitely for the Badge Icon to at least be an option to display. I totally choose which badges to pursue (from the Archives) by their Icons. I then choose which badge to display by either the Season, the Holiday, or other event… ie: Slice of cake for Birthdays; Presents or Stars for Christmas, Flowers for Springtime, Leaves for Fall, etc. ok now I’m done…LOL

  • As for chat below the HTML5 games, I agree that it is totally useless there when and if it loads. As for using a badge instead of the mini, I know quite a while back many people asked for the ability not to use a mini at all. With all the great back grounds that are offered, it seems a shame to have to cover them up with an avatar of some sort. I for one have never found many outfits or costumes in the mini mall that are any resemblance to what I like so I have very few except for a couple of pairs of jeans and some raggy tops (funny, same’s true in real life.)

  • Am I missing something? My chat is on the right side of all my games. Easy to read and easy to follow. If I want to add something, the chat box is on the right side below all the other chat right next to the icon for the emoticons. Also, Pogo_Llama mentioned something about using badge icon instead of the Mini, you can do that and its easy to set up.

    • The HTML5 games all have chat below the game and you cannot use a favorite badge as an avatar.

    • Hi Kathy, you must not play any of the newer games. On the newer games it IS indeed below the game. Why would Pogo Llama even mention it, if it weren’t there? :-)
      And also in the newer games the ONLY option is to have your mini head show up in chat. Your small badge icon does not show up next to your name in those games, even if you have it set up that way. Check it out. :-D

  • One of the reasons that I play certain games is because of the chat. The games that have the chat underneath instead of the side are not that much fun, because it is one or the other. If you play, chat is not visual; if you chat, you don’t have the opportunity to play the game at the same time. I miss chatting with others while I play the games. The conversation is one of the biggest parts of the games/ rooms I choose. Please put the chat back on the side. Without that, it’s not fun. Thanks for listening.

  • Chat on the side is great!! Chat on the bottom totally doesn’t work as you can’t usually see it.

  • Out of curiosity, will we be able to put input into which games get converted? I have a list of a bit over 50 I’d love to see. I’d love to post it, but it seems excessive :)
    I know there are some obvious games, but I’d hate to see the less obvious ones gone forever.

    • Always feel free to make your suggestions. I review which are most commonly requested and let the team know. Thank you.

      • Thanks Pogo Llama. It sounds like a lot of work, thanks for doing that for us <3 My list is sort of in order, but more of groupings. The top are my absolute favorite games and the bottom being games I'd like to see, just not as much as the ones above them. I've left out obvious ones like Solitaire Gardens and games that have already been announced (as far as I know).
        Thousand Island Solitaire
        Crazy Cakes
        Beaker Creatures
        Golf Solitaire
        Dice City Roller
        Stellar Sweeper
        Boardwalk Sea Ball
        Tri-Peaks Solitaire
        Quick Quack
        Penguin Blocks
        Blackjack Carnival
        Everyone Wins Bingo
        Lottso! Deluxe
        Flower Daze
        Lottso! Express
        Harvest Mania
        Jungle Gin
        First Class Solitaire
        Perfect Pair Solitaire
        Makeover Madness
        Word Whomp™
        Casino Island Blackjack
        Match and Merge
        MONOPOLY The World Edition
        Bingo Luau
        Hog Heaven Slots
        Panda Pai Gow Poker
        Spooky Slots!
        Payday FreeCell
        Fortune Bingo
        Mahjong Garden
        Pogo™ Addiction Solitaire
        Dice Derby
        Word Craft
        Rainy Day Spider Solitaire
        Ride The Tide
        Shuffle Bump
        Spider Solitaire
        Vaults of Atlantis Slots
        Wonderland Memories
        Hangman Hijinks
        Tumble Bees
        Ali Baba Slots (I love the story lines in these old slot games)

        Thanks again :)


    I am a senior & have my screen enlarged
    as far as Pogo will let it enlarged with-
    out running off the page.
    when its enlarged, I’m not able to see the
    chat below. so I never know when a friend
    finds me & says ‘ HI ‘ .
    also I noticed the other day, that ‘ friends chat ‘
    wasn’t in red any more. I sure hope that was
    just a tiny glitch.
    tks, keep up the good work.


  • I really like Mahjong Escape and Solitaire Gardens so I’m wondering (hoping) if it’s possible to put in new games more often? I realize these games are quite intricate and must take a long time to prepare but they don’t take a long time to play lol

    thanks Pogo_Llama

    • Yay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying these games. New levels for Mahjong Escape are on the 1st of each month and Solitaire Gardens is on the 15th of each month. I believe we’ll be sticking to that release schedule for now but I’ll let the team know there’s a demand for more. Thank you very much.

    • Come and play mine! I hate both of those games!

  • I agree with most people in here, chat is great on the side. I also luv the new way to go full screen in the HTML5 games. It’s so much easier than clicking on sound a few times then back to full screen to see if I could get the full screen option.
    I would like to know if you have heard anything on Dice City Rollers to be switched over to H5? Or if pogo has a list yet of java games to be switched over. It would help immensely to know which games should be played prior to Oracle/java’s stoppage to support home use computers, that pogo wont be switching over. So, members can try to rank out in those games prior to not being able to play them at all.

    TY hagd bkpticecutter

  • I also prefer the chat on the side. If people want to talk about personal things they should use the private chat. I would love to see more levels in spider solitaire Please. It might just be me but it seems we have weekly badges in the same games for the most part. we have so many games cant we do some different games. I would also love if we could change the tournament games its getting boring playing the same ones all the time. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME POGO

  • It needs to work more than what it does. When playing a challenge it helps you stay up with how you are doing but it seems that it is always on the blink. I like to chat with my friends on pogo too. Thank You

  • My vote is for chat on the side. I only use the badge icons and have been very disappointed with them lately because they seem to be mostly numbers and letters … boring!! I buy badges for an icon I can display while playing and won’t buy a badge unless I like the chat icon. There seems to be much better choices to pick from within the badges that could be used for chat icon. I also don’t care if the badge itself is animated because no one ever sees it.

  • This is for POGO-LLama, I clicked on “report comment” by mistake. I am so sorry. I have trouble with my eye Hand coordination. It’s kind of like, the “Open Mouth and Insert Foot” problem I have. Thanks for all you do to make POGO a happier place. GB, Hugs, Daffielyn

  • Hi Pogo-Llama – The chat on the side of the game is much easier to see and reply to, but if you put the game at the very top of your screen you can see most of the chat below you. My problem with the chat is that in a lot of the games pogo keeps trying to connect to chat and invariabley (sp) it comes up with “unable to connect” Does anyone else have this problem?

  • My husband and I met here on Pogo 17 years ago because the chat was next to the game. The games that we play now with the chat on the bottom mostly get ignored, especially if full screen is available. I vote for side chat, and favorite badge OR mini as chat icon. It’s good to have choices.

  • My Pogo friends and I do use the Chat box regularly while playing game, but the location of the Chat box on the bottom of the game on most of the newer games is very inconvenience, to say the least; we’d have to constantly scrolling up and down from our game to the chat box, etc. It would definitely be awesome and totally appreciated if the Chat box would go back to the original format on Pogo games again, and that is located on the Right Side of the game, thanks so much for letting us voicing our thoughts on this matter.

    Also, PLEASE, PLEASE to include Thousand Island Solitaire game in your future project of converting games to H5 Format. (Perhaps, with more ranks and badges as well?) We’d really love to see that game in the future Weekly Challenges once again after the conversion. Many thanks in advance, Pogo_Llama and the Pogo Team.

    • I agree LRSGLASER—I love Thousand Island Solitaire too and would love to see it converted to HTML format too!

  • Chat, I HATE that it is below the HTML5 games! You cannot game and watch the chat or even chat in it while gaming. You also can’t see another person’s profile in these games. I, too, do not want to be forced to use my mini as an avatar.
    I have chatted, or asked for assistance from other players, in the HTML5 games, but the number of responses are quite few. I have yet to see a full conversation in these chat boxes.
    PLEASE, PLEASE try to get “the powers that be” to pull the chat boxes up and out of the “basements” and put them next to the games so that we can see them and use them while gaming. I also like to be able to see and use chat while I have the game “maximized”. It seems that we cannot do that in all of the new games…they don’t all have the “full screen” feature. Can that be something that is addressed with these “new” games as well?

    • Hi Tigger,
      All of the HTML 5 games have full screen capabilities and all going forward definitely will. I have made sure the Pogo team knows how important that feature is. Thank you.

  • I really enjoyed Jet Set Solitare, until I got to Sydney. I have been trying to get the needed star to complete the game, still haven’t gotten it. Is it under Java now? HTML is really great, but this has me furious!

    • Hi EIEIO43,
      Jet Set Solitaire is not under Java as it is a HTML 5 game. I know Sydney is a hard level, but I know it’s possible to get it. Keep on trying but you WILL get it. :)

      • I have been trying to get out of Sydney for 3 days now haha .I still can not do it…what a bummer…I am good at the game but this has stumped me big time….any tips…plzzn ty….today will be my 4th day for trying …..LOVE this game…..good work pogo…:)

  • I use chat all the time. I love it. I like the chat on the side and using badges as my icons also. I also use private chat often. I do wish we had more animations to post in our chat because they are fun to use (ex what our moods are, flowers etc.) In fact, it would be nice if we were able to post animations when we send out Pogo mail too. Thanks for allowing us to give our in-put!

  • I like the old chat format such as the one in Pogo Bowl, and I like to use my BADGE ICON and not my mini!!!

    Any chance Dice City Roller get switched to HTML?

    I love the new Aces Up in HTML–its so refreshing rather than the usual match object games………..

    And a Happy 2018 to you Pogo_Llma

  • In regards to the following statement in your letter above “I’ve also heard that y’all really like using the badge icon in chat rather than a Mini” Are you talking about exchanging the Mini’s for Badge icons? I really hope not. I love using my mini’s as my chat icon & really don’t see what else they (Mini’s) could be used for. I have fun going through the Mini Mall or my purchased items to create a new Mini each week. In fact having access to the Mini Mall when it first came out was a big factor in my deciding to join Club Pogo. I realize you are just putting feelers out on this, & just wanted to get my two cents in. ;) lol Anyways, Thanks for sharing your thoughts, & helping to make things happen. C/Ya in Cyyybeeerrrspaaaaace!!!

    • Hello FaythinGod1997,
      I love that you love your Mini. It is fun to go through the Mini Mall, right? No worries, I was only asking which you all liked better for chat as the H5 games have the Mini and the Flash games utilize the badge icon. Just asking which you all prefer. Thanks for putting your thoughts!

  • also, i dont know if this has mentioned, so ill ask it…sorry if its a repeat…..what does unable to connect to pogo chat mean?? we use chat to see badge progression, so if it isnt working…how can it not work??

    • Hi Frankquie,
      If you see “unable to connect” in Pogo Chat, this usually means Chat is down for technical reasons. My recommendation is to refresh your browser and sometimes that will work. Than you for asking your question and I love that you utilize chat.

  • I want my favorite badge back as my icon not my mini. Why the change? It was working just fine with people choosing mini or badge.

    Cat I low but as has been stated above on the bottom is bad as you can’t have full screen and chat at the same time and with the bottom chat it’s hard to play and watch chat.

  • I appreciate the variety of games offered in Pogo. I know that we all have favorites and that is good because, as my mother used to say, “if we all liked the same thing, it would be a dull world”. It saddens me to see comments in rooms and forums complaining about games chosen for challenges. While I may not like all the games, I know I have the option not to play it. It may seem that particular games are the “go to” games for challenges, but I think Pogo does a good job of balancing genres of games. I am grateful for the variety and quality of games offered. Thanks Pogo.

    • Thank you, meowlynne. Seriously, thank you. These are wonderful words to read. Like your mother said, not everyone is going to like the same thing, and that’s a good thing! The world is such a beautiful place because of all the differences. Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful rest of the week.

  • Please keep the chat on the side so we can see it and type to friends and other players in the game room while playing. I can only see the chat if I scroll down underneath the game. The chat section under the new HTML 5 games rarely connects and when it does, I often lose connection within 5 minutes of playing. I can still play the game, but I can’t chat or see my badge progress (I know I can click the Challenges tab to see progress but it’s not as convenient to switch back and forth). I never have a problem with the older style games because the chat is built into the game and it’s on the side.

    My friends and I love using badge chat icons. I never use the mini face. I have a lot of holiday Limited Edition and Special Edition chat icons that are really nice, and I hope I will be able to continue to display them in chat. I also buy badges for games that are not my favorite if I like the chat icon.

    I would love to see Spooky Slots converted to HTML 5. It would be awesome if (someday) Pogo could create a spooky/paranormal/monster themed game. Thank you, Pogo_Llama, for all of your hard work and dedication. It is very much appreciated. I look forward to reading your blog every week :)

  • Hi Pogo Llama Happy 2018!I dislike the bottom chat some of my friends come in to say hello, well most of the time I miss that, some of my friends was upset because I did not answer. I love to use my badge for my icon.Thank you for all the things you do.

  • I agree with the position of the chat to the right of the game play area. I don’t often use chat, but it serves a very useful function as a badge status indicator. I simply cannot see both the chat below the board AND the game itself, and moving back and forth involves sometimes tedious back and forth with the mouse to get the EXACT game play within the screen area. Some of the newer games, like Poppit Party use the ENTIRE game window; the chat is therefore useless if it is below the game play area.

  • Hi!!! I always see so much grumbling from fellow POGO players on badge day that I thought maybe if the good folks at POGO released five weekly badges a week and a player could pick two of the five to complete.. perhaps then there would be more happy pogo players with the weekly badge games..just a thought!! (oops not really a chat question but I do see grumbling in chat so it kinda is a chat comment) LOL

  • Is there any way we can ‘opt out’ of animations for the HTML5 games? Since that seems to be the wave of the future, it would help a lot. For example, Poppit! Party is slowed down a lot while Spike does his highly unnecessary celebratory dances, frowns of disappointment, etc. It used to be a favorite game, but between the lack of rank badges, new costumes and waste of my time, I only play it for the daily challenges. I don’t even do the computer generated challenges because they’ve become too unreasonable and undoable without spending gems. Thanks!

    • Hi MagicalMune,
      There is currently not a way to opt out of animations. Thank you for asking.

  • I agree with the ‘chat box on the side’ (sounds like I’m ordering food). I’d also LOVE to see an “eye rolling” emo!
    Happy 2018 Pogo Team!

  • Please add more levels to Mahjong Safari. I maxed out on that one long ago and would like some more challenges. I have been re-doing some of the old ones just for fun. Thank you. LOVE POGO

  • I also would like more mahjong escape and solitaire gardens thanks

  • Thanks to NhRodney for pointing out that the New games DO have the chat box at the bottom of the game after I said that my chat boxes were still to the right. I just never paid that much attention to it before.

  • Love the chat format next to Bingo Luau, where my friends and I meet everyday to play and chat. More emoticons there would be nice as well. Not fond of the chat on the bottom of certain games, though.
    Thanks for the changes to ACES UP! Have always loved that game.

  • BTW pogo..plzzz keep chat on the side……ok…ty :)

  • Chat on the side is great. I would like minis instead of badges as most of mine are so boring. A lot of them I never will use. Happy 2018.

  • I don’t chat I would love to see more ranks in Gin,Spades most card games. I like the old games when we did not have gems thanks for the up grade on Aces Up.

  • how do you get to the caramel version of sweet tooth??

    • Hi seabreeze12380,
      To get into Caramel Rooms in Sweet Tooth 2, click on the Chat tab and then you will see a choice between Classic Rooms and Caramel Rooms. Select Caramel Rooms and there you’ll have it. Please see the image for a visual. Thank you!

  • i would like to see the chat on the side as opposed to the bottom of the game field… it’s easier to follow the chat and participate in topics when the chat is on the side without pausing the game, also it’s easier to see your friends enter the room with the chat on the side, i have missed a few friends that entered the room, said hi and then left because i didn’t respond right away, i didn’t see them because i was playing the game :( .. so please, if you can, change the chat from the bottom to the side of the game field … thank you for your time :)