Blog Post #58 – January 9, 2018


Hello Pogians!

Cheers to you all on this second Tuesday of 2018.


Sneak Peek

I asked our talented Pogo artist, Pogo Marshall, what he had in store for us in 2018 for Mix n Match Badges. He gave me a few to share and so this week, I am revealing this beauty! This badge is for the game CLUE: Secrets & Spies and is called the Going Deep Badge and will be available for you very soon.



Let’s chat about chat

With a new year comes new thoughts and ideas and I want to know yours on the current chat system in Pogo. I’ve heard a lot of chatter about chat in Pogo, such as a request for the chat to be on the side of the game, not below the game as it is in the new HTML 5 games. I’ve also heard that y’all really like using the badge icon in chat rather than a Mini. Those are GREAT suggestions!

I’d like to know more about your chat thoughts. Do you use it? Do you like it? What features do you absolutely love? Which features would you like to see improvements on? SO many questions, right? Well, comment below and I’ll forward them onward to the Pogo team. Thank you thank you thank you!



questions_headerEvery week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)
A. Is there a chance that (Insert game here) will get more game ranks and badges and/or be brought over to HTML 5?

Q. The answer is… I love player feedback and requests! I gather them up and send it onward to the Pogo team so they can gain even more insight into player desires. I love sharing your wishes with the Pogo team. Please know that even if I don’t respond to your comment, I’m still taking note. So please, feel free to tell me what you’d like to see in the comments below.


Again, please remember to put your comments about chat in below. I’d love to know your thoughts on what’s great about it and what you’d like to see improved.

Stay warm out there! If you’re in a region that’s been hit by freezing cold temperatures and loads of snow, be safe. Remember, another layer of clothing is always a good idea when venturing outside. I still remember starting the car super early so the frost could melt on the windshield and sometimes even having to plug in my car so it would start in the morning. Ooooh, winter memories of the Midwest. It sure can be beautiful in the winter, though! Okay. Be safe, Pogoians.



Pogo Llama


NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • more ranks in poppit ! Party pls. i’m not a chatter either

  • I love the badge icons too. Pogo added many pet mini items recently, which was awesome !!!I Wish we had badge icons that were different pets. I would wear my Tuxedo cat proudly !!! Happy New Year and keep up the good work !!!

  • Regarding chat,
    I enjoy playing Monopoly Slots,but I do find that some of the language and constant bickering atrocious from some of the chatters.I feel that pogo should police and suspend the users who continually attack and threaten other players with their vulgar and threatening language

  • I ask that you please leave and put chat to the right of the game, it is much better there. Thank yo

  • Chat on the side would be great – a 1000 more ranks in Boggle would be appreciated! LOL

  • I use the chat on the side all the time. I really enjoy meeting new people there. Some I’ve been chatting with for several years. Gotten to knoweach other well.

  • Wishing they would convert Woed Whomp Whackdown to new format. It is a great mind game besides being a word game. Need more of these type games versus the “same old same old” tile games! Would also like to see more ranks in Boggle Bash. Thank you

  • I would love to see Chinese Checkers be in the making for another new game. I like chat option on the side as well

  • Oh, I want my icon tiger eye back also. I dislike showing my mini. Please…?

    Thanks Llama, for all of your hard work. I do appreciate your efforts.

  • I would like to see the default on the chat filter changed to off. The lengths it goes to get around the ways people try to circumvent it are idiotic. The potty mouths can always be muted.

  • How about making backgammon where you can play the computer as with other games

  • I don’t usually chat but I do enjoy watching chat. Sometimes the conversation is quite informative. Other times the conversation is entertaining. lol But I don’t look at chat at all when it is on the bottom of screen of course. I only look down to see if my game is connected for my badge progress. Which it usually isn’t. So when it isn’t I have to leave the game and go check under another page. Which is inconvenient. Especially if it happens to be in a game that takes awhile to load. Thanks for asking.

  • Please, put chat on the side! When you want to chat with a friend when it is on the bottom it is next to impossible…nobody gets the point of chat at the bottom of the game! Thank you.

  • I agree with everyone else; chat on the side. However, I’ve been happy with the Flash chat, which doesn’t bombard us with winner announcements, so hopefully that will continue with HTML. When I first joined, under my first screen name, there were no winner announcements, and if anyone cared, they went to the Winners Page (or whatever it was called back then) to see who had won. I’m guessing they added the announcements after the inception of Pogo UK. After that site closed, my family all dropped off Pogo because of the announcements, and now my husband and I are the only ones left – and he’s only still here so we can play together when he’s away on business. I miss having my family and real-life friends on Pogo.

    Might be a good idea for someone to sort “all games” by “most players online” to see which games are truly popular. I think you’ll find Monopoly World should have been the Game of the Month, rather than Monopoly. So disappointing to find out which one had ranks added!

  • Chat really should be on the side, it’s more convenient there and makes more sense to have it there. I’m really hoping they turn Jigsaw Treasure Hunter and Jigsaw Detective to HTML5. Love the new Sudoku game. Thank you Pogo for all you do for us!!

  • I, too, like the chat on the side. It is very inconvenient to keep scrolling up and down to chat with folks. With chat on the bottom and you go to full screen you cannot talk to anyone at all, unless you want to switch between fullscreen or normal. As for adding ranks, please go to the older games to add, and not all these new games that have been put on, which most I only play if there is a badge. For example: Rainy Day Solitaire, Dice City Roller, Canasta, Jungle Jim, just to name a few. I enjoy Pogo and have been playing here from the beginning, although I did not join until january of 2003. I even won $50 in the Keno ticket draw. Thanks for the fun I have had here.

  • Chat is way better on the side.On bottom i have to move my screen up an down to either play the game or see chat..not good for me for it takes a little longer to finish the game. if a timed game there’s no way i would even attempt chat if it was at the bottom than. :( btw I love the chat feature…

  • I like the chat on the side so I can see my friends when they enter a game and it is so much easier to chat. I would like more mini items. I want more coats. With the cold weather we need fur coats. lol

  • More levels quicker in Solitaire Gardens PLLLLLLLLEEEAAASE!

  • I absolutely love to have a choice between a badge or mini icon. I use the mini most of the time. Just my two cents.

  • I love being able to chat with friends and other players…anyone can play alone but most come to Pogo for the social aspect

    Weather it’s passing on tips or sending congrats or just joking around to make the badge go faster chat is the best part of playing on Pogo (other than the trolls but that’s what the mute feature is for)

    My favorite part is the emojies…and I think there should be a few more of them like a flying pig….flying ace…jack-o-lantern…bacon…(yes I said bacon…I was in a Hog Heaven room and someone said that should be an emoji and I LOVED the idea)

    I also agree that chat should be incorporated into the game on the right for the H5 games like it is for Tripeaks…yes some games it may not work like Poppit Bingo but most it will and would make playing more fun

    How many gatherings have I gone to and chatting and laughing with friends is the best part…sometimes I don’t even play the game we’re in (like the slots or Keno Pop) because I’m having too much fun with chat

    One thing I could see tweaked is using various colors for the chat of friends…right now any friend is RED in chat…which is fine until you are in a room with a bunch of friends and chat goes flying past….hard to keep what is said and who says it straight

    I also think the report feature should have an option to include the text that was said and maybe even a place to attach screenshot so we can prove what happened really happened (I remember I was in a game of Gin and the person I was playing with called me a very rude name for underknocking them…then they refused to play and would follow me just to prevent me from playing…finally made room private but harder playing bots…anyway I was so ticked I forgot to report but even if I had I couldn’t have proven they swore at me)…I make this suggestion so someone doesn’t get blamed just become someone else doesn’t like them and to show when there is trouble….especially if what happens takes place in private chat and more people can’t also report the player

    Anyway those are my thoughts….and I think that badge has me wondering who done it? LOL

    • Hi doglvr2010,
      Thank you for the insightful and well thought out suggestions for chat. I appreciate it.

  • as to the comment on ,badge or mini,displayed as an icon,,i would disagree with the word used,,y,all,,as just as many would prefer the mini,,as it displays who,,or what gender the person is,,as it takes time checking their profiles,no offence on this, just a voice of an opinion,but those I know arn,t really interested in some ones fav badge,,i also agree with as85382s comment on how inconvenient having to stop game to chat at bottom of screen,,

  • I generally do not chat, so that point is moot for me. I do agree however that I would like to have all the java games I use to play available again as HTML5 games and the American version of Crossword Cove as well! Thanks for listening!

  • Add another vote for Chat on the side please :) Games I would really really like to see converted: Boggle Bash! & Word Whomp! Also: Spades, Mahjong Safari, Jungle Gin, Canasta, Scrabble and Tri Peaks Solitaire. I used to love to play Tumble Bees, Qwerty & Keno Pop before windows 10 with no Java :( Thank you for asking!!

    I was super excited to see (here in the comments) that we will have more levels in Jewel Acadamy in a month or two!! Yay! Keep up the good work, you all are awesome!!

    • one more thought…. an “edit” feature would be nice here in the Blog because I have left one comment, and one reply to another’s comment and made mistakes in both of them!! LOL

      • Hi, OneHappyJoy, I agree with an edit button. I just hit “report comment” by accident and now can’t take it back. I will tell Llama. I wish we did have a way to edit what we say.

        • Hi Daffielyn, it amazes me that I don’t see the mistake until after I hit submit!! And then it’s too late and it really bugs me that I can’t fix it :) I know the feeling when you accidentally hit the wrong button, it’s good we have Pogo Llama to fix it. :) :)


  • i would love a hug emoticon for chat :)

  • I love the chat on the side. Most of the time, I just follow along with others’ chats. I also really like that I can easily see when my “friends” enter and leave the room and where they are playing.

  • i don’t chat, but would love to see more solitaire garden levels. I have finished all so far and it seems like forever before the next level is added. I love playing pogo. Thanks for your work

    • Hi cbpengie,
      New levels are added to Solitaire Gardens on the 15th of each month. Only 5 more days to wait for January. Yay!

  • Happy New Year, any word on when the old format will be returned to Crossword Cove?

    • No word yet on Crossword Cove but I’ll keep you posted when I hear something. Happy 2018!

  • i don’t like chat at the bottom of the screen as seems to be the norm with flash and html5 games. as far as games I would like to see come to html5, I would love for POGO addiction solitaire, lottso, and everyone wins bingo to come to html5 format as those are my favorite games.

  • Ready for more levels or more costumes in Poppit Party! I’m addicted.

  • Yes, chat on the side is the best way, fun to chat with friends while playing a game, I use the badge icon, hagd day!!!

  • Is there any chance Mahjong Gardens will be going to html? Love that dragon and have been dragging my feet doing it because I don’t want it to end.

    I seldom chat but on the side is best. I like seeing my mini in games by the way.
    Thank you for all you do.

  • What good is it to have a report mode if it seems as though it is never followed through? I have been playing Pogo since it’s start on AOL and then became a member. That’s a lot of years. Your membership used to be enormous. Now it is dwindling rapidly. One reason is the nasty, snotty people we have to deal with every time we play any multiple player game. Yes they can be muted but what’s the purpose here? Allowing the same potty mouth offenders to ruin everyone’s fun and telling us to mute or would it be better to enforce policy and terminate their membership.

    I play to have fun, meet people and enjoy a few hours a day in a relaxing way. Anymore, the only way to do that is to play single player games and that gets boring. I would appreciate an honest response from pogo.


    • Hi JppGkp,
      Thank you for being a member of Pogo for many many years.
      Please understand that when a player is reported for abusing chat, the report is sent directly to a team that investigates the situation. We are unable to discuss details about anyone’s account, but know that action is taken where action needs be taken. Thank you for each and every person who has every reported an abusive player. Pogo takes pride in fostering a positive and fun community. Thank you.

  • I’m sorry. I like chat on the side, not the bottom. Easier facilitation while playing.

  • It started as idle chatter about the April weather while playing Addiction Solitaire…BUT…Chat changed our lives completely. My husband was able to retire three years early. His health improved so well he was able to stop taking several meds. We sold our home in PA and moved to Florida which we’d never considered doing. All because one caring lady I was chatting with continued to share with me about her move and the place she lived and how happy she was… and it sounded wonderful. And it was and it has been! And although we no longer live where we first bought, she remains my dearest friend.

    If chat is below the game, usually there’s no way to see it and see the game at the same time…and if it had been like that back then, my husband would just be retiring this year. We’d still be freezing in PA.

    Why are they changing the things that people like and not fixing the things they don’t like? Remember the old saw…”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Well, that’s the truth.

    Was I expecting anything except idle chatter just to get thru a long badge? No! But it proved to be life-changing. Keep it, where people can see it and use it. Thank you.

    • Hi gypsyheart5134,
      Thank you for sharing your Pogo friend and chat story with me. That’s amazing and really a beautiful thing that due to one chat, your entire life changed for the better.

  • Same with me. I join pogo because of the chat and to get friends. It would be awesome if chat was on the side.

  • A new game, but already need more levels for Jewel Academy. I have 3 stars in 87 of the current 100 levels, and working towards that on the remaining 13 levels — It is the only in-game badge not yet achieved.

  • The opening phrase in POGO games used to be “A place to make friends and win prizes”I haven’t added any friends from HTML5, very limited info available on the person if you try to access their profile etc. If you have a question about the game function, dont bother asking, no one will see it. I can remember several years ago I was desperate to chat with anyone about an incident where I was almost mugged and robbed. It was very late at night and I didnt want to wake any local friends.The people in the room really were supportive and helped me to calm down. That is what I enjoy about POGO and I love to read in chat all the current info from around the world. I only play games with the old chat format with my friends.

  • Please add more ranks to Spades….I agree that all the Java games be moved to HTML

  • Like the chat on the side also as you can read it while playing the game….I too would love more ranks in dice city rollers…enjoy your day

  • i like chat on the side as it is easier to read.I also want the option to use my mini and not just a badge.I put thought into my mini and would really be disappointed if I couldn’t show it off.

  • Chat on the side makes so much more sense than on the bottom. you cant play and chat if you cant see it. also we play tournament in turbo 21 and need the chat on the side to play these tournaments.

  • Any chance that lottso will be coming over to html as that was one of my favorites.

  • Good morning Pogo_Llama.

    I noticed that Pogo has brought back from the vault some World Class Solitaire and Turbo 21 M&Ms. Does this mean that we will have time to complete these badges before the games are released in HTML5?

    • Yes there is some time. When I have dates finalized, I’ll let you all know. Thank you.

  • I would like to see a public chat in the Lobby (home Pogo page)! The forums are not user friendly! I think a pyblic chat option would be great to warn of any tech difficulties ahead of time and or tech advice before heading to help page. Of course I understand free chat would have to be censored etc but if might be popular!

    • Hi MadamDixie7,
      Thanks for your feedback. The chat I’m referring to is the chat found in game. Thank you.

  • “chat to be on the side of the game” and “using the badge icon in chat rather than a Mini.” YES! I think when a lot of games started adapting the chat box below the game, we just got used to not chatting. It’s hard to find a “loud” room these days. Plus, the badges we choose are more of a representation of us than a tiny mini head (which all look the same anyway). I would LOVE to see those changes.

  • My only chat comment is If you are going to have a long conversation, Please players do it in private chat. Some posts are very personal. I move my bar so that the conversation is reduced.

  • I don’t chat much except when I join in congratulating folks for a good game. (gga, gge1). With that said, I like it better on the side than on the bottom. With the current version on the bottom, you really don’t get the full effect of chatting with someone while playing the game because it’s hidden. A lot of scrolling up and down. If someone like me doesn’t want to chat, I believe there is an option to turn chat off. Have a great day!

  • A few private rooms in Boggle would be great. It seems to never fail that every time I attempt to play alone someone enters the room I am in. I have problems with my hands and can not type as fast as others do and enjoy playing alone due to that reason. Thank you for passing this along and hope you have a truly wonderful week.