Blog Post #57 – January 2, 2018


Hello Pogoians,

Welcome to the first 2018 edition of the Pogo Insider! How was your New Years? I’m so excited to catch up with everyone! I just returned from a visit with my grandparents in Arizona. We took a trip over to the Grand Canyon and I was able to experience that magical place for my very first time.

With the New Year brings new things to Pogo. Let’s stroll right on over to the Sneak Peek section so I can unveil one for you.


Sneak Peek

Pogo artist Tony is starting 2018 off with something new for Pogo – animated Mix n Match Badges!

“One of our new animated badges for 2018 is a Scrapbook Badge. We will be telling the story of a woman’s life through a series of 10 Scrapbook badges. We’ll be playing around with color and light on these animations to make them feel different. Here’s a tease of the first badge. A father daughter enjoying a baby nap.”


How precious is this badge?! The Scrapbook Badge will be available very soon. The game it’s for? Jet Set Solitaire!


We have a Mini Release coming up this Thursday, but as astute Mini fans will already know, the first January release is a sale! This time around, we decided to shake things up and put some unique items on sale for 25% off. Here’s a little preview, but you can expect lots of fairy and outer space items. There’s a unique combo, eh?



Player Requested!

Pogo Zombie literally just came to my desk to tell me some exciting news….it’s been widely requested and the Pogo team has been working hard on it….say it with me now…the sound in Poppit! Bingo! Coming in the future, you will be able to turn off the music in Poppit! Bingo without having to turn off the Caller. Yay! (I do not have an estimated time of arrival on this fix, but I do know it’s coming in the sooner than later future).

What else is coming up? World Class Solitaire and Turbo 21 are the next games to be brought over from Flash and Java to the new HTML 5 format. I’ll update you more here, on the Pogo Insider, with more information when it becomes available.


questions_headerEvery week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)


Q. Will you be transferring all Java games to HTML 5?

A. Pogo is working super hard on transferring Java games to HTML 5. Each game that is being worked on take time. There are a lot of technical situations that go on with it and it must be completely remade so as to work with the new programming language. Oh Mylanta, there is so much involved. Not every single Java game will make it over to HTML 5. But the team here at Pogo is working to transfer over as many of them as possible. A reminder, the next Java game to be transferred over will be…Turbo 21.



Did you make any Pogo New Year’s resolutions for 2018? Please comment below and share. I have a continuing resolution with myself to complete each and every Poppit! Bingo Badge. I have a few to catch up on and I’m really looking forward to it.

Have a great first week in 2018!




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If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • Can you put a list of all games transferring to the newer format? We would be able to have our questions answered without bothering you. That way we can cry at home. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.

    • Happy new year!
      I do not have an actual list but I do my best to let you all know when something new is coming. Thank you and no tears, please! :)


    As always, looking forward to new items in the Mini Mall. At the end of each tournament session, I give my ladies gifts for their efforts and accomplishments. So, it makes it nice to have new things every few weeks. Besides, I just love to dress up my mini.

    Happy New Year to everyone at Pogo who makes it so much fun for all of us. Thank you for your great consideration in creating and maintaining such fun games. You all do a great job.

  • I would like to see Pinochle changed over to Html5. Also can you add more ranks to Dominoes? Happy New Year to all of the Pogo Staff.

  • Happy New Year to everyone at POGO headquarters! Just wondering if we will have weekly challenges in Makeover Madness and Crazy Cakes? Thank you for all of your hard work. Have a fantastic day and an amazing 2018!!

  • Happy New Year to all of Pogo staff. I would love to see more ranks in Bingo Luau, Tri Peaks, First class Sol, World class sol, & Jungle Gin. Have been ranked out for long while in all 4, and more games too. I Love Pogo it is my connection to other people as I don’t get out. Keep the great job going.

    Question: Why do we loose the badges we already worked for in games you are taking to HMTL5? I don’t feel we should have to loose Badges we earn from hours and days of playing to earn them.

    • You will keep badges you already won, just like what happened with Ace’s Up. Thanks!

  • Bummer. Half of my enjoyment is loading the high score and keeping it open next to the game window so I can track my high score progress. There goes Turbo 21. My first favourite Pogo game, and remaining there for 10+ years. This really makes me sad.

  • With the new HTML5 games, why don’t we have a private chat? Most people don’t want to read about someone’s aches and pains and surely I don’t want everyone knowing my business. Is there a way for us to get private chats with these new games? Thanks and Happy New Year!!

  • I play on Pogo every day for more than 8 hours, I am truly addicted!
    I would like to know if there is a chance for Cribbage to get game ranks and badges?
    I enjoy playing Cribbage very much and would love to play for ranks and badges!
    I hope this is something that could be looked into in the near future.
    Also, I was wondering if it is possible to bring out the card game “Crazy 8’s”?
    I love playing Crazy 8’s and have played it for years! Playing Crazy 8’s on the computer would be awesome!!

    Thank you very much and Happy New Year!

    • I love playing Cribbage too, and would love to see rank and badges in that game.

    • Happy New Year!

      My twin sis and me, love Cribbage also very much!!!
      And Yes, please, ranks wil give us even more fun!

  • I have been trying for a few years to get POGO to give us the card game of
    Setback as it is known in Connecticut or Pitch as it is known in Massachusetts.
    It is a great card game and both Ct. & Ma. have leagues and tournaments.
    Considering all the dumb games of no interest to myself and other people I have spoken with,
    I would think they would include Setback/Pitch which would appeal to a great many
    New Englanders.
    Please Pogo Consider this gaime.

  • Can we see how many pop coins we have in Poppit! Party? I am working on last badge 2 million pop coins but can not tell progress

    • Hi nchat4me,
      Yes, you can see how many Pop Coins you have and there are a few different ways. One way is after you completed a game, it will be in the game summary screen and located on the upper right hand corner. It is the number that appears after the yellow/gold coin. Another way to view it is in the Costumes menu screen and it is also located in the upper right hand corner there. Please let me know if you have more questions. Hope this helps.

  • I would love to see Casino Island BlackJack come over from Java to HTML5. I had so much fun playing this game. Any possibility?

  • happy new years in Canada wish there was more free hidden objects game

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,
    I figure The Kings are Unlock now so I went to play and still my Month #10 for January King Akhenaten Badge didn’t pop up.
    I was wondering if We keep playing will I get credit or do We have start all over.
    Thank You

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your report about the Akhenaten badge and it has now been fixed. Yay!
      To get your Akhenaten badge, you will have to replay a Celestial game and get at least one glyph to activate the badge. I do apologize you’ll have to replay to get the badge.

  • I have been playing Tumble Tiles. LOVE IT! more levels please.

  • Will the Akhenaten badge be awarded to those of us who earned it while the game was not working properly? I even replayed a round of Celestial but still did not get the badge. Everything seems to be working now but no badge has been awarded. Thank you.

    • Hi bowmardon1,
      Thanks for your report about the Akhenaten badge and it has now been fixed. Yay!
      To get your Akhenaten badge, you will have to replay a Celestial game and get at least one glyph to activate the badge. I do apologize you’ll have to replay to get the badge.

  • I like the games like Majong Safari that can be played on a large screen. I look forward to maybe future games like canasta or jungle jin or even World Calsss Solitare could be enlarged. A simple request, maybe you guys could think about it. Thank you for your time.


    Rebecca (Becky) Hester

  • I like Pogo Addiction Solitaire. I hope you’re able to upgrade that game.


  • would like to see some new ranks in spades maybe even a album plz and ty

  • How about considering a HTML 5 RIDE THE TIDE it’s really fun and is kind of left out!

  • I agree with RDH101002. Would love to sse more card games with enlarged/full screen. some of the games are just too hard to see

  • I really enjoy bowling. I have reached all the ranks. Sure hope you add more soon. Thanks and have good day.

  • Rebecca, on enlarging most of the game’s if you go to the top right hand corner you can see a square box, left click it & it fill’s the whole screen up & then when you our done with that game & want out you hit your ESC @ the top left corner of your keyboard.I have been doing for yr.’s & it works on a lot of the game’s to make them bigger for you to see. Happy New Year to all Pogo people & good luck, hope this help’s you.

  • Whooo Hooooo! Great news about Turbo 21. Can’t wait. Thank you.

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking forward to all the FUN POGO has in store for 2018!

  • I used to really enjoy Everyone Wins Bingo but it’s gotten too small for my eyes. Any chance of making it so it can be enlarged.

  • OHH WOW Turbo is coming over to H5 games..YES!My heart just skipped a beat :D also ahemmm ..any chance of New levels on Jet set Solitaire,Jewel Academy or that elusive Poppit Party 2nd set. LOL IK IK these are new and they need time,SIGH,am sooo Not addicted to new games.LOL :D..Keep up the GREAT work Game Makers! Happy new Year :)

  • More ranks for card games PINOCHLE, HEARTS, SPADES…PLZ PLZ remember when people used to get together for card night? If somebody doesn’t know how to play, just go to forum and ask.

  • I would love to see Skip-Bo. love the game

  • Maybe more ranks for LOTTSO. It might bring back old players who have ranked out? Just a thought.

  • You have so many duplicate dogs. I would like to see at least ONE English Springer Spaniel offered to use in my mini. Been with you for years and haven’t seen one yet. Thank you for considering.


  • I would like to see a full screen version of free cell. I have requested this many times.
    Could you please add some more layouts to Mahjong safari? Thanks Happy New Year

  • just wondering if the rush button has been disabled in poppit party?

    • Hi there,
      The Rush button has not been disabled. Click on the costume you’d like to play and when it opens up, you’ll see the Rush button at the bottom right hand corner in green. Thank you for asking.

  • I really would like to see LOTTSO make a come back, I really miss that game. happy New Year.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,
    Thank You
    I played a game got a glyphs and low and behold here’s
    Akhenaten Badge.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    Did I say Thank You

  • I love to play Backgammon too, and would like to be able to use computers rather than people, as some people are snobbish and bad manner for us beginners.

    Please please, can you make it so can use computers? Thank you

  • Thanks for all the diverse games offered on Pogo. There is truly something for everybody. I do have one question, on the Badge Magic, do we get to choose which games we want, or just play what is unveiled. I love Mahjong Gardens, and there seems to be three, but do I have to work myself down to them. Help??? lol

    • Hiya bornrunning,
      Badge Magic is totally random so you do not get to select which game you get a Badge for. Thank you for asking!

  • just wondering if we could get a card game called Rook to pogo?