Blog Post #54 – December 12, 2017


Hello Pogians,

How has your week been?! If you say busy and fun, I am right there with you!

To recap this past week:


Sneak Peek

This week, I’m behind the scenes with Pogo_Joe, who worked on the shiny new HTML 5 game just released last Wednesday. What game, you ask? Jet Set Solitaire!

Pogo_Llama: Howdy Pogo_Joe! Please do pull up a chair and sit while we chat a spell. Jet Set Solitaire is the new H5 solitaire game for Pogo. Please tell us a bit about this latest H5 release.

Pogo_Joe: Sure thing! I really believe this game is a great addition to the Pogo library of games!  Jet Set Solitaire is also an amazing example of the kind of quality that’s possible in HTML5. It’s beautiful! Please do go check it out for yourselves.

Pogo_Llama: The graphics are really beautiful! I also see they are player friendly. How did you keep the Pogo audiences in mind when designing this game?

Pogo_Joe:  We really focused on visibility and clarity, which is not always easy to maintain when you want to make something visually interesting to look at but also readable at a glance. We worked hard to make sure that there wasn’t any more information than was needed to understand the game, but also to maintain the charm and delight factor that the theme and art style really lends itself to.

Pogo_Llama:  I can definitely see, and appreciate, Jet Set Solitaire’s minimalistic feel. I have another question I’ve been pondering over. How is Jet Set Solitaire different than World Class Solitaire?

Pogo_Joe:  The play style of this game is Golf Solitaire (similar to Tri-Peaks or our original Golf Solitaire title), rather than the traditional Solitaire (Klondike) that World Class Solitaire features. So even though both games are related to travel, the gameplay experience itself is significantly different and far more varied in this game than World Class Solitaire.

Pogo_Llama: Thank you for clarifying that. I love that there are different styles of solitaire available. I see there are three Boosters….Assistance Booster, Tailwind Booster and Upgrade Booster. Can you explain what a Booster is in this game? How are they different than a Power Up?

Pogo_Joe: Boosters are similar to power-ups in that they can help you achieve goals, but unlike power-ups which are instant in their use and effect, the effect Boosters lasts much longer, up to the entire length of the game from when you activate them! (Wow! This sounds like a dream come true!) The power of Boosters is long-lasting and their effects are focused mainly around making the game easier to play and extending streaks.

Pogo_Llama: If you could play any kind of solitaire game in the whole entire Pogo collection, which one would it be and why?

Pogo_Joe: I really like all of the original Pogo Solitaire games! But if I had to pick one, I suppose it would be Rainy Day Spider Solitaire since that was the first Solitaire game I worked on for Pogo and I still have a soft spot in my heart for poor little Octavius (the original name for the spider – it’s a long story!). I always want to rescue him from the rain, but then he always goes back into it so it’s hard to stop playing and I sometimes have to just avoid playing or I’ll get stuck for hours trying to rescue and re-rescue him!

Pogo_Llama: Which would you rather play: Computer solitaire or real card solitaire?

Pogo_Joe: I think there’s definitely something about playing Solitaire with real cards that brings you back to a simpler time, but I prefer playing computer Solitaire for the most part, just because I don’t have to worry about losing cards or dealing a new hand each time. And let’s be honest – it’s easy to sneak a peek at a card or infinitely undo your moves with physical cards, whereas a computer Solitaire game won’t allow you to cheat like that and keeps you honest.  ;)

Pogo_Llama: Thank you, Pogo_Joe, for taking the time to join me in the Pogo Insider studios. All of us curious Pogoians appreciate it. Now, how about playing some Jet Set Solitaire! Oh! Pogo_Cactuar wanted me to share with you all that she beat all 100 levels of Jet Set Solitaire by last Friday! They’re not all at three stars yet, but she’s working on it. What are your stats in Jet Set Solitaire, comment below!

Here are a few helpful how-to play Jet Set Solitaire links:
1. Here’s how-to play Jet Set Solitaire
2. Game tip – Jet Set Solitaire


Amazing Minis

Holiday Cheer is the theme for the holiday Amazing Minis which will be held this coming Thursday, December 14th! The start time will be 11 AM PST and will be hosted in the Slow Rooms in Pogo Bowl. For more information, please read the blog article by clicking here.


12 Days of Pogo

The 12 Days of Pogo begins this Thursday, December 14th. Keep an eye to the blog for the 12 days of really awesome Pogo deals which will include some freebies for Club Pogo members!


questions_headerEvery week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. Where are my Mix n Match completion badges? (Also known as Super Secret Badges)

A. It is that festive time of year! Our artists are extra busy jollying up all of Pogo right now, too. While it’s super fun and great to see all the festivities in Pogo, it also takes the artists quite a bit of time to get it all just right. Indeed, the Pogo artists have been super busy working on all things holiday. We are all aware that many of you should have received some Super Secret Badges and I can confirm the artists will continue to work on them when they finish with the holiday badge work. You can expect to see more Super Secret Badges in the new year!


Thank you for stopping by the Pogo Insider and reading its 54th edition. I hope you’re all having a terrific week and having a great time playing Jewel Academy, Jet Set Solitaire and all the other super duper fun Pogo games.






NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • How do I turn the sound off for Solitaire Garden? I am listening to books at the same time. Thank you. Also are answers sent to my messages?

    • Hi ultraant8,
      Once you enter a level and are playing a game, select Menu and then Options. Clear the boxes next to Music and Sound Effects and click Close to save the settings. Thank you!

  • This is a bit off topic but I have a suggestion, maybe you could pass it on? I suggest to the game makers that, if possible, could they position the chat section to the right of the game instead of at the bottom? I like to chat with my friends while I play some games; however, with the chat beneath the game it’s hard to see the chat and the game at the same time. I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks.

    • Yes, that is a fantastic suggestion and I have already passed that along. Do you have any other chat requests?
      Thanks, Paaandora!

      • Oh yes, yes. I have a chat request! When I’ve chosen a table to play Spades, the OPTIONS button is just below the chat box and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked that button instead of clicking the chat box where I originally wanted my curser to go. Is there anyway you/your team could move BADGES; MY STATS; OPTIONS; and STAND UP more to the left in that space? Just get it all out of the way? Thanks for any help.

        • Hi there,
          Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about that at this time. But I will put that into my notes about Chat features that I will relay to the team. Thank you!

      • I Do personally have another chat request. I am a person who chooses my favorite badge to be my chat icon. I sometimes will work on a badge in a game I don’t care for that much, just because I like the small icon associated with that badge. (So that I can use it in chat)

        Unless I’m mistaken, it seems as though all the newer games only allow your mini as your chat icon. Please consider changing this. Otherwise, why bother creating the smaller icons with each badge? (Especially the cool animated small icons!)It seems to me that the only other place you see these would be at the top of your profile page.

        • Thank you for your feedback on chat, NhRodney. This is very helpful and I’ll add this to my notes to relay to the team.

  • love poppit bingo but no matter what I do, can’t get sound or music. I’ve changed browsers and do get sound but she stops after 3 numbers. Please fix.

  • Love the new games that were just introduced to the Pogo game line-up, and nice to see Aces Up again. I am not one to finish all levels as soon as I can, but much prefer to get them done in my own time (learned my lesson on that one with Mahjong Escape, when I finished the first one in a couple of days), and these games are perfect for just about any mode of play.

    Once again, thank you and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Chanukah (Hanukkah) Sameakh, and have a great month to all the Pogo Peeps.

    • Hi droagie,
      I love that you go at your own pace. Me too. :)
      Happy holidays to you and yours!

  • Hi! Thank you all at Pogo for the amazing job you do at keeping me from my housework! I love it!! Seriously, it has been getting more and more addictive with the new games coming out. I was wondering, tho, we were told that when Aces Up converted over, if we were in the middle of a challenge, the badge would automatically be awarded. Did I mis-understand? I was, in fact, doing a challenge when the conversion took place, and I did not get my badge, if indeed I did understand correctly. Is this really going to happen? And if so, when? Keep up the good work, and have a fabulous holiday season!

    • Hi Alixia1044,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. Don’t get too far behind on the dishes though! ;)
      Yes, if you had a Challenge activated for the Java Aces Up, you were to have received that badge in your album. Which Badge are you waiting on?

  • awesome game

  • Jet was ok for me. I preferred Jewel Academy, kind of a twist between bejeweled and tumble tiles. I was wondering if more levels will be added to cookie connect, I’ve reached the end. Also, poppit party. I have almost reached level 10 on all of them.
    Thank you for the new games

    • Hi Nitsuki611,
      You are a Pogo rockstar. Thank you for playing Pogo games and enjoying them so much. There will be updates in the future, but I do not know exactly when.

  • Really enjoying the new games! They are fantastic and addictive esp. Jewel Academy.
    Thanks to all for your hard work. Someday I will get back to playing Mahjong Escape. lol
    It is one of my favorites. When I stop and Think I got a lot of favorites!
    Hit the gem special right away. Thank you for a new first in all areas.
    Merry Christmas to all!

    • That’s great! So glad you’re enjoying the new games. Don’t forget about your favorites, though. Haha.
      Merry Christmas, Nortnmom.

  • I got to the last game , need 1 more star , can’t get it . have played all the games many times . pretty crazy I get thru all of them but the last one . pogo please take a look .

  • Using Firefox to play Jewel Academy and have earned 3 stars many, many times on level 20, but will not open the gate. I don’t want to pay 10 gems to open it. Game freezes a lot on this level and I’m constantly going out and coming back in, with the same results. Very frustrated and don’t know what to do. Any help or information? Thank you

    • Hi poodledoo02,
      It looks like you need 2 more stars to open up the gate there. For level 20, you need a total of 40 stars to open the gate. If you look on the map up in the top right, you’ll see the number of stars you currently have. Thank you for your question and I hope this helped.

  • This is about Solitaire Gardens. Thought this was the game of the month. Haven’t seen anything on it yet and its December 12 already. What’s up? Love Pogo and you do a great job but would like to know.

    • Hi Tiara341,
      You are correct that Solitaire Gardens is December’s Game of the Month. Please read about it by clicking here for the news article. I’m so glad you are enjoying Pogo. Have a great week!

  • Comments on new games:

    Aces Up! is great but miss the “old” badges & previously earned rank, but it seems “easy” to catch up.
    Cookie Connect is FANTASTIC! Blew through all the levels and have only 3 bears that are stuck at 2 stars.
    Jewel Academy is FANTASTIC TOO! Different version of Cookie Connect meets Bejeweled . . . blew through all levels AND have 3 stars on all. Took some doing though on a couple of levels.
    Pogo Sudoku is great & leveling up is super easy–especially on expert level & note feature is a nice touch, unless I forget what mode I’m in.
    Popit Party was great and is great again after more levels opened up . . . just wish the cleaning time would shorten after level 5.
    Popit Bingo is fun to play, but hard to get blackouts or multi-bingo bonuses unless players cooperate because you can’t be in a room with less than 20 people.
    StoryQuest is fun to play, but wish more sections had free episodes.
    Philnx II went from can’t stand to almost tolerable, but still a pain to play.
    Jet Set Solitaire is barely tolerable and would be much better if 3 stars was easier to get. Started giving up on the level after 50+ attempts.

    Plus the extra challenges have been great and can’t wait for Thursday’s batch to be released. Thanks.

    • shipperman_,
      I want to thank you for playing Pogo. You have played a great many of our new games (all of them, actually!) and I/we appreciate that. Thank you and good luck with the next marathon!

  • Pogo Llama and the Pogo team…

    Thank you all so much for so many things. Poppit Bingo Marathon was awesome. Gem sale was dream come true. Fixing stats screen for Poppit Bingo…awesome again. Jet Solitaire…finished it and probably won’t go back for 3 stars for all. Jewel Academy…ranking up and spending little on power-ups…Love It! Gee, I am even excited for next marathon just because I want that little tree badge. Your badge artists are so amazing. Your Mods are so very kind and considerate and helpful. I wish you all the very best Holiday Season. And I am partial to saying Merry Christmas!


    • Thank you so much, mookermom11! I’ll pass this along to the mods and the artists. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Pogo Llama~ Kudos to the Artists & Technicians at Pogo who create the Mini Characters & Mini items! The Christmas Mini items this year are especially beautiful & fun. My wife went crazy at the 1/2 price Sale, & got twice as many Gen items out of little stash as she would have. “Happy Wife=Happy Life” lol. We love kitties, & adopt inside & outside homeless cats. Thank all the staff at Pogo for us for all the FUN they’ve created lately ;>) . Larry

    • Thank you Larry. I will send your comments on to the team that creates the Minis, as well. Have a great week and have more fun! :)

    • Larry:

      I live 10 miles to the edge of the Thomas Fire, in Ventura, CA. The cat rescue (SurfCat Kitties) I work with has been given a grant from Alley Cat Allies to set up a rescue of cats in the fire zone. We’ve been given money for cages, both the kind to catch them, and cages where we can house them until we can find their owners. If you want to help the issue…Alley Cat Allies is a great place to donate, and if anyone knows someone who has lost a pet through the fire, there is a facebook page for the Thomas fire, and we are working both to set up pages where owners can post their info on their lost cats and we can publicize cats we’ve found. It is going to take a LONG time to find these lost kitties.

      Pr Chris

  • Thank you so much for Jet Set Solitaire….it was so addicting that I just had to finish the world tour….thank you thank you thank you….now I just have to wait for more tours. Keep up the good work…

  • Pogo Llama, Happy Holidays. Appreciate the gem sale and took advantage of it. I do have a question about an occasional message I receive when logging in. The message box refers to me as a superstar and ‘seems’ to offer me something (stating it costs 0 gems) but I don’t know what it is, where to find it, or how to get it! I’d be grateful for any help or clarification you could give me. It also gives me a time limit for taking advantage of the offer. I’m afraid I’ve been losing out!

    And one other question re: Phllinx II. After the changes were made in the game, once the challenge is met now by finishing the celestial level and winning that badge, can you still continue to play for the additional diamond badge? Seems to me we were originally challenged to win two badges per month in that game. Has that changed?

    Thanks, in advance, for your response.

    • Hi CareAllB,
      I’m happy to answer questions.

      This badge is called the At the Drive-in Badge for Word Womp
      To claim your Super Star Legendary Badge:
      *Click on the 0 Gems button in green
      *To find it, look under the My Badges area under your latest Mix n Match album. You can also find it under the Challenges tab in Word Whomp.

      Yes, Diamond badges are still available and that has not changed. Thanks for your questions and for playing Pogo.

  • pogo still owes me a 300 game on my stats pogo came in and done maintence and when I came back on my 300 was gone.second time asking about this problem please send me email.

    • Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Please head on over to Pogo’s Help Page to reach customer support for help. Thank you!

  • I started with Jet Set, I just noticed it today sadly but man am I in love. It is easy and yet time consuming in a good way. It also gives me that drive to get 3 stars on all the levels! I am trying out Jewel Academy right now and so far I am in love with it as well. The graphics are phenominal, the music is top. I love that you can hear the fountain in the background when you are on the level select, the little details man. The little details! <3 Thank you pogo team for making my "stay" here amazing!

    • Hi lilsnuggums95,
      Your comment brought a smile to my face. I’m warmed by your enjoyment of Pogo. This is what t is all about. Thank you and enjoy your week (playing Jet Set and Jewel Academy, of course).

  • Howdy Fellow Pogo Players!
    Wishing everyone a very SPECIAL Merry Christmas♥
    Pogo_Llama, I have a wonderful idea for Christmas Gift Giving and would love your thoughts, and appreciate your input on it.
    The kindness that Pogo bestowed upon me, MANY free challenges, and I was like YAHOO! until I tried to play them.
    I just either don’t like the games or don’t like playing them. At this moment I have tons of MnM games that were gifted to me and I will never do!
    I’m sure there are lots of us on Pogo that do the ‘re-gifting’ thing for Christmas, BDays, etc. and I would love to ‘re-gift’ all my MnMs to other members who would otherwise never be able to purchase them. I am also well aware of the technical headache it might be to program this! But can you imagine how happy a fellow member would be to receive the challenges?
    A special forum room could be used for us to list our unwanted MnMs with some restrictions like if you’ve already did ‘this one’, no can have! LOL
    I don’t know what my actual token count is/was because I love gifting mini items to the new members to Pogo, especially the token heavy backgrounds! :) So now at this most wonderful time of year, I’d love to ‘re-gift’ my unwanted, unliked, unable to do MnM challenges!
    I know this is near impossible but surely Santa has a way of doing the ‘impossible’??LOL

    On a more serious note:
    To all Pogo personnel and Pogo members in the area, thoughts and prayers to those of you affected by those wildfires! Please stay safe!

    • Hi jonannynita29,

      Thank you for your idea of gifting the MnMs you do not want to play to others. Santa has his ways, I’m sure. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time to implement that this year. But I do thank you for the though.

      Thanks for your thoughts on the wildfires. Merry Christmas to you.

  • Hi! When are we going to have a BIG sale for mix & match badges. I”m due to buy some. The last one we were only able to buy 10. Hope there’s one on the 12 days count down!

  • I play Solitaire Gardens all the time. I finished level 60 in Festive Gardens and I have no Level 70 on any of them, WHY?

    • HI PKram56,
      Do you mean rank 70? There are only 60 levels in each garden with 3 parts to each garden.

  • While I like the gameplay (it reminds me of Tri-Peaks, which I ranked out on long ago, before Pogo added more ranks, which I’m slowly working my way thru), I won’t be playing this game again unless there’s a badge

    The animations are too much. Like Solitaire Gardens, they block the cards, so I often can’t see my next move right away

    Also, after just a few games, I feel nauseous. I think it’s the flashes of light. It was determined video games with too many flashes can cause seizures

    I’m not willing to make myself sick to play a game. It would be nice to be able to limit animations like we can in Dominos

    • Hi AuntJo811,
      Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this along to the team. I’m sorry to hear you were nauseous after playing a few games of Jet Set.

  • Why is there a limit to the number of Gems we can have on our account? Just curious. Thanks for the new Sudoku game and for doing maintenance on the 4th. Games have behaved much better lately!!

    • Hi PrincessQIW,
      There’s a limit to Gems due to security reasons. Thanks for playing Pogo Sudoku! I’m glad you’re enjoying that and other Pogo games.

      • I have never noticed this limit…. what is the amount limit on gems, as I cannot find information regarding this… Thanks

        • Hi katnipaz,
          If you have approximately 4,000 Gems in your Pogo account when trying to purchase more Gems, you may experience some of the Gem packages being grayed out. Additionally, if you are purchasing a Gem pack that will put you over approximately 4,000 Gems, some of the Gem package options will be grayed out. This just means that in order to purchase more Gems, you will have to spend some Gems. This will open up room within you Pogo Gem account.

      • Thanks Pogo_Llama! I have been loving POGO for 13 years this month!! It’s the best ever!!


    I got my answer to the Jewel Academy game from another response you gave a player. I was wondering if Pogo will have future sales for gems. With the holidays, food – gifts – cookies – candies and decorations take most of my money and I can’t afford to buy more gems at this time. What a bummer because it’s one fantastic sale and I buys gems all the time. My birthday is 1/7 – can you do a special birthday sale for me??? Hahahaha. Or even a rain date event to buy them at a later date other than holidays. Thinking out of the box today.

    I’m making a snow pie for Christmas dessert. It’s one of the best pies for Christmas!!! Hope ev1 at Pogo has a wonderful holiday.

  • how do I get my free legendary badge?

    • Hi xNewBabyBoo,

      This badge is called the At the Drive-in Badge for Word Womp
      To claim your Super Star Legendary Badge:
      *Click on the 0 Gems button in green
      *To find it, look under the My Badges area under your latest Mix n Match album. You can also find it under the Challenges tab in Word Whomp.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama,

    I would just like for you to pass on a suggestion regarding the discussion we have had in the Pogo Game Forum about the forced badges from Spike during Marathon Challenges that are put in our Albums. While we can delete the option from or gifts, the badges remain in our Albums. These gifts from Spike may not be games we like nor want to play, and they mess up Albums we are trying to create on our own by buying Mix N Match Badges of our favorite games. A few other Pogo Members have the same concern regarding these FORCED badges and the fact they cant be deleted from our Albums we are stuck with them….but thats not fair when they mess our plans for Badge Albums we are creating to win the Special Edition Badge for completing our own album. Please pass on this suggestion to Pogo. Thank you Pogo_Llama……….

  • Hi Pogo,,

    I finished Jewel 100 levels….and loved the game. BUT in my collections it shows only…5 badges that counted…. but It should show me the 17/25…so again..they didnt alllll count as the norm…

    …..PLzzz what is going on with the counter……plz fix ..I am always posting complainments.. too you ppl……
    I work hard for alllll all my badges n would like to see them in my collections………

    plzzz..fix counter…..:)

    • Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Please head on over to Pogo’s Help Page to reach customer support for help. Thank you!

  • i love both the new games have played them constantly. as for this weeks super challenge the dates are wrong we are in december not september ha ha ha
    have a great week!

  • Hi Pogo LLama, what a great surprise to see my 2 favorite games as the Wednesday badges yaaay LOL. Im also so excited about the Mahjong Marathon, absolutely love them all too. When I went to my home page I got a popup box with a free Word Whomp badge today, yaaay again. Huge thank you, Pogo truly made my day today. I want to thank you so much for posting the screen shot for Poppit Bingo last week but the trophy is on the right top side of the page, you posted the left side lol. On the page where you choose what number room you want to play in, at the top right hand corner there will be either an outline of a trophy or a gold trophy with a red exclamation point on it which means you have rewards you can collect. Tons of rewards like free cactus cash, xp’s, badges and powerups so you wont have to pay gems for the cactus canon or powerups. I won over 300 powerups last week and I click on that trophy daily to see if I have won more. If its just the outline of the trophy it means you havent won any rewards yet so just keep playing and looking out for that trophy. I wish I could screenshot it to show you but it wont let me. Can you please repost the screenshot showing the trophy, huge thanks again. Happy Badge Day everyone, enjoy :)

    • Hi, its me again lol. You posted the right page but its the right side of the page, not the left lol. You keep posting a pic of the left side lol. So sorry to bother you again. Im just trying to help the other members see why they can find the trophy. Huge thanks again ;D

    • My apologies. I didn’t realize the other side was getting cut off. I hope this image is better for all. Thank you.

  • To all the Pogo and EA Staff & moderators: Happy Channukah, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanza (Whichever you celebrate). Thank you for all the fun and new things. TheQ9999

  • Receiving a few extra gems would have been nice even on the smaller packages. Some of us purchase a lot of gems just not large amounts at one time. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your feedback, lettucewinbig. By the way, I like your scree-name. It’s fun. :)

  • Hi, and Happy Holidays to all, Do you know when if possible that Dominoes will go to full screen, I cannot see dominoes and I just love the game..


    • Hi DebbieB39,
      Thanks for the question. I don’t believe Dominoes will have an update anytime soon. If and when it does, I will update here on the blog. Thank you!

  • The new game Jet Set Solitaire will not load. HELP

    • Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Please head on over to Pogo’s Help Page to reach customer support for help. Thank you!

  • I have been playing poppit bingo for several weeks and not getting any bingos so how can I win the badge for this week .Two or three games only two numbers were called and it said out of bingo . how can that happen? I wish you all a merry Christmas and all the best in the new year

  • hi and happy holidays . i was wondering now that im nearing 10000 badges if there was a chance you came upo with a special badge for 10000 badges its been 14 years of alot of playing to get this close..have a great holiday

  • There are three games I’d love to see introduced in this new HTML technology:

    1. Thousand Island Solitaire–it is the only game with the unique decision making as to which pile cards should be placed in.

    2. Sudoku Puzzle – it is both a Sudoku game, AND a shape puzzle.

    3. A decent Jigsaw puzzle game. We have none now and haven’t had for awhile. My own favorite, in terms of the layout and management of pieces was Jigsaw Treasure Hunter. The Jigsaw Detective game, with its story line was more fun in the sense of a storytelling mechanism, but the game play itself was better in the Treasure Hunter version.

    One thing I like about these games, aside from their play mechanism is that there are no time requirements in any of these three. You could challenge yourself to a better score by playing faster, but you don’t HAVE to. They were a lot of fun, for that reason.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all.

    Pr Chris

    • Hi PR Chris, Thanks so much for taking the time to submit this comment with loads of great feedback on the games. I definitely agree it’d be great fun to have a jigsaw puzzle. I hope you’re having a great week here in Pogo!

  • Happy Holidays to all. Thanks for the Gem Sale. I haven’t played new games yet behind time. lol Enjoy Sudoko would enjoy it more if we had more challenges. Any challenges coming soon?

    • Hi Kountrycuts,
      Thanks for your support of Pogo by participating in the Gem sale.
      I’m sure there will be some more Pogo Sudoku challenges on the way. Thanks for asking!

  • I Purchased Gem on December 13, the last day for the Gem Sale……You Did Not give me my Gems….I say again…..You Did Not give me my Gems…..I paid $39.95 and I did not get my Gems…..I should have received 700 Gems and You Did Not give me my Gems but you were Happy to take My…My Money….I would like to get my Gems…..Please……

    • Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Please head on over to Pogo’s Help Page to reach customer support for help. Thank you!


    • Hi sandi1943,
      I see it in your Badge collection and that you’re currently working on it. It’s called At The Drive-In Badge. Thanks and have fun. Merry Christmas.

  • i was hoping the jet set would been a combination of all of the solitares, i get bored of just the one, it’s nice but a let down at the same time.