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Hello Pogoians,

Welcome to this week’s Pogo Insider!

Happy one year anniversary of the Pogo Insider to you. According to the Pogo Insider archives, the very first Pogo Insider was published last year, December 7, 2016. That makes today’s edition of the Pogo Insider almost one year out from the first one! So, let’s celebrate its 1 year anniversary with the 53rd edition of the Pogo Insider!

What?! That’s amazing! Yes, it truly is, and I want to thank all of you for taking the time out of your day to read and comment here. It means a lot to me that you come by here and leave your feedback. That’s what community is all about and Pogo truly has the best community.

If you’d like to go down memory lane, click here to read the first ever Pogo Insider! Woo!

Do you have a favorite Pogo Insider article, picture, or anything Pogo Insider related that you have loved and want to talk about? If so, please comment below!

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Sneak Peek

Pogo_Rachael, what’s in store (Haha, pun intended) for us on Thursday in the Mini Mall? I’ll let her tell you all about it.

“We always like to have lots of bright, colorful Minis for the holiday season, and this release definitely has lots of that. Get ready for elves, snowy scenes, and one of the weirdest ugly sweater Minis I think we’ve ever made. There’s a gingerbread house background that’s just my style, too. If it involves sweets, I’m always interested!”


Pogo just launched its newest HTML 5 game. The game is called Jewel Academy and it is super fun! Click here to go play it and I’ll wait here…….(and if you would like to read how to play Jewel Academy, please click here).

Now that you’re back, pull up a chair and sit down with the guys from CoolGames as I chat about the game.

Pogo_Llama: Welcome back to the Pogo Insider for some Q&A! The last time you were here was for Cookie Connect. And now you’re back! Can you tell us all a little bit about the newest CoolGames Pogo game, Jewel Academy?

CoolGames: Jewel Academy is a match-3 game where you connect magical gems and explore the world. You are the first wizard to go beyond the Jewel Academy and solve the mystery behind the colored magic gems. Collect enough stars to travel from one magic gate to the next and unravel the mysteries that keep the Jewel Academy occupied.

Pogo_Llama: Ooooh, you said magical! (I love that). So Jewel Academy is a new match 3 puzzle and the first one for Pogo in HTML 5. What was the process like in creating Jewel Academy? What did you learn along the way?

CoolGames: Jewel Academy was a ton of fun to create. We had the ambition to make the best match-3 game ever in HTML5, but we didn’t know what the theme and the jewels should look like until fairly late in the process. We were prototyping with all sorts of gems, jewels, cookies, etcetera until we landed on the gems we have in the game now. Later on, we added more types of gems and other elements to the game.

Pogo Llama: What’s your history with match-3 games? What’s your favorite?

CoolGames: Our favorite is the original… Jewel Quest! Jewel Academy started out following Jewel Quest’s example of levels played in succession, without a world map. We added the world map later because we wanted to make a huge world and give the player the feeling they were unlocking and discovering new lands while playing.

Pogo_Llama: What sort of obstacles will players come across as they progress from level to level in Jewel Academy?

CoolGames: There are different types of levels you’ll encounter. Some require you to set a score and some require you to break through wooden boards. You’ll see caged gems you’ll need to set free, vines you’ll need to break and flower beds you can clear to make way for gems. There are many more surprises but I don’t want to spoil it all, you’ll have to see for yourself!

Pogo_Llama: I’m looking forward to discovering all of the surprises and I have a feeling our players are too. So, I noticed a feature called Hidden Treasures that first appears in level 181 in the game. I think the owl Hidden Treasure that is in the game how-to is super cute. Can you explain what Hidden Treasure are? Will there be any llama Hidden Treasures, by chance?

CoolGames: No hidden Llama treasure, unfortunately! You can find hidden treasure by making the right combinations in the levels. You’ll only be seeing them in a future update though.

Pogo_Llama: Can you tell us a little bit about the power ups in the game?

CoolGames: In Jewel Academy you can make all power-ups yourself by making the right combinations of jewels. You’ll be making row removers, bombs and color bombs in no time!

Pogo_Llama: Do you have any Jewel Academy Tips for players?

CoolGames: Cascade, cascade, cascade! Try to spend your moves smartly by causing big cascades and triggering power-ups to rack up as many points as possible with few moves. Some levels will require you to puzzle your way out but I don’t want to spoil too much right now :)

Thank you to the cool guys from CoolGames for joining me again here in the Pogo Studios! Now go play some Jewel Academy and have fun!



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Q. Today’s question is for YOU. I want to know, as it’s now been 1 year since the beginning of the Pogo Insider, what features would you like to see added to this blog?

A. Please comment below and features you’d like covered in my weekly Pogo Insider blog. What types of information you’d like to see and it can be both Pogo related and non-Pogo related.


Alrighty, folks, I know you want to start playing some Pogo games (maybe Jewel Academy? Or Aces Up?) so please do go forth and have an excellent time.

Have a great week!




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  • I had to take a few years off all my internet addictions, (Pogo included). Being back and I remember why I loved this site!!! I was wondering though, do you still have games that reward with gems? I thought there were a couple of games that did, but I could be wrong. Can you please let me know? Thanks!

    • Welcome back, MysticMisti11! We are soooo glad you’ve returned.
      Hmmm…Well there is a chance in the games with Jackpot spinners to win Gems.
      Have you tried out any of the new HTML 5 games?

  • Hi Pogo Llama — my question, as a long-time (12-year) Pogoian, I have harbored a question regarding challenges. Why, in games like today’s Tri-Peaks Solitaire challenge, do the number of times the player must achieve some goal work out to a number requiring, the player to do a partial game in order to earn the badge? For instance, today’s challenge requires players to win 40 hands. That works out to 6-2/3 complete games.(six hands per complete game) The problem is that in Tri-Peaks, one does not get tokens unless the game is completed. I don’t really care, having too many tokens to use, lol, but it really doesn’t seem fair to have to complete an entire game in order to earn the tokens. (some games give tokens even if not completed) Please don’t let me be the cat that curiosity killed, I’m about 135 years short of my goal of a lifespan!

    • Hi BajkowskiS,
      Well, I suppose a player can, and usually will, play through until the end of a game even if the challenge is complete. Either they will complete it to also get more credit for another badge they have going, or maybe they want to collect the tokens or anything else going on in the game. Plus, I think it’s just really nice to actually complete the game. I personally do not like to leave anything hanging so I always complete them.

  • Just for you Pogo Llama; a great informative format you provide for us weekly. Thank youꕥ 𝓈𝓂𝒾ℓ𝑒 ꕥ. I started Jewel Academy too and it’s fun and challenging as I progress. Certainly liking all those colorful, showy badges. Have a nice day.

  • thanks pogo for giving us older weekly badges to do . really enjoyed that tksssss

  • Very cool game, Jewel Academy is !! Has shades of bejeweled 3, bejeweled twist, and a host of other coin match type games.

    Ranked out at 100 for now, and it’s a shamed that the game doesn’t award tokens. Not much reason for me to keep playing until new ranks come out because of the lack of tokens issue.

    Encourage you to keep up the great work with the new and updated games!

  • I would love to see more Wednesday badges for new games like Phlinx II, Poppit Bingo, etc. Also, it would be nice to see more badges for the older games, since I think most people have probably won them — older games include Mahjong Garden, Mahjong Escape, Scrabble, Tri-Peaks, etc. Thanks so much. Pogo is the best!

  • I’m already hooked on Jewel Academy and on Level 48. Just wondering, will there be an option to turn off the flickering hint or at least delay it a bit longer? Sometimes I kind of like to figure it out by myself. :) I love this game and can’t stop playing!!

    • I don’t believe there are plans of this nature on Jewel Academy but I will certainly let our game team know. Thank you!

  • I have a question. In friends list. You go down and see the block list. Then there is one that has list of friends that have added you. What is hard is to go in there and see ones that have left pogo, or have gone to heaven. And you can not remove these cause they are no longer on pogo. Can pogo maybe take a look at this. Maybe even do away with this part. I have like over 300 in this spot. It might also give more server room. If I have 300 and all have the same or more.

    • Thank you for your suggestion on the Friends List, Dc10Baby46. I will forward this onward to the team.

  • Thank you for the new games Pogo_Llama,

    To be truthful they sadden me especially after playing Jet Set Solitaire the game is very difficult to progress in without the use of power ups. I feel like there will no longer be a place here for players like myself who can not afford gems.

    • Hi MysteriousMoods,
      Thank you for your feedback. It’s good for us to hear what is going through the player minds. Here is a Jet Set Solitaire player tip for you. I hope this helps. We love having you here.