Blog Post #51 – November 21, 2017


Happy Tuesday Pogo!

You did it! Take a bow and pat yourselves on the back because you worked together and completed the Thanksgiving Site-Wide Challenge a whole day early! Congratulations! You still have through tonight at 11:59PM PST to complete the gifted badges and qualify for the completion badge. Need more information? Please read here. I’ll let you know via a blog post when the completion badge has been awarded. This usually takes between one to two weeks after the event ends.


Sneak Peak

Pogo_Rachael has provided a preview of the latest and greatest items coming to the Mini Mall this Thursday. How are you going to style your Mini this week? Did you see the puppies?!

Don’t forget to pick up your two FREE Minis this Thursday in the Mini Mall! Just go to New Releases in the Mini Mall and to get your two yummy Mini items.


 Behind the Scenes in Aces Up!

Big, big news here on Pogo – Aces Up! H5 is now up and available to play. If you’re still with us and not taking charge of the skies, we have some behind-the-scenes goodies to share. Pogo_Rob, an artist and designer, has furnished some of sketches from the project, which started only three months ago.  I’d like to introduce you to the Aces Up pilots!


Joe Gallant and Max Hunter!


Say hello to Veronique Marette, Miriam Thomson, and Lady Bea


Here are a few sketches of the pilots from early on in the project

If you haven’t yet, please make sure to read this article about what to expect with the Java version of Aces Up and the badges. I’m super duper excited to hear what you think once you’ve played the new HTML 5 Aces Up! Please leave a comment down below.


Mix n Match Re-release

There’s a saying that goes, “Request it and it may happen.” Okay, that’s actually just one of my mottos here at Pogo. But this Friday we really are granting some requests! The November 24 Mix-n-Match re-release includes four games requested by players like YOU!
They include:

  • MONOPOLY: The World Edition
  • Tri-Peaks Solitaire
  • Poppit!

Enjoy the Mix n Match re-release this Friday, November 24, 2017.



To submit your non-technical questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. When is the next Amazing Mini Show?

A. Mark your calendars! The Holiday Amazing Mini Show will be Thursday, December 14. Details as to what time and what game/room will follow.


As Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S., I will be turning blog comments off prior to that. If you have a question or comment you’d like to share about the blog topics from this week, please do so before Thursday.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, be sure to share your feasting plans in the comment! Do you have any special traditions or must-have side dishes and desserts?

Thank you for stopping by and reading the Pogo Insider. Have a wonderful week!




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  • Have played the new Aces Up and it’s ok, but the graphics on the old one were better. I liked the countryside that wasn’t so cartoonish. Just saying….

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you all from a Canadian. My favorite game is Monopoly and was wondering if there would ever be more challenges.
    Thanks Lynn

    • Hi Lynn,
      Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! I will put in the request for more Monopoly challenges!

  • Looking forward to trying the new Aces Up, love Pogo Sudoku at rank 26 now, wondering if there are plans to bring back Pogo Addiction Solitaire? My favorite go to game, I really miss it. Not a fan of Mahjong Escape or Solitaire Gardens but play for the badges and hate the slot games, but play those too when a badge is involved, the auto-play on the newer games is a good feature. Love Pogo, always travel with my computer so I can play everyday.

    • Now that is some Pogo dedication. Thank you, tootsgooki, for traveling with your computer so you can play daily. I love that you’re part of the Pogo community.

  • Now bring back the other games that we liked, i.e. Keno Pop just to name one. The new games just don’t cut it, otherwise you wouldn’t keep pushing them at us in your bonus and badge games. They are either too juvenile or too difficult. We play pogo for enjoyment and your new games are a turn off.

  • Thank you and staff for all you do. I was glad to see that you made people complete some of the badges for the site wide challenge, it makes it more meaningful and ensures that people actually help and not just activate to get the badge. I have enjoyed all the free badges for marathons and such but please space them out a bit so we all have time to enjoy them and not be stressed out. Yes, I am a badge addict so I try and get all those extra ones.

  • How does one figure out how rank points are earned… love aces up but would like to know how the ranks are figured out… in the java version i think it told you how many more games you would need to win before next rank…

    • Hi Lv,
      Ranks in H5 Aces Up are different than Ranks in the Java version. Here’s how the new ranks work:

      For every 10 points in your score, you get 1 rank point.
      For completing 1 squadron, you get 100 rank points.

      Thanks and I hope this helps.

  • Some games are very small and hard to play. Addiction Solitaire,Pinocle,Keno pop. I
    cannot get them enlarged no how.Please see what you can do.Thanks