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Happy Tuesday, Pogoians,

Today is Tuesday, November 14th! Thanks for sharing your bowling scores with me last week, as well as all of your bowling tips. I used some of them and am scoring higher and higher with each game. I love that we can gather here and help each other out. The Pogo community is a great place of players helping players!


Sneak Peak

Pogo Marshall is back at it and he’s hitting the books….the books in StoryQuest, of course.

Here’s an upcoming Wednesday Challenge Badge for StoryQuest called the “Totally Engrossed” Badge. What’s the last book you became totally engrossed in?



And now it’s time for…..

Have we got a special treat for you! You recall back in July when we announced that Aces Up would be the first Java game brought over to HTML 5? Well, it’s almost here. It’s soooo close that I can smell it. It smells like pie! Fresh backed apple pie with cinnamon. Okay, that led me off topic for bit. Anyway, I sat down with Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe over here at the Pogo studios and asked them a few questions about the new Aces Up.

Pogo_Llama: Hi guys! Thanks for sitting down with me and answering a few questions for the awesome Pogo Community about Aces Up. So….Aces Up is the first Pogo Java game being brought over. How was that game selected?

Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe: Aces Up was long overdue for a revamp. It has always been a classic game loved by a lot of Pogo players, and we wanted to bring the Aces Up style of Solitaire back into the spotlight.

Pogo_llama: You’re sure right! The Pogo community LOVES Aces Up! Where you around for the start of the Java version of Aces Up? What can you recall regarding the history of those days with the game?

Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe: It was definitely a much different Solitaire game from the other Solitaire games that were prevalent and popular on Pogo at the time. I think the learning curve was a bit high to start but once you figure out how the game works, it’s actually really easy to make moves and fun to play. It just takes a while to figure out a good strategy and feel like you really know what you’re doing, but I think players really appreciated the game for being different, as well as the thematic approach with the Flying Aces being these throwback characters and having good voice actors with good lines to add some life to the game.

Pogo_Llama: What are the main differences between Aces Up Java and Aces Up HTML 5?

Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe: Not much! We’ve kept the game exactly the same as you remember it. The biggest difference is how ranks work. Instead of waiting to get full squadrons to get a new rank, everything you do will contribute to rank progress (including getting full squadrons).

Pogo_Llama: I love that Pogo is staying true to the original Aces Up as it’s what members came to love and enjoy. What will happen to Aces Up Java edition?

Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe: It will be upgraded to the new HTML version.

Pogo_Llama: That’s right! Players, I just posted a blog article about the new Aces Up and what to expect. Please click here to read up on what to expect with the new Aces Up.  I have another question for you I’m curious about. Will each player’s progress be moved from the Java to H5 version?

Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe: Everybody will be starting with a clean new slate and be able to earn new rank badges.

Pogo_Llama: Excellent and thank you for that information.  Do you have any Aces Up tips for players?

Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe: Don’t be afraid to use the UNDO feature as much as you can! It can almost always make the difference between winning a game and losing a game. Also, try to save all of your Flying Aces as long as you can before using them up, and definitely avoid moving Aces when you can’t place them on an empty column unless you really have to. The Flying Aces are just too valuable for completing a game!

Pogo_Llama:  Thank you for the tips. I’m sure our players will also have tons of tips that they can transfer over from the Java version to the H5 version. Okay, last question for you as I know you want to get back to creating fun games for Pogo. What was the most fun part to work on for Aces Up?

Pogo_Zombie and Pogo_Joe: Getting to revisit all the old voice-overs was great, especially lines that didn’t make it into the game but were sitting around for years on the cutting room floor. There are a lot of situations in the game where the characters could say something that just didn’t get in. Of course, Joe also liked the characters part as one of them is named after him! HA!

Pogo_Llama: Pogo Zombie and Pogo Joe, you two are great. Thanks for stopping by and giving us a preview of Aces Up. Here is what you will see when you open up a game in the new Aces Up!



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Q. I called this number that claimed to be Pogo? EA support. The person who answered said they were from Pogo/EA support. Is that real?

A. Definitely not. Pogo does not have a help number that players can call directly. If you’d like to receive a phone call for support help, you must submit a customer support ticket through this link on our Help page. Again, Pogo does NOT have a phone number that players can call directly. Pogo/EA support has never and will never charge money for help and support. Warning: there are some fake Pogo help sites out there so please beware of them and read this article for more information.


It’s now time for some lunch. I made adobo pork for today and mixed it in with some brown rice and okra. Mmmmm.

What a glorious day it is because you are here reading the blog and playing Pogo. I’m very grateful.

Good luck on the Site Wide Challenge that begins on Thursday. Haven’t heard about it? Please click here for more info.

Have a great, fantastic, and super fun week.






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  • Pogo_Llama,
    Thank you for all of you hard work and the rest of the gang. Today’s little hiccup might have been caused by all of us Pogoians getting so excited by the new marathon. But we also might be the cause of the little hiccup. I do not claim to have a lot of technical knowledge; but if everyone is activating all of the challenges at the same time, it could cause a problem. For myself, I only activate the challenges as I choose to play them and not all of them at the same time. I am not sure of your hours there at Pogo, but if you are all working on Pacific Coast time; those of us on the East Coast should understand that there is a time difference and there will be a delay in a response to correcting an issue. Again, thanks for all that you do.

  • Hi All, I don’t have a question about this weeks blog, but sure do with the COOKIE game. I’ve been trying to get through number 32 level, and can find out how to get those three cupcakes out,,,lllooolll. Can you please help be? I’m 77 and quess just to old to think this one out. I do wish you’d tell how the power up works in your, “How to Play”, but you don’t tell us nothing.. Just work it out yourselves.. PLEASE POGO, HELP Us!
    God bless and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone go with God,

    • Hello Jdsjjt,
      Thanks for your question and you are never too old. Never ever. And really, we’re all young at heart here on Pogo, right? :)
      In September, I actually interviewed the creators of Cookie Connect and asked them for tips on level 32 as many many players are having a challenged time with that level – including myself. Here is what they said…

      Try to focus on the longest chains in order to create row removers and area bombs.
      Combine same-direction row removers to make the second row remover switch direction.
      Combine area bombs with row removers.
      Always keep in mind the main goal and get those cupcakes to the bottom of the level, do not miss any important move.

      I hope this helps you. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!