Blog Post #45 – October 10, 2017



Hello Pogoians!

Happy October 10 to you! Did you know today is National Angel Food Cake Day? It is! Angel food cake is my mom’s most favorite cake so I’ll have to let her know.

I hope you all had a very excellent week last week. It’s so good to catch up with you all today especially after my trip to Colorado last week. Here’s the view I had at the top of Pike’s Peak, which is at an elevation of over 14,000 feet high. As much as I enjoy a great hike, I decided to pass on a 14,ooo ft climb and took a beautiful train ride up and back.


Sneak Peek

Pogo_Marshall and the rest of the art team have been busy creating some really cool artwork for upcoming Badges. I want to share them all with you! But let’s start with a sneak peek at some Super Secret Badge art he’s been working on.

Pogo_Marshall has a bunch to say about this month’s Super Secret Badge:

“This is for the October Super Secret Badge. I’ve been creating Super Secret Badges recently inspired by classic album cover art, movie posters and magazine covers. This month I decided to go with classic TV shows, and designed a Badge spoofing the original 1960’s Batman series. It’s also a bit of an homage to Adam West, who played Batman in that series. The Badge is called the “Old Chum Badge” because that is what Batman used to call his sidekick Robin on the show. I also designed a second Super Secret Badge based on Gilligan’s Island.


How many of you out there watched (or perhaps still watch) Gilligan’s Island? I sure did and still do when I catch it. I love the characters and their different personality traits. Plus, Skipper reminds me of my grandpa.

Thanks so much for sharing one of the October Super Secret Badges with us, Pogo_Marshall.


Player Request

You asked, we delivered. You may recall a few weeks back – September 12 to be exact – when Pogo_Jim discussed his very favorite Premium Badge Album. Well players, you asked for it to be released again, so “Endless Love” is available once more in Badge Central!


Halloween Amazing Minis Show Theme

The next Amazing Minis event will be held on Tuesday, October 31 at 2PM PT. This year, I have thought up a few themes and can’t pick which I prefer so I want your help. Please select from the list of themes below and I’ll use whichever theme is voted the most popular.

Of the list below, which theme for the 2017 Halloween Amazing Minis Show would you like?

Loading ... Loading ...


Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. Is there a way to see which Pogo games are Java, Flash, and HTML 5?

A. Indeed!

  • Go to All Games
  • On the far left side of the page, find the heading “Technology”
  • Under Technology, click on Flash, Java, or HTML 5 to find the games under the platform of interest


  • Click on Home
  • Locate the Games A-Z tab and click on it
  • Under the tabs, a menu of options will appear. Click on Tech. This will sort the games out by platform


Thank you most kindly for stopping by this week. Please note that comments for this blog will be turned off on Wednesday as I am going to journey to Wisconsin at the end of the week and will be unable to get to comments after that. Please feel free to drop me a comment until then.




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  • Love the sneak peak!
    Have a great trip and stay safe.
    Thanks for being here.

  • I have finished 2 mix and match book and have not gotten a serect badge—- Hey what happened tks.

  • THANK YOU everyone at POGO for the new album. I finished mine in less then one day.

  • I love angel food cake and so did my pure black kitty, Johnnie (who was my angel in disguise). He would sneak up into the cupboard, grab the bag, and run off with it when he heard me coming. Sure do miss that guy. I lost him this year at 17. He’s a real angel now.

    I liked Gilligan’s Island, too. I most related to Ginger. But seriously, she took THAT many beautiful gowns on a three-hour tour? Yep, I probably would have, too.

    Thanks again for all your good work at Pogo. You guys are really appreciated.

    Bone Journey (a line from another old favorite – Grizzly Adams – The old-timer said that to a hot air balloonist as he journeyed onward. He and Seven were there to see him off. Travel safe.

    • Your Johnnie sounds like he was a great kitty! I’m so sorry for your loss of him this year. I have a 17 year old dog and can only imagine the heartache. It’s very precious you both enjoyed angel food cake. :)
      Thanks for your well wishes. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  • I really enjoyed this Marathon, HOG are my favorites, I finished them the same day we got them. I also loved the new PBA just bought it today 1 badge left and I am done. Pogo has help me in many ways, as I suffer from anxiety and depression, I lost my dear beautiful mother and Saturday is her birthday, so I am beside myself. Thank goodness for Pogo! Love your picture from your trip, simply beautiful. Maybe one day I will get to see something that awesome. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I am looking forward to the mini mall items. Could we please get some new badges for Poppit Bingo? Thanks for another great blog Llama…God bless!

    • Wow, annetteg48! Congratulations on finishing the HOG Badge Marathon and on the first day, too! AND the PBA! Lots of hard work went into that and you are a Pogo rockstar.
      I can definitely foresee some new Badges for Poppit! Bingo in the future. (It’s my favorite game on Pogo, by the way).
      My thoughts are with you and I’m so so sorry for the loss of your mother. Mothers are so special and dear.

  • love for come board gamr clue I’m tazlunatic2 on pogo love it

  • Is there any chance we can get more cities added to World Class Solitaire? I’ve been to the same cities for many many many years and would like to “visit” different ones – thanks!

    • Thanks for your suggestion on more cities in World Class Solitaire, PSpen40051. I will pass the suggestion along.

  • Gilligan’s Island was a fave when I was a child. Now I wonder why the Howell’s would pack so many clothes and so much money for a two hour tour. M*A*S*H is my all time favorite

  • Love these challenges that pogo gives us. They are fun and something to look forward to. I hope that this continues in the winter months when all us snow people can’t get out. Thanks again pogo.

    • Thank you, vikki0908. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Pogo. I sure know what you mean about those winter months. Stay warm!

  • WOW what an awesome view! Hope you have a great trip to WI this week!

  • So many of us bowling enthusists (sorry misspelled) want to know why is their still
    an extra space to the left of the #7 pin? More often than not, it prevents a strike.
    Please help us. Thanks for all youdo.

    • Hi alipooh25654,
      I honestly do not know. I also just looked and didn’t see it….Hmmm….Sorry!