Blog Post #20 – April 18, 2017



Happy Tuesday, Pogonians!

First order of business … we’ve got an announcement to make:


What the heck does that mean? It means it’s time for Club Members to go play Phlinx II, y’all! (If you’re not a Club Member, you can sign up by going here!)
Get to it! Phlinx II is up and ready to play – just click here and be whisked away into the mystical world of ancient Egypt, in its prime. And I’m warning you now … this game ROCKS the Nile.

And because you guys are #1, I’ve got a look at all the Badges ready for the winning in Phlinx II ready for ya (they’re SO cool!)

Pogo_Cactuar and I have been playing Phlinx II like nobody’s biz, and we put together an article of questions we had and then answered.

Just give us a shout in the Comments below if you’ve got questions about the game. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

* If you have a technical issue (this includes game loading problems) head on over go to the Pogo Help  page and submit a support ticket so those mighty find Customer Service peeps can help straighten things out for you, pronto. Thanks!



THANKS MUCHO to all of you fine Pogoians who got into the Spring spirit and joined us for the “Spring is in the Air” Amazing Mini Show last Thursday! It was not only super fun, but super creative and colorful! I hope you all know that each and every single one of you had an awesome Mini. It is really hard to pick winners. Because … You. Are. ALL. Winners! :)


Pogo Insider Exclusive:

It’s the 20th Pogo Insider blog and I am going to do something I’ve never done before here. And that something is a special sale – just for you –  in Poppit! Bingo on Cactus Cash. Yippee!

Today only (April 18, 2017), purchase 4,000 Cactus Cash for juuuuuust 62 Gems in Poppit! Bingo.

Enjoy your exclusive-first from Pogo Insider.


Sneak Peek:

Pogo Artist Marshall has a Pogo Insider sneak peek into the world of three different Pogo games … one of which is coming soon (Poppit! Party). Check ‘em out!

Mahjong Escape (Mahjong Thru Time Badge)

Poppit! Party (Tall Order Badge)

Poppit! Bingo (All About Bling Badge)


Which one is your favorite? (Be sure to comment below.)

I like all three of course, but I think I most enjoy the Tall Order Badge for Poppit! Party because…how CUTE is it?! I mean, Spike dressed up as a knight and a big (but friendly from the neck down) lookin’ dino…be still my cutness overloads.


Coming Soon: Get to Know Your Friends at Pogo!

Ever wonder who’s responsible for picking Badge themes? Do you find yourself scratching your head wondering who determines those crazy PBA release schedules (there is a method to the madness)? Are you up sleepless hours asking no one in particular, “How the heck do they do it all!?”

Well! Wonder no more.

Pogo_Limes is the wizard behind the curtain managing content (Badges, PBAs, Sales, etc.) and he’s going to be divulging his deepest secrets (a girl can dream) to me when he sits down for an exclusive interview. (He wanted me to tell you he says, “Hi,” btw.) Aw. Such a nice guy!

Would you guys want to ask him questions, too? Then go for it! Leave your questions for Pogo_Limes in the Comments below and I’ll address as many as I can when I interview him later this week. Stay tuned!



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: I was wondering when more levels will be added to Cookie Connect. I’ve gotten at least 2 stars on all levels through 120, and I’ve gotten 3 stars on most of the levels.

Holy moly! How many of you out there have gone through to level 120 in Cookie Connect? Raise your hands out there and let us know. I’m writing an email to the game developers about this grand feat!

There are not currently any new levels for Cookie Connect in the works, but I will definitely put in the good word. Thank you for playing and wow! (I’m speechless.)


Phlinx II is calling my name (and yours, too … did you hear that?!?). So, I gotta run so I can achieve my goal of getting to the Celestial Level today. Woo-hoo!

Thanks for reading blog 20 and for being a part of the Pogo Community!

Have a great week.



NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • In Phlinx 2 you really need to explain better what the speciality balls are.

  • Phlinx II is an enjoyable challenge. It it so much more to achieve than Phlinx. I can see it will be much enjoyed.


    • I don’t like the game myself and the fact you get sent all the way back to the beginning even when your on the last pyramid, if you mess up you have to go all the way back to the beginning and its gets boring would be better if they just sent you back one pyramid a lot of members are fed up with it and I really don’t think it will be a game that will take off or be enjoyed

      • Hi Dirtydancer2P,
        There’s an article if you click here that addresses that question. Do not fear, the game is working as intended. Thank you for playing it and for being a part of Pogo. :)

  • I appreciate all the explanations. Even though I did not stand day/night and possibly more, I am being taught as I play. Thanks.

  • thank you so much :-)

  • 2 part question for Pogo_Limes – How do you decide which games to use for challenges & why do some games with no ranks or game award badged (the incredibly boring Find-O-Vision & the somewhat fun Pyramid Solitaire) receive more challenges than some games that have ranks & game award badges (the amusing Monkey Gems & Payday Poker)?

    Another question – there are a ton of badges/challenges for HOG games like Clue, Claire Hart & Big City Adventure, but relatively few for Undiscovered World & Sherlock Holmes. (Thank you for including Sherlock in the latest Site-Wide Challenge.) Are there any plans to increase the number of badges for Undiscovered World & (especially) Sherlock Holmes?

  • PhinlxII keeps locking up so I can’t play. I hope you fix this soon as it seems like a great to play

    • Hi sunshadow50,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it. Thank you!

    • I just finish playing, and it worked fine for me…I got 4 badges so far, and already on rank 8…I know a lot of you are having problems, and I feel for you…There is nothing worst then a game not working right…Like jungle gin, I don’t know how I will get rank up in that game when every time I win a hand I have to go out and start over again…The only time the cards deal is if the bot wins…I have a badge to do and having a hard time getting it…Have a good day all…

      • Hi Deereman125,
        If you are experiencing technical issues with Phlinx II, please go here and post the details about it so our team can investigate further. Thank you.

      • PRosie87,

        Are you working on more than one badge in jungle gin and have them both showing on that page. If you are, don’t LOL. I had the same issue and talked with a bunch of other players having the same issue and we determined that having all badges ur working on in gin displayed caused an issue. Since I stopped doing that, I no longer have the in and out issues.

        Hope this helps.

      • I had that problem, then changed to Internet Explorer and no problems. Hope this helps

  • I like the Poppit Bingo badge, gotta have that bling!!!

  • Would love to have more levels on Canasta and some points for bridge Thanks

  • phlinx2 when I open up the chest my page turns blue and I cant play anything does that mean the game is over and if it is I cant figure out how to continue read the how to play but di not see any info on it.ty

    • Hi HMC1043,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it. Thank you!

  • I like the Caveman…reaallly cute legs.

  • When are we going to get more levels of Mahjong Escape? I have finished all of them and am very anxious to do lots more. It is my favorite game now and I am getting tired of trying to find others that are as much fun. PLEASE HURRY…..THANKS

    • Mahjong Escape releases new levels on the 1st of the month. I love your enthusiasm for the game and can’t wait for May 1st for you to get more levels. :)

      • Oh great, neither can I. I love puzzle games and this one is exceptionally challenging. Never boring. Thanks so much for the information.

  • 0When is Amazing Adventures coming back with new puzzles????????????????

    • Hi Larry, thanks for the question. Currently, there are no plans to add more levels to Amazing Adventures. Thanks for asking and for being a fan of it.

  • Thank you all the clarifying you have done on this and on Cookie Connect. On the new Phlinx game, the dots used to help set up the shot are very hard on the eyes and I even got a bit nauseous from all the movement. (Even my 12 year old had to walk away from the dots.) Also, have to go back and redo levels, especially when I have to step away from the computer and game and it needs to be refreshed. Good games though.

  • Pogo_Llama ,
    Her is my question for Pogo_Limes

    why always Put a Java Game Badge in the Albums
    yes most folks have figured out how to Keep Playing the java games on Pogo
    My windows 10 and safety setting will not let me play the java based games any more
    I know I am not the only one

  • Are there any plans for more levels in monopoly – world edition? I maxed out several years ago and have done all challenges more than 10 times. And any new tokens to move with? Its been years since the last edition of tokens(pieces to move) that I know of. I really enjoy the game and play it most days, along with the daily and weekly challenges.

    • I will put in the request for more levels in Monopoly – World Edition. I’m glad you’re enjoying the game so much!

    • I, too love that game! I haven’t played it for awhile. Could you please have more badges for it and also add more levels to it?

  • Is there any hope for compatibility between Windows 10/POGO/Flash, etc? One buys POGO membership for the ability to play certain games, but the games don’t work with new combinations of computer operating systems and/or browsers.

    • Hi there, DenimLace985,
      Thank you for the question.
      Unfortunately, as Windows is owned by Microsoft and Adobe owns Flash, Pogo doesn’t have any control over what it is they do. The only thing Pogo can do is to do our best to ensure that all of our new games do not rely on Flash or Java to run, which you’ve seen in Poppit! Bingo, Cookie Connect, etc.

      Regarding Flash and Java games, this is something we’re aware of. As long as there’s a web browser out there that we support that also supports Java/Flash, we’ll leave those games up for all of Pogo to enjoy. Again, thank you so much for your question and I hope that helps clarify things a bit more.

  • Poppit Bingo is great thank you

  • Phlinx II is, a fun game. As with any new game, has a few problems, but I am sure eventually they will all be fixed, but so far, I love it..

  • Cookie Connect is great; almost to level 100. Hope for more ranks in Crazy Cakes and Dice City Roller

    • Nicely done on Cookie Connect! That’s is amazing. Unfortunately, no new ranks on the current Crazy Cakes and Dice City Roller as they are Java games and Java is being phased out by supported browsers.

      • Hi Pogo_Llama – Does this mean you are going to phase out all Java games? I play in several pinochle leagues and am concerned you will be phasing this game out. I also love Dice City Roller. I am so disappointed.

        • Hi there and thanks for the question. The Java games will be available on Pogo for as long as there is a supported browser that also supports Java. We are trying to see which ones we can convert over to HTML 5, which all the browsers currently support, but no promises on which ones and when. So sorry for this news to you but we are trying.

  • I would like to know if when they do add more rooms to pop-it bingo will all our xp points that we have earned go towards earning them? I do love the game!

    • Poppit! Bingo is super fun, so glad you’re enjoying it, DavPlatt! I’m unsure of your question on XP points so I’ll have to get back to you on that. Thanks for asking!

  • Pogo Liama. I have went to help site to no avail, pogo jin only lets me play one hand then freezes went to 100 zoom like before, still no help. Any suggestions ,need them specified as I don’t know the computer well ty Love pogo and always will!

    • Hi rightontime500,
      Could you please tell me what your support ticket confirmation number was? Is this with Jungle Gin?

      • Yes liama jungle jin and they never gave me a ticket just kept moving me to one site to another, what should I do now? Even left my phone no. with no calls

        • Hi there,

          To make sure you’re using EA help, please go to the Help page and click on Contact Help. Then, once you submit your support ticket, you will automatically receive a confirmation number. Please let me know what that is. Thank you!

  • Could you please explain the monthly business of phlinx 2? What exactly are we trying to do this first month? Thanks

    • Sure thing, Freeflite777,
      By getting into Celestial mode and earning all 3 Celestial Glyphs, you get a badge for that month that reflects the current Pharaoh (Tutankhamun). After the month ends, the map resets and you are now chasing after the Celestial Glyphs for that month’s Pharaoh. I hope this helps!

  • Dragons, knights, fairies, elves…. they’re my “thing”! So the All About Bling badge is my favorite. Love the new Phlinx too, but Pop it Bingo & Trivial Pursuit are still my favorites. Have a great week, Llama and thanks for sharing with us. :)

  • Love the new games !! Great job !! but is there anywhere that tells you what you need to win to get to the next rank in Bejeweled Slots ??

    • Thanks for the feedback on the new games, boogie4whl. Glad you’re enjoying them. For Bejeweled Slots, “Rank points are earned by getting a spin that has one or more wild symbols on the paylines.” I hope this helps!

  • I like the “Tall Order” badge for Poppit

  • Yea Pogo, you sent us a fantastic game, I absolutely love it, thank you so much…… It’s working fine, probably better than I am, lol. Thanks again.

    • Well I hope you are working well today too, foxispirit! Thanks for the kind words and enjoy Phlinx II. :)

  • I have played phlinx2 today and the game either freezes up or the screen goes black in the night part of the game . I hope this can be fixed , I do like the game . thank you rj

    • Hi Rjam969,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it. Thank you!

  • please could you add more levels to Everyone loves Bingo, Rainy Day Spider, Word Search, and Keno. I know that some of the people are saying other games as well, Thank you POGO for great games and also making it a great game place.

  • Love Cookie Connect.I just need more levels as I have completed all levels too.

  • How come I cannot play Cookie connect I have been trying since it came about. Do I need
    something special I’d appreciate an answer.
    Thank you

    • Hi ewoodruff494,

      For all technical issues, please go to the Help page and submit a support ticket. Thank you!

  • Loving Phlinx II, just wish there was a way to turn the blinking of the guide line off. After a bit it honestly starts to hurt my eyes and makes me not want to play anymore. Enjoying the game other than that, though. :)

    • Thanks for pointing that feature out to us, LuvPotion. I will pass that along.

  • i use firefox browser in PHLINX II and havw not had any problems.hope this helps. i really enjoy your newsletter pogo Llama.yoou make so many things very interesting. I hope you are going to keep doing this.thank you so very much for all you do.pogo is so much fun.

    • Thanks so much for your reading of the Pogo Insider, sandi1943. I love doing this and I look forward to writing the weekly Insider. Pogo is the best!

    • I use IE 11 and have had no problems, just what I have read other people are having. I really don’t think the browser is the cause of anything…FYI People who use Java, there is a new Java update….

  • Can you convert some more of the Java games to html or another format so we can continue to play them, I don’t want to lose any of the card games especially jungle gin as this is my favourite game or monopoly world edition.

    • Hiya Vex, I totally hear ya on that one and I’ve been putting a good word in for the Java games. We’ll see what we can do, but no promises. Thank you for commenting. :)

  • how do you get into phlinx11

    • Hiya littleGeorgia48,
      You can click right here to go to Phlinx II. Thank you and have fun. :)

      • I was wondering the same thing!!! So, I came to the blog and found this comment. So of course I clicked on the link and was able to play. However, Is there another way to access the game other than this link? I’ve search the games by category and can’t seem to find it anywhere. I assumed it would be in the same category as the original Phlinx but it’s not there!! Please help. Would REALLY like to play again, but I know this blog will be erased shortly. Thank you so much for your Pogo_Llama!!! P.S. I like — no LOVE the game!!!

        • Hi Kimmi921,

          I’m really happy you’re enjoying Phlinx II. I have good news for you, this blog will not be erased so you will be able to find the link here…but…for even more convenience, I suggest bookmarking the direct game link. Also, the game should be searchable under the Puzzles category on and by searching for “Phlinx 2”. I hope these help and thank you for playing and loving the game!

  • when i can no longer play java games, i will have to revisit staying with pogo. I find most of the new games are just versions of the same thing.

    • Hi pls8044, Awww, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried Phlinx II yet? I hope you find interest in our newer games. Which are your favorite Pogo games at this time?

  • i would like to know why it keeps taking me back to the first one all the time i got to the third one and then took me back.

    • Hi CrtrSusie,
      If you don’t score enough points during the game when in Royal or Noble, you will be taken back to Common Phlinx. Make sure to watch the +1 game meter on the top left of the game screen. More info and screenshots are here about that. Thank you for your question.

  • Dear Pogo_Llama,

    I am Livid!!!! Last night i played for over 3 hours to get the hang of the game and did realize that i had to complete all levels in the second room or i had to go back to the first to get the glyphs all over again.

    I finally made it through all four of the first level and then all 8 of the second level.

    I went into the third level to look around and as it was 2 AM decided to play after i woke up. Much to my amazement all my glyphs were gone and it shot me back to level 1 with no glyphs and also none in level 2. I lost all 12.

    What gives Pogo. I thought that if you failed a level in a room it would switch you back to the previous one but to lose all 12 and have to start over. This is the pits.

    don’t know why i torture myself.

    • Hello there helcatfaust,
      Thanks for playing Phlinx II and yes….I understand being upset at having to go back to Common after you’ve gone all the way up to Noble and Royal, although you will still keep the Glyphs you’ve collected for each level. There is some information on that in this article. That feature is working as intended. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Unable to play new Phlinx II game…keeps freezing…my pc system is up to par…I can play all other pogo games as usual. This game needs attention so it can be played by all pogo members.

    • Hi poodledoo02,
      If you’re experiencing issues loading Phlinx II, please click and go here to the forums and post about it so our team can take a look into it. Also, what browser are you using? Make sure you have the latest version of a supported browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox. Thank you.

  • WHEN will sound be available with Cookie Connect?

      Music and sound for Cookie Connect is currently available on all supported browsers except for Internet Explorer. Thank you!

  • I like the Poppit bingo badge the best.


  • I was so disappointed in our statewide badge. These should be something special, animated, in color and certainly recognizable. What a let down.

    • Hi chocolatelab1,
      Thank you for your feedback on the SWC badge. I’m sorry to hear it was not your favorite. But…thank you for participating in the SWC.

  • I like the new Phlinx game, but I do have issues with it freezing, but I will persevere and keep playing. My hubby like Cookie Connect but at times he gets really frustrated with it because the lack of moves. All in all you are doing an awesome job

    • Hello drgnrdr,
      Thank you for the feedback and so glad your husband enjoys Cookie Connect. I definitely understand not having enough moves in it sometimes! Tell him to keep at it and he’ll get there.
      If you’re experiencing issues loading Phlinx II, please click and go here to the forums and post about it so our team can take a look into it. Also, what browser are you using? Make sure you have the latest version of a supported browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox. Thank you.

  • I have a question about Phlinx 2. Why do I keep getting sent back to common phlinx when I have been meeting the criteria for royal phlinx? I have been meeting the goal of stones dropped and the goal of 1000 (or whatever the goal is) points per level. Why does this game have no memory? If you leave the game, you start in common again even if you were in Noble or Royal. Having to restart every time you play is getting old fast. Is this a game glitch or the way it works?

    • Hello there sewlution10,
      Thanks for playing Phlinx II.
      Going back to Common after you’ve gone all the way up to Noble and Royal happens only if you don’t meet the requirements which is to complete the goal AND score the correct amount of points per level. Also, if you go back, you will still keep the Glyphs you’ve collected for that level. There is some information on that in this article.

      That feature is working as intended, however what you’ve explained to me is not working as intended. If you’re experiencing the opposite of what I said above, please go to Help and submit a customer service ticket so they can look into the situation. I’m sorry if this is happening to you.

  • I think spike is quite cute in his Armor outfit up next to the dinosaur but I also like the blinged outfit spike is wearing.

  • When will the have PhlinxII in the games lineup So you can access it somewhere else besides coming to the blog post?

    • Hi elaineginny,
      I just looked and Phlinx II is available now under the Puzzles category. Are you able to locate it?

  • Phlinx2 is a cool game I got six badges in no time,I like the game very much.

  • I agree Spike looks so cute in his Poppit Party Badge! And please thank Pogo_Rachael for the cat Episode in Claire Heart! As Usual…you are doing a great job with Insider Pogo_Llama! Maybe you could suggest your game makers to do a game where Alpaca Your Adorable Little Llama could be the Character! Just a thought! I really look forward to your Insider each week! Way to go Club Pogo!

  • Keep up the good work POGO…Love the new game Phlinx 11…

  • i started playing phlinx 2 yesterday i was doing all right until you finish level one with four objects to fine then it goes level 2 but what i dont understand is why go back to level one again thats my problem

    • Hi kennym,
      There’s an article if you click here that addresses that question. Do not fear, the game is working as intended. Thank you for playing it and for being a part of Pogo. :)