Blog Post #17 – March 28, 2017


Hello out there!

I was SUPER excited to see the Purple Crush Badge for Phlinx in the Mix-n-Match last Monday, and even more excited that I won it in my first pick. And guess what? I completed the Badge! I had a glorious time building up all the purple balls. It was so satisfying to see them all drop getting just the right move. Yay for fun. Now, on to MORE Pogo fun!

Sneak Peek:

Pogo_Rachael did it up this week with an Egg-Cellent Mini releasing on Thursday, March 30.
Pogo_Rachael had this egg-cellent quote about the Mini: “We wanted to have a release with some fun and festive Minis; lots of color and maybe a little bit of humor, since we know Pogo players often really like that!”



Your Questions about Cookie Connect:

Thanks for sending over a lot of great questions about Cookie Connect. I shared them with our whiz-bang Game Producers, who came up with a few tutorials for you. Hope this helps!

  1. How do you connect the cookies?  Please click here for a short how-to connect the Cookies video!
  • It’s a bit tricky because in this game, you DRAG the cookies, instead of clicking on them – it is confusing, I know.
  • Hold the left button on your mouse down and drag a cookie to another cookie of the same color
  • Keep dragging to another cookie (and another and another) of the same color without releasing your mouse click.
  • Match at least three of the same cookie in order to remove the cookies. Tah-dah!
  1. How do you make and use Power Ups?
  • Make a Power-Up out of long streaks of at least 7 cookies. Whew!
  • TIPS:
    • If the last move ends in a diagonal, you will get the Star Power Up.
      Step 1
      Click Cookie in red box and start to drag the mouse to the other blue Cookies
      Step 2
      Stop dragging mouse over the next red boxed Cookie as this results in a diagonal move and will create the Star Power Up.
      Please note: 7 (or more) Cookies are needed to create any Power Up.

      Step 3
      The Star Power Up has been created
    • How to use Star Power Up

      Step 1
      To use the Power Up, you must connect 3 (or more) of the same Cookie.
      In this example, we’re going to start selection with the Cookie in the red box and drag through the same row to the left.
      Step 2
      Let go of the mouse once you see the Star Power Up move to the last Cookie on the left. All of the Cookies that are highlighted will disappear as the Star Power Up has been activated. Please note: in this example, two Power Ups have been chained together so even more Cookies will be removed.
    • If the last move ends in a vertical, you will get the Vertical Power Up
      Step 1
      Click Cookie in red box and start to drag the mouse to the other yellow Cookies
      vert1Step 2
      Stop dragging mouse over the next last red boxed Cookie as this results in a vertical move and will create the Vertical Power Up.
      Please note: 7 (or more) Cookies are needed to create any Power Up.

      Step 3

      The Vertical Power Up has been created!
      vertical_cookie_step3How to use Vertical Power Up
      Step 1
      To use the Power Up, you must connect 3 (or more) of the same Cookie.
      In this example, we’re going to start selection with the Cookie in the red box and drag to the yellow Cookie diagonally up and to the left then back down to the yellow Cookie and finally to the Vertical Power Up.

      Step 2
      Let go of the mouse once you see the Vertical Power Up highlight a selected area.  All of the Cookies that are highlighted will disappear as the Vertical Power Up has been activated.

    • If the last move ends in a horizontal, you will get the Horizontal Power Up
      Step 1
      Click Cookie in red box and start to drag the mouse to the other chocolate chip Cookies
      horz1Step 2
      Stop dragging mouse over the next last red boxed Cookie as this results in a horizontal move and will create the Horizontal Power Up.
      Please note: 7 (or more) Cookies are needed to create any Power Up.
      horz2Step 3
      The Horizontal Power Up has been created!

      How to use Horizontal Power Up
      Step 1
      To use the Horizontal Power Up, you must connect 3 (or more) of the same Cookie.
      In this example, we’re going to start selection with the Cookie in the red box and drag to the chocolate chip Cookie Power Up diagonally down and to the right then to the chocolate chip Cookie directly below the Power Up.

      Step 2
      Let go of the mouse once you see the Horizontal Power Up highlight a selected area. All of the Cookies that are highlighted will disappear as the Horiztonal Power Up has been activated. Please note: Two Power Ups are being activated in this example so even more Cookies will be removed. The other Power Up is a previously made Vertical Power Up.


3. Why is Pogo’s version of Cookie Connect different than the one on the internet?

Well, it’s because the game you’re seeing online is a different version of the game than the one you play on Pogo. Still confused?  No problem! Cookie Connect is a game created by CoolGames. The game you can play on the internet is an earlier version of Cookie Connect whereas the version you play on Pogo is a game called Cookie Connect Extra, but we changed the name – and that’s it! We removed that “Extra” bit, if you will, so players wouldn’t be confused thinking there was another Cookie Connect on Pogo.

Long story short, the two games are different because the game you’re seeing online IS different than the one you’re playing on Pogo, but not because we changed it. We didn’t modify the game on the internet, at all. It’s just a newer, more updated version of it.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below. And thank you thank you thank you for playing!

We Want Your Thoughts!
We want YOUR thoughts on Nestor in Word Whomp! Please comment below in response to the following questions:

  • Is Nestor trying to help you win or keep you from beating the level?
  • Do you think Nestor is a pal or a pest?
  • What are your overall thoughts and feelings on Nestor?



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: As Phlinx is a Flash game, why is this not used for Weekly Challenges? We’ve been begging for more variety in Weekly Challenges. Can you please include Phlinx once in a while?

A: You said the magic word…Phlinx! (Magical to me, anyway). I’ll put the request in and there’s no reason it hasn’t been used lately for Weekly Challenges! (Also, be on the lookout for Phlinx 2 to be headed your way in the not-too-distant future!)


And with that, I bid you a glorious rest of the day. Good luck in your Pogo game of choice today. (Mine will be Cookie Connect. Yum!)

P.S. We’ve started a Cookie Board on Pinterest. Follow us and be sure not to miss out on cookie recipes, plus egg recipes and Easter crafts, too!





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If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!


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  • Love Nestor. Especially when he looks like he’s sleeping. I think that’s cute.

  • Can’t get past Level 32 on Cookie Connect no matter what i do & have been at it for a week now & ready to give up on the game even tho i like the game. Talked with other players & they have same problem. We agree there aren’t enough moves without using our GEMS to help us win the game & we refuse to do that. Please give us more moves to help us out & not make the game so hard to win.

    • Thank you for your feedback, anchorageplayer. Level 32 IS very hard but I can confirm it is doable without having to purchase Power Ups. Thank you for playing, I know you can do it!

    • Level 32 is doable without buying anything. You need to create vertical arrows to clear the columns next to the cupcakes so that the cupcakes will fall into the empty columns.

      • SataiDelen I know that & i have done that plenty of times as have the other players that i have spoken with & we just can’t seem to get the 3rd cupcake before running out of moves. I’ve been at it for well over a week now (for hours on end each day) & have decided to give up on the game as it’s not worth the frustration.

  • * Is Nestor trying to help you win or keep you from beating the level?
    Neither. He is more of an odometer, telling you how far you have gone and how much farther you have to go. (Also sort of a speedometer as he makes his way across the screen.)

    * Do you think Nestor is a pal or a pest?
    Definitely a pal, just like the Pogo Buddies in Pogo™ Addiction Solitaire.

    * What are your overall thoughts and feelings on Nestor?
    Next best critter to a beagle.

  • Are there any famous actors, singers, etc. that play Pogo? Just curious because 99% of the time we don’t know the person behind the username or mini! I mean we could be playing a game with Tim McGraw and not know it…LOL. (wow, heart won’t stop racing at the thought LOL.)

  • I love everything about Nestor!!!!

  • Nestor IS POGO (along with Spike), although I think Nestor should be the actual mascot. Also, I wish Nestor had a cuter name.

    There are a lot of older games there are never in Wednesday’s challenges anymore-Poppa Zoppa, Aces Up, Euchre, etc. Why is that? I miss them.

    Although I’m on level 59 in Cookie Connect(I don’t know how!), I think the game is a little too hard for the majority of us.

    • I am also missing those games plus a couple others but hose older(and AWESOME)games are still in JAVA which has proven to be unstable/unsafe and therefore most newer computers don’t even have it preinstalled as was done in prior incarnations of Windows platforms which most of us use. I, for one, have a new computer and will not install JAVA. That being said, I cannot play JAVA games. This is true for many, if not most, of the membership so POGO won’t put a Wednesday challenge up using JAVA as most of us won’t be able to get the badge because we no longer have JAVA and won’t install it.
      It’s kind of sad really. I love Aces Up and Euchre and Addiction Solitaire but cannot play them anymore because of the JAVA issue.
      Hey POGO! How about converting a couple of those AWESOME GAMES to Flash or HTML for us? I really do miss them! :>)

      • Hi Janeybird13, Thank you for the feedback and Java game requests! I am shipping these requests over to the team. No promises but I’m trying :)

        • Thank you for trying on the Java games Pogo_LLama……..

          my favorite Java games are Thousand Island Solitaire, Perfect Pair Solitaire, Crazy Cakes, Dice City Rollers….

      • I agree completely!!! I miss these games as well. Addiction Solitaire and Aces Up were two of my favorites!! As well as many of the others… there was such a variety! Please work on developing these games in Flash or HTML. That would be awesome!!

      • Many of us have Java and I have never found it unstable or unsafe. I use it all of the time on here . I have used it for year’s.. From what I can see, most of the people in my friends continue playing the Java games…I got another computer in December and I put Java on it just like the previous one I had… I did read on Firefox’s site, that they are trying to put Java back into their browser…I do think Java game badges should still be sold, for those of us who will buy and play them…

  • Good Morning Pogo Llama! Thank you for the tips on Cookie Connect! It makes it more fun when we know the ins and outs! When you asked for our input concerning Nestor! You were right up my alley! Nestor is by far my favorite fur-baby next to my own fur-babies at home! Pogo is my home away from home….Nestor is my Word Whomp Hero! Anything Nestor is great with me! I also like Spike but Nestor is the cutest thing ever….I would like to make a request for a Pogo Mini of Nestor…I have seen one on some of my pogo friends Minis….I have the Rabbit and I have The Cat(Full Sized Minis) but I am not as seasoned as some of my friends who have been here since the beginning…would you please ask for full sized Minis of Nestor and the Full sized Pup, and I wish Pogo would have a game for the Cute Llama…and a Full Sized Llama too! As always your Pogo Insider Is so much fun to read and learn from! Tootles Pogo Llama! Thanks to Pogo Rachael for the great Mini items! Love, safirerlover!

    • Thanks so much for all your kind words and feedback, safirerlover. A Mini Nestor….hmmm…I’ll talk to Pogo Rachael. :)

  • I used to enjoy FIND O VISION and had a larger view of the picture. HOW can I enlarge it as I do with other hidden object games? As it appears now, it is too small to enjoy trying.

    • HI evarose09, have you tried using zoom or your computer’s magnifier?

      • I too, could not enlarge FIND O VISION it is hard to see some of the items. I too, have JAVA installed on my computers and don’t know what I would do without those games that use it, however I still wish I would quit getting thrown out of some games as I near the end. I just keep hoping as I try to get every badge possible. Keep working for us Pogo-Llama. Thank You, bsps210

  • ok, the how to’s were a great help in Cookie Connect, however, I cannot get any cookies to connect after the initial 3 pink ones that start the game on level 1. Friends have said the same thing. What are we doing wrong??

    • Hi FDwiggns,
      Are you clicking on the Cookies or dragging the Cookies? Cookie Connect is a bit different in that you have to drag them all together, not click on them like you would in a game like Sweet Tooth 2. Remember to click, hold down and then drag to the next Cookie and keep doing that until you’ve selected all of the like-Cookies. Please let me know if that helps or if you have further questions. Thanks for asking, I’m here to help.

      • I understand the click, hold, drag concept. The game just stops after the first connect is made and will not let me continue. Frustrating, to say the least.

  • I CANNOT get pass #32. I am ready to give up and hate to do so, but I do not believe this one is doable with the number of moves given to try. I have even used some gems and still cannot beat this level. We all want to be challenged, but this is big time ASININE!
    Congrats to any that have beat this level but most of us seem to be stuck.

  • level 59 in cookie connect is impossible without using gems please tell me im wrong

    • Indeed, it is possible to pass all Cookie Connect levels without having to purchase Power Ups. Players, have you any tips on level 59?

  • Does Cookie Connect make any noise? Like music or anything? No one I have talked to gets any sounds. Just wondering.

    • Hi Magicbanner1,
      Yes indeedy, Cookie Connect does have music but not on the Internet Explorer browser. It’s an issue we are aware of and if you’d like to hear the Cookie Connect user, we suggest using any other supported browser besides Internet Explorer.

  • I enjoy playing Letters from Nowhere (hidden object game)….. BUT, will you ever add another story to it? When the second story ended, it looked like you might. Have been waiting and waiting…..

    • Hi Carole61340-6688,
      Unfortunately the story has ended for Letters to Nowhere. I am glad to hear you enjoyed playing it, and I hope you find another hidden object game to enjoy on Pogo.

      • That’s a shame! Letters from Nowhere, was one of your MUCH BETTER ones…

  • I really need your help! I’ve been playing, “Cookie Connect”, since it came out. I love the game, but having trouble in one of them and I can’t go forward till I can get through number, 32… How do you get rid of the cupcakes???? I’ve used every power-up and still can’t get them to go away… Please will someone tell me what I must do to make the cupcakes to go away.
    Thank you very, very much,

  • Just a little frustration with this weeks Wed challenge Vision. The screen and items are too small for all our “old” eyes. Even if you do finally find some items, timer runs out. I’m sure the majority of POGO members are seniors with vision impairments as I saw a LOT of complaints about the game. Just saying so your people could take this into consideration in choosing weekly games

    • Yeah, the eye thing is difficult. I do a manual enlargement and get it over as quickly as possible. Such an odd, little HOG.

  • When is Phlnix 2 coming out????

  • I adore Nestor, he is my favorite along with Boogie. I finished cookie connect and am looking forward to new levels.

  • Congrats on completing Cookie Connect KathiSC! I’m not 100% sure where to contact Rachael about beinging back a mini item. I had seen the mini item “hide and tiki” on a friends mini and fell in love with it. If at all possible, could this item be re-released?

  • Thanks Llama :)

  • Love Nestor! He is my favorite character. I also would like the Java games to be converted so we can still play them. Specially Aces Up. Penguin Blocks and Perfect Pair Solitaire.
    Thanks tons.

  • I agree with all the comments concerning Level 32 in Cookie Connect. I have enjoyed the game up until now. I’ve played off and on for way over a week on Level 32 and so far, 1 cupcake dropped. This level has taken the fun out of the game and all it does, basically, is cause frustration.
    ….. I am going to write this game off (which is a shame) but it’s way too aggravating.

  • Thank you so much for this info on power-ups for Cookie Connect!

    We need power-up info in the “How to Play.” Puleeae!!!!

    Pogo was so kind to give us all the free badge. I depended on How to Play for instructions, yet they were not there for stars, nor for any pu’s I saw on the right side of game???

    What are they, what do they do. I do not wanna pay to play when I have no clue??? I really wanted to know what they do, so I know what to do.

    I went to the game, when new, and played. When I got a star it said that a star was a ‘bomb”…boy am I confused here???

    Please include POGO power-up information in the “How to Play.” Pogo Members will welcome some helpful instructions with these new games. Scratching my head bald here. Help Please.

    For years and years, so many challenges have had vague wording, not clear and prove confusing to both new and old members. More clarity in weeklies as well as M n M’s and in all badges would surely be appreciated by all, so we know what it is, that you wish us to accomplish.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention, Llama.

    • Please do not scratch your head bald, mcm5551. Pretty please don’t. Thanks for the feedback and I’m happy to relay the message on having more how-to instructions in Cookie Connect, and any other upcoming games and Challenges. Also, please don’t forget about in-game chat and the Pogo forums to reach out and ask questions to fellow Pogo players for game tips. Thank you! :)

  • Does anyone know if pogo will have 2017 Easter Badge? I cant find anything about it. Thank you

  • Pogo Llama, could you please help me understand why games cannot be created for tablets, pads, pcs, phones (etc) simultaneously? I saw the blurb for the newest game, but it’s not available for pcs or laptops, I guess.
    Thanks in advance for your help if you have time.

    • Hi Rmij,
      Thanks for the question. Hmmm….which game are you wondering about? All games will be available on PC first so players will be able to play them on their PC or laptops regardless if they have a mobile device. Thank you!